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Getting to Know the Real James Potter by hothoney111
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 - The Other Potter
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“POTTER!  What the hell are you doing in the Heads’ compartment?  Go find Black and leave Remus and me alone!”

James was startled out of his Transfiguration reading considerably by the sudden outburst, although he couldn’t stop the huge grin that crossed his features at the knowledge that Lily Evans was Head Girl.  He had hoped and begged all higher powers profusely that she would be when he had gotten his letter, but finally seeing it made him feel that his luck just might change this year.  This was his best chance to show her that he could be mature and responsible.  He turned to her, loving to look into her gorgeous green eyes, even if they were not exactly happy at the moment.  “Evans, you don’t have to shout.  I’m right here.  I’m sure the back of the train heard you.”

Lily bit back every ounce of frustration she had inside of her when he didn’t answer her question and upon an additional perusal of the compartment, her gaze yielded no Remus Lupin in sight.  Could what she was thinking actually have happened?  There was no way in hell that Dumbledore would have been sane enough to make James Potter, of all people, Head Boy.  This had to be a trick of some kind, and she most definitely did not appreciate it.  She narrowed her eyes at him, speaking more normally but still aggravated.  He had a recurring habit of making her agitated so this wasn’t a new occurrence.  “What are you doing in here?  Did Remus go somewhere?”

James gave her a once over while she was decidedly distracted.  She was so beautiful.  Her long red hair fell in loose waves to the middle of her back; her bright green eyes were jumping out against her pale skin; and she was already wearing her school robes, which consisted of a pleated skirt so he got to enjoy the view of her sexy legs.  Of course, there was so much more that he liked about her than her beauty, but he couldn’t say he was disappointed by the view.  He sighed to himself.  If only she would say yes and give him a chance.  He really wasn’t that bad of a guy.  He supposed that was why Dumbledore had taken a chance on him to begin with.  Sure, he played jokes a lot, but they were harmless and only for a few laughs.  He also only hexed those who deserved it, usually because he caught them hexing first.  Too bad Lily only caught the end of most of those instances otherwise she might think much better of him.  He spoke calmly, “No, Remus didn’t go anywhere.  He’s waiting in the prefects’ compartment for us.”

Lily’s already pale features seem to pale further.  He had basically just confirmed it.  He was the Head Boy.  She quickly sat down because she was so shocked.  “YOU are the…”

He just started packing up his books, smiling brightly.  When she trailed off, he answered her unfinished question, “Yes.”

Lily shook her head, refusing to believe that she was going to have to work with him for the whole school year.  “You’re lying.  Dumbledore would never…”

James sighed, and Lily was positive that he was smiling just a tad too much.  He just continued as if he had no idea why Lily was so surprised, “Actually, he did.  You can ask him about it later, but don’t worry, I’m fully capable.  I’d ask you out right now, but you look to be too shocked at the moment and might actually say yes instead of no so I’ll wait until I get a yes when you’re of sound mind.  It’s more fair and polite.  You coming?  We have to go talk with the prefects.”

Lily just nodded absently, refusing to look at him.  She followed behind him, unsure about this whole thing.  It seemed surreal.  And why in the world was James Potter so ridiculously happy and excited?  Sure, they would be working together as Head Boy and Girl, but the separate dorms had been terminated about ten years ago— thank Merlin.  He may like her a lot, but she had continuously rejected him so, if anything, he would only be getting rejection more often.  There had to be another reason for his obscure happiness.

He introduced the two of them, and despite never being a prefect, seemed to know exactly what he was supposed to say.  Lily just sat there, becoming increasingly annoyed over the whole thing.  Of course, Potter was friends with Remus, who was a prefect, and he would have told Potter all he needed to know.  This was just going to be another activity that Potter would hold over others in order to show off his huge superiority complex— like his head needed to be any bigger.

