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Harry Potter and the World War by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 25 : Two Worlds, One Family
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Chapter 25 - Two Worlds, One Family

Two years later

Harry and Ginny walked into the large ballroom within the Space Patrol Delta base. He and Ginny had received an invitation in the mail several weeks before, inviting them to the promotional dinner of Skylar Collins, newly appointed commander of S.P.D. Earth. Harry was wearing a simple black suit that he had worn to several Auror functions and beside him, Ginny wore a strapless gown of pale green that reached her knees.

He looked around the mob of people, searching for one person in particular. He spotted her through a gap in the crowd and he and Ginny began to make their way towards her. She wore spaghetti strapped black dress that stopped just before her feet and her black hair was pulled back into an elegant bun. Two years of hard physical training at S.P.D. had caused her appearance to change drastically in the two year span. She was extremely fit and she had filled out as she had grown. 

She stood up from her seat at one of the many round tables and moved to greet them. She and Ginny embraced tightly for several moments before she moved to embrace her brother. “Long time no see.”

“Yeah, it’s only been, what, a month since we last saw you?” he asked jokingly as they embraced. Twenty year old Jenny Potter laughed at his joke as she pulled away from him.

“Yeah, and we’ll be seeing you again next month,” she replied brightly, holding up her left hand and showing them the diamond engagement ring that glittered on her finger. “Speaking of weddings, have you seen Ron and Hermione yet?” 

“No, last I heard they were supposed to be getting back late last night from the honeymoon, but they still said they would be here,” Ginny replied, looking around the crowd of people around them for any sign of her older brother and his wife. She smiled when she spotted another pair of close friends as they walked over to where Harry, Jenny and Ginny stood.

Newly appointed Commander Skylar Collins and his wife Sydney walked over to greet them. He was wearing a uniform similar to the one Commander Cruger had worn and had gotten several inches taller in the past two years. Beside him stood a five month pregnant Sydney Collins, wearing a dress that was, of course, pink. Sky was simply ecstatic at his promotion and the fact he had a child on the way. “Hello Harry, Ginny. Good to see you.”

“Good to see you too, Sky,” Harry greeted, shaking his and Sydney’s hands. “Syd, you look even better then you did a month ago. Only four more months, correct?”

“Yep,” she replied happily as she looked down at her growing stomach. She then turned to Jenny and asked, “Where is Draco?”

“He had to finish checking a patient in the infirmary before heading down,” she explained. “And where are Bridge and Z? Running late as usual?”

“Bridge couldn’t find his tie and when he did, he couldn’t put it on without help from me,” Elizabeth Carson replied as she and Bridge joined the group of reunited friends. The two had gotten married two months before Ron and Hermione.

“Merlin does that sound familiar,” stated Hermione from a few feet behind Jenny, Ron beside her as his ears turned red. The group chuckled and greeted the newlyweds, asking them questions about the honeymoon they had taken in Greece.

“I see everyone started having fun without me,” commented Draco as he walked up beside Jenny and wrapped an arm around her waist as he smiled around at the gathered group. The heard a clinking of someone’s spoon against their glass and looked up at the long table set up on the stage to see now Supreme Commander Cruger standing and looking towards them, his wife Isinia seated at the table beside Kat. He set down his paw and motioned for Sky and Syd to return to the table.

Sky and Syd left the group and went to sit with Cruger while everyone else grabbed a seat at the round table just before the stage that Jenny had been sitting at. Each took their seats as the rest of the room followed suit. Jenny leaned forward to where Bridge and Z sat just across from her. “I thought Jack and Alley were coming? And Sophie too?”

“Jack and Alley’s flight in from Africa was cancelled,” Z explained, a little disappointed that the man she had considered a brother and his wife were unable to make it back from their trip in time.

“And Sophie got stuck on KO-35. The shuttle she was supposed to be taking blew an engine,” Bridge continued once his wife was finished. Ron looked at them like they were insane. 

“Are you sure you two aren’t twins like these two?” he gestured over at Harry and Jenny, who just rolled their eyes as Hermione glared at him. Bridge and Z never got a chance to reply as Cruger stood from the table and walked over to the podium on the stage beside it.

