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Dirty Little Secrets by Ravin
Chapter 3 : First Kiss Mayhem
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AN: Hey looky! I know it is short but at least something…

BTW Ginny already knows she is Les but 'Mione doesn't.

I do know that I am moving a little fast with the HG/GW relationship but I need to so I can get on with the main plot. (No their relationship is not the main plot but their relationship is crucial to the main plot…)

DISCLAIMER: I may be evil but I don't own Harry Potter.

Chapter 3

First Kiss

September 2, breakfast:

"I'm heading to class. You two better not be late."

"We won't." Ron replied.

"Don't worry, 'Mione." Harry responded.

"It 's not like your our mother." Ron retorted.

Ginny watched as Hermione made her way out of the Great Hall as she quickly made a decision.

"I'll catch up with you later guys. I need to use the restroom before class." She told her friends before nervously following Hermione.

"Hey 'Mione! Wait up!" Ginny called trotting down the hall to catch up with the older girl.

"Hi Gin'! What 's up?" Hermione said as Ginny drew up beside her.

"Can I talk to you somewhere more private?" Ginny replied eyeing the students around them.

"Yeah, of course." Hermione responded, wondering what Ginny wanted to tell her as she lad the way to an empty classroom.  

"I've been thinking a lot about this… and… well…"Ginny leaned forward and timidly kissed the stunned brunette. Leaning back Ginny stared at Hermione, her eyes silently pleading the shocked girl.

They stood there in an uncomfortable silence for a moment before Hermione said, "I better get to class…" and left the room quickly leaving a heart-broken Ginny behind. 

‘Oh my gosh!  I am adopted and I think I might be a lesbian!  First I think it, and then Ginny kisses me!  Oh god, oh god!  This makes me wonder what my biological father is truly like, because he may be gay…’ As Hermione was pondering these things, she was heading towards her Potions class.  That’s when someone grabbed her.

“Let go of me, you bloody bastard!”  She shouted.  

Hermione kicked and screamed with all of her might when the person holding her clasped a hand roughly over her mouth.

“’Mione, cool it.  Bloody hell stop kicking me, that hurt.”  Ron grunts as he sets her down.

“Oh, Ron! I’m so sorry!  I didn’t realize it was you.  Please forgive me.”  Hermione gushed as a slow blush creeps up her face.

“I forgive you as long as you don’t hit me when I do this.”  Ron said bending down to kiss her.  Hermione kissed him back and, to her surprise, found herself disgusted by the fact that she was kissing a guy.  The feeling of Ginny’s soft lips in hers just would not leave her mind.

“So, are you better now?” Ron asked, wrapping his arms around her waist gently.

“Um…yeah.  I’ll be right back.”  Hermione said unwinding herself from Ron’s grasp.

“Wait, where are you going?”  Ron yells as she ran off.

“Little witch’s room!”  Hermione yells over her shoulder.  Rounding the corner at breakneck speed, she ran into somebody.

“Ginny!”  Hermione gasped as she looked up.

“’Mione!  Erm… Listen… Um…” Ginny stuttered as a blush creeps up her neck.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go!” Hermione said, getting up and running in the opposite direction if where Ginny sat.

When Hermione reached the girl’s lavatory she was crying.  She felt horrible about leaving Ginny sitting in the hall, but she couldn’t stand the feeling she got whenever Ginny was around.  Warmth and passion as well as the overwhelming need to protect her for some unknown reason.

She knew she had to get to Potions; Snape wasn’t going to be very happy with her.  She splashed her face with cold water and walked out the door feeling slightly better.  As she passed the place she collided with Ginny, she noticed something sitting on the floor.  Ginny must have dropped it.  Now, Hermione isn’t one to snoop in other people’s lives, but this was an exception.  The wanting to know what was on the paper pushed her over the edge as she shoved the paper in her hip pocket and rushed off to class.

“Nice of you to finally join us, Ms. Granger.”  Snape said loudly.        

Hermione was so upset that she turned and glared at him.  It was the unkind look that ever crossed her face.  Snape’s face changed from rude and arrogant to shocked and confused.  She is the first student in history that won a stare down with Snape.  He looked away quickly as she sat down.  

“Wow, ‘Mione, what’s wrong?”  Ron asked after she sat down.

“Nothing.”  Hermione snapped.  Shock and hurt crossed Ron’s face.  She chose to ignore it.

“What’s that sticking out of your pocket Hermione?”  Harry asked.

“Erm nothing.”  She answered as she shoved the note further in her hip pocket.  

“Oh, that reminds me, did either of you see Ginny this morning?  She looked really down.  Mum told me she’s been sort of depressed lately.”  Ron quizzically said.

Yeah, I saw her.  She was really shaken up.  It was right before this class and she was running somewhere.  I don’t know what’s wrong; I stopped her and asked, but she didn’t answer me she just kept walking as if I weren’t even there.”  Harry responded.

This made Hermione start to freak out even more.  That overwhelming feeling to protect Ginny popped in her mind again; ‘Read the note, it’s urgent.’ It seemed to say.

Hermione pulled the note out of her pocket and opened it on her lap so that no one would read it over her shoulder.  It read:

‘She doesn’t love me.  I’ve tried everything to get her attention and see how she feels.  I guess she really is in love with Ron after all.  It’s a shame, but that doesn’t matter anymore.  I can’t live without her.  So, tonight will be my last night at Hogwarts, or on this earth.’  

‘No!  Not her!’ That was all Hermione could think as the tears started streaming down her face.  Hermione grabbed all of her things and ran out of the classroom.  She faintly heard Ron and Professor Snape calling her; she didn’t care anymore.  Hermione didn’t stop until she couldn’t run anymore.  

When she stopped running she realized she was on the hill that faces Hagrid’s hut.  

Hermione collapsed on the grass and wept.  That was when she noticed someone was behind her.  She turned and gasped.

“’Mione, what’s wrong?”  Ginny asks.

 AN: In case you haven’t noticed I don’t update here very often so if you want regular updates I am also on FFN under the penname Shadow-Ravin.

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