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Remember by Emilyinlove
Chapter 4 : New Crushes
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, series, characters or oveall world. I only own the things you don't recognize.

Author's Note: Hi everyone! So after all the begging, here is Chapter 4! This is, once again, more of a filler chapter unfortunately, but I did put some comedy into it. Of course. So pretty much all I'm going to tell you is that some people get some crushes. Detailed, ain't it? Anywho, hope you like it and if you don't, well, I promise, it gets better.

Chapter Four: New Crushes

"Elle! ELLE! You need to wake up!" Lily exclaimed frantically, the sound of her scuttling feet meeting my ears. "Classes start in half an hour!"

"That's plenty of time," I mumbled before digging my head back into my very comfy pillow. Suddenly, my body was engulfed in an ice cold sensation.

"YOU GUYS!" I screamed, making myself fall out of bed. I guess they had decided it would be funny to dump cold water on me while I tried to get back to sleep.

"Get up," Lily ordered, performing a drying spell on both me and the blanket. I glared at her before standing up, realizing something in the process.

"Hey! Lily! Can you get James for me? It's urgent!" I begged, and she just glared at him. "Okay, I'll do it myself. Wait a second, why are you here? I thought you had your own dorm."

"Waiting for Marlene," She answered.

"Oh, okay," I said before leaving and going down the stairs to see James waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

"James, who's supposed to be doing my bandages?" I asked, as I walked over to him.

"That'd be me," He said and I looked at him oddly. "Don't worry, my mum's taught me everything I need to know. So let's go into the guys' dorms and I'll do it."

"Okay," I said cautiously, following him into a room that looked like someone had lit off a bomb. "Wow, it's really messy here."

"We take great pride in that," He said as he closed the door behind him and locked it.

"I wouldn't take pride in this," I said. "So where exactly do I sit?"

"Right there," He said, clearing stuff off of one of the beds before going to the trunk and pulling out a box that looked exactly like then one Bridget had. I sat down just as he set the box on the bed. "Are you gonna lift your shirt or what?"

"Excuse me?" I asked, astonished by what he had just asked me.

"Lift it so I can clean the cut," He said. "Trust me; I'm not looking for pleasurable reasons."

"Fine," I said, lifting it up as he unwrapped the bandages. "So is it infected or anything?" I asked as he got out a brown bottle and some cotton balls.

"Yup. So I'm going to clean it," He said pouring some of the contents on the previously mentioned cotton balls. He started to dab one onto the cut but I stopped him by shrieking.

"Ow! That hurt!" I yelled at him.

"It's supposed to," James said in a strangely calm voice. That means its working. Now, let me finish." I kept letting out little squeaks of pain. Hey, you try having cleaning stuff onto a very open wound. It hurts!

"There," He said as he started wrapping it up again, and putting the gauze on the upper part of the cut. "All done."

"THAT SOUNDS KINKY!" Sirius yelled, obviously having thought it was a whisper.

"Elle's not like that, she wouldn't just give herself up," I heard Lily say.

"We've known her longer, and she might for all anyone knows," Sirius said.

James got a sly smile on his face as he laughed slightly before whispering to me. "Wanna help me pull a prank on them all?"

"Sure," I returned eagerly. "What's the plan, chief?"

"Okay, well they obviously think that we've just had sex," James said.

"What?!" I demanded.

"But we didn't and we both know that," James said. "But the thing is that they don't know that. So the plan is that we act like it a bit more, and then go out and start acting all lovey-dovey. Sirius and Lily will both freak, but Remus will probably catch on. Although, he might play along, which is good. So are you ready?"

"Just a question. How do you act like you're having sex?" I asked.

"Just moan a lot and stuff," James said.

"Got it," I said. "Ready."

"Good Merlin Elle! That was so good!" He said in an overly loud voice.

"Let's do it again!" I shouted, almost moaning as James ran over to one of the other beds.

"Come on baby," He said, making what he thought was a seductive face. I had to give it my all to prevent myself from laughing.

"Coming, James," I said, saying his name in what was almost a sigh, running over to the bed he was on.

"Just start moaning and bouncing on the bed," James whispered as he stood on his knees, bouncing up and down as I followed suit.

"HEY!" Sirius yelled. "THEY'RE DOING IT ON MY BED!" He sounded absolutely outraged. Whether he was outraged about us "doing it" on his bed, or him not being included, I wasn't sure.

"Oh! Oh James!" I moaned, smiling and trying not to laugh.

