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Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror by jasper21
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight: Conspiracies
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Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

Sirius, Aragorn, and Legolas were hardly chewing their food as they stuffed Mrs. Weasely’s best cooking down their throats. In the living room, the league were relaxing after the celebration. Harry rubbed his eyes before sitting up.


Ginny was snuggled next to Bart when Harry called her name.

“Yes, Harry.”

“Where were you held captive?”

Bart rolled his eyes.

“Harry, this can wait till tomorrow. Can’t you relax for one night.”

“Bart’s right, mate. Just give yourself some rest,” Ron said.

“Voldemort never rests, Ron,” Harry replied.

“And you’re not Voldemort,” Cho reminded.

“Where’s Hermione?” Neville asked.

Harry had just noticed that she was not among them.

“I’ll look for her.”

He got up, and made his way up the stairs.

As he made his way up to her room, Harry heard signs of struggling coming from Hermione’s room.

Harry withdrew his wand, and broke down Hermione’s door. Hermione was flailing on the floor, clutching her head.

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!” she screamed desperately.

Harry quickly knelt before her, and forced her to look at him.

“Hermione, what…”

He saw that her eyes and nose was bleeding.

“HELP! SOMEONE HELP!” Harry yelled desperately.

“I don’t love you, Harry.”

Harry turned.


Hermione’s eyes were focused on Harry.

“I love someone else. I need him here with me.”

Then she passed out against his chest.

There was a loud noise as everyone came running in. Harry found blood in his hands, and looked at Hermione’s head to find blood leaking out of her ear.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Mrs. Weasely said sorrowfully.

Everyone was sitting in the Nursery Section of the mansion.

“Is there anything we can do?” Cho asked.

“The only person that can figure out the remedy is Madame Pomfrey. And she’s in Death Eater custody along with the other professors,” Dean said.

Harry was staring at Hermione. The words that left her mouth was still haunting him. Was she really in love with someone else? She didn’t seem like herself when she said it. If not, than who’s the mystery man?

Oliver stared at Hermione’s symptoms.

“Harry, may I talk with you in private for a moment?”

Harry followed Oliver, but not before looking back at Hermione one more time before leaving the room.

“I know of someone else who knows of why Hermione is the way she is,” Oliver said.

“Who?” Harry asked quickly.

Oliver sighed.


Berlin, Germany…

“Why Germany?” Harry asked as they walked through the almost deserted streets of a rundown town.

“He has his reasons,” Oliver said.

They entered a pub that was actually very crowded. Oliver walked up to the bartender and spoke brief German. The bartender responded pointing to one of the booths in the back. As Harry headed through the crowd of people, he lowered his hat over his scar to avoid attention.

They finally made it to the booth, where Ducard sat.

“Hello, nephew. Mr. Potter,” the dark wizard said tilting his head and raising his glass of beer.

“You know why we’re here,” Harry said cutting to the chase.

“Straight to business, eh? You don’t want a drink?” Ducard said chuckling.

“DON’T TEST ME!” Harry warned.

The beer that Ducard was drinking turned hot. He spat it out.

“You need to control your emotions, Potter. They can betray you,” Ducard said.

“What’s wrong with Hermione Granger, Uncle,” Oliver said.

Ducard rolled his eyes.

“You know that I can’t help you, until you helped me.”

“With what?” Oliver asked.

“You know what, Oliver,” Ducard replied.

“No, out of the question,” Oliver said

“What?” Harry asked.

Ducard turned to Harry.

“Did you know that there were not four but five houses of Hogwarts?”

Harry stared.

“And the heir to the fifth house is sitting directly besides you.”

Harry turned to Oliver.

“I’m running out of time,” Cho said to herself.

She took a small vial that was hidden in her bookshelf, and slipped it into her bra.

Hearing footsteps, she quickly sat on her bed. Ron walked in.

“How is she?” she asked.

“Not so good,” Ron said.

“You should stay with her in case anything happens,” Cho said.

“Yeah, you’re right. Are you ok?” Ron asked.

“Of course. Go to Hermione. I’ll make you some tea.”

“You’re the best,” Ron said kissing her forehead before he left.

Cho walked down into the kitchen to an already boiling pot of water. She poured the water into a cup, and slipped the contents into the tea.

“Yes, I certainly am.”

She walked up to Hermione’s room and gave Ron the tea. As she left, she turned and watched Ron take the first sips that was going to end the Golden Trio. She quickly walked into her room, and used the floo powder.

“You’re on.”

Victor Krum smiled and disappeared.

“Don’t listen to a word he’s saying, Harry,” Oliver said.

