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Hermione Granger, Heaven sent. by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Disclaimer. As usual I don’t own Harry Potter, or any of the characters, things, or animals, that are mentioned in the Harry Potter books, I do how ever own the plot in this little venture into the Potter verse.

Hermione Granger, heaven sent.

Quote from Oscar Wilde.

‘Some people cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go’


Chapter 3.

It was still dark when Hermione woke up, she looked around the room and she wondered at first what it was that had disturbed her, and then she heard the quiet sobs coming from the other bed.
Sitting up she called over to Harry in just barely above a whisper. She heard the intake of breath and she knew he was suppressing his tears just as he had always done in the life before.

“Harry why don’t you come over here for a while?” she whispered.

She could hear him getting out of the bed before she could make out his shape in the dark. Once he reached her bed she held back the cover and asked him to lie down with her, he seemed to hesitate for a few seconds before he climbed into the bed with her.

Hermione hugged him tight and tried to comfort him, she asked what had woken him. Harry held firmly in this girls arms, this strangers arms, felt more relaxed and safe than he could ever remember being before.
He had no idea why he trusted her so much but he did.

“I… it’s just… I was wondering why nobody loves me,” Harry admitted rather quietly, tears still escaping even though he was trying to stop them.

Hermione was shocked, she had never once given any thought about how the young Harry had actually felt, growing up with his family always telling him he was unloved and unwanted, and those were just the polite things they said to him. It wasn’t till right there with him revealing his feelings to her that she gave it any real thought. Before she had simply thought oh how awful, but now she actually thought about it.
Holding him tighter she said “Oh Harry you are loved and you are wanted, I love you, and I know my dads going to love you.” She thought how sad he must get when he saw other children being hugged by loving parents, how hurt when his cousin sat opening Christmas or birthday presents, and all the other things he had never had.

Harry hadn’t a clue why but he believed her when she said she loved him. Even if he did only have a vague idea what she meant. He wasn’t even sure what love was. He just wanted someone to hold him when he was hurt, to cuddle him when he got lonely; he simply wanted someone to look after him, someone to be nice to him.

“What does it feel like?” he asked in his quiet voice.

“What do you mean Harry?” Hermione whispered back scared that if she spoke to loud he would stop this unique revelation of his feelings, something he had never done before.

“What’s love like?” he whispered back.

“Wow Harry that is almost impossible to answer, people have been trying to write or say what love is for hundreds maybe even thousands of years.
All I can tell you is, love is a feeling like no other, it comes in many forms, love is wanting someone to be happy even at the expense of your own happiness.
It’s wanting to be with that one someone all the time, its being unable to live without that certain person in your life.
It’s something I think we all have to feel and then we know what it is like.” Hermione answered, totally unsure how to tell a 10 ½ year old what love is like. She decided she would leave out the feelings of desire and need and all that, he would never understand that, not yet.
As she felt him fall asleep in her arms she cursed the Dursleys for the way they had treated him.

Hermione was woken up at ten o clock the next morning when her mother came into the room with two cups of tea. She could not remember ever having slept so soundly or so late.

Helen Granger looked at her daughter lying in bed with her arms still wrapped around a sleeping Harry with a look of distaste on her face.
As her mother went to wake him, Hermione shook her head then placed a finger to her lips to indicate she did not want him woken up yet.
Gently she pulled her arms from around him and rolled off the bed.
Catching hold of her mother’s hand Hermione pulled Helen out of the room and they walked down to the kitchen.

“Hermione Jane Granger that boy was in your bed!” Helen said stating the obvious.

“Mum it was awful, I woke up when I heard him sobbing in the middle of the night. Do you know what he asked me? He asked me why does nobody love him. He didn’t even know what love is like. I tried to explain but I don’t think I did a very good job of it,” Hermione said as she fought back her tears.

“Why would he ask such a question?” Helen asked already having a good idea why.

“Mum that’s the kind of people he was living with. They have never once shown him even a tiny little kindness. They taunted him with things like nobody loves you, or you’re just a waste of food. A freak who doesn’t deserve to live,” Hermione said hoping to get through to her mother.

After Hermione had fetched Harry down for breakfast Helen decided to take him shopping for some new clothes. If he was going to be staying with them while she and Richard humoured their daughter at least he should look decent.

Hermione was left at home with her father while Harry went with her mother; Helen had said she did not want him to be embarrassed by having a girl around while buying his under wear. Then with Harry’s hand held firmly in her own they left the house.

Hermione spent the next three hours talking to her father, and thinking about the life Harry had had to live for nine, what must have been very long and lonely years.
She told Richard what Harry had asked her in the middle of the night. To her surprise she saw a tear slip from his eye and roll down his cheek. She was about to say something about it but changed her mind at the very last second. Her dad wouldn’t want to look like a weak cry baby in front of his daughter. Instead she asked him what she should do, what she should tell Harry.

“You don’t need to tell him anything sweety, all you need to do is show the poor boy. I know you told your mum you intend to marry him some day, so until that day comes you just give him all the love you can,” Richard said as he patted her hand.

