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Harry Potter and the Tears of a Shadow by LizPsky
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Goodbye
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Prologue: Goodbye

Thunder and lighting danced violently around her. She knew it would end this way, she had always known but nothing could have prepared her. There were so many things left in life for her. Like her boyfriend that was rumored to propose to her next week or her sister. Who would take care of her?

Lightning struck the field as she walked calmly down the abandoned green. The rain soaked through her robes and onto her already fear-numbed skin. Terror flowed freely through her veins like poison, thinning it into nothing. She had long given up on fighting for her life. Maybe she would end it now, or maybe not. She had yet to name someone other than Dumbledore to make it out alive in situations like this.

She took in a sharp breath as a second cloaked figure approached her from the other end of the field. She waited for him, silently saying goodbye to loved ones and life itself.

“Dorcas Kyranae Meadowes,” a snake-like voice drawled from under the hood of the cloak opposite of herself.

“Voldemort,” Dorcas greeted smoothly, surprised at the composure in her voice.

Two men appeared next to Voldemort.

“You know Severus and Lucius, I’m sure,” Voldemort gestured to the men.

Lightning flashed and Dorcas saw fear in the black eyes of her fellow Order member. But they had known this would happen. Voldemort was testing Snape. Dorcas knew it.

“Yes, I know them.” Dorcas spat bitterly.

They stood in silence, the wind whipping around them, the lightning striking dangerously close. Dorcas could feel the electricity in the air; she felt it nip at the buckles of her boots, and the white gold promise ring on her finger. It had been given to her by the one man that could make her laugh until she cried. The one man shunned by a society that would miss out on getting to know one of the greatest men ever.

In the sound of the thunder, the words of the spell were lost, but in a sharp movement with her wand a violent spell hit Snape. Snape fell to the ground dramatically, clutching the bleeding wound in his side. Dorcas knew he was overplaying it as a distraction and if she lived, she’d thank him.

“Avad—“ Lucius began, kicking Snape aside, but Dorcas was quicker.

STUPIFY! Impedimenta!” Time slowed and Dorcas watched Lucius fall to the ground, mud splattering at the hem of Voldemort’s robes.

“Worthless,” Voldemort spat, kicking the unconscious Malfoy hard in the stomach. “If you want something done right…” Voldemort shrugged lightly.


Dorcas fell to the ground her body writhed in pain, she tried to detach herself from it, but the pain was too much. She would not scream, she couldn’t. Energy was draining fast from her already small body. The pain grew intensely unbearable and Dorcas gritted her teeth tightly, she refused to scream. It felt like a thousand white-hot knives where plunging in and out of her back. Dorcas felt like she was drowning, the air escaping from her collapsing lungs.

Voldemort lifted the spell and pulled her up from the ground roughly.

“Care to duel?” he whispered, caressing her face with a long, bony finger. “Of course you do.”

In an instant Dorcas had her wand above her shoulder, her left hand out in front of her. She would duel him and win, or die trying.

Petrificus Totalus!” Dorcas shouted.


The spells clashed in the air and Dorcas squinted against the bright light as the spells exploded in the sky. It was then that Voldemort made his move. Nobody won when they dueled him. No one except Albus Dumbledore and he wasn’t here to save her. Not this time. Oh how lucky she’d been before. But now her luck had run out. No one knew where she was.

AVADA KEDAVRA!” Voldemort exclaimed, watching her body fall to the ground flaccid and limp; he apparated without second thought.

Dorcas awoke in a white room, her mother and father looking down at her with sad eyes.

“M—mum?” Dorcas gasped, and turned to her father. “D—Dad?”

Tears stained Dorcas’ cheeks and her mother pushed a piece of strawberry hair from Dorcas’ freckled face.

“W-What about Remus?” Dorcas sobbed. “I loved him more than anything!”

“In time you’ll be together in time,” Dorcas’ mother answered. “In time.”

Mrs. Meadowes had no idea what was going to happen sixteen years later…

A/N: Hey guys! This is also posted on so don't think I've stolen someone else's idea because I have a different pen name over there. It's OctoberSpirit. I'd like to thank Elaine for betaing for me. I suggest you go check out her story! Her pen name on this site is tivogirl.


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Harry Potter and the Tears of a Shadow: Prologue: Goodbye


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