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Crossing the Line by LadySoftball
Chapter 16 : Getting to Know
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Emily’s eyes widened as Sirius lips claimed hers and his arms wrapped possessively around her waist.

It wasn’t the first time their lips had touched, Emily having initiated one and stolen a quick one from Sirius previously during the year, but this time there was actual emotion behind the kiss, or at least on Sirius’s end of the kiss.

Emily’s shock finally settled and she placed her hands on his shoulders. Sirius tried to pull her closer, but Emily pushed him away and delivered a hard slap to his cheek.

“What the hell?!” They both cried simultaneously.

Sirius placed a hand on his cheek. “Why did you hit me?”

Emily held her now sore hand to her chest. “Because you kissed me! Why did you kiss me?!”

“I thought you wanted it!”

Emily sputtered. “Wha…Wh…Why the bloody hell would I want you to kiss me?!”

“Well…you said to give you a choice…” Sirius trailed off, scratching the back of his neck.

“A choice that could actually help me in the future!”

“I could help you-“

“Help!? I don’t want help from such a bumbling buffoon.” She interrupted harshly. “How could you even think that that was a good idea? Besides the fact that it was completely inappropriate and unwanted, there’s a little aspect you’ve seem to have forgotten.”


“I have a boyfriend!” She exclaimed. “Remember him? Regulus? You’re brother?!”

“Well I was thinking that he wasn’t important at the moment since he’s the one that’s going to ruin your life.” Sirius growled.

“He’s not ruining anything.” Emily protested. “The only one ruining anything that’s stable in my life is you!”

“Who cares about stability! What matters is if you’re happy or not. You can’t be happy with someone who’s trying to make you be something you’re not.” Sirius clenched his fists. “You can’t be with someone you don’t love!”

“Who says I don’t love him!?”

Sirius’s eyes widened. “You…You love him?”

Emily glared into his gray eyes. “If I said I did, would that finally make you leave me alone?”

Sirius glared back, taking a step closer. “No, because I’d know you’re lying.”

Emily looked up at him. “What if I’m not?”

“You are!”

Emily closed her eyes tightly. “No, I love Regulus!”

Sirius stared at her for only a second longer before he walked past her. “Liar.”

Emily spun around. “Don’t judge me Black!”

Sirius refused to look at her as he sat down on one of the hospital beds.

She stomped her foot. “And don’t ignore me! Don’t think you can harass me and then ignore me.”

Sirius sputtered. “H-Harass you? What?!”

“Don’t think I don’t know your game Sirius Black. Every week you have a new girl on your arm and they’re all stupid enough to fall for your act. Thinking that you care for them, that you want them, but it’s always the same. You get what you want then dump them before things get too serious for you.”

She stood on the other side of his bed and glared. “I bet you think it would be real funny if you could do that to me, huh? Mess with my emotions and then dump me. Make me give up the good things of my life for you just so you can hurt me.”

“Even if that was true, do you really think Regulus is not going to hurt you?” Sirius hissed.

“Well unlike you, Regulus really does care for me.” She hissed back.

Sirius stood and placed his hands on the bed, leaning over to speak in a harsh whisper. “Yeah? And how does that little snake care for you? By inviting you to parties that almost get you raped? Introducing you to people who are going to ruin your life? Forcing you to be someone your not? What?”

“He noticed me!” She cried, tears of frustration leaking out of the corner of her eyes. “I was all alone before Regulus asked me out. My family hated me, I had no friends, and the whole Slytherin house rejected me. Regulus asked me out cause he liked me, and it’s because of him I don’t have to spend the rest of my school days alone and avoiding hexes.”

“Who hexed you?” Sirius growled.

Emily sneered. “I seem to remember a certain fourth year black haired Gryffindor casting a tripping hex on me in the hallway during my third year.”

“Oh.” Sirius looked down. “If it helps, I was hexing all Slytherins.”

“How could that help? You may not hex Slytherins as much anymore, but that doesn’t change anything. You’re an awful person Sirius Black.”

“People can change.” He muttered.

“I doubt you ever will.”

Sirius glared. “Then you’re wrong.”

She raised an eyebrow. “How? How have you changed? Don’t you still torture and hex people who annoy you? What about the other girls that you supposedly care about? Your type of caring only lasts about, what, a week, a day? How long is your caring going to last for me? Until you get what you want from me and then drop me like all those other girls?”

“I am different now!” He said passionately, suppressing a yell. “I haven’t done that since-“

“Last week?” Emily asked. “Don’t think I didn’t see you making out with Kimberly Salani two weeks ago, the whole entrance hall could see that little frenzy, and then catch you a week later during my Prefect rounds with Sara Haltom in the ground floor broom cupboard.”

Sirius tried to protest, but Emily cut him off with a sarcastic laugh. “Don’t deny it Sirius, the proof speaks for itself. The only thing you change is your mind and the girl you’re with.”

Sirius reached for her hand, but she pulled back and crossed her arms.

Sirius sighed, annoyed, and ran a hand through his hair. “You are so stubborn.”

“And you’re a lecher.” She retorted.

Sirius looked like he was holding back a growl as his annoyance spiked. “Look, I admit that I change my mind, but you don’t understand. None of them were the right girls. They weren’t what I wanted. So why should I hurt them later by forcing myself to stay with them?”

Emily rolled her eyes. “Well it’s obvious they aren’t the right girl when you only base a relationship on looks instead of brains.”

His eyes traveled across every inch of her face. “Well then it’s lucky you’re both. Beauty and brains.”

Emily pursed her lips, refusing to acknowledge what he just said.

“Why can’t you just accept that I like you?” Sirius sighed.

She looked at him with distain. “Because I know how far your liking goes.”