Lily added only a few things that he missed before they both dismissed the prefects to go patrol the train.  Remus came up to James just then, looking equally excited and ecstatic for some reason.  “So it’s true then?  I can see it on your face.”

James rolled his eyes, chuckling.  “Yep.  Al is officially coming to Hogwarts.  Padfoot told you?  He wasn’t supposed to tell anyone.”

Remus nodded, but then said in mock irritation, “Like this school needs Al to come.  You are more than enough.”

Lily took that moment to clear her throat.  “What are you guys talking about?  Are we getting a new student?”

James just held up his hands innocently, winking at her.  “I know nothing, love.”

She narrowed her eyes at Potter as Remus covered a snort.  She ignored his term of endearment to get to the point without her starting a yelling match over something so miniscule.  “Right.  Black and Remus know something and so do you.  Spill.”

James just shrugged, grabbing his things.  “You’ll find out with everyone else at the feast, beautiful.  I’m afraid I was told not to say anything.  When you live with Sirius Black, he tends to find out certain things.  He also has a big mouth.”  He then turned back to face her, looking her over with that same happy expression, but this time with his eyebrows wiggling suggestively at her.  “Go out with me, Evans?”

Lily grumbled audibly in frustration.  “NO!  You’re infuriating!  How are we supposed to work together?  What was Dumbledore thinking?”

Remus snickered.  “We’ve all been wondering that ourselves.  Looks like this year is going to be interesting.”

James just bowed grandly to her, giving her another wink.  “Think about it, Evans.  I’m madly in love with you.”

Lily gave him a disgruntled look and flipped him the bird before turning to go back to the Heads’ compartment— alone.  She heard Potter sigh wearily behind her as Remus started laughing.  She plopped herself in the Heads’ compartment, holding her head in her hands after practically slamming the sliding door closed.  Since when did Black live with Potter?  And who was this Al person?  She vaguely remembered hearing Potter mention that name before, but nothing was clicking.  If they were going to have a fifth Marauder of sorts at Hogwarts, she might as well prepare herself for an even longer year than the last.  All she needed was another guy to help Potter repeatedly ask her out or to cause chaos with.  He obviously was ridiculously happy about it.

She couldn’t help but hear Remus’ words echoing inside her head.  This was not going to be an interesting year— it was going to be the longest year of her life.  She had thought seventh year was supposed to be the best, but after realizing what was lying before her, it didn’t seem to be starting off as great as she had hoped.


Lily was still sulking as she walked into the Great Hall, only she was now with her best mate, Maria Vazquez.  Maria was gorgeous with long, wavy dark brown hair and exotic dark eyes.  She was muggleborn, like her.  There was a lot of flack for being a certain blood type, particularly from the Slytherins, who were primarily pure-bloods.  Needless to say, muggleborns stuck together.  She and Maria had just clicked anyway.  Although Maria was even more timid than Lily, they studied together, had similar interests, and both could not handle a broom to save their lives.

They were soon joined by the rest of the girls in their year.  They all may not like each other completely, but they all got along for the most part and made it a point to sit together at the opening feast, House loyalty and all that jazz.

First, there was the blonde bombshell, Olivia Creutz, who was pure-blood and boy crazy.  She had probably had more than a few flings with select boys from each house, including two from Slytherin (two sort of nice ones anyway).  Since she was pure-blood, she could basically take her pick.  She was also quite popular and was regularly spotted with her girl friends in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Then, there was the somewhat meek brunette, Rachel Johansson, who was another pure-blood.  Although she preferred reading over speaking to anyone, the girl could fly like the wind.  She kept to herself mostly, probably because she couldn’t talk to boys without getting all flustered and stuttering all over herself.  That being said, the only person other than themselves that she spoke with regularly was James.  She would barely look at him and blush like mad whenever he spoke with her, but Lily had to concede that he appeared to be rather nice or careful with her due to the overt shyness.  They probably only talked about quidditch anyway, seeing as she was a fellow Chaser for the team and he was the Captain.  She did like to point out to Lily with a scowl every once in a while (usually when Lily was going off on a Potter rampage up in the dorm) that Potter was nothing like she thought.  Lily could not see how the girl could ever think that, but maybe that was why the two of them weren’t close friends.  Well, that and the whole flying thing.

