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Harry Potter and the Coincidental Child by Ginevra Richards
Chapter 3 : The Funeral
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Harry apparated back to the walk in front of his house in Godric’s Hollow.  Everything Aunt Petunia said was replaying in his mind. Ginny and the kids were still out shopping so instead of going inside he walked away from the house. He wasn’t paying attention to where his legs were taking him. Suddenly he stopped; he was in front of the cemetery his parents were buried in. Harry walked inside and over to their gravesite. “Hi Mum, Hi Dad. Can you believe all this?” Harry sat next to the Potter stone and closed his eyes. Sometimes he would sit with them if he had a lot on his mind. Eventually he sighed, opened his eyes and smiled. “Thanks for always being here for me.” He got up feeling a renewed strength and walked back to his home. As soon as he stepped inside he knew they had all returned. He could hear excited voices coming from upstairs. He found all three of them in Denley’s room. They were decorating it with all the purchases they had made today. “Hi Harry!” Ginny said as he walked in.

“Daddy!” Lilly exclaimed as she ran over and gave him a hug. “Look what we got!”

Lily and Denley showed him everything they purchased. New clothes, blue bedding with lions on them, different stuffed animals and a little television. Denely was very proud and just looked around his room beaming. “Wow, it looks great in here.” Harry said smiling. “I also have this too, Denley.” He brought the suitcase over to him and they helped put away all his things. Ginny and Harry watched as Denley took the picture of his parents and put it on the nightstand. “That looks wonderful there Denley.” Ginny said softly.

The three Potter’s went downstairs to give Denley some privacy. “Lily, can you go play? I need to talk to your mother.” Harry told Ginny everything Aunt Petunia said. He told her that Denley started to show magical signs at the age of 1, apparently he had “summoned” toys to himself from across the room. Numerous times his temper tantrums would cause glass to break around him. Dudley knew exactly what that meant so in his will he made sure to leave Denley to Harry knowing the Potter’s could give him the best home. Dudley knew how his father felt about magic so only Dudley, his wife and Petunia knew about this. Ginny sat there silently and listened. Harry went on to tell her about how Petunia felt about his upbringing. “How are you feeling Harry?” She asked him knowingly.

“Well it’s strange, you know? I hated living at the Durlsey’s but I let go of any ill will a long time ago. It was nice to hear that from her though, kinda like closure. Does that make sense?” He looked in his wife’s eyes.

“Of course that makes sense, and we will all welcome her to the family if that’s what you want.” Ginny smiled at him.

“Yes, it will be good for Denley to have his grandmother in his life.”

“It will be good for you too Harry.” She winked at him and leaned over to give him a kiss.

“A wizard in the Dursley family doesn’t that beat all?” he jokingly said.

Ginny and Harry decided they needed to have the “magic” talk with Denley very soon. They agreed to tell him after his parent’s ceremony on Saturday while Petunia was visiting.


As Harry woke up on Saturday morning he thought, today is the big day. He looked over at Ginny, who looked so peaceful; he leaned over and gave her a quick kiss before getting up.

“Where are you going?” she said as she sleepily smiled at him.

He smiled back and leaned over to give her another kiss but a tapping on the window interrupted him. “It’s Newton.”  He walked over to the window to let him in. The barn owl flew in and dropped the letter on the bed and flew back out.

“It’s from the boys!” Harry exclaimed. He opened the letter and read it out loud to Ginny.


Hello Mum, Dad and Lily!

 First week of term was great! Albus was sorted into Gryffindor!  Classes are going pretty good so far. Fred and George Jr. already have detention, they were caught setting fireworks off in the lavatory. You should have seen it though! It was spectacular!

Albus, Rose and I are all going to have tea with Hagrid today. Tell Lilly to say hi to the baby squid for me. I miss you guys.





Ps, I’m passing you to Albus…


Hello Mum and Dad and Lily,

 I was so relived to be sorted in to Gryffindor! Thanks Dad for your advice that day on the train, you were right. Rose and I like our classes so far except for potions. We have it with the Slytherins. They are always teasing us, especially that Scorpius Malfoy. I can’t stand him! Anyway got to get going, we are having tea soon.

