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Flowers. by toonmili
Chapter 16 : The Most Important People
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CHAPTER: The Most Important People

There was some confusion here. No matter how hard he tried, Harry just couldn’t work out how and why Nymphadora Tonks had become so significant to Severus Snape. For seven days he was held while they sorted out the mess that he came with… the only people he asked to see were his daughter and Tonks. It was like his old life didn’t even exist and the people who meant something to him before were just insignificant specs of dust in comparison her. There were several people who volunteered to look after Jane but for some reason he believed that only Nymphadora could do it. There were several places he could stay to get himself together yet, when Tonks volunteered he agreed without hesitation. There was something strange about this.

Harry never thought there was ANY sort of significant relationship between the pair. The only time he had ever seen them interact was that time at the gate, when he told her off for her patronus changing. He knew wasn’t exactly trilled with the idea of her and Lupin but he thought that had more to do with his hate for Lupin than his concern for her… was he that wrong all along… was there something there between them all along. No… that didn’t make any sense… or did it.

But what could explain why they were acting this way… almost like Severus was her long lost husband and he was returning to her after being lost at sea. It was weird… and he was the only one who seemed to notice it. When Severus talked to Mr. Cera he acted normal… didn’t really ask for anything out of the ordinary. However, when someone from the Order got into that holding cell to talk to him, he became agitated, very much unlike himself… he would ask when he was going to get to see Nymphadora… Harry had to assure him that it would be soon… But the truth was Mr. Cera said everyone could see him except Nymphadora which heightened his suspicion. Why was Mr. Cera acting that way…Did he know something about the pair that the rest of them did not.

By the start of the sixth day Harry could hardly take it anymore…. It was almost painful to look at. He couldn’t understand why Mr.Cera was torturing him so… he wanted to… rather, if he needed to see Nymphadora so badly then he should be given that chance. It was apparent that it was not going to happen so Harry, unknown to his boss had to take things into his own hands. He had to talk to Kinsley… in private.

It was only after his intervention that it was determined that they could release him as long as he was under supervision by top level security officers… There was still a lot of buzz about the article that Skeeter wrote. That useless file Harry had on his desk a year ago somehow became important… everyone wanted a look at the story again; everyone agreed that if the first half was true then the second half must also be true. The only thing they lacked was evidence of any sort. So in absence of evidenced, Kingsley gave the overriding authority to release him under supervision.

“She lives just beyond that hill there.” Harry said pointing out the dark silhouette in the sky. They were traveling by enchanted vehicles to Ottery St. Catchpole… where Tonks had bought a house some years ago. He didn’t say anything, he had been silent and contemplative since he found out he was being released but it didn’t skip Harry’s notice that he began to rub the palm of his hands in his pants.

The vehicle turned the corner and descended to the valley where Tonks was the sole occupant. The lights in the house were all on, even though it was well after midnight and Harry could see some movement in the kitchen. And he turned to Severus… he knew he saw it too.

The vehicle landed in the barren garden in her front yard and all four aurors stepped out. Severus, for someone who seemed so desperate to see Tonks was moving very slow. They walked to the front door and knocked. It was like a second later she answered the door. Harry, knowing that this is what he wanted, turned his head to see the reaction on his face. It wasn’t totally new… he had seen it before… only on a younger version of his face.

Tonks, who was avoiding looking directly at him opened the door wider. Harry and the tree other Aurors walked in behind Severus who stopped in the middle of the hallway.

“Hey Tonks… I didn’t know you were taking in strays…” McDuffy joked to her. She gave him a little smile but Harry could tell she was not in the mood for jokes.

“So…” she said. “How many are staying…”

“We’re on shifts… I think right now is Potter’s shift,” Brown said pointing to Harry. They all decided it would be a good idea for Potter to guard at night since no one liked guarding on nights anyway. He gave Tonks his release papers and turned to head back out the door. “I’ll check in at six in the morning.”

She nodded.

He walked out and closed the door behind him and they stood in the hallway waiting until they heard the engine go and the vehicle lift off…

Tonks let out a sigh. “Honestly is all this necessary.”

Harry shrugged… “Apparently.”

She turned to Severus but she was not actually looking at him. “Would you like to see Jane now, she’s asleep but…”

“Yes… I would like that.”

She showed Severus to the room, that Harry knew to be her guest room. He walked in the room and Tonks turned to Harry. “Is he hungry?” she asked him.

Harry shrugged. “It would make more sense to ask him.”

“Well did he eat anything…I have food for him if he’s hungry.”
Why was she looking at him to know how Severus was feeling? “I don’t know, he might be.”

She nodded and she went to the kitchen to prepare what ever it was she had made for him. Harry walked to the dining room and sat at the table… He was actually starving and he wondered if Tonks would actually offer him anything to eat.