Last, but not least, there was the amiable dirty blonde, Andrea McPherson, who was half-blood and liked to hang out with a few Hufflepuffs.  She was one of three girls who could claim to have been with Sirius Black for more than two weeks.  She was definitely a girl who liked to have fun and was up for an adventure.  Her bold nature was a little intimidating sometimes, but she had always been polite to both Lily and Maria.

Maria smiled politely at her fellow dorm mates.  “Hello, girls.  Good summers?”

The girls all nodded and greeted the two of them nicely.  Olivia sighed, looking bored.  “I’m so hungry.  I hope the sorting goes quickly.”

Andie chuckled.  “You’re always hungry, Liv.  Honestly, my Mum thought you were a guy when you were at my house this past summer!”

Olivia glared at her, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder.  “A girl has to have a healthy appetite.  Besides, no guy wants a girl who eats carrots all the time, Andie.”

Rachel rolled her eyes playfully at the two of them, showing a rare smile.  “Relax, ladies.  I’m sure there will be plenty of carrots and treacle tart for you both in a few minutes.  Sheesh.”

Lily grinned at that before adding teasingly, “Carrots and treacle tart…  My stomach is growling already.”

Rachel gave her a dirty look, or at least, Lily thought she did, considering it was so brief.  She vaguely wondered if Rachel had a problem with her, but the girl seemed fine when she started talking quietly again, “Well, here come the new first years so things should be moving along quickly.”

Lily turned her head immediately toward the entrance with a bright smile.  She loved watching the first years come into the Great Hall for the first time.  When she had been in that position, she had been completely captivated by everything.  It was nice to see that expression on their faces— awe, excitement, and anticipation.  She had always had a knack for being more than a little empathetic for others, sometimes even to her detriment.  Being called a mudblood every time she helped out certain Slytherins came to mind…

Her attention soon turned to the sorting hat as it began to sing its new song about the Houses and the founders before the sorting would begin.  It was similar to years past, although this year it emphasized trying to work together in order to bring unity among the Houses.  Lily couldn’t help but sigh slightly at that thought.  It would never happen.  There were a lot of first years so the whole sorting seemed to take longer than last year.  They had just reached the last new student and Dumbledore had stood up, but instead of addressing the students and allowing them to eat like he usually did, he gestured off to the side.  Lily noticed a much older girl come out from the shadows up near the Professors’ table.  That’s when murmurs erupted all throughout the Great Hall.  Lily thought nothing of it until she heard Rachel gasp, “Merlin, is that...”

Olivia just nodded, wide-eyed.  “Oh my hippogriffs, I think it is.  What is she doing here?”

Lily furrowed her brow.  “Who?”

Olivia turned to her surprised.  “You mean, you, of all people, don’t know who that is?”

Lily frowned and looked toward the new girl once more.  She was petite and looked somewhat uncomfortable with all of the attention she was receiving.  She had long and straight raven-colored hair that fell past her shoulders a few inches.  From where Lily was sitting, she could see the girl had some rather pretty dark eyes, but no recognition was hitting her.  “Ummm, no?  Should I?”

Rachel scoffed and was about to answer, but Dumbledore tore their attention away, “Students, we have a seventh year transfer student this year from Beauxbatons Academy.  I trust you will all make her feel welcome.  Everyone, this is Miss Alisha Potter.”

Lily’s pale face drained of what little color she had.  Her head turned imperceptibly back toward where the Marauders were sitting.  Potter was looking up at the new girl in almost a reassuring fashion— something she had never seen him do before.  She supposed it was nice of him, considering the Great Hall was now full of loud whispers.  The only people that didn’t seem surprised by the revelation were most of the Slytherins and the pure-bloods from the other houses.  Lily glanced back up at the girl, who was heading to be sorted.  She turned to Olivia and Rachel curiously and asked in a confused manner, “A cousin?”

