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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water... Wanna Bet? by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 1 : Family Reunion
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. JKR does. Now I will go cry myself to sleep. *sob*

Ugh. Who would wake me up at this hour in the morning? It must be… 10 o’clock! Ahh! Too early! I roll over and cover my head with pillows. The noise is still there. Tap – tap – tap – “Fine! I’ll get up!” I stand up and walk over to the window to get the owl. Wait. Owl?

I throw open the window and yank the owl inside where it promptly pecks me on my hand. “Bloody owl,” I mutter under my breath. But the letter, it’s a Hogwarts letter addressed to…

Rose Weasley
Rowena’s Hideaway
The Attic

ME! I’m going to Hogwarts! I’m not a Squib! Not that anyone else would care, but still! “I’m a witch! I’m a witch! I’m a witch!” I do a little happy dance all around my room.

No, I don’t normally do happy dances, (never in my life, to be more exact) but I thought I was going to have to endure looks of pity every year when the other kids went back to Hogwarts. Oh beautiful, wonderful Hogwarts! I will go to Hogwarts and make friends who won’t judge on who my parents are. They won’t think I’m crazy! They won’t-

“Rose!” Mother calls. She gets on my nerves sometimes. “Please come down for breakfast!” Make me! I’ll sit here and not move and- “Waffles!” Never mind. Waffles call.

“COMING!” I scream at the top of my lungs. Crap. That’ll make her real mad.

“Rose Weasley! Don’t yell in this house! Use your indoor voice!” What does she think I am, 5? “Get down here this instant!” Umm, yeah, that’ll be kinda hard since we live in a giant house. It’s bigger than Godric’s Hollow even! Well, it’s the same, but it has an awesome attic, which is where I live. “I’m waiting!”

Whatever. I’ll take my time walking down the steps. Slowly. Very slowly. Wouldn’t want to fall and get hurt now, would I? “Hello Mum.” Bright, cheery voice. She’ll be suspicious.

“What did you break?” The first words she says to my face in the morning because I smile at her.

“Nothing!” Keep the bright, cheery voice.

“Rose Weasley! Your cousins are coming over today and if I find something broken, you will be grounded until the end of time.” She glares at me and I glare back. So much for my good day. Stupid cousins have to ruin it for me. “Do you understand?”

“Umm, yes?” I look up, hoping it was the right answer.

“Good. Now eat, the family’s coming at noon and I want you dressed by then.” Blah, blah, blah. She can annoy anyone if she really tries.

“Morning.” Please don’t let him see me, please don’t let him see me, please don’t let him- “Rose! I was thinking last night,” No! Thinking’s Mum’s thing. Nothing good ever happens when you think! “You’ve never been to a Quidditch game!”

Yeah I have. The time Uncle George was babysitting me, he decided it would be a good idea to introduce to Quidditch at a young age. I hate Quidditch with a passion. He promised to never tell anyone. Only family member I trust. “Quidditch is dumb.”

“That’s only cause you’ve never been to a game.” Dad laughs and grins. No, please, if there is a god in heaven he will drop the subject and- “There’s a game this weekend. We can go to celebrate!” There isn’t a god in heaven.

“Aren’t you going to ask what we’re celebrating, Rose?” Mum poses the question like it’s my fault I’m nothing like either of them. Probably something Hugo did.

“What are we celebrating?”

“Albus, James, Victoire, and Dominique got their Hogwarts’ letters this morning!” Funny I’m not on the list.

“I got my letter too.”

Just FYI.

A look of surprise flits across Dad’s face, but he quickly conceals it. Wonderful, just wonderful.

“Oh that’s great, Rosie!”

Uh, don’t call me Rosie ever again.

“Our little Rosie is a witch,” Mum adds.

But their precious Hugo is better.

“Mum, know where my broom is?” Speak of the devil. And when I say that, I mean literally. “I couldn’t find it in the closet.” Bet he didn’t even look.

“Of course, Sweetie. I’ll go find it now.” Mum goes off to look for his broom and Dad begins to stuff his face with waffles. They will never taste the same again.