"Try screaming," James whispered as I let out a half moan, half scream. This was absolutely hilarious.

"Yeah, that's right!" James said who was also trying not to laugh. "Who's your daddy?"

"THAT'S IT! I WANT IN ON THIS!" Sirius yelled, now banging on the door. Apparently, my first guess was right.

"Okay, now we've got them hooked. All we have to do now is make it look and sound convincing," He said, putting his hands through my hair to mess it up, more than it already was, and doing the same to his own hair (not that it made much of a difference). He also took off his shirt and slightly tilted his glasses. I messed up all the sheets on Sirius' bed, and threw the pillows across the room. "Good thinking. Now I'm going to put my arm around your waist, is that okay?"

"Yup," I said as we walked up to the door that Sirius was still trying to get in through. He arms slid around my waist as he stood behind me, before he unlocked the door and pulled it open, everyone falling into the room.

"Oh, wow, guys, didn't hear that, did you?" James asked, fixing his glasses. He was totally in acting mode.

"You mean hear you and Elle having sex on my bed?" Sirius asked in what seemed to be a calm voice. "OF COURSE WE HEARD YOU!"

I've noted something in the past fifteen minutes. Sirius likes to yell. A lot.

"Oh god, I'm so embarrassed," I said, hiding my face in the crook of James' arm, forcing myself to cry.

"'s okay," James cooed, stroking my hair as I looked up at him, and he winked. Wow, James was really good at acting. He'll definitely get a good part in the musical.

"So when did you guys get together?" Lily asked nervously, with a slightly...angry tone in her voice. Was Lily jealous?

"Last night," James said as he held onto my hands, playing with my fingers.


James looked like he would burst at any minute, and I was feeling the same. Okay, make that minute a second. We both burst out laughing, letting go of each other, everyone looking at us in a confused manner.

"You guys...your faces...hilarious!" James exclaimed in between his fits of laughter.

"Elle! How could you do that?" Marlene asked.

"You're the ones you assumed," I said. "We just decided to build from there."

"You two are so mean," Sirius said.

"I know," I said, sticking my tongue out at him playfully.

"Elle, you better go get ready, there's only...fifteen minutes left till classes start!" Lily said frantically, practically bouncing on the spot. "And we have to get down to the dungeons for Potions!"

"Okay," I said running back to the girl's dorms. I quickly got into my uniform and adjusted it the way Marlene had showed me yesterday on the train. I walked out, all my books in the bag slung over my shoulders. The Marauders were the only ones left in the common room.

"Well, we should get going," Sirius said as we all walked through the portrait hole.

"Okay class, we will be having a seating plan in alphabetical order," Professor Slughorn announced to have many groans of disapproval be thrown in his direction, but he ignored them. "It will be as follows. Sit where I point to after I say your name. Miss Black with Mr. Black, Mr. Edwards with Miss Evans, Mr. Hunter with Miss Jenkins, Mr. King with Miss Knightley, Miss Little with Mr. Longbottom, Mr. Lupin with Miss McKinnon, Mr. Pettigrew with Miss Phillips, Mr. Potter with Miss Powell, and Mr. Snape with Miss Stevens. Now if you can please organize yourselves, we can start our lesson."

I was already sitting where Professor Slughorn had pointed to when he called me name. I took out my Potions book and placed it in front of me. I turned around to see Remus and Marlene sitting behind me.

"Do you guys know who 'Mr. King' is?" I asked the two.

"A muggle singer that goes by the name of 'Elvis Presley'?" Marlene suggested for Remus to give her an odd look. "What? My parents always listen to that guy."

"Whatever. He's actually coming over right now," Remus answered as I turned around to see.

A guy with tanned skin and ocean blue eyes came walking over. He had light brown hair that was spiked, the tips frosted with bleach blonde.

"Hey, I'm Andrew," He said, sitting down beside me.

"Definitely not Elvis Presley," I heard Marlene whisper behind me.

"I'm...who am I again?" I asked in a dreamy voice, not looking away from his eyes.

"Andrew, this is Elle Knightley," Marley said, laughing slightly.

"Yeah, Elle, that's my name. I mean my real name is Eleanor but I got the nickname Elle, and it's much easier to say, don't you think?" I rambled.

"Nice to me you Elle," He said smiling. Wow, he had a beautiful smile.

"Nice to meet you too," I said, snapping out of my rambling fit.

"You know, you are absolutely gorgeous," He said, still not taking his eyes off of mine.

