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More Than A Feeling by juls
Chapter 1 : Bridge Over Troubled Waters
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A/N: I'd like to thank the lovely ladies in the SAYS c-box for all their support in writing this story and ElissandrAnne also. Thanks to GubraithianFire for beta-ing this story. Any mistakes left are my fault.

This story is dedicated to one fantastic, awe inspiring person- andharrywokeup. You rock, my friend! ~~juls

The sounds of the skates' wheels clattered against the hard wood of the bridge as the girl made another turn to continue back the way she came. The muted hums to a tuneless song were drowned out by the rattling, and her eyes were closed as she traveled by memory across the long, covered bridge. Slowly she spun, her long. dark hair drifting out in the breeze.

The eyes that watched beneath the invisibility of his borrowed cloak narrowed briefly in remembrance of their lifelong friendship. As children they had played together, had listened to their mothers plot out how wonderful it would be if they were to 'get together' and had even shared their first kiss in the dusty halls outside Gryffindor tower. Now she hardly talked to him unless it was to tell him off before she walked away.

Soon they would both graduate from Hogwarts, move on to bigger and better things- and create lives that weren't based on the politics of school. But still, he cared for her- even if, in turn, she now seemingly despised him. Again she passed by him; his hand almost reached out to touch her arm. He sighed and closed his eyes; thinking to wryly to himself, for once the notorious Sirius Black would lose the girl.

Her hips slowly swayed to the music she hummed, and her skates clicked against the wood as she pushed off to glide down the long tunnel. Halfway down the bridge the girl stopped and opened her eyes, a sadness filling them. He watched as she wiped at the tear that flowed past her lashes and down her cheek before he nodded slowly.

“Salina,” Sirius Black called out softly, James Potter's cloak flowing off him to crumple around his feet. The spring breeze washed over them through the narrow bridge, and he took a few hesitant steps towards her.

“Black,” Lina replied back to him, but didn't move as he inched closer to her. Finally he stood close enough to touch her if he reached out, and the slight click of her skates echoed through the bridge as she stepped hesitantly back. Her back touched the the wall, and silently she looked up at him. His gaze held hers and he looked down, searching her face as if to memorize it.

“So...” Sirius' word drawled out, placing his hand on the wall above her head, “You've heard that Lily finally said yes to old Jamie, eh?”

Her eyelids slowly closed, her lashes touching her cheeks as she turned her head slightly away. Her thoughts hidden from his sight, she nodded her head. Slightly composed, Lina looked up at him, a shimmer of the emotions she felt in her eyes still. “They'll be happy, I'm sure...” she replied simply after taking a deep breath. “If that prat ever hurts her though, I swear-”

Sirius' other hand met the wall lightly over her head, and her hands pressed against his chest as if to push him away, but instead her fingers betrayed her by clasping the fabric of his shirt. He lightly smirked down at her, and with an arched brow he took another step closer to her.

“He loves her, so I don't see James hurting her-” Sirius replied, his fingers flexed against the wall as he watched her face, the expressions still unreadable. The girl had changed so much from the friend he knew when they'd entered Hogwarts.

“Hippogriff dung,” Lina uttered, and looked down to where her skates met the hard wood of the bridge. “Potter has chased after her for years, and with yours and the others' help, have managed to hurt her through her friendship with-” She bit her lip and and looked back up, the name held back but seen in her eyes.

“Nice language there, Lina,” Sirius laughed, and bent closer to her. “Snivellus didn't deserve her friendship-”

“You're just as bad as your parents-” Salina's eyes blinked rapidly in anger, and her hands gripped the fabric of his shirt even tighter.

“Oi! Leave them out of this one!” Sirius retorted, his eyes narrowing slightly as he looked down at her.

“Why? Your treatment of Snape makes you no better than Mummy and Daddy!” Lina's hands pushed lightly against him now, and she sighed when he took a step back. His parents had always been openly for Pureblood rights- even their family motto of Toujours Pur made it glaringly obvious. Her parents were more of the neutral sort- fence riding until an unmistakable winner showed.

“I'm nothing like them,” Sirius replied hotly and took a deep breath, “But this isn't about them anyhow,” he continued, his one hand leaving the hard wood of the wall to touch her shoulder. “It's all about us, you... me... not Lily, Potter nor even the Slytherin,” he added, his fingers running down her arm. His smirk returned at her slight shudder, but faded with his thoughts. I am not like them, he licked his lips pensively, am I?

“Different prey,” Her head tipped to the side as she stared at him, “But the same inbred snobbery,” she continued, her finger poking him in the chest. “So what the ruddy hell if he's poor, and a Halfblood- so is Lupin-”

“Your point?” Sirius laughed lowly, and was rewarded with another poke from her, “ Ow!” This one was sharper, and his hand left her shoulder to rub at his chest. “Merlin's beard, that hurt.” His lips formed a playful pout, and he reached back over to touch her shoulder again.

