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Can't I live? by DollBaby1992
Chapter 6 : The End.
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Hermione didn't like everyone staring at her, so she shut her eyes....

As soon as her eyes were completely dark she felt cold stone against her face. She could hear music coming from a distance. Hermione moved her arm and it was sensitive. Her hand scraped against an uneven, cold floor. She could've cried. She'd only dreamed that she had been rescued. 

A silent tear fell across her face to the floor. Hermione was cold and she could feel air on her arms. She remembered wearing a hoodie and jeans. She didn't have her hoodie anymore. Hermione decided to open her eyes. It took a lot for her to believe what was happening, but her eyes finally opened. 

The room wasn't entirely dark anymore. She could see light being let in from behind her. Hermione slowly moved and saw the door was opened. She was determined to leave that room. She sat up slowly and felt a little light-headed. Her legs felt even worse, but she moved them to where she could support herself as she struggled to get up. Her right leg gave out, but her left held her up. She regained support from the right and was fine. She walked slowly to the wall and slid her finger along it. She walked to the door and pulled gently on the doorknob. The door felt as if it were a hundred pounds. The light hurt her eyes as more came in. Hermione looked down and saw her new outfit. Her pants were very much the same, but now her shirt was green and silver with green shoes. 

She grimaced and began to walk forward. Her feet seemed to drag, but when she looked down they weren't. Hermione sagged against the wall to keep support. She kept walking forward until she found another door that was opened. She could smell food; good food. Her mouth began to water. Hermione was now following her nose. Her eyes closed and she imagined the food in her mouth. She stopped and opened her eyes. This room was much warmer. She looked to her left and saw a large chair that looked so soft. She couldn't help but to stumble over to it. She sat down, more like fell, into the chair and looked around to scan the room a little more. 

There was a table across from her set for two with candles. Hermione heard a noise and her head turned quickly in its direction. She saw Draco leaning against the wall of the corner. She swore that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. She didn't have nearly enough strength to run. She barely had enough strength to lift her hand. 

Draco shrugged away from the wall and walked toward her. He reached out to her with both arms like he were going to hug her. Instead he lifted her then carried her over to a chair. He sat her down and took the lid off of her plate. Then he walked over to his seat and did the same. Hermione stared at her plate wondering if there was poison or maybe it was fine. 

Draco began to eat his. Once he'd taken a bite out of everything he traded plates with her to show her it wasn't poisoned. It was like he could read her mind. She didn't like that. She began to eat. It took almost all of her strength and energy, but she didn't care. Her plate was cleared at the exact time that she was full. Hermione hadn't even touched her drink. 

Draco was also finished with his food. He stood and took both of their plates through the door and returned. He walked up to Hermione then lifted her once again. He began to walk. They went out the door and tears began to fall as they were approaching the door of the room that she had just managed to escape from. But instead of stopping, he kept walking past it. He came to a flight of stairs and went up. Hermione's head fell against his chest as he kept walking and walking. 

Finally they came to a door and he stopped. His arm outstretched to open it. It was dark like the rest. It wasn't cold though. Hermione could feel a warm breeze flowing from somewhere. She turned her head and saw a fire as he shut the door. It was still too dark to notice anything in particular. He sat her down on what felt like a bed.

"If you don't run. You'll live." Draco said.

Then he walked out of the room. Hermione stared at the door for at least fifteen minutes before she moved. She stood up and began to walk around with her arms ahead of her making sure she didn't bump into anything. Her fingers searched the wall until she found a light switch. She flipped it and it lit up the whole room. Hermione's brown eyes looked around the large room. It was covered in black. The walls were black and so was the carpet. To her suprise she liked it. There were little hints of purple everywhere. She spotted a large door and was hoping it was a closet. 

She walked over to it and grabbed the doorknob. Her hand twisted it and the door pulled open. Hermione's eyes were attracted to rows upon rows of clothes. She also saw a mirror with an image reflected in it. She walked closer to it. Her image was usually easy to recognize, but she looked very unlike herself. She was extremely pale. Her hair was infested with old, dry blood. As were her pants. The only clean thing on her were her shirt and shoes. 

As quickly as she could she moved her feet toward the bathroom that she had seen. 

She tried to clean up her wounds as best she could, but it hurt her too bad. Hermione suddenly heard something from the corner.

She stopped almost immediately. Her body went tense. She was frozen in place. Her eyes could only see Draco....

He rose from where he sat and walked over to the light switch. Hermione's heart began to increase in speed and intensity. Her eyes were following his every move. Then the lights went out. Hermione couldn't see or hear anything. Suddenly she was lifted up and she began to thrash around trying to get free. That stopped after about four whole seconds. It was just enough time for Draco to retrieve his wand from his pocket. Hermione was cursed and couldn't control her body anymore.

She could still feel everything. The only thing she still had control over was the movement of her eyes. She felt herself being layed out on her bed. Draco's finger's unbuttoned Hermione's pants and within a minute, Hermione was naked. 

Her eyes were filled with tear's. She felt him inside of her. She felt his sweat falling on her body. She felt his naked body pressing and moving against her's. And all she could do was cry. 

She'd told herself she'd never be raped. She wasn't going to be one of those girl's. Her mother had told her she was strong. Oh, her mother. How she missed her hugs. Hermione could still control her thoughts and her mind. She decided to try with everything to think of anything, but what was happening to her. 

Memories flooded her mind. She remembered her mother's breakfast's; Her father's awkward tendencies; The way that she would always meet Ron and Harry at the beginning of the school year's; How Mr. and Mrs. Weasley treated her like she were their second daughter; The way she felt when she layed down at night after talking to her mother; Finally she thought of the way Fred made her feel; The way he could always make her smile; The way he smelled; The feeling that went through her body when he touched her; She remembered the way he would look into her eyes as they fell asleep; Last, she remembered how it felt when her and Fred first made love with each other. 