“Did you know that when you tried destroying that wall which contained evidence of the fifth house. Your scientists had trouble destroying a significant part of the wall. The reason being was because it has very powerful magic,” Ducard said.

“My scientists would’ve told me this,” Oliver said.

“Oh they would. But I had their memories wiped when my men stormed you laboratory.”

“YOU WHAT!!” Oliver bellowed.

Ducard lifted a heavy object that was covered in a table clothe. He removed the clothe. Harry bent down. There engraved on the old damaged stone was the Hogwarts coat of arms. There were five houses, and sure enough, there was the bear, roaring proudly next to his comrades. But it was the last two details that caught Harry’s eyes. The first was that the animals of Hogwarts were surrounding what appeared to be a beautiful bird that he has never seen before. Second, at the bottom of the coat of arms read: Patronus Electus Unus.

“What is this?” Harry asked

“This, Mr. Potter is the coat of arms. But not of Hogwarts,” Ducard said sitting back

Oliver and Harry looked up.

“It’s not?” Oliver asked.

“No, my naïve nephew. It’s the symbol of a secret society. A secret society which called themselves the Patronuses,” Ducard replied.

He pointed his wand at the Latin text of the coat of arms. Now it read…

“Protectors of the Chosen One?” Harry asked.

Ducard sighed.

“Harry, your destiny wasn’t set in motion after the seer made the prophecy. Your destiny was set in motion centuries ago.”

“So where are these protectors?” Oliver asked

“All of them are dead, except three. And you’re looking at him,” Ducard said.

“I’m guessing the other two are Aragorn and Legolas,” Harry said

Ducard nodded.

“So why did everyone try so hard to hide the fifth house?” Harry asked.

“That is the reason why we’re here. To find out. But its too late, so we‘ll start in the morning,” Ducard replied.

Ducard left to his bedroom.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Harry asked.

“I didn’t want to tell you until I knew exactly what my uncle was up to,” Oliver replied.

“Do you think he’s on our side?” Harry asked.

“Not sure,” Oliver said taking his duffle bag and going into his room.

Harry sighed and stared at the bird at the center of the coat of arms.


Next Morning…


Sirius and Oliver stared across the breakfast table at Harry who was eating as if nothing had happened.

Ducard emerged from his room.

“Are we ready?”

Harry got up and collected his gear.

“Where are we going?”

“I’ll lead the way,” Ducard said.

“Fair enough.” Oliver said.

Outside the back of the hotel was four motorcycles waiting for them.

They sped off out of the city and into the outskirts.

They drove through several miles before they saw old ruins up ahead. When they reached it, Harry saw that there was an altar at the center.

The men climbed up to it. Ducard took out his medallion and placed it in the center of the altar.

“Brace yourself.”

“For what?” Sirius asked.

“No idea,” Ducard replied.

There was a blast of light and they found themselves in the same spot. But the altar looked as good as new, and it appeared that they are standing in a forest.

“What just happened?” Harry asked.

“It looks like we’re in a forest,” Oliver said.

“No we’re not,” Ducard replied pointing up.

They all looked to find a ceiling.

“Where are we?” Sirius asked.

“I think we’re underground,” Harry replied.

“There’s no such thing as an underground forest Harry,” Oliver said.

“With magic. Anything’s possible-oh no, not again.”

At the other side of the altar stood a statue of what appeared to be a bear holding an axe.

“Doesn’t our seal have arrows?”

“There’s supposed to be a dead man here,” Harry said pointing at the altar.

“What are you on about?” Ducard asked.

Harry walked up to the statue of the bear.

Oliver saw a gold glow coming from the bottom of the altar. He looked at it and extended his hand to touch it. Harry saw the glow reflecting the statue.

He turned.


The glow was gone.

Oliver got up.

“What?- uh-oh.”

“Merlin’s beard,” Ducard whispered.

“Harry, don’t make any sudden movements,” Sirius said.

Harry looked up.

“No way.”

The bear was standing on its hind legs at it took up its axe and roared.

“RUN!” Sirius yelled.

Harry jumped back and began running alongside of Sirius, Oliver, and Ducard.

The bear slammed its axe against the ground and everyone was thrown off their feet.

Oliver removed an arrow and shot at the chest of the beast. The arrow pierced it, but it paid no attention to it.

“Talk about your everyday steroid use,” Oliver said.

“Stupefy!” Sirius yelled.

The spell had hit the beast, and then blood began to trickle down the wound where the arrow stuck.

“Harry, Oliver. You will use your weapons to wound the beast while we use our magic,” Ducard replied.


