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Hazel eyes meets green: a story of Lily and James by gina
Chapter 24 : Incident in the Library
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OK, so I updated before I got my 10 reviews…. I couldn’t help it! I have vacation and it’s killing me that noone’s reviewing, so I thought if I updated again then people would know to read… if they want to L *sniff, sniff* anyway…. Here you go…. For those of you who care…oh, and by the way it was my birthday a few days ago… FOURTEEN!! W00T! lol

Last Chapter:

He looked at them questioningly, but before they could answer Emma came running down the stairs…



Chapter 24: Incident in the Library


“Oh, no! Have you seen Lily?” Emma yelped.

“No, what’s the matter?” said James nervously.

“She was supposed to meet me 40 minutes ago, it’s after curfew, and I left her in the library alone when it was late, and—“ said Emma very fast, her face in her hands.

“Whoa there! Slow down!” said Sirius.

“But I knew not to ever leave her alone, Dumbledore told me,” she sobbed, “But she told me… Oh, God!”

James looked at her with panic in his eyes, and then practically sprinted out of the portrait hole, the fat lady yelling after him.

Emma ran after him, and Remus bolted upstairs.

“What are you doing?” yelled Sirius, as he came running down with the invisibility cloak.

“Somebody has to think rationally,” he panted, and they ran out after their friends, Peter reluctantly following.

Soon after they had ran out, James realized he had no idea where he was going.

He stopped and caught his breath as Emma reached him.

“Where are we going?” he asked,

“I don’t know!” she sat down and breathed heavily, and put her head in her hands, thinking hard.

“Well, first we should go to the library, I guess.” Said Emma finally.

By this time Remus, Sirius, and Peter had caught up.

“Ok, ok,” said James, calming down. “Let’s go to the library then.”

Remus outstretched his arms towards James, clutching the invisibility cloak.

“Good idea,” he said and took it. Then he looked at them all.

“We won’t all fit. You guys should go back, I’ll find her…”

“No way man,” said Sirius, “You won’t be enough. We’re all coming.”

Remus and Emma both agreed, and Peter nodded after as well.

“Ok, then. We’ll just have to be as careful as possible and bring the cloak for precaution.”

“Come on!”

They all followed James as he ran towards the library.


Lily had told Emma to go back to the Common Room, and she’d meet her there at ten. Emma had objected at first, but Lily had insisted she could take care of herself, and Emma reluctantly left.

Lily sighed, and went back to her Transfiguration essay. It had been a while since she had been able to be alone.

She had finally finished an hour later, and was packing up her bags. The library had closed 10 minutes ago, and Lily had promised the librarian to close up. One of the special privileges of the Head Girl, Lily thought. She looked at her watch, and said out loud to herself, “Oh, no, I was supposed to meet Emma ten minutes ago.”

“Emma will wait,” snarled a deep voice from behind her.

Lily jumped and looked around her in the pitch black, before someone came out of the shadows.

“Malfoy!” Lily whispered, as five other Slytherins appeared out of the shadows as well.

“You’re trying to rat us out,” he said, and pointed his wand at her.

Lily let out screams of pain…


They came to a halt at the library door, and listened intently. Emma let out a sob as they heard a faint scream.

James had that look in his eyes, Sirius noted. That look. Of all the years they had been best friends, Sirius knew more about James then he did himself. James loved his friends more than life itself and would do anything for them. That look came to James’ eyes whenever someone threatened or put one of his friends in danger. It meant pure hatred, absolute anger, and that James would do something rash…

“James! Wait!” Sirius yelled as James ran into the library.

“Shit.” He muttered, and followed.

The other looked at each other before sighing, and following.

Lily was in a heap on the floor as the Slytherins laughed mercilessly, testing different hexes of torture on her one-by-one.

James followed the voices, and leapt to the scene.

“Back away!” he screamed at them, yelling words of profanity so loud Lily was sure the whole castle would hear.

“James!” Lily let out breathlessly.

“Oh, boy! It’s James Potter to the rescue! Better back away, he’ll take us all with one hand…” Malfoy joked, advancing on him.

“Damn right, he will. With a couple extras.” Said Sirius, getting James’ back.

Malfoy’s eyes glinted with the appearance of their new target.

Soon, Emma and Remus came up too, and positioned themselves to duel.
Peter stood in the shadows, only advancing when Sirius looked at him questioningly.