He saw Severus leave the bedroom he walked up the hall and stopped at the kitchen when he saw Nymphadora… He walked in to her. Everything was so quiet he felt like he should be able to hear what they were saying without much effort. Harry always had a problem with curiosity that he was never able to kick. He got up from the table and walked to kitchen, slowly and quietly. He took a peek into the kitchen and then walked back to the table… his brain telling him a million and one things at once. There was no mystery, he didn’t hear any talking because they weren’t talking… they were kissing. He would have done a double take to make sure he was right but he didn’t want them to know he had seen. He didn’t need to do a double take, it was obvious what they were doing. Her hands were cupping his cheeks, his hands were wrapped around her waist… and their lips were touching… and moving and she… she was crying… well he saw tears running down her face.

His mind tried to process what had happened, but there was no explanation for this… he didn’t understand how this had happened, or when it had happened. How did they just decide that it was okay for them to kiss. What the hell was going on? He felt like he was in some kind a dream where everything upside down.

Tonks came out of the kitchen with Severus behind her… from the look on their faces he would have thought that nothing happened. She placed the plate mashed potatoes and steak on the table and a glass of red wine on the side. “I’ll bring the bottle now…” she started to walk and then she turned to Harry. “Oh Harry, are you hungry?” she asked.


Harry slammed his body down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. Ginny came next to him and smiled. “So how’s your favorite professor doing?”

He turned to her sighed. “Good… now that’s with Tonks.”

She laughed. “You make it sound like he in love with her something.”

“Harry turned to Ginny…. I think he might be… or not… I don’t know.” Ginny laughed at him again. Harry never told his wife about how strange he thought Snape was acting since he came back from the dead, or the connection he seemed to have with Nymphadora. “They kissed Ginny…”


Harry shrugged, he wore himself out trying to figure out what was going on between them. “I just wanted to get out of there because I had a strange feeling that I was intruding on their reunion.”

“When did this happen… I didn’t know Tonks had anything with Snape…”

“I didn’t know either.”

“Do you think they use to… It feels so weird talking about her with… gosh Snape… do you think they use to have something before she started with Lupin.”

Harry shrugged. “Could have…” he said but as soon as he said that he knew it was impossible. “Maybe not… I have a feeling a strange feeling like she knew all along now.”

“Knew what, that she wanted to shag him.”

He looked at her and laughed. “No… although I’m not ruling that out. I meant she knew he was alive… somehow… looking back on it.”

“Why would he tell her off all people.”

He shrugged. “Maybe he didn’t tell her, maybe she found him. He had been living in Ireland before he went to Sweden.”

“Didn’t Tonks went on vacation there like a year or so ago.”

“Exactly… and then there was that whole drama that didn’t make much sense to me with the muggles… I always felt like some part of it was missing. You put Snape in there and suddenly a lot of things start to make sense.”

“You mean Snape did that to the muggles.”

“No I mean… someone who was after Snape…did that to the muggles. Think about it…. Why would anyone just go after Tonks like that… but say… if you were a Voldemort supporter and suddenly you find out that Severus Snape- the biggest betrayer of them all is alive what would you do?”

“I would get revenge.”

“That’s what I think… someone was after Snape... the muggles got in the way and Tonks was just helping… That might be why Mr.Cera wouldn’t let them see each other… he must have figured this out too.”

“That’s a bit of a stretch… isn’t it.”

He closed his eyes and sighed. “I could be wrong… I mean they could just be really randy.”

“Why do men think everything is about sex?”

“I was sleeping on the couch… well she thought I was asleep anyway. Tonks started off sleeping next to Jane, let me just tell you she didn’t stay in that room long…”

“But he’s so old… and greasy and …and… ugh” she said and Harry opened his eyes to look at her. She looked like she had just swallowed something bitter.

“Well he’s the same age as Lupin and he’s actually not that greasy anymore and do you really think Tonks would care if he was… I mean she did marry a werewolf.”

“He must have said something… or did something grand to seduce her…”

Harry laughed. “Oh please… if you really believe that Snape started it you know nothing about Tonks…”

“Well you’re just saying that because you want to believe he was in love with your mother forever that he could never actually love anyone else.”

“I didn’t say that… he practically said it when he showed me what he did. But that’s besides the point… if Tonks decides that he is a bloke worth her fancy then do you really think he has a choice in the matter.”

She thought about it. “I suppose not…”

A/N: So this is the third version of this chapter.. and I mean was totally different every time I wrote it. I just had no idea how to do this. I expect that the next chapter will be more natural...

And thnaks again for the reviews.. espcially Bron

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Flowers.: The Most Important People


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