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Nothing To Her by slytherangoddess
Chapter 1 : Nothing To Her
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Author’s Note:
This is my first fic that I’ve ever posted. I’ve done a few but have never done anything with them. I figured I’d try out the whole online thing with them, starting with this quick one shot I did at 2 am in December of 07. Lol. Anyways here’s my first post on Hope you like it!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nothing To Her


“No way!” Rose backed up where she stood in her room, plastered with Gryffindor colors. “There’s no way that’s even possible. No way at all!”

Hermione Weasley looked at her daughter, smiling slightly. She had just finished telling her seventeen year old daughter the story of when she kissed her school long enemy in her seventh year at Hogwarts. “It is sweetie. It’s true.” she sat down on Rose’s bed and continued. “I kissed Draco Malfoy: Wizarding billionaire and professor of Defense Against The Dark Arts at your school.”

Rose just stood there, catching flies with her jaw wide open. All she could do for many moments was make fish faces.

“Rosie, say something. Honey? Do I have to call St. Mungo’s?” Her mother laughed slightly.

“Does,” Rose started slowly, stuttering, “does daddy know?” It was all she could muster up, hearing something she never would have possibly conceived in her mind before this.

“Yes dear. Actually, he was the one who knocked Draco out cold after it happened. You see, your father, well really anyone, didn’t quite know that Draco was working with the Order all along.” Hermione explained.

“So, wait! Scorpius’ dad was a good guy!?” Rose blurted out. “I thought Professor Malfoy’s dad had him in line to be the next death eater of the family.” She scratched her head in confusion.

“Oh he did! That wasn’t a lie. But what a lot of people failed to realize was that Draco was kind of a coward in his days at Hogwarts.” Hermione explained. “At least that was until the final fight.” She starred at the carpet beneath her feet. “It was the first time he really didn’t run away from something. I remember it like it happened this morning.” Hermione stood up and walked to her room.

Upon returning to her daughter, Hermione held in her hands a pensive. “Look honey, I’ll show you.” Taking her wand to her temple, a silver strand of memory came out, and she threw it into the bowl. “Take a look.” Hermione smiled as the memory came into view for her and Rose.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“On your left!!!” Harry yelled. Ron dove to the right just in time to miss an impedimenta curse, hurled at him by Dolhov. Ron fired a jinx back, rendering the Death Eater with legs like jelly.

The fight had been going on for more than six hours already, and it seemed to never end. Voldemort had conjured up inferi to fight for him. He had been waiting for Harry to be worn down.

Ron battled Dolhov, while Luna and Neville took on Bellatrix Lestrange, and Hermione was roughing it out with much trouble against Lucius Malfoy somewhere just inside the Forbidden Forest. She wasn’t fairing too well at all. Hermione had fought through two imperious curses, but was still recovering from healing herself after a nasty ‘sectumsempra’ spell. It wasn’t meant to kill her or hurt her to the point of death, but to torture. Lucius loved to torture his victims especially those he knew so well.

“My, my, little mudblood. For having such a reputation as the brightest witch of your age, you aren’t doing so well. I hardly have a tear in my robes.” Lucius laughed loudly, until hearing the faint snap of a twig somewhere behind him. Lucius spun around quickly to see his own flesh and blood emerge from behind a tree. “Ah, Draco, my boy. So nice of you to join this little party. I assume you would like a shot at the little mudblood here?” He smirked that evil smirk that only a Malfoy could muster up.

Draco looked at his father and mirror his emotionless face. He had had so much practice at it before, they were almost identical. He walked past his father toward Hermione, seeing the fear in her eyes like fire. She was shaking from a lingering curse hurled at her moments before. “Of course, Father. I always wanted a chance to do this ever since that cheap shot in third year.” Still staring at Hermione, his face softened into something usually never seen on the face of a Malfoy. Draco shifted his eyes to the left twice, then mouthed the word ‘impedimenta’ to Hermione. She blinked in understanding.