Rachel rolled her eyes, and again, Lily thought she had something against her.  She saw Rachel smirk before she started talking to her like she was five years old, “No, that’s James’ twin sister, Lily.  I can’t believe you, of all people, didn’t know about her.”

Lily gave her a look, trying to cover her complete surprise.  Potter had a twin?  She quickly defended her ignorance so she wouldn’t look dumb in front of the other girls, “It’s not like I have a reason to know.  Potter stalks me, not the other way around.”

Olivia looked at her ruefully.  “Yeah, but still.  James talks about her all the time.  I suppose you do try and tune him out and all, but—“


Gryffindor instantly began cheering for their newest arrival, like they always did, but Lily just began to feel incredibly uneasy as she watched the girl suddenly smirk in a way that was very familiar to her.  She was going to have to live in the same dorm as Potter’s twin sister.  This was going to be an even weirder year than she had thought.  The girl walked gracefully down past them all causing heads, female and male alike, to turn as she went (obviously attributed to her years at Beauxbatons).  Lily watched Potter push Black out of the way so his sister could sit down next to him.  He then did something completely unlike him.  He removed his tie and placed it over his sister’s head with a bright smile so she was wearing Gryffindor colors rather than just her black robe.  It was obviously something to make her feel more included, and his concern and empathy for his sister’s situation was something Lily found to be more than a little surprising, especially coming from the most arrogant and selfish prat on the planet.

She turned back to the other girls, quite curious, since they were going to be living with the new girl now.  Well, she figured that was the reason she was so curious about the girl anyway.  The food that had suddenly appeared was long forgotten to her.  “So, ummm, what’s she like?  We do have to room with her now…”  She braced herself and asked almost hesitantly, “Is she like Potter?”

Olivia snorted, but she was smiling like she seemed to like the girl.  “Worse, actually.  She’s everybody’s sweetheart.  If he’s the perfect pure-blood prince, then she’s most definitely the perfect pure-blood princess.”

Rachel gave Olivia a look.  “You make her sound prissy, and she’s anything but.  If she was, she would have let the sorting hat place her in Slytherin like it wanted to.”

Maria looked at her confused.  “How would you know the sorting hat would have wanted to place her in Slytherin?”

Rachel rolled her eyes.  “The same way it could have placed James, Sirius, or myself in Slytherin.  We all have those tendencies, but we’re all so bloody noble that we wound up in Gryffindor.  She’s a complete tomboy; she would have to be growing up with James, but all of the boys seem to like it.  The only reason she doesn’t date all that much is because James can be an intimidating obstacle to push through; he’s rather protective.  She can be a bit of a bitch I reckon, but in a good way, kind of like how James can be a prat in a good way.”

Andie snorted.  “That makes absolutely no sense.  How can a person be a ‘bitch in a good way?’  And how is she like James?  I think I remember seeing her once, but I’ve never met her.”

Olivia sighed.  “I think I know what she’s getting at…  ‘Lish is blunt and forward about most things.  If she has something to say, she’ll say it, particularly to other pure-bloods.  The girl has got guts and a whole lot of sarcasm.  She and James went head-to-head with Bella over the summer at one of the charity dinners.  I felt ill just watching it.  Both are typical stubborn, noble Gryffindors.  Anyway, I think I should go say hi.  I may not know her that well since she has been in France so much, but still...a friendly face and all, you know…”

Rachel nodded reluctantly, getting up to go over with her, considering she knew Alisha too; she looked more than a little uncomfortable at the idea of approaching a very intimidating group of guys, but she would probably hide behind Olivia.  The rest of them watched the girls make their way over toward the Marauders, and they were immediately invited to sit down.  Lily turned to Andie, trying to make sure she was keeping up with all of the pure-blood facts.  “Bella, as in Bellatrix Black, right?  That really mean Slytherin who graduated about four years ago?”

