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A Love Story by Sunflower
Chapter 2 : Our Perfect Family
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Chapter One: Our Perfect Family

Author’s Note: 
IMPORTANT!!!: This chapter is probably the one with the most flash-backs in the story. Everything written in italic is in the past, also when switching between past and present, it is lined with a ~*~ at the start and in the end, Okay?:]

I’m trying something new here, some of the flash-backs are not supposed to make sense yet, others are hopefully pretty obvious as to what it is they portray, they are not coming chronological! Well, that’s it:]

Enjoy, hopefully:]

Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately.


Tic, tac, tic, tac, tic, tac. Time was wasted away as the minutes ticked by and all I could think of was how little the time seemed to last. Minutes passed me without even coming to say goodbye and I kept counting the seconds, counting down the time where all was lost.


We were all making an effort, we really were but the silence was settling around the wooden table. Ron was a stone beside me, he was barely breathing, nostrils flared and his hands in fists. I tried not to look at him but his eyes were boring into me, his heated stare was on my body, making my heart beat twice as hard. I put a hand on Ron’s, noticed how he clenched his jaw at the moment my hand found Ron’s but I ignored it, looking solely at Ron. 

“Ronald, breathe…” I hummed softly squeezing his hand, Ron took a deep breath and his whole body seemed to relax whereas the man sitting opposite me stiffened even more. Ron didn’t look at me but kissed me hard on the cheek, his eyes never leaving the male’s. I smiled softly and looked down on our joined hands, my hold weakening slightly.
My daughter, our daughter Rose was looking ever so irritated, glaring at me as though urging me to start the conversation. Her fiancé was looking more than slightly uncomfortable and was sitting as tense as his dear father opposite me.

“Mum, Dad,” Rose beamed slightly out of breath, “meet Scorpius.” 

She pulled a tall, blonde-haired boy forward who was looking slightly pallid. My insides turned to ice as the grey eyes met mine and my eyes widened as I felt the immediate pull of attraction and butterflies fluttered furiously in my stomach. And even though something definitely was missing in the depths of his eyes, it didn’t stop my heart from jumping up and down, my breathing becoming heavy and my face flush. 

My eyes were closed as I heard Ron’s slightly choked voice spit incredulously, “Malfoy?!” 


“So…” My daughter’s father-in-law breathed in his casual elegance, thoroughly sounding as calm as one can be. “Should we start discussing what we came here to discus?” I nodded gently and freed my hand of Ron’s. His eyes never left my hand where my wedding band could be seen glinting.

Ron grumbled, “S’pose so, Malfoy.”

“Please call me Draco; we’re family now.” His velvety voice sang, his grey eyes gleaming mysteriously.

Ron stiffened again, I shot him a look and he growled, “Fine Draco, then.”

Draco straightened up in his chair and smiled at Ron, “Perfect.”

“Now,” he started, his eyes focused on the happy couple sitting at the end of our table in our living room, “I think that it would only be right to let the youngsters decide themselves how they want their wedding to be like.” He looked around at us, “Don’t you all agree?” Ron grunted, and I sank, “Of course.” Rose was staring at Draco with admiration in her cinnamon-eyes, my stomach sank as I recognised the look and returned staring at my hands.

“Actually sweetheart, I don’t quite agree.” A sugar voice simpered and Asteria Greengrass leaned forward, her straight bleach blonde hair swaying slightly forward as she did so. She placed a manicured hand on Draco’s pale one and smiled widely at me, her smile looking more like a sneer than anything.

“He’s a Malfoy!” Ron yelled looking furious, his tie was loose and his before so well-combed hair tousled by having had his hands run through it time and time again. His eyes were gleaming manically and his ears were at their reddest.

“Yes he is.” I murmured gently, trying to calm him down and ignore the burning feelings that were roaring inside of me, the feelings telling me to go snog Scorpius Malfoy, which was something I was not supposed to be thinking.

“She’s not supposed to be liking Malfoy! I told her not to associate with the likes of him!” Ron roared, looking hurt more than anything. I moved over to him and hugged him close, “I know Ron, I know you did, but we just can’t choose who she ends up with.”