Thanks for the sweets Mum.

Miss you all!






“Poor George and Angelina, their twins are exactly like Fred and George were at that age.” Ginny Chuckled. “Serves him right though.”

“Yea right, more like poor Headmistress McGonagall. She has to deal with them all school year, not to mention the rest of the Weasley and Potter kids.” They both smiled at each other.

“Well it looks like the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin rivalry is still alive and well. That Scorpius must take right after his dad. I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more about this.” Harry sighed.

“Well Albus takes right after his dad so I’m sure they will be fine and do what’s right.”

Harry smiled. “Have I told you today that I love you?”

“Why no you haven’t! I love you too Harry.” Ginny beamed at him. “Come on lets go get breakfast started, we have a long day ahead of us.”


A couple hours later the three Potter’s and Denley were dressed up and ready to go. Harry was going to drive them in his car. He had one just in case he needed to travel like a muggle. They arrived at the church were the ceremony was to take place. Harry put his hand on Denley’s shoulder and asked him if he was alright. Denley nodded. Ginny told him that they were all here for him and whatever he needs he just has to ask. They met a tearful Petunia at the door. She was waiting for them. She pulled Harry and Ginny into a hug. She said hello to Lily and bent down in front of Denley. “Hello Grandma.” He wrapped his little arms around her neck. A tear escaped the corner of Petunia’s eye. “Hello Darling.” She whispered. “How are you doing? Do you like living with Uncle Harry?”

Denley nodded and said “Yes.”

The music started playing from within the church and they all walked in together.


It was a small but beautiful ceremony. Petunia kept her arm around Denely the whole time. Harry felt sadness for his cousin. He wasn’t going to be able to see his son grow up. The thought of not seeing his own children grow to be adults made him shudder. Ginny squeezed his hand. Harry vowed to raise Denley as if he was his own. “I will take good care of him Dudley.” He said in his head.


After the ceremony Dudley’s attorney had Harry sign the guardianship papers. He was legally in charge of Denely now. After giving them all his condolences he shook Harry’s hand and said he would file them straight away on Monday.


The Potter’s, Petunia and Denley made there way back to their house. Petunia was staying for dinner and Harry wanted her to be there for moral support for Denley. They were going to tell him about magic over dessert.

Ginny had made a fantastic meal. They all sat around talking. Petunia was telling Denley stories about Dudley when he was a baby. Denely seemed to be handling the day well. Harry felt having his family around him helped tremendously.

As dessert was being served, Harry eyed Denley carefully. He wanted to make sure he was in a good state of mind. It’s not everyday you get to be told that you are a wizard.

“Denley” Harry began. “There is something we wanted to talk to you about.” Everyone was silent, waiting for Harry to begin.

“Your father chose you to live with us for a specific reason.”

Denley listed to his uncle while he explained that magic was real and that he and the rest of the Potter family could use magic. Even being so young Denley was able to understand and nodded when Harry was talking. “Have you ever been able to do anything you couldn’t explain when you were angry or scared?” He asked him.

Denley was silent for a while and then looked from his Grandma to Harry.

“Well… there was this one time I really wanted candy and my mum said no. I was mad and it flew off the table and into my hand.” Denley reluctantly said. “Mum ran out of the room. I was scared.” Even though Denely was only 5 he was an extremely bright boy. He knew from then on he was different.

“Yes Denley, you were showing signs of magic. You are a wizard. All magical boys and girls do things like that when they are little. When you get bigger you will go to school like your cousins. The professors there will teach you how to control it.” Harry explained.

You could tell Denley looked more relaxed and at ease. He could now understand what was happening to him. He was just as normal as his aunt, uncle and cousins. Petunia gave him a big hug. “You are lucky to have your Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny.” She said.

Denley smiled. He seemed to be a totally different little boy. He looked as if the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders. Harry was happy to see this; he knew Denley was going to be just fine.

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Harry Potter and the Coincidental Child: The Funeral


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