Andie nodded with a frown.  “Yeah, Sirius’ cousin.  Now, SHE’s a bitch.”

Lily nodded, but was now looking into her food, slowly eating what she could despite feeling rather nauseated.  She was not looking forward to meeting the other Potter.  If the girl was anything like James, they would clash like oil and water.  Maria gave her a sympathetic glance, seemingly knowing what she was thinking about.  Lily forced herself not to look at where Potter and the Marauders were sitting when she heard familiar laughter from down the table.  She felt her stomach turn as she thought about everything as a whole.  Potter was Head Boy, and she would be forced to work with him all year.  She would have to deal with him asking her out again and again.  And now, there was Alisha Potter.  How in the world was she going to deal with her?  She hadn’t even known the girl had existed.  Maybe she really didn’t know anything about James Potter at all.


Lily found herself waiting impatiently to finally meet Alisha Potter.  It wasn’t a good impatience either; it was more like a sense of impending doom.  The girl would likely have a few things to say about her or to her, considering Potter was her brother.  That put Alisha ahead of Lily because Lily knew nothing about the girl.  She couldn’t ask anything more from Olivia or Rachel or they would get suspicious of why she was asking in the first place.  Lily herself barely understood why she needed to know about the girl.  She supposed it was mostly to save face and not have to live with someone that you don’t like.  She wanted to get off on the right foot with her.

She and Maria had been unpacking in the dorm, talking animatedly together since the feast, or as animated as Lily was able anyway.  Andie had joined them, but had retreated into her bunk to read up on some stuff for classes in the morning since she had neglected to do anything over the summer holiday like she was supposed to.  Olivia and Rachel hadn’t been far behind them and were both currently unpacking, not really talking all that much.  Rachel looked ready to start a book herself, but Olivia still looked wide awake and was setting out her robes for the morning.  Lily couldn’t help thinking that the girl was probably also picking out special knickers to break in for the first day.  She knew that Liv liked to pick a lucky boy from day one so she got the ‘first pick’ so to speak.  She rolled her eyes into her satchel that she was packing for the morning.  She had no idea why some girls had next to no morals or standards for themselves.  How in the world were you going to find a decent guy who would respect you if you gave yourself up on the first date?  However, her demeanor stiffened when she heard some footsteps coming up the stairs.

At first glimpse of Alisha Potter up close, even Lily had to admit the girl was gorgeous in that flawless kind of way.  You could also easily tell she and Potter were twins.  They both had the same jet black hair and hazel eyes, although her hair appeared to be less unruly and she didn’t wear glasses.  Lily saw her smile into the room at the lot of them in greeting.  “Hello, girls.  Nice to meet you all.  I’m Alisha Potter.”

Rachel and Olivia just smiled, considering they knew her already, but Andie raised her head from her book to give her a once over.  “Andie McPherson.”

Maria nodded to her.  “Maria Vazquez.”

Lily was about to answer, but the girl just shook her head at her with the dreaded Potter smirk.  “You have to be THE Lily Evans.  Very much a pleasure finally meeting you.  You’re just as beautiful as he has claimed.”

Lily gulped and tried to fight down her embarrassment at the compliment.  She narrowed her eyes suspiciously at the very confident girl in front of her.  “He’s delusional.”

This made her laugh, her hazel eyes sparkling as she plopped down on the bed that was left for her, which had all of her things near it.  “You really don’t like him, do you?”

Lily rolled her eyes while all of the other girls snorted.  Rachel piped up, smirking, “She can’t stand him, ‘Lish.  Really, I don’t understand it either.”

Alisha just tilted her head to the side, looking the redhead over carefully.  Lily felt her studious gaze unnecessary.  Lily didn’t like her brother.  End of story.  Alisha sighed.  “Well, that’s too bad.  If I may ask, why not?  What do you know about him, Lily?”