 “She could have anyone other than Malfoy,” Ron whispered into the base of my neck, “and I would be okay, honestly. Just anyone other than a Malfoy…” I smiled softly, knowing that he would have had a problem no matter who she brought home, this was just the one boy who would make him go completely bonkers.

“We can’t tell her who she’s to love, Ron. It’s her choice to make; not ours.” I reasoned to him, stroking his back through his white shirt. He pressed himself into me and sighed, “You’re right, Mi. Her choice, not ours… I just wish she could have chosen someone else…”

“It probably won’t last, they’ll split up and she’ll find herself another man.” I murmured into his ear, kissing the side of his neck softly.

Ron smiled against my skin and straightened up, kissing me gently. “You’re right; it won’t last.”

Draco’s head snapped over to look at his wife, “What was that, Asteria?” he asked through clenched teeth. Asteria smiled softly, the devil in disguise, 

“I don’t agree, honey; as it is my only son’s wedding I would like to insist on getting a say in this matter. A Malfoy wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and I will not let some half-blood twit choose what she wants and ruin the entire wedding. We’ve been open this far and I think that it is only fair that we as the parents of the son arrange the wedding.” Asteria looked around with a pleasant smile, adding sweetly, “It could be Draco and my present for the happy couple.”

Draco groaned and Ron was out of his chair before I had a chance to stop him. “My daughter is not a half-blood twit! This is just so typical, really! Trust the Slytherin to bring up blood-status!” He pointed a shaking finger at Asteria who was sitting smugly in her chair. I decided to join him and stood up, lowering his arm gently, glaring at the wife of Draco Malfoy,

“This wedding is not a chance to invite all the twisted people you know, it’s a time for celebrating and happy memories. I will not let you turn this into some publicity stunt as you have done with your entire life.”

Asteria stood up, sneering, “You can’t stop the media from showing up: we’re the Malfoys, they want to cover the wedding, why stop them?”

“Because this is a family wedding, it’s not something for the world to see, we’re celebrating something happy and private. Not some sort of social event as I know you love to throw, Greengrass.” I snarled at her, holding Ron back.

“It’s Malfoy, Mudblood, but you probably know that.” Greengrass spat, her light brown eyes glinting.

The atmosphere changed abruptly and a gasp went around the table, Draco closed his eyes, Rose was out of her chair as well as Scorpius who yelled, “Mum!”

With a roar Ron broke free and had his wand drawn, “TAKE THAT BACK MALFOY!”

Asteria was out of her chair, eying Ron’s wand in alert. Draco stepped in, also he had his wand drawn, his wand-hand was shaking slightly and he was pale, a certain sign that he was suppressing some sort of emotions. I searched his eyes to see what he was feeling, but he was avoiding mine, a change that made me feel slightly uneasy.

I put a hand on Ron’s shoulder and he seemed to remember to relax. “Apologise Malfoy.” He growled. Draco shot one look at Asteria and gruffly she spat, “Sorry Granger.”

“It’s Weasley, but you probably know that.” I looked at her coldly.

And just for the slightest second, Draco’s eyes met mine, burning.

A gasp, a moan, sigh. Our bodies were moving as one, my breathing coming in breathy gasps as Draco wasted his kisses on me, whimpering I kissed him heatedly back, my hands trying desperately to rid us from clothes. Every inch of my skin was tingling, his hand sliding down my back, tracing along my spine, a burning sensation running through my body and I was becoming light-headed. 

Draco moaned something incoherent sounding somewhat like “Mione.” and “Fuck.”. 
“Hmm?” I half-moaned, half-gasped as his tongue found a particular sensitive spot beneath my ear. 

“Do you-“ Draco groaned against my neck, “do you even realise what you do to me?” 

I smiled breathless and brought his lips up to mine, “Probably the same as you do to me…” I murmured against them.

“I think we’re finished here, we’ll schedule a new meeting hopefully, Hermione? Perhaps one without the kids?” Draco’s eyes were boring into mine and the world around us was forgotten; he was talking to me, looking at me, listening to me, he was right there, right in front of me, breathing, living, married.