Hermione gave her dad a hug and as she did so she realised she had never seen this gentle deep loving side of him before. She had known he loved her as much as a father can love his only child, but she had only ever seen the strong side of him. The side of him that had always been there for her, willing to protect her with his very life if he had too.

When her mother returned with Harry there was something different about the Helen Granger that walked into the kitchen, her arm held gently across Harry’s shoulder. She bent over and gave him a kiss on his cheek and told him to go and help himself to a slice of cake. Dropping the shopping on the counter top Helen sat down and tears began to fall silently down her cheeks. She watched Harry with what Hermione thought was a look of joy in her eyes.

An hour later after Helen and Hermione had added a new desk and a cupboard to Hermione’s room for Harry. Hermione asked what had happened while they were out shopping. What ever it had been caused Helen to once again shed some tears.

Helen hesitated before she spoke and Hermione got the feeling her mother was not going to tell her.

“His back is what happened,” Helen said as she finished putting Harry’s new clothes in the drawer.

“His back? What do you mean mum?” Hermione asked worried in case the healers had missed something.

“You haven’t seen it yet then?” Helen whispered “and he’s such a lovely child, so thoughtful and kind and polite and truthful.”

The next few minutes had Hermione speechless, as she was about to speak again to her mum Harry came into the room.

“Er Mu… Mrs Granger, am I allowed to use some warm water when I have my shower?” Harry asked as he stood in the door way.

Helen stepped up to him and dropped to her knees bringing Harry into a hug, “Harry darling you can use anything you like,” she told him as she kissed his cheek. Standing up and ruffling his untidy hair “off you go and be careful you don’t burn your self with the hot water.”

Helen was sniffling as she stepped back to close the drawer she had placed Harry’s new shirts in. she looked at her daughter and then grabbed Hermione into a tight hug, “I love you so much Hermione Jane,” she said before she left the room, leaving Hermione wondering what had happened.

Hermione laid out some of the new clothes on his bed for Harry to wear after he finished in the shower. Ten minutes later he walked back into the bedroom.

“I had an ice cream,” he said smiling like he had just been awarded a prize.

“Here you go Harry, I’ve put some clothes out for you,” Hermione said as she began to clear her bed space, while thinking how strange it sounded for a ten year old to say he had had an ice cream.

Hermione got to see Harry’s back as he began to put his new shirt on. “Harry! Oh god!” she said as she looked at the scars across his little back, he looked like he had been whipped, and not so long ago.

“Don’t put that shirt on yet,” she said as she pulled her potions kit from her trunk. She was so glad that her mum had insisted on buying all her school stuff while they had been out buying a wand.
Twenty minutes later Hermione was rubbing some scar removing potion into Harry’s back,

“That will begin to remove some of those scars” she said as she helped him put his shirt on.

She had made enough potion for a weeks supply, and she hoped that would be enough to remove the majority of the scars.


In the time between September and Christmas Hermione began to teach Harry about magic. She taught him about potions and she also taught him about quite a few spells and charms, though he was unable to do any actual magic in case he revealed his where about’s to the wizarding world.

It hadn’t taken Hermione long to see the relationship that was developing between Harry and her mum and dad, she had expected it from her dad but her mum had surprised her.
Dad had begun to walk around the house whistling and occasionally singing until someone asked him to stop torturing their ear drums. He took it all in good humour and it seemed nothing could upset him.
Hermione thought it was the influence of having Harry around that had her dad so cheerful.

Three weeks before Christmas Hermione began to notice that the memories from her old life were beginning to fade, it was on the Tuesday of that week she began writing down what she decided were all the important things to know.
She finally finished what she had termed her memoirs on the Friday before Christmas, sitting back on her bed with a sigh she began to wonder why the memories of her old life were getting so hard to recall and yet she could remember all the spell and charm work. She could remember all the healing potions and other things about healing, but things like how old she had been when she died, was she retired or was she still working she could not.

She was brought from her thoughts and back to reality when Harry popped his head in the bedroom to say lunch was ready. As soon as Harry’s face poked around the door Hermione’s heart gave a little flutter. She was developing new and real feelings for her best friend, and they had nothing to do with the memories of her old life, nothing to do with her visit to heaven. She was an eleven year old girl with a crush on him; a crush she knew would grow into full blown love.

On that Friday afternoon Hermione managed to talk her mum and dad into taking them to Diagon Alley. As they walked through the Leaky Cauldron Harry was almost besieged by witches and wizards wanting to shake his hand and welcome him back into the world of magic.
After fighting off the crowd’s Richard took them all into Gringotts, he needed to change some of his pounds into galleons and that was the place to do it.

While Richard and Helen waited in line to exchange their money, Harry wandered over to the new accounts desk; he was intrigued by the creature sitting looking extremely bored.

“Excuse me, how do I go about opening an account?” Harry asked just for something to say.

The strange little creature looked up at Harry for a second before picking up a quill “Name?”

“Harry, Harry James Potter,” he answered the squeaky voice while suppressing a chuckle.