Lily frowned, pausing as she placed her Charms textbook into her satchel.  The girl sure was nosy.  She vaguely wondered if the annoying git was having his sister spy on her for him.  It would be just like him to do that.  That seemed to piss her off.  “He’s a pompous, conceited, selfish, arrogant, big-headed, quidditch-loving fool who likes to act like the biggest prat on the planet.  He has no respect for authority, is immature, and is completely irresponsible.  I have no idea why Dumbledore made him Head Boy.  That’s not even mentioning all of his ridiculous little pranks and intentional hexing in the hallways…”

She watched Alisha’s face fall when she said all that.  Lily probably could’ve continued, but she stopped, for Alisha’s sake.  She really didn’t want to alienate the girl, considering they would have to live together.  She probably shouldn’t have continued as much as she had already.  She really needed to control her short temper.  Alisha just smiled faintly, but was looking at her a bit skeptically.  When Lily didn’t continue anymore, she eventually asked, “So, ummm, that’s it?”

Lily’s brow furrowed, thoroughly confused.  “You actually want me to continue listing more of his horrible traits?”

Alisha shook her head, and she was still looking at her somewhat oddly.  “No, I mean…that’s all you know about him?”

Lily was now confused.  “What more is there?  That’s all I’ve ever seen.”

Maria nodded affirmatively, clearly believing her best mate.  Andie looked sympathetic towards Lily, but seemed to agree with Alisha.  Olivia and Rachel just rolled their eyes, having known James and Alisha for a long time now; the two of them had stopped arguing with Lily though as it was next to impossible because Lily could be more stubborn than all of the Gryffindor students combined.  Alisha just frowned, not dissuaded.  “There’s a lot more actually.  That’s just surface stuff; not to mention that some of the things you said are untrue and others are exaggerated, although I suppose some of the things he does can be taken that way if you don’t really know him.  No offense or anything, but I’m kind of disappointed.  I figured you didn’t like him because you actually didn’t like him, and I have teased him mercilessly over it.  But now…you don’t even know him at all.  I kind of feel bad for him.  He knows so much about you.”

All of the girls were looking between Lily and Alisha, wondering if there was going to be a fight or something.  The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  Lily closed her eyes briefly, striving to keep her cool with the girl.  When her eyes re-opened, the green had darkened as she tried to keep her anger and frustration over the situation at bay.  “Whatever.  He’s never given me anything else.  And I doubt he knows anything about me other than how long my legs are.”

Alisha continued to look her over, and all of a sudden, Lily saw that challenged glint enter into the girl’s hazel eyes, and it made her inwardly cringe.  Again, the mannerism was oddly familiar.  Alisha just snickered.  “Well, I’m sure he knows that and other things about your features as well— he is a guy, Lily.  However, I meant that he knows things like you are the top student in the year at Hogwarts, your favorite classes are Potions because you’re good at it and Charms because you like it, you like to study in the far right back corner of the library, you bite your lip when you are thinking too much or worrying about something and he thinks it’s hot, you twirl your hair occasionally while you read, you can’t help but laugh whenever Maria makes silly faces at you in class, you have this odd habit of twirling your quill twice before you start any new piece of homework, he knows the precise moment when you get so hacked off that your green eyes will flash and sometimes makes you that upset just to see it, he loves watching you with younger students to see you smile as you help them, he knows that you write a letter to your parents every Friday night— but not your sister who apparently hates you for some obscure reason he doesn’t know— and then you go to the Owlery to send it off just before breakfast the next morning…hmmm…oh, and he especially loves the bewildered and embarrassed expression you get when he leaves you speechless.”