“So about that game…” No way in hell are you gonna get me to go to it.

“I won’t.” There’s no other option.

“Rosie, your brother’s looked forward to this game for a long time. You know how much it means to him.”

Brat. “I hate Quidditch. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you. Quidditch is a sport, it does not matter in the real world.” Dad just stares at me with his mouth wide open. Did I never voice my opinions that strongly before? Sorry. Cough.

“But you’re a Weasley! It’s an unwritten law that all Weasley’s love Quidditch.” Maybe I’m not a Weasley.

“Well this Weasley doesn’t love Quidditch. She hates it.” He keeps staring so I turn and walk away. Hope it teaches him a lesson.

I sit in my room and read my book for a while. It’s really quite fascinating. Wild Magic by a muggle named Tamora Pierce. It’s about a girl who can talk to animals. It’s really awesome. The doorbell rings, stirring me out of my daze. Voices drift up three floors to the attic.

Can’t be Uncle George, he’s always late. Can’t be Uncle Percy (stuck up snot) cause he’s always perfectly on time. It’s not Uncle Bill or Uncle Charlie so that means it must be… Damn.

Where should I hide? Don’t come up the steps, don’t come up the steps- Why do I always have the worst luck? “Rosie!” Not James or Lily thank god, it’s only Albus. “Lily’s right behind me.” Never mind.

“Leave.” I glare at him and he shrinks a little, but doesn’t leave. James must be rubbing off on him.

“No. Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione told me to come up and get you to come downstairs.” He gives me this look of superiority, like he expects me to actually follow his orders. Umm, no. I’ll stay here with my book, thank you very much.

“No.” I glare at him again and he shrinks down even further.

“JAMES!” Baby. Can’t stand up against a girl who’s three months younger.

James stomps up the steps and glares at me. “Leave my little brother alone.”

I didn’t do anything to him.

I turn back to my book, but James grabs it.

“Listen to me when I’m talking to you, Rose!”

I hate him.

“Aunt Hermione says for you to get downstairs now.”

Fine. “But give me my book back.” He smirks at me, then runs down the steps, still holding my book. Prat.

Maybe Dad’ll get my book back if I go downstairs and be nice for a while. A girl flipping her blonde hair and laughing is sitting with a boy with ruffled brown hair. I hate Victoire. She’s all stuck up and snobby. How Teddy can like her, I have no idea. I’ve heard them talking about getting married and it makes me want to hurl.

“Rosie! There you are.” Victoire may be bad, but Dominique is about ten times worse. She’s a 13 year old who thinks that she is the most popular person on the face of the Earth. Literally. “How’s my favorite little cousin?” How can she smile that long without frowning?

“James won’t give me my book back.” Maybe she’ll get it for me. You never know. I bet she won’t though.

“Why would you want to read when the whole family’s here?” I look up and notice that the whole family is here. Crap. “Why don’t you come outside and play a game of Quidditch with me, Albus, Lily, Louis, James, Freddie, Molly, and Hugo? Uncle Charlie even said he’d be the referee!”

No. The last time I played Quidditch, I woke up in the hospital. I refuse to let that happen again. “I think I’ll go talk to Uncle Percy.” Eww! Did I just say Uncle Percy? Why couldn’t I have chosen someone better?

“Suit yourself.” Dominique walks off to go get brooms for all of them, and I feel someone watching me. I look all around, but nobody’s looking at me. Creepy.

“Rosie! Go play Quidditch with your cousins.” Please don’t make me, please, please don’t make me! “This is an order, Rose Weasley. You have a broom in the closet.” I hate her. Yup, my broom’s in the closet all right. Same place I put it after I got out of the hospital. Still got the bloodstains on the tail.

“Rose. I thought Dom said that you were going to talk to Percy.” Uncle Charlie would have to be my second favorite uncle. He seems to understand me a little more than anyone else.

“Mum told me I should come out here and play Quidditch.” He nods and starts assigning positions. There are only 8 of us, so that means no beaters. We hardly ever play with them because of the little kids. James and I are the two seekers, which means that my team is sure to lose. At least I’m out of the action when I fly so high.