“Yes, sure.” I gulped down a new load of air and tried to remember how to breathe. Ron was yet again a stone beside me but before I had a chance to calm him, Draco was talking again.

"Perfect.” He smiled and took a hard hold on Asteria, pulling her with him. “Then goodbye it is.” He moved to the front door, pushing her in front of him.

“Coming Scorpius?” he called over his shoulder on his way out the door. Scorpius seemed to remember to move again and yelled quickly, “Sure Dad, just one sec!”

He kissed Rose softly and hugged her close, whispering something in her ear, she nodded sadly and smiled softly up at him, her eyes holding the world to him. He kissed her one last time whispering goodbye and running out the door, waving as he past us, “Bye Hermione! Bye Sir!”

And then he was down the drive-way, catching up with Draco and Asteria who were now walking with quite a distance between them.

Ron heaved a sigh and turned away from the door, mumbling something about, “Bloody Malfoy family.” and “Death of me.” I watched the small family until they apparated away, Asteria first, then Draco and Scorpius after having talked for a bit. 

I stared out into space for a while, thinking about the past. It was too late, I knew that. Sighing deeply, also I turned my back to the door.

It was with a heavy heart I returned upstairs. Ron was outside somewhere, taking his anger out on a piece of wood or something and Rose was probably cursing her family and writing a long letter to Scorpius complaining to him about her miserable excuses of parents and Hugo was at Hogwarts, doing whatever he and his friends did.

I stepped into my small office and sat down at my table with the best view of the house. I looked out at the scenery before me, the green peaceful meadows that stretched out into the horizon, birds twittering in the summer air. 

And just as I had presumed, I spotted Ron down near the woods, chopping firewood with a certain masochistic feel to it. He had pulled his shirt off and the warm sun shone down on his pale body as sweat formed. I watched his muscles fletch and stretch beneath his skin, tantalised and entranced, remembering how we used to make love, how we used to kiss.

I watched Mellow fly out from the window next to mine with a soft hoot and smiled softly to myself; Rose had just finished her letter. 

A pearly white owl was nearing my window and my smile faded slowly from my lips as I got up from my seat and went over to get the letter.

“Hello Terza.” I stroked the owl softly and she nibbled my fingers affectionately, hooting in recognition.

I glanced down to look at Ron who was still working tirelessly, tentatively I fingered the letter, recognising the long and curvy writing immediately. My heart was beating wildly against my chest and I could feel the letter almost begging me to be read. A trembling finger moved to open it, and stopped.

I walked over to the window and leaned against the frame to look down at Ron’s working form. I loved him, I really did. And it was too late for us, too late. Too late.

The sun was standing low on the evening sky and as the last few beams of brilliance before night hit my face, a courage I never knew I had, possessed me, and in seconds my quivering fingers had ripped open the envelope. A small little note fell out into my open hands and shaking I took it up, glanced one last time at Ron before looking it over.

The oak-tree in ten minutes.


And now I could not look away, he knew this and this was his way to ensure I was coming, but I wouldn’t, I’d be strong and stubborn, I had told him no before this. I knew who it was and that made it even worse; that I knew that writing of his and which oak-tree it was. That made my deceit more unforgivable.


“Hm…?” his eyes were glazed over as he looked me into the eyes. The heat was apparent and I felt myself being pulled into the depths of the grey orbs I had spent hours gazing into a time so long ago. 

His face neared mine, his eyes were set on my lips, darting up to meet my eyes every now and then. 

My mind was blissfully blank, all I could think of was how good he smelled and how long it had been since I had last tasted his lips. He neared my face faster and faster as though he feared I would change my mind. 

His lips collided with mine, stealing a moan of longing. Softly gracing my lips his arm came up to settle around my waist, pulling me into him. I wasn’t petrified, no, my lips, mouth, were working fine on their own, nibbling, sucking and kissing his warm lips. 


Full of stone hard determination I crumpled the little neat piece in my hand and lit it on fire, watching as the flames consumed the paper in my hand, finally when all there was left was ash I let go, letting the dust fly around, spreading across my belongings, infesting them with deceit.
I watched the small pieces of ashes settle around warily, before walking out the door, closing it and descending down the stairs.

