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HarryPotter & The Power Of The Four by GoldenPotter
Chapter 5 : Ups and Downs
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Chapter 5
Ups and Downs

Ah! On work again
I know the chapter might seem a bit too dramatic but it’s important, believe me.
I would appreciate tips on my language as well. My language’s not that good as I’m not an ‘English’ basically.
I seek apologies for misspelling Hermione (I used an extra ‘e’ there)

I’ll try my best to be quick on updates

PLEASE Read and Review
Nothing is my own.

Harry couldn’t believe he had already been at Grimmauled place for a week now. The last week had passed quickly in laughter & magic away from Dudley’s taunting. The most productive work done by Harry in the whole week was playing chess and enjoying watching Gobstones spit on Ginny’s face. And to Harry’s surprise, he had had no dreams! He was positive that the last seven days had been the best part of his vacations so far. Harry had actually had a treat the day after his arrival. Mrs. Weasley had made him a belated Birthday cake, which in Harry’s opinion was the best cake there could be. Meanwhile, members of the order had been in and out and he could feel slight tension mounting as the week proceeded.

“Hey Harry!” Ron suggested “Want to have a game of chess?”
“No thanks Ron” Harry replied exasperated.
He was in no mood to lose his 14th game in a row this week.
“So, did you like our gift?” Ginny asked munching through a sandwich at the other end of the kitchen table.
Our gift?” Harry raised an eyebrow.
“Yes. Didn’t you go through the letter with it. Don’t tell me you didn’t get my .. our gift” Ron said sounding disappointed.
“The truth is, though I did receive your gift, I haven’t gone through it yet. All I saw was Hermione’s” Harry said apologetically.
“Well, how much longer are you going to wait? Go get them, will you?”

Harry sped out the kitchen door and up the stairs to retrieve his Birthday presents from his Trunk. He returned with the two still wrapped Birthday gifts in his hands.

“Your toll seems to be falling” Ron joked eyeing the two solitary boxes in Harry’s hands.
“Open ours first” Ginny encouraged walking across the room to join Ron and Harry.

Harry unwrapped the gift to find a sleek box accompanied by a letter. He made to unseal the letter But Ron interrupted impatiently.
“Just Birth day wishes.”

Harry opened the box instead to find a beautiful red colored quill with an ending of the shape of a heart on the non-writing end.
“A soaking quill.” Ginny explained “It soaks about half a bottle of ink once and then writes for months”

“It’s fantastic” Harry commented. It really was. Harry could possibly avoid a few ‘zeros’ in Snape’s class he otherwise got for blotching his assignment with ink. But he wasn’t sure if he wanted to use the ‘heart’ shaped quill in public and give others a chance for entertainment.

“The design’s her choice” Ron put up his hands in protest as if reading his thoughts. Harry often wondered if Ron and Hermione knew legitimacy. They always seemed to know what he was feeling at any moment. Ginny Blushed slightly as Harry glared at her mischievously.

“Anyone seen Hermione around?” Harry mused after he had gone through his last gift, which proved to be a book named ‘Protect yourself: spells on your side when you duel” He realized that she had been missing for a few days. Honestly, he hadn’t seen her once since the day he had arrived.

“She has been hiding in her room for days now” Ginny supplied grimly.

Harry remembered that she had reacted severely when he had disclosed the prophecy. He hadn’t really seen her since except if you could count a glimpse of her peeking into the kitchen at dinner. Harry wasn’t sure if he had offended her in some way. He had no wish to repeat the ordeal the three had gone through in their third year. Hermione could take offences really seriously.

Harry decided to check her out. Ron seemed to be thinking on the same lines because he too got up and proceeded upstairs with Harry. Harry fancied that he had seen Winky scuttling away as they turned a corner but didn’t give it a second thought.

Ron knocked at the door to Hermione’s room and called out “Open the door, will you?”
“Ron, is that you?” Hermione’s voice seemed steady but surely depressed.
Harry entered into the room after Ron and couldn’t help himself from noticing the large number of books that lay open across the length of the room. Hermione backed away on sight of Harry as if she was too afraid to face him.

“What’s wrong Hermione?”
“Nothing!” Hermione said swiftly.
“Then why have you been avoiding us?” There was a kind of softness in Ron’s voice Harry had never felt before.

“I haven’t. I mean I didn’t want to” Hermione melted away “I just can’t understand. It doesn’t seem right. How can they even believe..”
“WHAT Hermione” Harry spat feeling impatient.
“The prophecy” A new confidence seemed to have blended into her voice “It CAN”T be true. I mean how can you defeat a wizard like V-Voldemort unless he is trained to do it”

“Well, Harry will be trained in combat if he becomes an auror” Ron said matter-of-factly.
“Oh! Don’t be so naïve Ron. Do you think Voldemort will sit around giving Harry time to do that now that he knows about the prophecy?”