“Harry Potter, You already have an account here sir, if you would just wait a moment,” said the little creature as he climbed from his chair.

As the small creature returned to his desk with another older looking creature Hermione joined Harry “What you doing Harry?” she asked.

“I was just passing time but it seems I have an account here,” Harry replied sounding just a little surprised.

“That must be your Goblin account keeper then,” Hermione said as she nodded toward the small creature that was waiting patiently for Harry’s attention.

“Mr Griphook is my name Mr Potter sir,” the Goblin said as he bowed slightly.

“I’m Harry, please call me Harry I don’t like being called Mr Potter,” Harry said holding out his hand to a surprised Mr Griphook.

“Right then er Harry, do you have your key?” Griphook asked holding out his hand.

“To be honest sir, I didn’t even know I had an account here,” Harry replied looking curiously at the little Goblin in front of him.

“No problem, no problem, just follow me please Harry, and please bring along your consort,” Griphook said beginning to walk away. Harry told Mrs Granger where he and Hermione were going before they followed the Goblin into an office.

A tiny sample of Harry’s blood was taken from his finger in order to prove his Potter bloodline and then he was given a key to his vault.
Ten minutes later Harry and Hermione were staring at the large pile of gold and silver in Harry’s vault.

“This vault is topped up annually to a value of fifty thousand galleons,” Griphook told them as they stared in shock at the money.

“Harry it’s a good job that your aunt and uncle don’t know about this, or they would probably have robbed you by now,” Hermione said when she was able to talk again.
She remembered in her other life Harry had never been short of money but she had had no idea how much he was worth. It was while Harry filled his pockets that she wondered was it for his money that Ginny Weasley had married him in that other life.

“Mr and Mrs Dursley are paid a large allowance annually to look after their nephew and the Potter property,” Griphook said as they closed the vault “and they could never even get near to robbing Mr Potter.”

“Mr Griphook, when you say they are paid to look after the Potter property, what exactly do you mean?” Hermione asked as they climbed aboard a cart that would take them back up to the main banking hall.

“Why young Mr Potter’s house, number four Privet Drive, of course,” Griphook answered as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“I don’t live with them any more,” Harry said as the cart gained speed, it was like a rolled coaster he had seen pictures of.

“Harry lives with me, his aunt and uncle were cruel and evil, on the day I went to fetch Harry he had a freshly broken arm and a burst ear drum amongst other injuries,” Hermione stated somewhat annoyed that the Dursleys were being paid yet never spent a penny on Harry.

Griphook looked up at Harry “Well if you no longer live with them I don’t see the need to give them the allowance, so if you are agreeable Harry I shall have the allowance stopped and have them removed from your house.”

Harry just nodded and looked at Hermione for her opinion, she also nodded her agreement.

“Okay,” Harry said slowly while thinking he would love to witness his relatives being thrown onto the street.

Harry told Mr and Mrs Granger about his vault and how much money he had as soon as he and Hermione rejoined them.
Richard informed Harry that fifty thousand galleons worked out at roughly 250 thousand pounds. For a boy who had never had as much as one single pound in his life 250 thousand pounds sounded like a vast amount of money.

With all their Christmas shopping done they all had a meal in the Leaky Cauldron before going home.

That night Hermione was in the bathroom brushing her teeth before going to bed when there was a knock on the door and her mum asked if they could talk. Unlocking the door and then returning to brushing her teeth Hermione wondered what her mother wanted.

Helen walked into the bathroom and locked the door, “I’ll put the shower on so we aren’t over heard,” she said as she turned the lock.

Hermione smiled and pulled her wand out “No need for that mum,” she said giving the wand a quick wave. As soon as she had cast the spell Hermione remembered the law on under age magic, she prayed that her mistake had not been registered.

Helen Granger sat nervously on the side of the bath tub, as she twisted her hands and rubbed them down her skirt she suddenly blurted out “Hermione love, I’m pregnant!”

It took several seconds for the words to make any sense to Hermione, and then everything began to fall into place, her dad walking around smiling and singing, her mum being in the bathroom longer than usual in the mornings.

“Oh mum that’s wonderful, Oh but I thought you didn’t want any children,” Hermione said wondering whether to hug her mum in congratulations or whether to say she was sorry.

“It was all down to Harry, he’s the reason I’m pregnant,” Helen said as she hugged Hermione.

“Mum you do know that what you just said sounds awful,” Hermione laughed realising her mum was actually happy about being pregnant.

Helen gave Hermione a gentle tap on her arm “Hermione Jane Granger!”

“How did Harry have anything to do with this enormous change in attitude?” Hermione asked.

Helen told Hermione how the day she took Harry to buy his clothes something had happened and when Helen had seen his back and hugged him, Harry had simply said “I wish you could be my new mum.
He woke something up in me that day, something I had forgotten about. He made me remember how happy I was when you were born, how happy both your dad and I were the day we brought you home for the first time.
I told your dad that night I wanted another baby.”

Hermione hugged her mum again “I’m so glad having Harry here makes us all so happy.”

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