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One off's that never made it. by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 22 : A Kiss in the kitchen
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Disclaimer……….. All characters are the copyright of JK Rowling

A Kiss in the kitchen.

“So what did he say?” Hermione asked as soon as she climbed from the Burrow kitchen fire place.

Ron Weasley sat at the kitchen table a look of confusion on his face “He said no.” was all he answered.

“What do you mean he said no, what on earth did you say to him, you didn’t go and muck it up? I knew we should have waited till the weekend so I could be with you,” Hermione said looking angry at Ron yet again.

“You want to know what I said, I’ll tell you what I said, I’ll tell you word for word what was said,” Ron yelled at her, “I knocked on the door and he let me in, we shared a beer and then I told him I asked you to marry me, and then I asked him to be the best man, you want to know what he said, well with the bleeps by me what he said was and I quote ‘bleep off, you have to be bleeping kidding me, I don’t even want to be at your bleeping wedding, so bleep off back to the bleeping Burrow before I bleeping beat the bleeping shit out of you,’ that’s what he said, and I don’t have a clue why,” Ron answered as he summoned a beer from the cool shelf.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t already done that,” a new voice said then paused a moment “to both of you,” George said as he walked through the kitchen to grab something to eat.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hermione asked as she followed George with her eyes.

“You know Hermione, Fred was right, he always said you were bloody thick when it came to Harry, I really do believe you might just be as thick as that extremely thick prat sitting with you,” George replied taking a plate of chicken into the living room leaving Hermione staring after him.

Hermione turned red rather quickly and it was not because she was blushing, “What the heck is that supposed to mean?” she shouted as she followed George into the other room.

George sat down next to the fire place the plate of chicken on his lap, “Close the door,” he said quietly.

As soon as Hermione had closed the door George cast a silencing charm around the room and a locking charm on the door, “Take a seat,” he said nodding at the other armchair.

Hermione her temper dissipated instantly by her curiosity, sat on the chair opposite George Weasley and waited for him to continue.

“I don’t want you to interrupt or argue, I just want you to listen to what I have to say, okay,” said George before taking a small bite of chicken.

Hermione leaned forward and nodded, promising not to say a word; she was really intrigued by what the last remaining Weasley twin had to say to her that required silencing and locking charms on the room, it must be some thing important, especially since he had only said about half a dozen words since Fred died.

George swallowed the chicken he had been chewing “Did you ever stop to think how Harry feels, did you think about him when you kissed Ron right in front of him? right there in the middle of a battle, did you not wonder why Harry walked out of the castle and faced Voldemort with out raising a finger right after seeing you kiss Ron? Ron the one who had deserted you for all that time, my brother Ron who sat on his back side in safety at Bills place while you chose to stay with Harry, have you wondered what Harry thought when you chose him? no I don’t suppose you gave his feelings a single thought, well I’ll tell you some thing miss know it all, I can read Harry like an open book, Granger. Harry Potter is in love with you, he has been for years. Why else would you be the only one he lets get so close, the only one he shows his emotions and his weaknesses too, the only one he admits to needing, you really are one stupid woman Hermione. That’s all I have to say, especially considering I know how much you love him. How can you rip his heart out and expect him to help you do it?”

George finished and looked at her with a look of disgust then added “How the hell someone of your intelligence can choose my brother who has the brains of an imbecile over Harry as a life partner I don’t know.” He finished his speech and then flicked his wand removing the charms he had cast on the room; he then relaxed into the chair and started to eat his chicken once again.

Ron walked into the living room fifteen minutes later, Hermione was still sitting in the arm chair trying to work out some fault in the things George had said but she was now coming rapidly to the conclusion that George was completely right. She only loved Ron as a friend, but she was really ‘in love’ with Harry and that conclusion gave her a strange unexplainable warm feeling of real happiness.

“Eh what was that?” she asked Ron who had just said something.

Ron looked a little annoyed at her before speaking “I said now that you have the ring, do you fancy coming up to my room?”

Hermione stared at Ron as though he had just grown an extra head, and then she looked down at the tiny stone in the thin gold band he had given her the night before when he asked her to marry him. He had been pestering her for sex since the day they had got together and she had told him she would never have sex until she had the ring on her finger. She had of course meant the wedding ring and not some cheap imitation diamond bought with borrowed money, then suddenly she realised just what it all meant. Ron had only bought the ring so that he could get her into his bed, he thought that an engagement ring would buy her body, and suddenly she was furious at him and wondered why she had ever chosen him as a boyfriend.

Taking the ring from her finger, then throwing the ring at him she hissed “Ask the ring maybe it would oblige you.”

That said Hermione stepped back to the fire place and after throwing in a handful of floo powder she stepped into the green flames that appeared and vanished.

Ronald Weasley stood once again looking totally puzzled at Hermione’s reaction, it took quite some time before it sank in that she had actually finished with him and had thrown the ring back, ‘what did I do wrong this time’ he asked him self.

That was when George stepped out from near the door where he had watched the performance between his stupid brother and the girl he loved, oh yes George Weasley loved Hermione and above everything else he wanted her to be happy and he knew it would not be with a Weasley.

“So you blew that one little brother, how could you be stupid enough to think you could get Hermione into your bed by buying a bloody cheap ring?” George asked a startled Ron.

“Eh? Er she said she was waiting till she had a ring on her finger,” Ron said confused.

“How on earth can you be one of us, you are so thick there is just no way you are a Weasley, now listen, and listen carefully, when a women says she is saving her self till she has a ring on her finger, it means she saving her self for the man she marries, when she has married him, you bloody moron.” George told him.

“I suppose I should apologise to her do you suppose,” said Ron as he walked toward the fire place.