Lily froze at the edge of her bed, completely taken aback.  The other girls in the room were looking at Alisha in amazement, almost open-mouthed.  There was no way she could’ve known any of that about someone she had just met unless it was told to her, and the person doing the telling could have only been Potter.  Lily couldn’t really say anything.  Had she really misjudged Potter that badly?  Maybe it wasn’t just a game, bet, or joke like she had always thought, and he really did actually like her.  That made her gulp and feel guilty.  She treated him so horribly most of the time.  And what didn’t she know about him?  Apparently, the list seemed to be growing longer by the minute.  “I…I mean, I don’t…”

Alisha just gave her a look, almost given out of pity.  “Please.  I’ve known you for all of five minutes, and I’m already positive that everything’s he’s ever told me about you is all true.  Let me just tell you something about James.  He is the most caring, loyal, and selfless person I know.  He would care about others before himself any day of the week.  I’ll give you one example.  When we were in the beginning of fifth year and you thought he was quote, ‘the most arrogant, bullying toe-rag you have ever met,’ he refused to go to sleep one night because he suddenly was stressed out of his mind with worry for me and insisted on flooing over to Beauxbatons immediately.  Dumbledore didn’t understand and wouldn’t let him go until the following morning.  He only relented because James was so persistent about it.  I had just had a horrible night that night with some of the girls at school being particularly hurtful, and he had simply known that I had needed a hug.  I suppose it was a twin thing, but I will never forget the look on the other girls’ faces when he stormed into my classroom with a glare for each and every one of the little French snobs.  Now, THAT is my twin brother.”

Lily felt like shit twice over, but there was still a part of her that remained skeptical.  It just seemed so unlike the James Potter she knew.  “Then, why doesn’t he show that side of himself here?”

Alisha rolled her eyes, opening up her large pale blue trunk to start digging for pajamas before speaking matter-of-factly, “I’m sure he does.  You’re just too blinded by some of his other characteristics to see it.  It’s too bad really.  I mean, he did receive Head Boy and most likely not for the behavior you claim to understand fully.  And don’t worry— I’ll tell him to stop asking you out.  I wouldn’t want him to date you now anyway, not if you can’t even see his whole personality and say that you don’t like him or like him informatively.  I also wouldn’t want you to tell him yes just because of what I just told you about him.  That would be like a pity date, and he deserves way better than that.  Just like no guy is ever good enough for me, much to my own personal annoyance mind you, I’m going to be equally tough on whichever girl he goes out with.”

Lily scowled, clearly not happy with Alisha getting the better of her.  She tried to keep the upper hand, even though it seemed to be a losing battle.  “I wouldn’t say yes to him out of pity, thank you.  And whatever you may say, until I see any of what you have said, I wouldn’t want to date him.  Hell, I may not even want to date him if I see anything like what you say.”

Alisha just smirked in that infuriating Potter way, and Lily felt herself screaming inside of her head.  One Potter had been enough.  Two was going to be even worse than she had feared.  It was almost as if they both lived to get a rise out of her.  Alisha just tossed her dark hair as she headed to the bathroom to change.  “Fine.”

That one word seemed to resignate throughout the rest of the room, which was dead silent with no one wanting to say anything about what had just transpired.  It wasn’t everyday that someone seemed to get the better of Lily Evans.  Lily was quietly fuming.  She sometimes wished that Maria had more of a backbone and would’ve helped her or stood up for her, but at the same time, this was Lily’s problem and no one else’s.  That made her even more angry.

It wasn’t long before all the girls were changed and sitting along their beds, looking over their work for tomorrow and getting ready for bed.  Lily continued to sulk in silence as she struggled to read through her Transfiguration.  It was her hardest class, and unfortunately, Potter’s best.  She groaned to herself when she thought about Potter for the millionth time in the last fifteen minutes.  She couldn’t seem to stop re-analyzing every situation she had ever been in with him.  It was beyond irritating, and it all stemmed from the black-haired girl sitting two beds over.

