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Our Confusing Time by dracoslover1
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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Draco was in misery for the rest of the day. He had to spend the entire time with Crabbe and Goyle and the two of them constantly complaining that they were hungry and that they didn’t have any food in their system. Draco didn’t know why, but he could not stop thinking of the kiss that he had the opportunity to share with Blaise.

“It’s because I am in love with him,” he muttered to himself as he rubbed the back of his neck passively.

“What was that that you said there Draco?” Goyle said between bites of a sandwich that they bought from Rosmerta’s pub.

“Oh nothing,” Draco snarled, changing his appearance and demeanor. He couldn’t let these two nit wits know of what or who he was thinking about.

“I think he was talking about Pansy Parkinson,” Crabbe said, not noting the change in Draco’s attitude. “I mean, he has been hanging out with her more and more. You never know, they could be shagging each other.”

“I always got the impression that he really didn’t like her though,” Goyle said, walking back towards the pub.

Crabbe followed him listening intently. “But he could have changed his mind. You never know the effects that a girl can have on a man. Especially with someone like the hard headed Draco Malfoy here.” Their conversation dwindled as they walked back into the pub.

Draco didn’t follow them. He didn’t want to go back into the pub and listen to his friends talk about him. He all ready knew that once the name of Malfoy was brought up in any place, everyone started spewing about their hatred of the family. Draco did want to have to deal with the hate and anger that came with bearing the last name of Malfoy. With nothing else to do in the cool, brisk air, he headed back to the stage coaches that he knew would bring him back to the castle and to the person who he almost dreaded to see.

By the time that Draco reached the Slytherin common room, he was still cold to the bone. He knew that it was colder than usual because the dementors were sulking around, making the warm temperature drop and feel like it was winter year round. It was then that Draco wished that he had brought something warmer than his light jacket to keep him warmer. ‘Maybe I want someone to keep me warmer rather than pieces of clothing,’ Draco thought to himself, muttering the password of “Mudbloods” aloud to the common room entrance. He went up to his dormitory, scowling and snarling at those who dared to attempt to speak with him.

When he got up to his dormitory, he dreaded seeing the person who he didn’t want to see at all. “Hello Blaise,” he said, taking off his jacket and placing it on his bed. He opened his truck and pulled out a sweater and put that on his body instead.

Blaise watched what his friend was doing with desire. He loved the kiss that went on between them earlier that day and he wanted it to continue. “Hi Draco,” Blaise replied back, trying to hide his despair.

“You didn’t go to Hosmeade?” Draco asked once the sweater was snug tight.

“No, you rushed out here so fast,” Blaise said, reading a book that he had put aside earlier. “And there was no one else to go with because everyone had left earlier. So, I ended up electing to stay behind here and catch up on some light reading.”

“I’m sorry about that mate,” Draco said. “If I hadn’t had…other things going on my mind, I would have stayed behind and waited for you. But I was preoccupied and totally spaced everything.”

“It’s ok Draco,” Blaise murmured. “I know that I can’t stop thinking about what happened to me this morning.”

Draco stiffened and then relaxed, trying to pretend that nothing happened. “And what exactly happened this morning Blaise? Shag a girl that you like?”

“No, it’s more of snogging a boy that I like,” he said point blank, getting up out of bed and walking over to Draco. He stopped two inches from Draco’s body. Draco looked down and dropped his head. His eyes wandered around on the ground.

“I don’t think you should be telling me this Blaise,” Draco whispered softly.

“Well of course I don’t need to tell you,” Blaise said, placing a finger underneath Draco’s pointed chin and raising his head up to look Draco square in the face. Their eyes remained locked when he finished with, “There is no need for me to tell you because you were there when I was snogging with this amazing bloke.” Before Draco could respond, he gently placed his lips on Draco’s lips and started to kiss him. The tenderness was there, but Blaise presented a force behind it, that Draco felt a hunger behind his lips.

Draco didn’t want the kiss at first. He felt as though it was gross for the two of them to be kissing each other. In the back of his mind, he knew that boys should be kissing girls and girls should be kissing boys. In the back of his head, his mind was trying to reason with him that boys should not be kissing boys and girls should not be kissing girls. Maybe it was because of his upbringing that he was feeling this way. Besides being told that Muggles and Muggle born wizards and witches were pure evil, he was told that those prefer members of their gender were also disgraces to the wizarding communities. But right now at this very moment, all his mind could concentrate on was kissing Blaise. His hands went up to Blaise’s forearms and rubbed his thumbs in tiny circles.

Blaise took Draco’s movements as a sign of acceptance and placed his hands on Draco’s hips. They spent the next minutes in that position, just kissing each other and feeling each other beneath their hands. They leapt apart when they heard voices outside their dormitory. By the time that they were settled in their beds doing separate activities, Crabbe, Goyle and Nott came in talking loudly about their day at Hogsmeade.
“How was the Hogsmeade experience, mates?” Blaise called out, both Draco and him trying to ignore each other and listen to their year mates at the same time.

Draco was in the astronomy tower later that evening, reflecting on what had happened twice that day. He was staring out across the sky, enjoying the moon light. He rather enjoyed kissing Blaise, but his mind kept on going back to what his father had taught him oh so long ago. He couldn’t get out of his mind that it was wrong to be with Blaise. But, it felt so good to be with Blaise. Suddenly the blonde haired girl that he had officially met on the train at the beginning of the year popped in his mind and he became excited at the thought of her. But his mind quickly turned back to Blaise and a smile came across his face.

“What has got the Draco Malfoy all excited and happy this evening?” a male voice asked.

“Blaise, how is that you know where I am and always are with me?”Draco asked quietly as his friend came up beside him.

“I can’t give you an answer to that Draco,” Blaise replied back. “But, what I can tell you is that you are always on my mind and I can’t seem to get rid of you.”

“Well how are we going to solve this problem then?” Draco said after a rough moment of silence.

“Problem?” Blaise questioned. “What do you mean by problem?”

“Situation is what I meant to say,” Draco conceded.

“What is the only way to deal with situations?” Blaise said, thinking.

“And what is this idea?” Draco hesitantly said.

“The thing you need to do is face them,” Blaise replied.

“If we face this situation,” Draco started.

“That means we will be together,” Blaise finished for him.

“I don’t know if I want anyone to know about the relationship that we have,” Draco whispered, allowing a fleeting moment of emotion to come across his face.

“We will only let our relationship, or whatever relationship we have, out when we want to let us out,” Blaise said as he brought his hand to Draco’s cheek.

“Right now I just want us to be friends and let our relationship grow from there,” Draco said looking into Blaise’s eyes.

“That is all I want as well,” Blaise said before he pressed his lips against Draco’s lips. The next few minutes was spent in wonderful bliss as they kissed each other to their intention.

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