“Leave my brother alone, Rose.” I never did anything to your brother, stupid. “He never did anything to you.” And I’ve never done anything to him. We’re even. “Don’t ignore me, Weasley.”

That must be new. Is he gonna call everyone else Weasley too? Or is that right reserved for me? “I never did anything to your brother.” Good job, ending the conversation. Oh look, the snitch. James hasn’t noticed it yet. I think he’s still ranting about Albus. I tuned him out when I attempted to end our… debate.

Leaning forward, come on! Reaching for the tiny ball… Got it! I got the snitch! I won the game! “Weasley! You cheated! We were having a discussion!” Ha! I beat you! In your face, Potter! Oops, slipped out.

“James, you know not to have discussions while playing. That’s why you’re not being the strongest player that you can be.” Take that James! Even Uncle Charlie’s against you this time! “But that was very unfair of you to take advantage of him, Rosie.”

“Sorry.” Really? No, I’m not. Sucks for you! Wait. He doesn’t have my book. “Where’d you put my book?” He smirks and walks off inside. Once I get to Hogwarts, I will curse you! I swear I will! “Uncle Charlie? Will you help me find my book?”

“Sorry. I have to go talk with your father.” Traitor. Breathe. In and out. In and out.

Yes! No one’s looking and the stairs are right over there. 5 steps away, 4, 3, 2, MADE IT! Back up to the wonderful- “AHH!” I turn and run back downstairs. Trust me, you would have screamed too. Teddy and Victoire were up there and they were… um… further than snogging.

Where’s Uncle Harry? Or Uncle Bill? Uncle Bill preferably. There he is! “Uncle Bill!” That’s right, turn around and look at me.

“Daffodil?” Are you kidding? He doesn’t know my NAME? Oh well. This’ll come as a shock to you.

“Victoire and Teddy are on my bed!” Uncle Bill’s face darkens and he heads upstairs. Ha! The two of them will get what they deserve. Ruining my bed like that.

“Anyone seen Bill recently?” Yup. My room. With Teddy and Victoire. Hehe.

“He went up to my room to talk to Teddy and Victoire.” Harry’s eyes turn on me. Of all my Uncles, he is my least favorite.

“Rose.” No. I’m Shannon. “I haven’t seen you around lately.” Thank you Captain Obvious! “Bill is where?”

“My room.” Ha ha, that’ll annoy him. He thinks that everyone will give him information easily.

“Why is he in your room?” Why should I tell you? Always counter a question with a question.

“Because he wanted to talk to Teddy and Victoire.” Not telling you why yet.

“Why is he talking to Teddy and Victoire?” Harry glares at me. A lot of people say his eyes are warm and light, but all I see is cold and hard. Uncle George goes up and whispers in Harry’s ear, making him throw one last look at me before going upstairs.

“Rose.” Apparently Mum heard the whole thing. Looking around, it seems as though a lot of people heard the whole thing. “Rose!” I look at her and she gestures toward a room. Following her, I hear people stop their conversations as I walk past.

Freddie’s one of the worst. He snickers as I walk past and sticks out his leg to trip me. Being the graceful girl I am, I don’t fall, but I stumble and land in a squat. I really want to punch his lights out. Other than James, he’s the cousin I hate the most. Instead, I turn and follow Mum into a large closet off of the main room.

“What was that about?” Mum glares at me and I steel myself for a long lecture. “You were downright rude to poor Harry!” Poor Harry this and poor Harry that. Poor Harry, his parents were killed when he was a baby and he had to defeat Voldemort. It really pisses me off sometimes. Our generation doesn’t care about Lord Moldywort, or whatever his name was. “Harry made the world safe for you to live in, and you repay him by being rude?”


“Don’t you ‘Mum’ me. I refuse to fall for that unintelligent trick.” Umm, I was just trying to explain why I had been so rude to Harry. “I want you to apologize to me and Harry.”

I hang my head and try to look sorry. “I’m sorry Mum. James was being mean to me and I took it out on Harry. I’ll go apologize to him immediately.” Mum nods approvingly to me and I sneak out. I’m not sorry at all. Harry hates me and I hate him. Easy as pie.