Rose was sitting quietly in the living room, looking quite upset with blotchy eyes and a running nose. She sniffled as I entered the room and traces of tears could still be seen on her cheeks. Softly I joined her on the sofa and gently murmured, “Hey…”

“Hi Mum.” Rose sniffled, sounding close to tears again. I draped an arm around Rose, squeezing her affectionately. “I- I was just waiting for Scorpius.”

“Yeah? When’s he coming?” I asked warmly trying to calm her down.

"E-eight.” Rose cried hopelessly. I looked at the watch which was showing five.

“Honey…” I sighed, Rose looked at me, her lips quivering, “Why can’t we just get married, Mum?” she wailed, tears running down, “Why does it have to be this bloody difficult?”

I hugged her close, kissing her head, “Because, hun, that’s the way weddings work; everyone wants their say in it.”

“I just don’t get it! We just want to get married and we really don’t care about the rest as long as we’re together.” Rose sobbed into my shirt. I stroked her hair shushing softly, “I know, but later it’ll be nice to look back on the day, remembering how wonderful it was.”

“But I don’t care if it’s extravagant and posh, I just want Scorpius!” I smiled softly down at her, “But some people in the family care deeply about this. Just- how much do you love Scorpius, Rose?” 

Rose met my eyes fiercely, “Deeply, unconditionally.”

“So, are you going to be the same way as Ron?” I asked fiercely holding his stare. He smiled softly and shook his head, his green eyes looking ever so sincere. “No, just one question: Do you love him?” I beamed at him, nodding. “I do, Harry, I love him, so much. Deeply, unconditionally.” Harry smiled and hugged me close whispering gently, “Then you have my blessing, Hermione.”


“Then you have my blessing.” I kissed her gently, sounding like an echo of the past. “Afterwards all you’ll remember is how happy you were.”

Rose smiled. “Thanks Mum.”

“I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for so long.” Draco breathed softly against my skin.

"An opportunity for what?” I asked queasy, backing a bit away. He continued stepping closer, a hungry look in his eyes. My back hit the wall and I watched helplessly as Draco came closer and closer until finally he was standing agonising close. His sweet, fresh breath was hitting my face in uneven breaths as his sultry eyes searched my face. I sank, looking into the swirls of grey. His hands were on the wall behind me, trapping me.

“For this.” He murmured quietly. And then his mouth closed over mine. I responded immediately, my trembling lips opened the moment I felt his tongue against them, granting him access. One hand was tangled in my hair, another cupping my face and guiding it closer. Gently he nibbled my bottom lip and a moan escaped, he smiled and kissed me softly again. My heart was beating hard and fast against my chest and I was certain he was able to feel it with our bodies this close. I had been waiting for this also and finally it seemed, we were here; up against a wall in the hallways of Hogwarts, snogging our brains out.



“Yeah…?” I smiled, looking out at the meadows where the sunset was casting its eerie glow over the fields. Rose was sitting between my legs, a position we had picked up somewhere along the way in her raising.

“Do you think I could borrow that necklace you wore for Dad and your wedding?”

I withdrew my fingers that were tangled in her red locks with my heart pumping loudly in my ears. “Necklace? What necklace, you know I don’t wear jewellery.”

Rose turned around to look at me, “You know the one with a small diamond-heart? I’ve seen it on nearly all the pictures from your time at Hogwarts and on the ones before you and Dad married. I just fell in love with it, do you think I could borrow it, or have you lost it, I can’t remember ever having seen it…” she trailed off.

“No… No, I know exactly where it is…” I stared out into the distance, lost in something I had hid away for so long it nearly ate me up.

“Oh good! Can I borrow it then, Mum? Please?” she smiled her winner smile and I was sold.

“Of course, honey, of course you can.”

“Thanks Mum, you’re the best.” She hugged me and vaguely I padded her on her back, still lost in the past.

“This is for you.” His warm hands closed the necklace around my neck, kissing along the base of it. I shivered, bringing my trembling hands up to touch the silver jewellery hanging down into the valley of my breasts.