"Thanks," I said, smiling happily.

Remus' POV

I hated him. Hated him with a passion. I'm not usually the one to hate people. That's usually James and Sirius. I'm usually very calm and try to sort things out. But him. There was no excuse for someone like him. Elle would never go for someone like him. She's too good for him.

"Everyone! The list of ingredients and the directions are on the board. Please copy them out and then start your potion. We will be doing the Calming Draught as a review to start off the year," Slughorn announced to the class.

I quickly jotted down the ingredients and directions and was ready to go and get the needed ingredients. I stood up before walking over to the ingredients closet. I started gathering everything when Andrew came up beside me and started doing the same thing.

"Hey," He said.


"You're friends with Elle, right?" He asked.

"Yes, why?" I asked.

"I was just wondering if you knew if she was single," He said, trying not to make it obvious.

"Yeah, she's single," I said through gritted teeth.

"Oh good, 'cause she's really hot," He said. "Make take a while, but I think she'd be worth the chase, if you know what I man."

"Yeah," I said, walking with the ingredients, absolutely seething. The nerve of him! I know he's a Ravenclaw and that he's smart, but this was just infuriating! Ravenclaws are supposed to be obsessed with reading! More than I am! Not trying to get some action!

I sat back down with Marlene and she could automatically tell that something was wrong.

"What's wrong with you Lupin?" She asked.


"Okay, whatever you say," She said, ignoring it. As we started to make our potion, I noticed Elle stand up to start her own potion.

"Sorry if I'm not very good, this is all really new to me," She apologized.

"That's okay, I'll help you," He said, going behind her and wrapping his arms around hers and guiding her. I could see her cheeks turning bright red as this happened.

"Whoa there cowboy, might want to take it easy there," Marley said, catching my attention, causing me to look at my now mutilated sneezewort.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

"You like her, don't you?" She asked.

"Of course not, I just don't want to see her get hurt," I muttered, trying to focus on the task at hand.

"Honestly?" Elle started laughing hysterically at something King said, which only made me angrier.

"No, that's not the truth," I admitted quietly. "I like her."

"I knew it!" Marlene whispered excitedly under her breath. "I'm finally right!"

"Oh Merlin," I said, knowing this wouldn't end well. "Just don't tell her."

"I won't. I'm just happy," She said, smiling slyly.

"Good job Miss Knightley, Mr. King. I'm glad this partnering is working out," Professor Slughorn said, a broad grin crossing his walrus-like face. "Ten points to both of your houses."

Elle's POV

"So where are we going?" I asked, skipping down the hallway.

"Entrance Hall," James responded simply.

"Why?" I asked suspiciously. Something was up. only if I knew what it was.

"To sign up for the musical," Sirius answered. I groaned inwardly. That's what I thought.

"See you guys later," I said, turning around.

"You'll have to come back eventually, you don't know where anything is," James called after me.

"Oh well," I said as I kept on walking.

"Moony, go get her," Sirius said as I heard footsteps coming after to me. All of a sudden, I was lifted over Remus' shoulder with the slightest of ease on his part.

"Let me down!" I demanded, pounding on his back.

"Can't do that until you sign up," He said, laughing at my persistence at trying to get away.

"But you love me, don't you?" I asked, pouting.

"What?" He asked, frozen in place. He had become stiff for some reason.

"Don't you love me enough to put me down and not pressure me into something as horrible as a musical?" I asked, smiling slightly. I had researched musicals, and they did not sound fun. They sounded like they were invented to torture people.

"Nope. In fact, if that's the case, I hate you," He said.

"That's horrible," I said dramatically. "I always thought you loved me. I guess I was wrong."

"Suck it up buttercup," He said as he continued walking over. James handed me a clipboard with a piece of parchment and handed me a quill as well.

"Fine!" I exclaimed, before neatly writing my name and house onto the sign up sheet before thrusting back into James' hands and glaring at him.

Next time on "Remember"

I walked into the middle and turned around a couple of times, looking at everything around me.

"It's the Quidditch Pitch," James responded. I had no clue what Quidditch was, or even what a pitch was, but James and Sirius seemed absolutely delighted by it.

"What's Quidditch?" I asked. The two looked like they were going to die of heart failure, or attack me for not knowing. Either way, it couldn't be good.

"What's Quidditch?
What's Quidditch?" Sirius asked, obviously enraged by my ignorance of the thing in question. "It's only the best things known to the wizarding world!"

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