“Whiner,” Lina smirked back him, her blue eyes flashing with laughter at the familiarity of it all. He was the same old Sirius Black, and unlike Potter, Sirius was her friend. They'd learned a lot together as children; broom flying, spell casting and how to not do what their parents wanted. She'd learned to be subtle in her disobedience though- while his open defiance had earned him a disinheritance. She'd been the one though to hold him and comfort him while he cried, for being blasted from his family's Tapestry had been the final straw.

“You're just jealous that Lily got the guy you wanted,” Sirius continued, missing her look of confusion as he shook the long fringe that hung over his forehead out of his eyes. If James had not been his best mate, he would be feeling like Lina did now. James was happy, and so was Sirius because all his friend had done for him.

“What? You're so bloody crazy-” So wrong! Lina blurted out, but held the last bit back with the bite to her lower lip. He doesn't know? she wondered to herself, disbelieving that he didn't know her as well as they both thought.

“See, Lee-Lee,” Sirius continued, slipping into the name he had called her as children, “I've watched you,” His eyebrow quirked and his head tilted as he again drew closer to her, “Watching them- the looks you give them are telling,” His smirk widened as he leaned in, his lips pressing against her ear. He took a deep breath, his senses filling with her scent and he held it- reveling in it briefly before letting it out slowly. “And this little skate here, all alone with a tear and a hum of an old Muggle love song of tragedy-”

“Shut up, Sirius! It's nothing of the sort!” Lina pushed at him again, the feel of his warm breath against her lobe and neck stirring old feelings of longing and desire. Feelings she had long ago thought put away when he began to act like the prat Potter had turned him into. Because Potter had wanted Lily, Sirius acted as the former had wanted. His hatred of his parents' House had made Severus Snape the brunt of his anger over all that it represented. Potter's disapproval of Lily's friendship with Snape had been all it had taken to fan the fires. Severus hadn't helped by being an outsider to even his own House, liked only by Lily and the professors because he was smart.

“It's true though,” Sirius whispered, his hand moving from her shoulder to cup her chin in a soft caress. He smiled as her face turned into it, and her lashes again brushed her cheeks to hide the turmoil her desires brought forth.

“You know nothing, Sirius...” Lina's words came out in a whisper, looking back up at him finally. “You wouldn't know what the truth was if it smacked you in the face,” she continued, her words growing louder in the long tunnel. The feel of his hand against her skin brought out the feelings she couldn't hide anymore- and the confusion of it all. They hadn't been children for years, and their friendship had only hidden what she had tried to deny to herself. Salina Wallace wanted Sirius Black- even if he was an obnoxious prat most of the time.

“I know....” Sirius leaned closer to her, “That you're sad,” His eyebrow arched as she looked away, his hand again turning her face to watch her. The small bite to her lip had his thumb reaching up to run over it, his forehead pressing against hers. “I want...” he continued, stopping in uncertainty.

“You want what, Sirius?” Her hand closed over his, holding it closer to her instead of pulling it away as she had intended. With one step she knew she could be flush against him, and her heart beat faster with the thought.

“You... it's always been you,” Sirius replied in a hushed, serious tone. He felt the blood rushing through him, and waited for her reaction to his admission. He felt awkward, unused to the position of being the chaser- he'd always been on the other end. The novelty of it had his knees slightly shaking, and he gulped to hide the nervousness he felt.

Salina watched as his lips inched closer to hers and then he stopped. Could she, should she take that final hair's breath? How can one love two very different people at once? Desire them, want them? The catch in her throat loosened as she closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his. The warmth of them had her sighing against them, and she felt Sirius' other arm wrap around her to hold her close to himself.

Sirius felt the magical shock pass through him, the kiss deepening passionately. He had thought she would push him away, and a soft grin formed on his lips before he pressed in closer. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and slowly he lifted her up against him. Her fingers threaded through the hair that hung just below his collar, the tips of her fingers caressing the skin beneath it. He made a quick move to lean her back against the wall of the bridge, her legs slightly swinging.

“Ow! Bloody.... Salina,” Sirius mumbled out as they tumbled to the wood of the bridge in a heap of tangled limbs. A cloud of dust made them cough before it filtered back down around them. “Get rid of the skates!” he commanded, his hand reaching down between them to rub his shin. “Damn Muggle contraptions!”

Salina's face pressed into his chest in a vain attempted to hide her laughter, “Sorry,” she said in between giggles before lifting her face to look at him. The small pout his lips made had her laughing harder, and she pushed lightly with one hand on his chest to sit up.

“Pain is not funny!” Sirius retorted, the throb of his shin lessening as she pulled out her wand to Transfigure her skates back into trainers.

“I said I was sorry!” Lina replied, the laughter still tinging the tone of her voice. Her eyes met his, and she took a deep, shuddering breath. The beat of his heart beneath her hand strengthened hers, and she leaned up and kissed him again.

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More Than A Feeling: Bridge Over Troubled Waters


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