The quiet room was invaded by a distant fluttering.  All of the girls looked up to see an ornate dragon made out of parchment soar into the room with tiny colorful sparks following behind it.  Lily recognized it instantly and quietly panicked for a moment.  Potter had used this tactic to ask her out before.  He had charmed it to talk like a howler so all of Gryffindor heard his pathetic poetry.  She had been so red in the face the next morning.  However, instead of landing in front of her (which made her breathe easier), the dragon landed at the foot of Alisha’s bed and spewed fire at her lightly, but it seemed to not affect her at all.  She just rolled her eyes at it, grabbing the dragon roughly by its tail, and it immediately transfigured into a note.  She read it quietly, smirking and shaking her head as she did so.  She then merely waved her hand over the note before holding it up to her lips and blowing on it.  The parchment re-transfigured into a beautiful parchment phoenix, which began flying with a pretty tail of fire back out the door.  As Alisha got up off of her bed with a sigh and started digging through her trunk, all of the other girls were looking at her open-mouthed once again.  Andie finally managed to sputter at her, “Did you just…I mean…was that wandless magic?”

Alisha looked over at Andie curiously, and then seemed uneasy when she noticed that all of the girls were staring at her utterly bewildered.  She looked a bit vulnerable and got defensive, “Yeah…but James can do way more than me.  He does that dragon trick all of the time.  It’s a bit old actually...  I think Sirius can do a little too.  Ummm, why?”

Olivia shook her head and gave her a warning glance.  “No one really does wandless magic here, ‘Lish.  Just Dumbledore.  If James and Sirius can do it like you say, they’ve been keeping it to themselves.  You should probably do the same.”

Alisha nodded seemingly understanding something far more meaningful from Olivia’s statements than Lily could follow before she stood up and made her way towards the door.  Maria looked at her a bit warily and asked timidly, “Where are you going?”

She sighed, stopping briefly in the doorway to look back at Maria.  She gave her a small smile.  “Boys.  They can’t do anything alone.  They’re more like girls than you’ll ever know.  Sirius is hungry.  When isn’t he hungry?”

Lily had to say something now.  She was Head Girl after all.  “You can’t leave the Tower.  It’s after curfew.”

Alisha chuckled.  “We won’t get in trouble, I promise.  Besides, I’ll be with the Head Boy and another Prefect.”  She then shook something shimmery in her hands.  “And James and I each have one of these.”

Lily’s green eyes darkened, but she held her tongue.  She had no idea what Alisha was holding, and she was in no mood to go and scream her dissatisfaction with Potter, his twin sister, and the rest of the Marauding fools.  They could all get into trouble for all she cared.  Maybe then Potter wouldn’t be Head Boy anymore, and Dumbledore would put someone sane in the position.  Maria was just surprised at how blasé Alisha was being, but she had also grown up rather modest.  She still looked slightly disgraced at the prospect of Alisha leaving to go frolic with four popular boys so she continued questioning her, “You can’t just go down there in your pajamas...”

Alisha looked down at her drawstring pants and tight camisole before shifting her gaze back to Maria, still unconcerned.  “Please.  Like I’d date any of those losers.  They’re all like my brothers.  Besides, it’s not like they all haven’t seen me in a bikini so it’s not like I have anything to hide anymore.”

And with that, she just walked down the stairs, probably heading to cause chaos with the Marauders.  Lily sighed deeply before turning over to go to sleep.  It was going to be really difficult, seeing as she was so worked up.  It wasn’t long before the others followed suit, and she began to hear the faint sounds of their breathing.  She tossed and turned for a while, quietly continuing her efforts to try and sort out everything in her head.

It was about two hours later when she heard Alisha’s faint footsteps come back up the stairs and into the dorm.  Lily buried her face in her pillow, not looking forward to the morning.  She really didn’t want to face either Potter, but she also decided that she would make it a point to learn more about them both.  She would need to otherwise they would always get the better of her.  With wandless magic, their blunt and direct personas, and their lack of embarrassment about anything, the pair of them were going to be tough to keep up with.  Particularly because that was the complete opposite of her.

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