“Hey Rosie!” I hate that boy. I really want to hit him. But I won’t. I will be the mature one. I will be the one that- “Wanna tell me the whole story, Rosie? Or are you just too scared of me?” Screw that. I’ll punch him and feel good about it.

“Aunt Hermioneeeee! Rose hit me!” And he’s supposed to be 14.

“Rose! Apologize to Freddie, then go straight to your room.” Ha! Now I don’t have to apologize to Harry. “And don’t forget to apologize to Harry.” Damn. Wait. Victoire and Teddy are in my room.

“Victoire and Teddy are in my room.” Find your way around that!

“Bill’s heading down the steps right now.” Apparently Victoire and Teddy aren’t too happy about being caught. And I have to go to school with one of them for a year. Wonderful.

Oh look, Harry’s there too. Give her three seconds. Three. Two. O- “Now, apologize to Harry.” She’s gotten faster. Oh well.

“Uncle Harry,” Barf, barf. Gag, gag. “I’m really sorry about being difficult.” I hate it when Mum makes me lie. Especially when it’s to apologize to Harry. Ugh.

“It’s alright. I forgive you, Rose.” Mhm. Yup. Of course you do.

Now it’s time to nod and thank him for accepting my apology. “Thank you.” Hurl. Well, now I can go to my room. Walking, walking, walking, falling. “OW!”

Alright who tripped me? Freddie’s on the other side of the room, so it wasn’t him. Teddy’s smarter than that. James and Albus aren’t even in here. Victoire then. Stupid git.

“Why’d you trip me?” Yes, this thought is directed at Victoire, incase you were wondering.

“I didn’t trip you.” Yeah, I’ll get you when you sleep. Better keep one eye open all of the time.

“You just fell over your feet, Rose. Victoire didn’t trip you.” Of course Mum’s not on my side. Whatever. I’m going to read my book. My book! Where’d James put it?

Oh well. Sigh. Walking up to my room. Yay! I made it! And Uncle Bill must have made sure my sheets were cleaned. Thank god.

My warm pillows… I love my room. Other people would hate living in an attic, but to me it’s the best room in the house. A lot of times no one comes up here because they have to climb three flights of steps. And you can just look out the window and see the roofs of other houses that are smaller.

I have a muggle clock. It’s a digital clock and it’s really cool. Mum got it for me when I was 7 and my favorite colors were green and black. They still are. According to my wonderful, amazing, tremendous clock, it is exactly 3:17 and 9 seconds. That’s why I like digital clocks; they are very exact.

Sigh. I’m bored again. There really is nothing to do when you sit in your room. I will read my other book. It’s not as good as Wild Magic, but it’s still amazing. The Naming. Teddy says I have an unhealthy addiction of muggle books, but what does he know?

Nobody in my family understands reading. Either they hate it, or they only do it to learn more things. I don’t think Mum’s eve read a nonfiction book. Especially fantasy. Her loss.

Ahh… reading…

“ROSE! Dinner!” What? Oh, dinner. Wait. Dinner isn’t until six. Crap. It’s six. 6:01 to be more exact.

I hate dinner with the family. I don’t know why we can’t just eat all over the downstairs instead of just at the picnic tables outside. Oh wonderful. Grandma made chicken. Again. Doesn’t she know I’m a vegetarian?

“Why don’t you sit at our table, Rose?” The kids’ table. Uncle Charlie sits here too. How ironic. The ‘grown up table’ is only for those who have a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse. Why else would Victoire and Teddy be there, but not Uncle Charlie?

“Thanks.” Where else would I sit?

“Have some chicken, Rosie.” Freddie knows I’m a vegetarian, yet he still dumps some on my plate. And he calls me Rosie. No one calls me Rosie and gets away with it.

“I’m a vegetarian,” Wow. My voice sounds really cold. Awesome. “And don’t call me Rosie.” Ok, evil glare. Hard and cold. Think Harry’s eyes.