“It’s different with you.” He insisted.

“Why should I believe you?”

“Because it’s true!”

Emily stared at him intently, but shook her head. “I don’t believe you. I know that you’re just going to use me.”

“That’s only what you think I’m going to do, but I won’t. I do care about you. More than how I felt about all the other girls. I know that you’re-“

“That I’m what? The One?” She gave a sarcastic laugh. “Sirius, you like the idea of love and relationships so much you’re forcing yourself to go from girl to girl until you find the perfect one, but no one is perfect Sirius and you’re only sixteen!”


“So….” Emily sighed. “So you’re too young to be thinking of true love and soulmates. You may have been deprived of love while growing up, but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin a hundred relationships by moving too fast. You should stop trying to throw yourself at girl you barely know and base your decision on her on whether or not she’s the One on how good she is in bed. Get to know her first.”

Sirius looked thoughtfully at the floor. “Point taken.”

Emily nodded. “Right, so I can tell you first hand that if you got to know me you wouldn’t like me.”

Sirius looked at her and smirked, eyebrow raised. He walked around the bed until he stood in front of her.

Emily narrowed her eyes and backed up until her back hit the wall. Sirius placed a hand on either side of her head and leaned closer.

“How do you know if I wouldn’t like you or not? I say that’s for me to decide after I get to know you better.”

Emily buried her head in her hands and groaned. “Why me…can’t you just pick some other poor girl without a boyfriend?”

Sirius’s face lost its grin. “I told you, even if you won’t believe it, I care about you more than any other girl.” He grin returned tenfold and he stepped back. “And I’ll prove it to you by taking your advice and getting to know you better.”

Before Emily had time to shoot down his statement the door to the hospital wing opened and Madame Pomfrey strode in, potion in hand.

“Poppy!” Sirius called enthusiastically, skipping to the nurse’s side. “Thank Merlin you’re finally here! I didn’t know how much longer I could stand having this colored hair.”

Emily stared at the back of Sirius’s head, once again willing him to burst into flames.


Emily sighed and sunk into the cushions of the green armchair in the Slytherin common room tiredly.

“Long day Potter?”

Emily glanced at the table in the shaded corner of the common room with a bored expression. “Nothing out of the ordinary Snape.”

If you can call being stalked by Sirius Black so he can supposedly ‘Get to know me’ nothing out of the ordinary.

Snape leaned foreword until the orange light from the fire illuminated his pale face. His long greasy black hair was hanging limply around his face and his dark black eyes reflected the flames of the fire, giving his a strange gleeful, yet still cold, look.

Emily raised an eyebrow. Usually Snape wasn’t the one to start a conversation, especially with her, but then again, he did look very pleased about something.

“Really?” Snape asked, a smirk forming on his thin lips. “Because I find that hard to believe.”

Emily rolled her eyes and sat up straight. “And pray tell, why is it so unbelievable?”

“Because a week back or so I was walking through the first floor corridor and as I passed the infirmary doors I heard yelling.”

Emily’s heartbeat increased in fear, but she gave no outward signs of fear.

Snape watched her reactions as he continued. “Usually I wouldn’t care about a petty squabble between two strangers, but I recognized both voices and my curiosity got the best of me.”

“Curiosity killed the cat Snape, didn’t you know?”

Snape smirked. “That may be, but this time my curiosity paid off, for I saw something very interesting in the infirmary that makes me doubt your loyalties.”

Emily raised an eyebrow, feigning innocence. “Really, because having actually been in said infirmary at said time I happen to think that my loyalties have remained loyal.”

Snape stood, Emily watching him warily as his stopped in front of her.

Snape placed a hand on either armrest and leaned down until his face was level with Emily’s. “As far as I saw, questioning your loyalty would be a very accurate would be the best thing to do, and I’m sure Regulus and the rest would love to find out that you were snogging blood traitor Black while your boyfriend was worrying himself sick over you for the potions incident.”

Emily wet her lips nervously. “I doubt he was that worried.”

Snape seemed to find sick pleasure in her anxiety. “Oh, but he was. Should have seen him. No one else seemed to notice, but I caught his continuous glances at the portrait hole, his fake smiles, his wringing hands. He cares more for you than you think.”

Emily smirked and stood, stepping forward as Snape stepped back to give her room. “If that’s so, then who do you think he’ll believe Snape? His loving girlfriend, or the awkward Slytherin who won’t even blow his nose without being given orders to do so?”

Snape sneered. “Arrogance seems to run in your family Potter, and that’s a stupid trait to have when others have leverage over you.”

Emily glared. “I thought I told you. You have no leverage.”

Snape raised an eyebrow mockingly and reached into his pocket. “That, Miss Potter, is where you’re wrong.” He lifted his hand to show Emily what he had.

Emily’s eyes widened and she stared at the moving picture in Snape’s hand in horror. It started off as Sirius and Emily standing in front of each other, Emily’s back to the door, and then Sirius moved forward and wrapped his arms around Emily’s waist, bringing his face down to kiss her. The picture ended with Emily placing her hands on his shoulders before repeating itself. Emily’s breath hitched and she looked up at Snape slowly.

Snape pocketed the picture and smiled smugly. “See? Leverage. I don’t need words to beat you when I can copy a memory and turn it into a picture.”

Emily lunged forward and grabbed his forearms tightly. “Please, Snape…Severus. Please Severus, don’t show that to anybody.”

Snape pulled his arms away from Emily, looking disgusted. “I won’t, but…”

Emily sighed and sat down again. “What do you want?”

Snape smirked and leaned down again to whisper harshly.

“I want to know where Lupin and his friends go once a month.”

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Crossing the Line: Getting to Know


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