The beast swung its axe at a tree, where the tree was broken and splinters went flying. Harry felt them pierce his skin before he hit the ground.

Unsheathing his sword, Harry ran at the beast. With a great swipe of its paw, the beast came at Harry. Harry jumped over the paw and sliced its arm. Oliver shot another arrow into its eye. Sirius automatically shot his Cruciatus Curse at the eye, and the beast yelled in agonizing pain, as blood came shooting out of its eye. With blood showering the four wizards, they took cover behind the trees. Ducard signaled Oliver to go on top of the tree. Taking his crossbow he pointed at a strong branch.

“Carpe Retractum!”

Oliver was pulled up into the tree. He took out his red arrow and aimed at the beast’s head.

The beast went on a while rampage bad began swinging at everything in sight.

“NOW, OLIVER!” Ducard yelled.

Oliver shot his red arrow straight into the beast’s head.

The next thing, the beast’s head was aflame. Spotting Oliver, it swung with all its might at the tree. The tree was broken apart as Oliver went falling to the ground. Harry caught him, but a paw came out of nowhere and threw Harry across the forest. Ducard watched in horror as the beast came down on his nephew.


A young Ducard was hastily wiping away his tears as he made his way through the St. Augustine’s Memorial Boarding School.

When he entered the Dean’s office, the dean of boys, Mr. Mcknight rose up from behind his desk, quickly walked around and shook Ducard’s hand.

“Mr. Ducard, I am terribly sorry for your loss-”

“Where’s Oliver?”

A small young boy with blonde hair looked around from his seat. He was sobbing.

“My boy.”

Oliver cried and ran into his uncle’s arms.

“I’ll watch over you, Oliver. With my life.”


Ducard ran and shoved Oliver out of the way of the axe as it made its way down on its target.

Oliver turned and watched as the axe fell upon his uncle.

Harry got up when he heard a scream of horror.

He ran and saw the splattered remains of Lord Ducard.

Harry saw the look of pure rage on Oliver’s face. Unsheathing what appeared to be a samuri sword he turned to Sirius.

“Don’t stop shooting!”

Oliver jumped and with all his might, severed the beast’s hand. Harry and Sirius summoned their most powerful curses and blasted them at the beast. The beast roared in pain as Oliver sliced every bit of the beast he can get.

Finally with one last swing of his sword, there was a blast and the beast turned to ash.

In the center of the pile of ashes was an orb. Oliver ignored it as he walked over to his uncle’s remains.

Harry walked over and picked up the orb.


Harry turned at Ducard’s body.

Over his body was a ghost of Voldemort screaming in pain before he burst into flames.

Sirius walked up to Oliver and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.”


Harry, Oliver, and Sirius were all sitting at a round table in silence, staring at the orb that was sitting in the center.

“What now?” Sirius asked.

“We go home. Then I need to go back to Africa, and place this orb in one of the altars so we can speak to Bruin himself. I think its best if Oliver came along,” Harry said.

Oliver just stared at the orb without a response.

Then there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” Harry asked.

“It is Victor Krum!”

Harry slowly opened the door. Cho was standing besides him

“What’s going on?” Harry asked.

“I needed Victor’s help to find you,” Cho said sobbing.

“Why? What happened?” Harry asked.

Phoenix Manor

With a blast of fire Harry apparated after Cho.

“Harry, please don’t go up there!” A.C. said.

“What’s going on!?!” Harry demanded.

Bart and Ginny walked in.

“What’s all the noise about?” Ginny asked.

“Is Hermione ok?” Harry asked.

Arthur and Lavender looked warily at each other.

Harry had enough. He quickly walked up the stairs with everyone else on his heels.

Aragorn walked out of his room.

“What’s with all this commotion?”

Harry walked passed him, and burst through Hermione’s door.

The air in his lungs seem to have escaped him.

Both Ron and Hermione were in Hermione’s bed, and she didn’t seem ill at all.

“OH, GOD!” Ginny bellowed.

Hermione and Ron broke apart. Cho flicked her wand and the curse upon Hermione was lifted.

She looked up at Ron.

Krum lifted his curse from Ron.

Ron stared down at Hermione.

They both looked at Harry.

“Oh, no, Harry,” Hermione began to sob.

Ron had no words.

Sirius walked in with Oliver. At the sight of Hermione and Ron, he grabbed Harry who made no movement, and allowed his godfather to drag him out of the room.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY GODSON!” he bellowed at them before he shut the door.

Everyone stared at Harry who was now being dragged by Sirius and Oliver down the stairs.

Cho looked at Victor.

“Granger’s all yours.”

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