“There’s no need to get angry, Rose and Freddie, you should have asked before putting chicken on Rose’s plate.” He did ask, I just hadn’t answered yet. Uncle Charlie’s so stupid sometimes.

Chicken. Gross. Don’t they know how this chicken was tortured and killed? It gives me the creeps just thinking about it. “You do know that this chicken lived a short torturous life before it was sadistically murdered, right?” Freddie, James, Albus, Uncle Charlie, Roxanne, and everyone else looks at me like I’m crazy. “What? It’s true!”

“Yes, well let’s just eat.” It is true, though! Idiots.

James mumbles something under his breath that sounds like something that I really shouldn’t repeat in Albus’s or Hugo’s presence (or maybe I should). I feel a blush creep into my cheeks as Albus and James look at me and laugh. It might be a good idea to just be quiet for the rest of the meal.

I eat slowly, that way the meal will feel like it ends faster. James talks to Freddie and Albus pretends to listen. Dominique talks with Molly and Lucy while Louis watches Hugo with wide-eyes. Why, I have no idea. Lily and Roxanne seem to not care about much except each other and Uncle Charlie’s stories about dragons.

Sometimes I wish I had a friend in the family.

Grandma stands up and this is everyone’s cue to get up. There are lots of hugs, but no one hugs me. “Rosie!” Damn. I spoke to soon. Aunt Audrey takes it upon herself to include me in this family. “I’m going to miss you so much!” I hate her shrill, piercing voice.

“I’ll miss you to, Aunt Audrey.” Cough.

“You’re so sweet, honey!” Please, please leave soon! She’s killing me here.

I’m free! I can breathe! She let me go! YAY! So maybe I overreacted a little bit. Not much, I know that for sure.

“Hey Rose.” Uncle George talks quietly to me, so not to attract attention. “I’ll see you at the station, if not before.” I love how he takes it for granted that I’m going to Hogwarts. He’s the only one in my whole family that I like.

“Bye Uncle Georgie.” He smiles at me, and I want to say something else. “Can I come visit you over the weekend?”

He smiles broadly and I feel good. I hadn’t meant to ask, but Uncle George seems so happy now, I’m glad I did. “Keep your weekend clear and I’ll floo over.” With a last smile he walks away.

How long does it take for everyone to say ‘goodbye’? Wait. There are footsteps behind me. Not cool. “Watch your back at Hogwarts, Weasley.” He called me Weasley twice. Wow. “We’re sharing the same common room so I’ll be able to hex you every time you walk down from your room.”

So don’t care. I should say that out loud. “So don’t care.”

“You should. Weasley, I’m gonna make your life a living hell.” He means it. He really means it. When I get to Hogwarts, he’s gonna put me in the Hospital Wing.

His footsteps fade away, but I don’t think I’ve moved since he threatened me. I could tell Mum, but she wouldn’t believe me. Even if she did, she would just say James was joking.

Damn. My life seriously sucks. “Rose honey, it’s time for bed.”

Really? I thought it was only 8 o’clock. It is only 8 o’clock. “It’s only 8 o’clock.” Just FYI.

“Well, read your book.”

James stole my book. Wait, don’t you know that? Maybe not. “James stole my book.” Again, FYI.

“Accio!” Nothing happens. “What’s it called?”

“Wild Magic.” I told you that. Several times.

“Accio Wild Magic.” Oh look! My book can fly. Sweet. Damn. How come whenever James tries to catch something, he does, but when I try to catch my book, I can’t? Sucks.

Why is she looking at me like that? Why’s she mouthing thank you? Oh, woops. “Thanks Mum.”

“You’re welcome, now go to bed.” I’m not five! I’m eleven!

Oh well. Guess I better. I walk over to the steps and wander up them. I don’t feel like walking up three flights of steps! Why did I have to ask for the attic as my room? Why?

My bed! I made it and I’m not dead! Yay! Ok, I’m done now. Now I can read…

A/N: My first chapter on my Rose fic! I’m hoping this is going to be different than other Rose fics you have read. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to leave a review or ask me a question on my meet the author page.

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