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Against all odds by Sano
Chapter 13 : Criminal Moments
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He planted his lips firmly on mine then pulled me onto him so I was straddling his waist. I ran my hands up under his shirt, feeling his nicely sculpted six pack. I could feel the bulge in his pants underneath me. 

I was so ready for this; I let out a small moan, making small circular motions with my hips as I did. Draco stood and I slid off of him, but he never took his lips off of mine. He pulled me over to his room, breaking the kiss and winking at me; he opened the door and pulled me inside then shut the door behind us. He looked at me slyly, then walked over and pulled my mouth to his with his large warm hands, his tongue flicking at mine. 

His hands suddenly dropped and he roughly pulled my shirt over my head. He began running those big callused hands over my body, slowly reaching toward my jeans waistline. In the same movement he slid my jeans and underwear off and threw me onto the bed. Standing at the edge of the bed he slowly undressed himself then slithered onto the bed. He edged his body onto mine, tracing lines with his fingers up and down my torso. He reached underneath me, stroking at my spine, then he leaned over so that his lips were next to my ear. 

“Are you ready for the ride of your life?” his words tickled at my ear. I nipped lightly at his neck. He pulled his head up and raised his eyebrows at me. “I’ll take that as a yes then!” He grinned then lowered his head to my neck. His hands unsnapped my bra then threw it somewhere in the room revealing my breasts, something no one besides myself had ever seen before. He moved his hands down my back to rest on my hips; then began kissing, ever so slowly, down from my neck. He stopped to suck softly at one of my nipples. He lifted his head and his eyes met mine. 

“I love you, and nothing and no one can stop me from loving you. You know that don’t you?” He asked, there was worry in his eyes. I sat up resting my forehead against his. 

“Even if I didn’t I wouldn’t ever let you go, you’re stuck with me for life baby!” He laughed and hugged me close. We fell back on the pillows together his strong arms the physical aspect of never letting me go. 

* * * 

Hands were grabbing at me. Non physical shapes swam in my vision, blackness surrounded me. I was calling out for help, a hand grasped mine, and pulled be away from the grabbing, blackness still surrounded me. Ron pulled me into his embrace, my eyes grew wide. 

“Ron!” I shouted, “Where’s Draco?” his face fell, “RON! TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO DRACO!” 

“He…” Ron looked away. “I’m sorry Hermione, he…he wasn’t able to make it…” 

* * * 

I woke with a start, only to find my self still naked and tangled in the depth of bed sheets. I looked wildly around and was able to discern which way was up, but ended up poking my head out on the side of the bed. Draco was sleeping soundly still. I pulled the covers around me, shivering. Who knows what it was that lay ahead of us, the country was in the middle of two wars, one of which was being unknowingly fought on our own soil. I reached over and pushed Draco’s bangs out of his eyes, smiling softly to myself. I would have sat there for a long time, just staring at the wonderful person in front of me, but just then a knock came on the door….

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