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Flowers. by toonmili
Chapter 18 : The Potions Master
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CHAPTER: The Potions Master

Tonks took the dishes and packed them in the sink. She could clear this up in a matter of minutes but she decided to go about the muggle way. She needed time to think. What was dreading was happening… Teddy did not like Severus, in fact she could tell that he hated him. It was on a very rear occasion that Teddy was rude, it only came out for people he really really didn’t like and that itself was very rear. But something about Severus just set him off. He was being rude throughout breakfast… not to Severus but to her.

She was trying to get he conversation. “Did I tell you that Severus taught Potions at Hogwarts, maybe you can get a little bit of tips from him?”

His brows twitched for a bit then he took a sip of his orange juice. He never replied to what she said.

“So maybe you could get him to help you with that potion you were working on?”

He shut her a quick look then he turned back to his food. “I already asked Uncle Harry for help,” he said.

And this time it was Severus’ brows that twitched. She had been working with Harry for long enough to know that he was useless at Potions. She was the best at potions in their group. Severus knew very well that he was lying. Harry would never volunteer to help anyone with potions and no one in their right mind would ask Harry for help with a complicated potion.

He gobbled down the rest of his food and left the table without saying anything. She knew it was her fault. She should have prepared him for this. She couldn’t just tell him that a friend of hers was coming to stay with them for a while and expect him not to notice that he was more than a friend. He knew her as well she knew him. He would know just by seeing her face that it was more that that… she was in love with him.

She didn’t know how to fix it and it bothered her. She could feel a lump building up in her throat. She felt like she was loosing control, she hated to loose control. “Don’t Cry,” she said to her self… and sure enough the tears came… running down her face.

“Mum,” she heard Teddy’s voice call from behind her. She paused because she didn’t want him to see her crying. She was about to wipe her tears away but soap was all over her hands. She kept her face forward and pretended to be shooing the beetle that was perched on her window.

“Yes Dear,” she said.

“There’s a man out here, well besides your friend… he says he’s guarding or something.”

She nodded. “Just ignore him he won’t be in your way.”

“Who is he?” he asked.

“Just someone…”

“Is it because of him…” he asked, disgust in his voice

She turned around quickly at that question surprised that he would use that tone. “No,” she said.

He looked at her for a long while realizing that she had been crying. She made it a habit not to cry in front of him.

“Soap in my eye,” she explained.

He nodded. “I’m having Victoire over if that’s alright. We’ll be working on the potion together… she likes that kind of thing.”

She nodded and took a kitchen towel and dried her face. “You should really ask Severus to help you, he knows so much about potions.”

“But you said that you would help me… remember.”

She nodded. “I’ll help but I’m not nearly as good as he is… He used to make potions for your dad you know…remember I told you about the potion he would have to take.”

“Wolfsbane…. I looked it up, it’s really complicated.”

“Well he made it for him… every month and it was always perfect.”

He brought his brows together in a contemplative manner. “So he was friends with my dad then?” he asked.

She nodded. Even thought Severus never considered Remus to be his friend he was as good as… he did some very friendly things for Remus. “Yes… they went to school together.”

“Really,” he said. “Uncle Harry never mentioned him as his friend.”

“Well they became friends later on when your father taught for a year…. Severus was a teacher you know.

“You told me that already.” He said and he walked out the kitchen. It was impossible to gage if he actually planned on asking Severus for help or not. She hoped that he did. She knew Teddy would like him if only he knew how good at potions he was. Teddy loved Potions and thought the world of his teacher, she was certain that Severus was better than anyone McGonagall got to replace Slughorn when he re-retired.

She turned her attention back to dishes. She heard footsteps coming in the kitchen and for a moment she thought that it was Teddy again but she realized these steps were heavier.

“I think I can’t hold her interest anymore,” he said and he leaned against the counter. She looked at him and she felt herself blushing… it was just the way he had been looking at her. His eyes would catch hers and he would not look away… it was like he was seeing her for the first time every time he looked at her. She felt naked. “She’s following your son everywhere… I hope she’s not bothering him… he seems easily bothered.”

She laughed because this was coming from someone who was very easily bothered. “He’s just being a little… moody,” she said, reassuring herself more than him.

“You don’t have to protect me… I know he hates me, children usually do.”

“He doesn’t hate you… he’s just not used to having other people around. I’ve never brought anyone home before. He will like you… I know he will.”

He touched. “What can I do… to get him to like me.”

She stopped and looked at him. “Just be yourself… that’s all you need to do.”

“People hate the way I am.”

“I love the way you are…” she said in response. The words left her mouth before she had time to really think about what she was going to say. She promised herself that she was not going to shove this down this throat before he had time to settle in yet. She didn’t think it was possible for him to stare at her anymore than he already was.

He took his hands and passed it through her hair, letting his finger tips touch the scalp. She closed her eyes, feeling like she could get lost in the sensation. He pulled her closer to him, wrapping his free arm around her body. She took her hands and moved it around him. Her hands were wet and soapy but he didn’t seem to care. He was kissing her. She felt like a massive force had been released in that kiss. They first time they kissed when he returned she felt like he was holding back, like he was skeptical about something but now she felt it like she felt it the first time… that same desperation he had.

She could tell that he had been dying to do it for a long time. He took a deep breath and she felt his arms tighten around her. “Do you have any idea what you have put me through?” he asked.

“What did I put you through,” she whispered.

“After all this time… I was wondering… I was praying that you would remember me.”

“I made you promise, didn’t I. I always keep my promises, do you always keep yours?”

“Did you think for a second I could forget you?”

She sighed and pulled back a little so could look at him. “I thought you had. You never tried to contact me.”

“I wanted to, everyday I wanted to… but I thought I was keeping Jane safe… But I see now... I couldn’t function like I used to… I was letting things slip… I was miserable… I had to see you… I needed you.”

“I worried all the time about you… I would have nightmares about you two being hurt… Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed because I was so sick with worry.”

He let out a heavy sigh and unwrapped his arms from around her. “I always end up hurting the people I love… I’m sorry.” He said and he walked out the kitchen.

A/N: Okay I tried to make it longer but the flow didn't seem natural... so I had to cut it here.

Thanks guys for sticking with me and reviewing and all...

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