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Between Us by sectumsempress101
Chapter 1 : ~C~h~a~p~t~e~r~1~
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This story begins in the lair of Lord Voldemort. 

"Malfoy!  Crabbe!  Goyle!  You're late."  Lord Voldemort glared at the threesome as they entered the room.  You couldn't really call it a friendly room, though.  The shabby curtains held onto the pole by one ring, and the gray carpet had blood stains on it from Nagini's midnight snacks.

"My Lord, we were caught up at school, Professor Slughorn insists that as we are Slytherins we should study for our approaching NEWTs.  We're very sorry," Lucius Malfoy said.

 "You are not to go back to Hogwarts.  My decision is final!"

"Yes, my Lord."


Lily Evans was walking out of her bedroom, when a tawny owl stopped her in her tracks.

"Finally!  I've been wondering when my school owl would get here!"  Lily opened the envelope and a badge that had the letters 'HG' on it popped out.

"Oh my gosh!  I'm Head Girl!  I wonder who the Head Boy is?  Oh well, I at least know that it can't be James Potter!"  What she said was absolutely wrong, because at the same time, another tawny owl was making its way to the Potter Mansion.  The owl pecked on James' bedroom window.

"My Hogwarts letter is here!" James said.  He opened the envelope.  A badge that had the letters 'HB' on them popped out.

"Awesome!  I'm Head Boy!  That'll impress Lily!"  What he didn't yet know that Lily was Head Girl.


Lily was making her way down the staircase.  As she was in her seventh year, she needed to go to Diagon Alley to shop for supplies, and she was about to remind her mother, but a shaking Petunia Evans ran towards her and snatched her nightgown's sleeve.

"It was you who wrote my Vernie back didn't you?" she said(assuming that Petunia and Vernon met in High School).

"It was Sev's idea, 'tuney!"

"Well, it's your fault too because you could have told him not to read my mail!"

" 'tuney, he only wrote for you to meet him at the park tonight at eight!"


"Well, Petunia, you have to put up with me no longer.  I am of age in  the wizarding world, so goodbye FOREVER!  I have muggle money to get me a bus, so I'll pack my trunk and leave!"

"Well, Lily, goodbye!"


"Mum, can we go to Diagon Alley today?  My letter just arrived," James Potter said.

"Sure, sweetie.  While they're hot, grab one of the warm donuts I made," Mrs. Potter said.

"Thanks, and can ol' Siri come too?  He has to get school supplies, he  has his own money."

"Sure, but give your father and I the pleasure of getting Sirius his supplies, too," she replied.

"Okay,  I'll go get him," James said, stuffing his mouth.  He walked up the staircase of his house to Sirius' room.

"Padfoot, did you get your letter yet?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Yep, and guess what? I'm Head Boy!"

"I always thought Moony would get it, but congrats!"

"Thanks.  So, my parents said we'll go to Diagon Alley today and they'll pay for everything!" James said.

"Cool!  That means more money for dungbombs in Hogsmeade!"

"Right on, Padfoot!"


Dear Mum and Dad,

I am of age in the wizarding world now, so I'm moving out.  It's obvious that you guys and 'tuney don't want me here.  I'll now leave your lives forever.  If you need to contact me, I'll be staying in the Leaky Cauldron in London, but I doubt you'll want to.  I'm taking most of my posessions, some of them won't fit in my trunk.  I want you to give them to Petunia, as a good bye present.  I'll just wrap this up now.

Love always, Lily


Lily set her letter on the kitchen table.  Tears were now falling down her cheeks, she really didn't want to do this.  'Be a big girl, Lily.' she thought.  She would have to do this.  So she levitated her trunk to her arms, and apparated to the entrance of the Leaky Cauldron.


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Between Us: ~C~h~a~p~t~e~r~1~


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