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What If... by Irisheyes
Chapter 8 : VIII
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“Do not mistake consequence for fate”

Kristin Brown


Hermione wished she could see but the night was darker then ever and she could only hear screams from other sides of the property. She knew her friends where fighting desperately for their lives, though something they had all grown accustomed too many years ago. She had some how gotten separated from the group and was now frantically fumbling back to them the best she could.



“HARRY,” she heard the blood curling scream from Mrs. Weasly. Hermione’s heart sank, not Harry. But as she made her way to the fight she noticed that it wasn’t her best friend in danger, it was Ginny. A death eater had her in a choke hold and had a wand pressed to her temple.


In a split instance was all it took. Harry’s wand fired the spell, but another death eater was too fast. The killing curse penetrated Ginny’s chest faster then any of them could have been prepared for. A shrieking laughter rose up and Hermione watched in terror as the death eater released his hold on Ginny and she limply fell to the ground, red hair sprawled around her. Mrs. Weasly screamed in agony, Ron bolted for the death eater responsible and Harry stood in shock. After a moment he dropped his wand and ran to his beloved. Without even thinking Hermione ran for Harry’s wand to protect it from a death eater’s hand.


“Not a chance Pretty,” a death eater said as he slipped his arms around her waist just before her fingers grasped the wand. He yanked her up off the ground with such force she was sure he was going to toss her into something in an attempt to break every bone in her body.


“I should have done this years ago,” the now familiar evil voice said, Lucius spun her around to look her in the eyes. His were cold and murderous; Hermione could taste death rolling off his lips as he spoke to her.


“My son’s only mistake was you, something I will correct for him,” He spat at her as he threw her hard onto the cold earth. He towered over her wand ready the words about to roll off his tongue.




Hermione closed her eyes and waited for death but it never came. Instead she heard a thud next to her, slowly opened her eyes and seen Lucius dead. She jumped to her feet looking for Harry, but instead her eyes found a very disturbed looking Draco. Had he just killed his own father?


“Draco?” she asked. He merely looked at her and she could see something with him was off. He turned from her and started killing off the other death eaters one by one. Her heart sprang from sadness to joy thinking he had finally switched sides. But it was when she noticed his face with each kill that her joy turned to fear, he was enjoying it.


Silence fell over the group as the last death eater hit the ground lifeless. Stillness until Hermione started to her the cries of pure anguish from Ginny’s family. It was then that Hermoine turned her attention from Draco to see Harry cradling Ginny’s lifeless body in his arms. He would not let anyone get near him; Hermione knew he had to be in shock. Though he and Ginny had never married, everyone knew they were soul mates. Harry had lost so many people; losing Ginny would be the ultimate misfortune to him. She slowly approached him. When Ron tried to grab her arm to stop her she pushed him away. Though they were all good friends, Harry and Hermione’s bond was the strongest. She had to try.


“Harry,” she said kneeling close enough to him, yet still keeping her distance. “Harry love you have to let us see her,” she said. He wouldn’t look at her, so she crept a little closer. She slowly reached out and touched his shoulder, everyone watched and waited.


“Love, look at me.” She coaxed him, “Harry it’s me Mione, look at me love.” He buried his face deeper into Ginny’s neck and cried. It was then that Hermione threw her arms around him, he started to try and push her but she held him tight, tight as she possibly could. “Let her go love,” she too was crying now.


“NO,” he screamed at her.


“Harry let her go, let them see their daughter,” she softly but sternly said to him. He started rocking harder, and Heriome squeezed him tighter.


“I couldn’t save her,” he cried.


“It wasn’t your fault love, let her go,” she said.


“DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND I COULDN’T SAVE HER!” He said looking up at her and it was that moment she released her arms from his waist and clasped his face in her hands.


“Look at me Harry,” she said as he fought to look back down at Ginny.


“LOOK AT ME HARRY, LOOK AT ME,” she said raising her voice but trying as best she could to hold it together for him. Finally he collapsed into her and she tightly wrapped her arms around her grieving best friend. She looked to Ron and it was then they gently moved Ginny away from him.


She had not even noticed Draco had vanished; she could only focus on the tragedy that had befallen them. An attack for no reason that had come from no where; and it was clear to Hermione they had come for her. Yet she was still breathing, and at the cost of a good friend. 

A/N: Sorry it has been forever since and update! My boyfriend and I broke up =( and I had to move on top of it. So was out of the loop for a month or so - but back now and have tons ideas and chapters flowing!!!

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What If...: VIII


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