Hexes and curses started shooting past eachother on both sides, and Lily lied hopelessly on the ground, without a wand.

Peter panicked snuck behind a large bookshelf when no one was looking. James was dueling with Malfoy, Sirius had both Crabbe and Goyle, Remus was fairing well with a sixth year named Avery, and Emma was also doing favorably with another sixth year, Knott.

Sirius was dueling fiercely with Crabbe, when Goyle came from behind.
“Sirius!” screamed Emma, and he turned around in time to realize Goyle and yell, “Protego!”
However, while doing this, Emma stumbled into a table and Knott advanced on her. He hit her with a curse, and blood spat from Emma’s ears.

“Emma!” yelled Remus, and he succeeded in stunning Avery. He ran over to Emma, but Sirius came first. Remus looked over, and then proceeded to duel Crabbe and Goyle, as Sirius took Knott.

James had disarmed Malfoy, laughing cunningly, about to stun him, when Malfoy suddenly punched him in the nose, and startled, James fell to the floor. His head hit the floor with a menacing crack, and Malfoy picked up both wands.

Lily saw this all, and screamed in terror. She saw her wand on the floor feet away. She struggled achingly to get up, but the pain subsided with the sight of James on the floor. Adrenaline ran through her body, and she picked up her wand, and yelled out, “Accio wands.”

James and Mafoy’s wands flew into her hands, and Malfoy turned around, startled. Lily felt herself grow weaker, but she saw out of the corner of her eye blood seeping from James’ unconscious head, and she gained strength as he advanced on her.

She pointed her wand at him feebly, and surprised herself as her voice rang out clearly and loudly, “Stupefy.”

Malfoy fell to the ground, and Lily finally crumpled to the floor, blacking out completely.


Lily opened her eyes drowsily and startled herself as she saw a white ceiling. She didn’t know how long she must have been there, but after some consideration she decided she was in the hospital wing. She looked around and saw that James and Emma were sitting in two chairs next to her. James was looking around the room while wringing his hands impatiently. Emma had fallen asleep; she had her head lying down on the side of the chair and was breathing steadily. Lily racked her brain to figure out what had happened and why she was here. Then she remembered. The fight.

It was a few moments before James looked at her nervously and realized that her eyes were open.


She looked at him and smiled insecurely.

“Emma! Emma!” James shook Lily’s sleeping friend.

“Huh?” she answered drowsily.

“Lily’s awake!”

James ran over to Lily and engulfed her into a huge hug.
“I’m so glad you’re okay!” he exclaimed and kissed her passionately.

Lily smiled underneath his lips and giggled as Madame Pomfrey came over and started scolding James.

“Lily!” exclaimed Emma and hugged her best friend.

“How are you? Are you feeling better? Do you feel sick? Are you tired? Do you—“ started Emma very fast.

“I feel fine,” stated Lily.“What happened?”

“Hold on dear,” said Madame Pomfrey as she took her temperature.
“You should be fine, let me just make sure and then your friends can tell you whatever you want.”

She shooed away James and Emma, and James shrugged as Emma said she was going to go get Sirius, Remus, and Peter, apparently they had gone for lunch.

“You seem fine my dear. You might want to stay an extra night, but I think it’s fine if you go back in a couple of hours.”

Lily nodded, thinking to herself that she was definitely leaving as soon as she could. She remembered once in her sixth year she had gotten inbetween one of James’ and Snape’s fights and had spent a week in the hospital wing after sprouting fins. She remembered how torturous and embarrassing that week was. And, of course, James would come everyday with flowers and candy for Lily, apologizing profusely until Madame Pomfrey drove him out. Lily laughed silently, James. It always came back to him.

James walked over to Lily and she smiled at him in a daze, and James sat next to her in the bed. He tilted his head and gave her a confused look. She shook her head and lied back in her pillow as James stared into her eyes. They hadn’t said a word to each other by the time Emma came back with the other boys.

“So did you tell her yet?” asked Emma.

“Wh-what?” asked James, coming out of his trance.
“Oh, --oh! The- uh, thing. No, no. I did not…” he said, turning around.

They all sniggered and James blushed slightly.

“So… is anyone going to tell me what happened?” asked Lily.



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Hazel eyes meets green: a story of Lily and James: Incident in the Library


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