“It might be the other way round, then” Harry said without thinking but repented immediately on his words. Ron and Hermione had stopped in mid-action. Tears had started to form in Hermione’s eyes. He didn’t mean it. He hadn’t thought that it meant that Voldemort would kill him. He had just spit out whatever came into his mind.

“Think before you speak mister. You just gave us a heart attack.” Ron said recovering from his state of shock and trying to comfort Hermione. Hermione blushed furiously as Ron hugged her before she spoke

“It was foolish of me, really.”


“Harry, Dumbledore wants a word with you. Please” Lupin added as Harry neared his defeat in another game of chess. Harry left the game in mid battle and stood up to leave.

“You would have lost anyway” Ron called behind him.

Dumbledore sat on a chair in the kitchen with a mess of papers spread on the table before him. There was the usual glitter in his eyes behind the half-moon spectacles but it somehow seemed to be blanketed under a layer of helplessness. Harry looked around and saw Lupin come in. There was no one except the three of them in the room that served as a living room since Mrs. Black’s portrait still hung at the entry. Harry somehow had the feeling that he wasn’t going to be pleased to hear what Dumbledore had to say.

“Hello Harry, have a seat please” Dumbledore greeted in a voice that unmistakably lacked the usual cheerfulness “I need you to act mature as I say this.”

Harry gaped at Dumbledore in disbelief. He had never expected Dumbledore to say something like this and he was certainly not prepared to take-in such a statement.

“By the law of inheritance, the noble and the most ancient house of Black now belongs to you since Sirius isn’t here any more.” Dumbledore lowered his head.

Harry felt a mixed feeling of anger, guilt and misery rise in him. Why was Dumbledore so inclined to keeping Harry reminded of Sirius’s death constantly? Harry still hadn’t tamed his emotions regarding Sirius’s death and was a bit too touchy in that matter.

“But as you aren’t of age yet, I’ve decided to pass the property to Mr. Remus Lupin until you are entitled to have it instead.” Dumbledore looked up at Lupin who nodded curtly “Do you have any problem with that?”

“no” Harry said in more of a whisper than a word.

“You do however get to inherit a book that your parents gave to Sirius for safe-keeping”
Dumbledore took out an ancient book from a cauldron and placed it on the table
“The ‘Writings of Godric Gryffindor’ Harry”

The slim book looked really old from the cover. It seemed as though it hadn’t been opened since years. On the velvety cover written in bold golden letters was ‘My writings’. Below was a logo featuring the Gryffindor Lion.

Dumbledore engaged himself into a talk with Lupin while Harry took the book and left. He let his feet carry him up the stairs and into Mrs. Black’s old bedroom. . He put the book in an empty closet by the door, which locked itself magically. He didn’t even care to bow before he sat down beside Buckbeak, his face in his hands. As if understanding his state of heart, the Hippogriff didn’t bother as well.

Harry felt worse than he had felt in days. He knew he would never ever open that book. It would bring back the memories of his parents as well as his godfather back. Something that he might not be able to cope up with. ***********************************************************************

Harry didn’t know how long he had been sitting in the room when he heard someone mutter by the door. He looked up to see Krecher enter the into room muttering to himself as he walked to the opposite side of the room without even noticing Harry.

“Krecher hears that Harry Potter is going to inherit this place. Ooh! My poor mistress, Krecher doesn’t know what he will do to her portrait.”

“Did you say something Krecher?” Harry snarled, pronouncing the last word with utter disgust.

“Oh no little master!” Krecher said before he started muttering under his breath again “A filthy blood after a traitor! Poor Krecher! He has to serve traitors, Mudbloods, Werewolves and now Potter. Krecher wishes Harry Potter dies too. He is happy Traitor Black is dead. He is pleased to think that he ensured that traitor’s death.”

Harry swelled with rage at the last statement. He stood up and advanced towards the now cowering house-elf. He pulled out his wand with a feeling of pure hatred and anger. But before he could muster a spell in his mind, Krecher was knocked off his feet by the force of some invisible spell.

Harry was certain he hadn’t cast a spell. But he had felt the kind of anger he had had against Dudly before. Harry wondered nervously if he had done wandless magic again when he heard an angry sigh behind him. He spun around to see a red faced Lupin staring at the lifeless body of the house-elf, wand raised.

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HarryPotter & The Power Of The Four: Ups and Downs


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