“We are all here tonight to congratulate one young man, who has been a member of S.P.D. since the age of eight. He has grown tremendously as a Ranger, and even more so as a person,” began Cruger, all eyes of the room on him as he spoke. At the table, Sky was looking down at his lap with a slight blush in his cheeks. “He started at this academy with only one goal in mind: to become Red Ranger like his father. Now fifteen years later, he is being promoted from Red Ranger to commander. I have no doubt in my mind that he will perform the task admirably. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the newest commander of Space Patrol Delta, Earth Station: Skylar Anthony Collins.”

As the audience applauded, Sky stood up from his seat and walked over to the podium. He shook hands with his commander, a bright smile on his face. Cruger motioned for him to step up to the microphone and say something. With a sigh of contentment, he stood behind the podium and began to speak. “I have to say, I never imagined that I would be asked to become commander. And so I thank Supreme Commander Cruger for thinking of me as his successor while he goes on to take over the position left open by the recently retired Fowler Birdy. And I thank you, Commander, from the bottom of my heart for trusting me as your successor.”

He looked back at where Cruger now sat next to his wife and smiled. Cruger nodded as he and Isinia smiled up at him. Sky chuckled as he turned back to the audience. “Another thing I never imagined was having such good friends,” he smiled down at the table where Harry, Jenny, Ginny, Draco, Ron, Hermione, Bridge and Z sat. He looked over at the table on the stage to where Syd sat, “and such a lovely wife.”

Syd blushed and smiled over at her husband as he continued his speech. “I really don’t know where I would be without them because in all honesty, when I first entered the academy up until the time I was the Blue Ranger, I was a complete and utter ass. I was cold, I thought I was better than everyone else and at first, I treated my team like dirt. But having them around slowly cracked the shell I had created around myself when my father died. By the time Grumm was defeated, that shell had almost entirely disappeared.”

“I hope you noticed how I said ‘almost.’ For that shell did not completely break until this young, black haired witch came and asked for help,” he smiled and looked directly at Jenny. All those around the table smiled at her for a moment before turning back to Sky. “She introduced us to the wirzarding world, and an evil about ten times worse them Grumm. But all the while we were there, she was almost always happy and just something about her broke away the last ruminates of that shell I had created. I am proud to say that I now consider her as the younger sister I never had.”

“Z, don’t worry, you’re still like a sister to me,” he added quickly, looking down at the brunette. “You’re just the annoying sister that usually ends up being right, which just bugs the hell out of me.”

The audience chuckled. Z was glaring at him with her arms crossed over her chest, but you could easily tell she meant it in good humor. Sky smiled down at her before shifting his gaze to Bridge. “Bridge, you were my roommate since you joined the academy and, even though I didn’t say it often back then, my best friend. You’re an extremely good person, even if you do have an odd obsession with toast. It is with great honor that I pass down the Red Ranger morpher, to you.”

From where he stood, Sky had pulled his old morpher out of his suit pocket. He smiled at it one last time before tossing it down to where Bridge sat. It landed with a thump in Bridge’s gloved hands. Bridge stared down at it in shock for a few moments before looking back up at Sky with a smile. “Just one question? Who gets the blue morpher now?” 

Sky smiled and looked to Z, who smiled knowingly in return. “The blue morpher will go to sixteen year old cadet, Samuel Carson.”

Cheers from the table where the ‘C’ squad sat were heard high above the applause in the room. Jenny had relayed the entire story of Sam to Harry not long after he had first met the rangers. He had been a young orphan with the power to teleport objects, living on the streets when he had been tricked into helping one of Grumm’s monsters. Long story short, Z had managed to help him realize he was not the only one with powers and with his help the monster was destroyed and he had become a member of S.P.D. 

Some months later, his future self came to the past to stop the destruction of S.P.D. With his help, the rangers lived and Grumm was defeated. When Z and Bridge had gotten married four months earlier, they almost immediately adopted the boy. Harry looked over at Bridge and Z and saw the two smiling happily at each other, glad that their adopted son would now be on the same squad as themselves.

He’s a good kid. He’ll make a fine addition to the squad,’came Jenny’s voice from the connection of the two rings they shared. Though she had lost her powers two years before, the rings still worked and so they wore them whenever they knew they would been in the same country.

Just hope that Bridge and Z don’t coddle him when he’s on call, Harry replied through the link.

Though he is their adopted son, their relationship is more of brother and sister then that of them being his mother and father, she responded with a chuckle. Harry smiled over at where she sat beside him, glad that all that had happened in the last four years had happened.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Harry Potter and the World War. There will be a sequel, but it will not be up until after the re-write of American Adventure is complete. So, go re-read and review it, for while some things will stay the same, others will be changed.

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