“Me?” I breathed surprised, touching the ornament lightly, still in awe.

“Yes.” He smiled and took my hands in his, drawing me close for a breathy kiss.

“It’s beautiful!” I gasped, fingering the diamond heart.

Draco smiled, “I’m glad you like it.”

“Like it? I love it!” I laughed and threw myself at him, kissing him fiercely. I felt him smile against my lips and his arms came around my body and pulled me closer.


“I-I’ll just go for a walk, okay?” I was out the chair before I realised what I’d said. Rose looked up at me,

“Okay, want me to come?”

I shook my head, “No, it’s all right.”

“Okay, have fun then.” She sounded more like a mother than I did, I noticed dryly.

“Thanks.” I walked out the door.

The calm summer’s wind blew over me as I stepped out onto the porch and walked down our path to the lake. I breathed heavily in and let the warm air fill my lungs to the brim before blowing out again trying desperately to get a hold on myself. Everything was going like shit and at the moment I could do absolutely nothing to prevent chaos from ruling. It was easy saying when it started; if we had just waited a year before sending her to school, if Rose had just not met Scorpius, if they just hadn’t fallen in love, if Scorpius hadn’t existed, I wouldn’t be walking on egg-shells around the in-laws, I wouldn’t be jealous when Rose and him kissed and I would have been able to live on and wail in my misery quietly, instead of being faced with what my life could have been, every day of my life.

And I could interpret every single motive behind the ever so well-kept Malfoy façade, every word, and it still wouldn’t be enough. I knew my feelings well and Ron called me clever, they all called me clever but I had been so damn foolish to believe I could just live on without him, I had been so impossibly naïve and I hated myself for it, I hated how I felt whenever a pair of grey eyes were directed at me, I hated my heart for beating so wildly in his presence and I hated me for ever letting him close enough to touch me, to breathe me, to love me. I was uncontrollable whenever he spoke and Ron. Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron. I was horrible, he deserved so much more and yet he just wanted me and selfish as I was, I granted him that, I just let him have the half of me that was left after Draco.

And everything was so bloody messed up. Our children were getting married.

In an act of anger and despair I kicked a stone lying in my path and made a face as the innocent stone nearly broke my toe. Humping and grumbling annoyed I made my way past the oak-tree on the way to the lake. The tall figure of Draco Malfoy could luckily not be seen in the shadows of the looming tree, the soft ground where we sowed it once upon a time, a time where life was just the slightest bit easier, was looking ever so tempting and I knew where he would be standing and waiting. But this time he would be waiting in vain, I would make sure of it.

I ignored the little voice asking me if this wasn’t a desperate attempt to see if he really would be there, like a ghost of the past, if this wasn’t my fleeing hope that by walking past this tree on my way away from him, I would meet him.

And almost sadly I wasn’t stopped by him on my way to the lake, the quiet voice in my head was laughing at my disappointment but I ignored it and started to hum again, making my way to our lovely lake in the secluded area of our grounds, inside the woods.

The trees shaded from the burning sun and I took my shoes off as I walked on the soft mossy and damp ground, I sighed contently as my heated feet cooled off in the green vegetation. Finally the mass of trees thinned out and a clearing appeared slowly.

And Draco. Bloody stupid suave Draco with his mannerish ways and the way he could twist and turn my mind, God, he was evil and such a good actor. How could he just kiss his wife and pretend like we hadn’t done something so horrible, how could he smile and act like nothing was wrong when we had committed such a crime? We had cheated, maybe not in the way most people thought, but we had still kissed, snogged and moaned. With tongues.

I stopped in front of the water, testing it with a toe; it was warm. I realised that this was one of the first times this year I was down to our lake. We had used to go here every summer while Rose and Hugo still were young but now at nineteen and seventeen, the two didn’t need their parents anymore. 

I stepped out into the water, enjoying the cooling sensation on my legs. Fish swam past my feet, nibbling slightly on my toes, I giggled, feeling like a child again.

“Having fun?” A soft voice echoed through the emptied woods. My head snapped up only to be met by a pair of deep grey orbs.

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