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Quick Romance by harrypotterforlife_
Chapter 2 : Double Trouble
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As soon as transfigurations drew to a close, Harry's mind set on one place in the whole of the castle. He watched the clock hands take there steps slowly but surely and bit his lip in antipcipation. It was about ten minutes before Harry paid attention to Hermione who was hissing down his ear,

"O.W.L.'s! LISTEN!", She sprayed spit down his ear, noticing his stares towards the clock, "And anyway, why are you so concious of the time?" And without even thinking about it, Harry drew a quick answer.

"I'm just hungry, it's lunch next isn't it." And his eyes turned back to glare at the clock another five minutes. Hermione heaved a heavy but quiet sigh and focused her attention back to Professor McGonagoll who was now talking about birds and how trying to transfigurate into one was not such a good idea as a boy in her class had once learnt. Even though usually Harry would have been intrigued in one of her "Accident" stories and sniggered at them foolishly with Ron he didn't intend on paying much attention this time. He overheard Hermione gasping, suspecting she was close to tears without even having to look at her. When the bell rang it gave Harry a satisfactory feeling of a huge weight being lifted and the sound of harmony bounced around the walls. Without hesitating for any reason, Harry snatched his bag from the desk and broke into a run out of the classroom door up the stairs. He could hear calls behind him, the voices of Ron and Hermione, but didn't bother to turn back - This was important. Luckily, he escaped Peeves who was busy harassing a first year student on the far end of the corridor. Breathing a sigh of relief, Harry turned and faced up the eagle statue with enclosed wings and cleared his throat.

"Fizzy pop Earwax." Professor Dumbledore always had the strangest passwords. He waited anxiously, tapping his foot, as the statue spun around slowly up to Dumbledores office. As soon as he reached the door, forgetting his manors (what he had or them at times) completely, he barged in to find Professor Dumbledore accompanied by Hagrid.

"Ahh Harry," Dumbledore's mouth stretching into a fainted hearted smile, "Nice of you to join us." Harry suddenly turned rather sheepish, and didn't know whether to take Dumbledore's comment as a welcoming or a way to show he didn't want him there.

"Oh sorry Professor. Should I come back later?" Harry wanted to swallow his words back up straight after they'd left his mouth. He didn't want Dumbledore to say yes, he wanted this chat now. Professor Dumbledore did not answer straight away, and left Harry waiting on a patience string. Harry felt the string snapping as Dumbledore finally replied.

"No it's fine Harry," Who felt his shoulders dropped from tension, "We're finished here I believe, aren't we Hagrid?" Hagrid, only paying attention from hearing his name being spoke, drew a breath.

"Yeh that'll do Professor. Cheers fo' chat and everythin'. I'll be seein' yer later then. See yer Harry." He gave a friendly smile and departed the office taking his roaring footsteps with him. It was about a minute before Professor Dumbledore spoke

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Quick Romance: Double Trouble


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