“Er Ron, did you not hear me, You. Have. Blown. It. Hermione will never forgive being treated like that, and I don’t blame her one little bit,” George said as clearly as he could.

Ron stopped and looked into his brother’s eyes and he knew that George was right; he had tried to buy sex with Hermione using a very cheap ring. Turning around he went upstairs to be alone, he had a feeling he would never see Hermione Jane Granger again.

Hermione arrived in her mother’s kitchen just as her mum was pouring some tea, she noticed straight away that there were three mugs, she recognised them instantly. Her mum and dads mugs sat next to the one Helen always gave to Harry.

“Is he here?” Hermione asked quietly.

Helen couldn’t help her self as she looked in the direction of the living room; she had expected this to happen eventually, Hermione was bound to come home while Harry was here telling her and Richard once again about his broken heart, the heart that their daughter had broken.
Harry and Richard had become very close in the time that he had been in Australia with Hermione, he had helped her find them and then they had all spent an enjoyable month together as tourists.

Harry had been turning to them to talk to instead of the Weasleys since he had arrived back from Australia with them, and Hermione had started to date Ron.
Both Richard and Helen enjoyed Harry’s visits. Late at night they had had quite a few talks where they tried to work out how their daughter could have chosen some one who to put it politely was rather thick, over the intelligent and extremely courteous and well mannered Harry Potter.

Harry was sitting in the living room; he had arrived just a few minutes after Hermione had left. she was not expected to be home before eleven that night as she had gone to the Burrow to be with Ron, so while Hermione talked in the kitchen with Helen, Harry was telling Richard about Ron’s visit earlier in the day, he could not believe the insensitive prat had asked him to be best man when he must know how he felt about Hermione.

Richard was telling how he felt about the idea of having Ronald Bilius Weasley as a son in law, and he was not well pleased with the idea.

“I’m going to end up with a bunch of slow witted, empty minded, thick as wood, grandchildren,” he was saying as Hermione came in from the kitchen.

Harry expected fire works from Hermione but apparently she already knew what her dad thought of Ron, Harry was surprised when she ignored her dad and looked at straight at him.

“Can I have a word with you Harry, in the kitchen,” she said looking him in the eye.

Harry looked at Helen and Richard before nodding his head and then following Hermione he walked into the kitchen, “If you are going to try and change my mind about being the best man…”

Harry stopped talking when Hermione held up her hand to him to stop him.

“I need to talk to you Harry, I have… first I owe you an apology, I am so sorry I hurt you. I made a big mistake choosing Ron.”

Harry looked at her trying to hold back the anger and hurt “Are we done?”

Hermione, although she wanted to tell him she had realised how much she loved him, and beg him to give her a chance, couldn’t because she didn’t know how to say what needed to be said. So she just nodded her head to him and the tears started to fall as he turned around and walked away from her with out looking back. He didn’t even stop to say good night to her parent’s; instead he walked straight to the front door and left the house.
Helen Granger walked into the kitchen to find her daughter on her knees sobbing over the biggest mistake she had ever made, and whispering his name as though she were begging him to come back.

Harry had left the Granger house and was walking toward the apparation spot when he heard Helen calling his name, turning around he stood and watched as Hermione’s mum ran toward him.

Gasping for breath from running for the first time for many years Helen managed to speak “Harry… you have… to come… with me… urgent,” she gasped grabbing his arm and pulling.
Harry had never seen Helen in a panic like state before and thinking something had happened he took hold of her elbow and together they rushed back to the house. Reaching the kitchen door Helen opened it quietly and motioned for Harry to be silent.

Still kneeling on the kitchen floor Hermione was wrapped in her father’s arms and in between sobs she told him how she had thrown Ron’s ring at him and it was all over, it was as she said it was over that both Helen and Harry silently entered the kitchen.

“Oh dad, I’ve made such a mess of things, I’ve ended it with Ron because I suddenly realised I have never loved him, not the way I love Harry, and now Harry is gone and I don’t think he will ever forgive me, I’ll be surprised if he ever speaks to me again. Why does being in love have to be so hard, why does it have to hurt so much? I just want a family and a home with the man I love, is that to much to ask for? I want Harry to be that man so much, oh dad what am I to do? Why was I so stupid?” Hermione was saying.

Richard looked up as Harry crept closer and nodded, letting go of his daughter and standing up Richard said “Come on sweet heart lets get you off this cold floor.

Hermione still crying with her head bowed and her tears falling, felt the firm strong arms of her dad wrap around her as she was helped to her feet, she was being guided over toward the table when she heard her father ask if she would like a hot cup of tea.

It took only a moment for Hermione to realise that the firm muscular arms of a man were still around her guiding her, but her father’s voice had come from across the room, who ever was holding her was not her dad. Looking up through her tear filled eyes she almost fainted when she saw the emerald green eyes of Harry, he was the one with her held firmly and lovingly in his arms.

As Hermione stared at him trying to work out what was happening, with out a word Harry leant forward and placed the first kiss tenderly and lightly on the lips he had longed for so long to kiss.

There were no words, no need of apologies, no more regrets. As Harry kissed her something inside Hermione escaped and it took away all her ability to think and it filled her with a wonderful blissful feeling of happiness.
It took but a couple of seconds for Hermione to raise her arms and wrap them around Harry’s neck, kissing him back with all the love and tenderness she had inside.

As the kiss ended and she looked up into his eyes, shaking and with her legs feeling like jelly Hermione opened her mouth to say something, Harry placed his finger over her lips and whispered “Don’t say anything.” Then his lips sought hers again and they shared their first really passionate full of love lust need and desire kiss.

Helen and Richard slowly walked from the kitchen; both of them wore a smile. Their little girl had finally grown up and she had listened to her heart.
Two very happy parents went to wait in the living room, giving the two young ones some privacy.

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