Draco raised his wand and bellowed “Avada Kedavra!” pointing his wand to the stone next to Hermione’s head. At the same moment, Hermione put an impedimenta spell on herself, and hit the dirt to throw off Lucius. She went stiff, eyes open.

Turning to his father, Lucius smiled at his son. “Well done, Draco. Bet you enjoyed that thoroughly. Pesky little girl always being in your way. How sad do you think her friends will be when they hear that their golden girl has bit the dust.” Lucius laughed callously.

Draco, knowing full well that the impedimenta would soon wear off, sprung into action. He gripped his want, raised it, and shouted, “Stupefy!”

Lucius hit hard against a tree. When he regained his balance, he stood and stared Draco down. “You traitor! I should have known. Never had the guts to take the mark, did ya boy? It only makes sense that you would take the cowards way out and join up with the likes of them.” Lucius started the Avada curse, but before he could even breathe, he was pinned flat against the same tree had had met with a few moments earlier, eyes wide in death.

Draco couldn’t move. He had murdered his own father in cold blood, at the honor of Hermione Granger. How, in the name of Merlin, was he going to be able to explain this?

Hearing a slight rustle of leaves on the ground, Draco turned. Ron Weasley was coming into view to see Hermione laying on the ground. He ran to the seemingly dead girl and screamed to the trees, not yet seeing Draco, only a few feet away, wand in hand. “Hermione!!” Ron collapsed over her, sobbing.

Draco walked over to the two Gryffindors. “Quit your whining, Weasley.” He put up his wand over Hermione. Not even having time to speak, Draco was met with Ron’s wand at his throat.

“I should have known it was you all along. Why!? Wait. I know why. You’re evil, Malfoy! Now it’s your turn to pay.” Ron pushed his wand into the side of Draco’s face.

Draco, with one swift movement, grabbed Ron’s wand with snake-like reflexes, and put his own in the boy’s face. “I said, quit your whining, Weasley.” Ron shuddered and closed his eyes, waiting to receive the same fate that Hermione suffered.


Ron winced, expecting to be dead, but the feeling never came. In fact, he was quite alright. Looking for his wounds, he looked over and saw Hermione, weak, but waking up.

Hermione blinked, and rubbed her eyes, as if waking up from a nap, although being perfectly aware of everything that had happened around her. Ron ran to her side, helping her to her feet. She dusted off her pants and looked over at Lucius’ body not 12 feet from her. Immediately, upon seeing the sight, she gazed around for Draco, who was walking away from the scene before him.

“Draco.” she whispered, mostly to herself. Tearing away from Ron, she hobbled to Draco with all her strength, placing her hand on his shoulder to stop him from leaving. “Draco.” He turned to face the brown haired girl, tears and dirt streaming down her face. He had to admit. Even though his still was in no position to be her friend, she still looked good even after getting her self torn to shreds.

“What Gran…Hermione?” He whispered her name.

Hermione slowly put her arms around Draco’s neck in an embrace that couldn’t be replicated if anyone tried. It was one of respect and admiration. And in that, it was its own kind. In Draco’s ear, Hermione whispered in a low hush, “I don’t know why you decided to do what you did, but thank you. I owe you my life and so much more.” She pulled back and looked up into his icy stare that never left her face. Putting her dirty, and dry blood stained fingers on the sides of his face, she felt how cool his cheeks were. “Thank you… Draco.” Hermione pushed up on her tip toes, and placed her flushed lips onto his. Immediately his heart started to race, although till this day he would never tell anyone that.

Unconsciously, Draco placed his hands on Hermione’s side. She flinched a little, but only because she was so sore from her previous fight. Draco’s lips began to feel hot against Hermione’s when she pulled away from him, slowly. With eyes still closed, Draco whispered, “You’re welcome, Hermione.” She blushed then backed away. Out of earshot, Draco turned around and breathed to himself, “I would do it again,” when he met with Ron’s fist.

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