Hermione was brought out of her thoughts as Draco started to move quicker and harder. The pain was almost unbearable. She couldn't stop crying. The tears were coming faster. 

Finally, after what felt like hours and hours, Draco re-dressed himself and Hermione then left. As soon as the door shut, Hermione could move again. She curled up in a ball and cried. Her body was shaking from the pain and how hard she was crying. Her body kept trembling until she fell asleep.

Hermione's eyes opened. She didn't move. There was a hand draped around her face. She began to move as best she could without causing too much pain. Then she saw Fred's face coming towards her. 

"Shh..Hermione. You're safe." 

She couldn't recognize the voice. It was raspy. The man pulled her up and rushed her over to the window. He opened it and pushed her out. Hermione fell into the arm's of someone else and was pulled into a dark car. She recognized the smell immediately. Fred. Her eyes saw firey red hair in both of the front seats.

"George?" She stammered.

"That's right, baby doll." He smirked.

"Ron?" She asked.

"Hey, Hermione. Are you alright?" He asked.

Hermione didn't respond. The car was moved as she felt two separate weights being dropped into it. She was pushed in between two people. She looked to her right. She recognized the scruff as the man took his hood off.

"Sirius." She stated.

"Hermione. Oh, Hermione." He looked at her and took her in his arms. They both began to cry. 

Hermione pulled away and looked left. There. He was looking into her eyes. His smell filled her body. She felt amazingly safe almost instantly. She saw Fred.

"Fred." She breathed as he pulled her in for a kiss. His arms held her tight. 

"Ah!" She said. 

"What? Hermione? Are you alright?" He asked.

She looked over to Sirius and around the car. Sirius immediately understood. He moved his hand toward her leg and she flinched. That confirmed it.

"She was raped. And probably tortured." He stated.

As soon as Sirius had said those words, the car was tipped over and they fell out. Hermione hit the ground with a thud. She let out a yelp from the pain. It took her a minute to realize what was happening. Her mind registered and she was instantly struggling to get on her feet. She looked up and saw Draco standing before her. He grabbed her from around her waist. She was turned around and pressed against his front. She felt something pressed against her head and saw the eyes of Fred, Sirius, George, and Ron fill with concern and fright. 

She knew Draco had his wand against her head. She was being used as a shield.  Hermione couldn't believe what she'd been through in these past months. She thought about it and it was actually a year that day. She still tried to keep her breathing normal even though she knew in a few minutes she'd be dead. She'd lost too much blood. More than anyone could afford to lose.

Her body was filled with rage and adrenaline. She let all her weight drop and Draco was forced to let go from the excess weight. Hermione felt to the ground and began to crawl away. She felt pain being pushed through her body quickly. 

Hermione heard a lot of crackle's behind her. She saw surges of light soaring from wand's.

Finally, everything went quiet. She heard a loud cry break the silence then realized it was her. She could feel her body thrashing around. Her eyes opened and Sirius was hovering over her. He was trying to keep her still. 

She turned her head and saw bright lights snapping out of wand's flying back and forth. There were three against one. Draco was sending curse's out like lottery number's. They were being thrown so fast. Then he stopped moving. Ron had uttered an unmentionable curse. Draco's body no longer had life. He went completely pale and fell to the ground. 

Hermione's body instantly went limp along with Draco's. She felt so weak. Her body was bleeding even mor than it already was. This was it. There was no way to save herself now. And she knew that. She was a healer; It was her job to know. She felt like she was going to faint. Her mind couldn't outweigh her body for too much longer now.

Fred, Ron, George, and Sirius were all looking down at her. Fred held her in his arms.

"Hermione, you're going to be alright. You're going to be fine. He lifted her up and they all rushed to the car. Before Hermione even felt herself being pulled in she was gone.


Fred stared down to where the love of his life laid. Her breathing was weak still after four days of being under intensive care. She'd had four transfusions. She had lost so much blood. Fred silently cursed himself for letting any of this happen.

He walked to the window and glanced out. This was the type of day Hermione loved. He opened the window and felt the warm summer breeze. It filled the air in the room making it feel more like a home rather than a hospital. 

He heard something from behind him and turned quickly to Hermione. He was staring at him trying to talk.

"Sh. No, don't talk. You're still healing." He quieted her as he held her hand and kissed her forehead.

"Where's Draco?" She whispered.

"He's gone. We killed him. You don't remember?" He asked.

"I do a little." She still had to whisper.

"It's alright. You'll be fine again soon." He said.

Hermione looked at him and squeezed his hand a little harder. She closed her eyes and fell asleep again.


-Six Months Later-

"Hermione!" Sirius yelled.

Hermione glanced over. She smiled as Sirius brought her a gift for her birthday. 

"Thank you, Sirius." She said.

"You're very welcome." He said kissing her head.

Hermione ripped the decoration paper off and threw it to the ground. It was a book on every magic spell ever used. Some still hadn't been tamed.

She smiled and said thank you once more.

Hermione was suddenly lifted from her chair. She laughed as she kissed Fred's cheek.

"Now then. We have an announcement." He said grinning."We're going to have a baby!" He announed. Cheers and whistles erupted from their families. 

Hermione looked into Fred's eyes and kissed him.

"So, what are we going to name it?" He asked her.

"Leah." She said.

"What if it's a boy?" He asked.

"Collin." She said again.

"Well, I guess I don't need to argue then?" He said.

She shook her head and kissed him again.

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