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The Man of La Mancha: The Adventures of Gilderoy Lockhart by William B
Chapter 1 : The Escape
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Gilderoy paced his room quietly. Forty one years! Forty one years since he last stepped out of this very room. It was maddening! An elf appeared at the door.

“Master, everything is ready, sir, but I beg of you don’t try it! Master, they’ll lock you up forever if you do!” cried the little elf.

Gilderoy Lockhart paused. He turned to look at the elf that was speaking to him. “Do I know you?” he asked.

The house elf stared into his master’s eyes. “Why, I’m your house elf, sir, remember? I’m Verxy.” The elf said slowly making sure that his inept master understood.

“Ahhh! Yes! Sorry about that Martin!” replied his master quickly while regaining his thought.

“But master, my name is…” said Verxy before he was cut off by Lockhart.

“So, you have everything that I asked for right?” he looked at Verxy making sure that the elf had everything. “Yes master.” She replied coldly.

“ Very good.” He said while gazing out the window. “Soon, my young elf, we will be out of this dump. We will be free!” he cried before quickly brining his volume down to a whisper. “But remember, beware, the pixies are everywhere. Even just last night, the pixies took over the Ministry of Magic!” he cried.

“Yes, of course master, I will look out for the pixies.” She said sarcastically. “Now, master, I think you should get to bed.” She said as she tucked him in. “You must have lots of energy for tomorrow’s big plan!” whispered Verxy into Lockhart’s ear. Lockhart nodded obediently. “And remember.” Said Verxy as she crossed the room to the door. “Don’t let the pixies bite.” She said as she turned out the light and closed the door behind her.

Even with the door in-between the two, she could still here the man screaming at the thought of pixies biting off his toes.

The next morning brought on a nice summer breeze as Gilderoy went over the final plans with Verxy. “Now, remember, you must stun the healers at the front desk and make sure the main entrance is clear of all healing staff. Understand?” he asked looking at Verxy.

“Yes master.” She said solemnly. She knew this plan wasn’t going to work. His escape plans never did. Last time for example he had made Verxy brew polyjuice potions and smuggle it into his room. Then, he took a leaf from a plant in his room and drank the potion after adding the leaf. The plan was for Verxy to carry Gilderoy who would be disguised as a plant out of the building. The only thing that happened was that Lockhart started sprouting dandelions out of his nose, hair, armpits, and even his chest and legs! None of his escape plans ever worked. This made Verxy very uneasy. She didn’t know the punishment the healers would give to them if they got caught again. And she really didn’t want to find out.

Later that afternoon, Verxy walked into the main lobby. The lobby was mostly deserted except for two healers and an elderly man reading The Daily Prophet in the corner. Quickly, she walked up to the two healers and snapped her fingers, muttering wordless spells under her breath. The two healers instantly collapsed to the ground. Verxy turned to face the man reading the newspaper. She again snapped her fingers and the man slumped back in his chair while dropping the newspaper on the ground. She dragged all three of the victims to the nearby closet and pushed them in. Verxy then quickly apparated out of the lobby.

Lockhart popped his head out of his room. The hall was deserted except for the fat old healer snoring loudly at the other end of the hall. He smirked. This was going to be easier than he thought! He tiptoed out of his room and crept down the stairs. He just was nearing the bottom when he heard a shout from the upper level of the building. “ He’s gone! He’s gone! Lockhart’s gone!” he heard the fat old tart shout.

“That ruddy old prat!” mumbled Gilderoy crossly. He hurried down the final flight of stairs to the main level and pushed open the doors. He saw for the second time in his life, the lobby, in which he was taken to the hell hole that he had been residing in for over forty one years. But no longer! No! He was a free man now! All he had to do was step through the final doors and he would be outside. He began walking toward the exit. He was halfway to the exit when the old rotten fart came wobbling through the doors of the stairway.

Gilderoy met his eye. He grinned just as Verxy came running in. She reached out her hand and at the same moment, the healer jumped realizing what was about to take place. Unfortunetly, the fruitcake was a second late and Gilderoy grabbed Verxy just as she apparated away.

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The Man of La Mancha: The Adventures of Gilderoy Lockhart: The Escape


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