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Expectations by rachel_evans_potter
Chapter 1 : Odd Words Goodbye
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Lily's head is BOLD and her heart is ITALIC BOLD.  just so you know.

Lily Evans was riding in the backseat of her parents unusually stuffy station wagon with only an empty seat between her and her sister, Petunia. They were driving to King's Cross Station to drop Lily off for school. It was September the first, Lily's favorite day of the year; it meant she could finally go back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


She remembered driving to King's Cross for the first time when she was eleven. She remembered seeing the Hogwarts Express; a scarlet glory in size. The steam from the smokestacks drew her to the place she would soon grow to love with all her heart. Platform 9 and 3/4 was full with many newcomers and old timers. Eleven year olds running this way and that made Lily cringe with excitement. She just wanted to be part of it all.


Lily was a Muggleborn — Mudblood, according to the Slytherins — so she had no idea what she was getting into six years ago. Her non-magic background put her at a disadvantage in the beginning, which she soon began to defy. She made excellent grades — doing exceedingly well in Charms and Potions — and was well liked by everyone. She did so well, in fact, that some thought she was a Pureblood. She was funny, charming, and smart. Lily was very excited to learn that Professor Dumbledore had opted to choose her as Head Girl. She was also very beautiful; her dark red hair fell just below her shoulders and framed her face with some fringe that fell into her beautiful emerald green eyes. Lily had a small stature and an average height. Every guy was practically in love with her.


One boy in particular would be James Potter. He was a Marauder and a player. He and his best friends have always been the most popular people in the school, in more ways than one. James has had more girlfriends than Lily can count on her fingers. Not that she's counting them anyway. He'd get close enough to a girl to shag them, then leaves them, without any emotional baggage to weigh him down. His so called “girlfriends” were bimbos. But they were pretty bimbos all the same. To Lily, they seemed stupid and dull, and there was nothing special about their personality. In fact, they had no personality at all.


But that's not the point. James was in love with her. Every chance he got, whether he was ten centimeters away or ten kilometers away, he'd ask her out with some cheese covered pick-up line. Almost every day this happened, in the hallways, the Gryffindor common room, the Hogwarts grounds after class, in the Great Hall in front of half the school and the teachers no doubt. It only drew her farther away, to be honest. The more he disgusted her, the more she wanted nothing to do with him.


James was a good looking boy though. He had jet black messy hair that never seemed to be in the same position for three seconds. He'd always run a hand through it around Lily, so it looked like he just got off his broom-stick. This never impressed her, however. He was a Quidditch player and always had a snitch up his sleeve. He'd play with it often, letting it go so far, then grabbing it before it escaped, driving Lily up the wall. But James was certainly built like a Quidditch player with his broad shoulders and muscular arms and chest. His hazel eyes were hidden behind his glasses, but they were noticeable all the same. He was quite a good catch. But he was a good catch with a bad reputation.


Why am I thinking about him? He does not deserve to be thought about!


It's because deep, way deep, deeper than you ever thought possible, you like him. I know it. You just won't admit it because you're so darn stubborn.


I am not stubborn.


Yes you are. We could go on about this for forever, but we won't.


His friends weren't much better to say the least. Well, except Remus Lupin, he seemed to be the only normal boy in their little group. He was a Prefect, indubitably made so to keep his friends in line, and a smart cookie to boot. He wasn't as popular as his friends, but he wasn't on the bottom of the food chain either. He was still a nice boy with a polite manner and good looks. The sandy blond hair and blue eyes set him apart. He was different and this is what attracted girls to him. Then there was Peter Pettigrew.


Peter was a somewhat chubby, short boy. He most definitely wasn't as attractive as his friends. Not even in their league to be honest. Lily had always wondered why this chubby, uninteresting boy was a Marauder. Peter had small, black, beady eyes and was always really quiet. He had short, crisp, mousy brown hair and it wasn't soft or nice looking at all. He had few girlfriends, yet he was still a Marauder. He was a follower and always did what the other Marauders told him to do. He wasn't as popular as the last Marauder, Sirius Black.


He, to say so with disgust in Lily's opinion, was the hottest guy at Hogwarts, aside from James. His dark hair fell into his grey eyes with a sort of easy elegance. Sirius seemed so easy going, he hardly ever went to class and had a new girlfriend joined at the hip every other day. He was often mistaken for James's brother. They looked alike, and had the same interests — girls, Quidditch, food — the list could go on. One was never seen without the other. The two were womanizers and had no self-respect whatsoever.


Wait, why am I wasting my time thinking about Potter and his friends. I should be looking at the scenery...

“Lily! Hello? EARTH TO LILY!” someone screeched pulling her out of deep thought.




Oh, we're here.


Lily's brain did not seem to register the fact that they had reached their destination. Finally, she could be rid of the stuffy station wagon. She took one last look at the tan car before going into the building.


Almost there!


I wonder who Head Boy is.


Yeah, me too. Remus?


Maybe. It could be James.


Potter? No way sister. HE will never be Head Boy. He's too much of a trouble-maker.


You never know. Dumbledore has his moments.


Yeah, crazy ones.


Lily and her family reached the platform. This was where they would say good-bye. She hugged each of her parents and gave Petunia a weird sort of head twitch. It looked like she had a fly in her eye or something. As Lily's mother was hugging her, she left Lily with some odd words goodbye.


“Lily, dear, I want you to a be good Head Girl. No shenanigans, okay? You are a model to the school, so be a good one. I just want you to be happy,”


“Okay, Mum, I will.” Lily responded. She turned to go but her mother grabbed her arm and turned her around. Lily looked straight into her mother's eyes, green, like herself. Like mother, like daughter.


“Wait, Lily. I think it would be best if you didn't come home for Christmas. You see, we'll be in Scotland. Your father got us exclusive plane tickets from his boss. I'm sorry you can't go, dear, there were only three tickets. One for your father, one for Petunia, and one for myself. It's perfectly okay if you come home, but it will be an empty house. Do you think you'll be able to come home sometime before the end of the school year? Spring time, perhaps? I would like to see you before another year goes by," Lily's mother talked fast and it was hard to keep up with her for very long when she got going. But, after years of listening, Lily understood.


"I'm sure I can talk to Professor Dumbledore about it. No problem at all."


"Okay. Plan on that. Be a good Head Girl for me. Make us proud! I love you dear. Have a good term.” And with that, the Evans family left.


That was odd.


Ya think?


Through the barrier we go.


Lily grabbed her cart full of her Hogwarts things — her owl, her books and her trunk full of clothes and miscellaneous things — and she ran through the barrier. The second she looked up, she saw it; the Hogwarts Express. Lily was so close to home she could almost taste it.


I attempted to keep up with British measurements. Hope I didn't abuse my vulnerability with them :]

keep reading please! first chapters generally don't get a lot of creative juices in them but the next chapters do!!! i promise it isn't boring!

i like reviewers. if you review mine, i'll review yours!

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