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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 4 : This Is How We Do (Return of the Cupcakes)
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A/N: If you haven't noticed yet, the quotes of songs that I put in the beginning of each chapter tends to set a tone for the chapter. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes you have to look a little harder for the connection. So, yeah... Happy Reading.

(Come on let me hear you!)
We're the party,
you're the people,
this is how we do.
-All Time Low

"What the hell was that!" Sirius repeated, when no one answered.

Jason shook his head slowly. "I think I have an idea - don’t know for sure - be back soon."

He took off, grabbing the car keys from where he had placed them on the kitchen table a moment ago. We stood in a circle, listened to the car start up and drive away before we started shifting nervously.

I was shocked. I’d been going to the beach nearly every day for a month and there was not even a hint that something of that magnitude was going to happen. Jason’s hunch led me to believe that it was indeed a wizard who had thrown the beach-goers into havoc. So, if that was true, what had the attacker been after?

"Ummmm. . ." I said. No one knew what to do to get things going again. There could be no lighthearted chatter after the previous events, Bob and his girlfriend had already been eaten, and there were no people to wreak havoc on. "You guys wanna watch a movie?"

Remus nodded, but the other three boys, all pure-blooded, had no idea what a movie was, and looked perplexed. "It’s a moving picture on a screen, with lots of words and fun," Remus explained, in a nutshell.

The word fun piqued the boys’ interest, as it did with all of us. I took off up the stairs and ran into the room where the boys were staying and crash landed on the larger of the beds. "Oi! One of you go make some popcorn. Er, actually that should be you, Remus, since none of these guys here could manage such a simple task."

I got back up from the bed and went over to the selection of VHS tapes we had in our house. Sometimes it helped being half and half; I got the best of the wizarding world, and the best of the Muggle world. I scanned my eyes over them until I came across it. That’s it, that’s the movie.

"So, who’s up for The Godfather?" I asked, slipping the cassette out of it’s case


Jason didn’t return for another few hours after the movie ended. Those few hours were filled with ice cream, and Sirius’ re-enactments of the movie.

"I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse!" shouted Sirius, before running up to James. "Want to make cupcakes and try to recreate Bob?"

James smirked at our insane friend. "I’m afraid I’m gonna have to refuse."

"What about you, Anastasia. What do you say to you, me, and some cupcake mix?" He winked suggestively.

"How could I say no to that?" I smiled. With no need for convincing the other boys, who were surely into the idea of making a mess out of sugar and chocolate, I bounced around the kitchen, getting cupcake mix, and all the stuff that needed to go into the mix.

I told the boys to pull out of the cupcake mold and spoons and bowls and set the oven to a hot temperature, I wasn’t really specific. I wasn’t the most organized person, and was immediately taken off of cupcake duty when I began to dump unmeasured ingredients into the metal bowl. James grumbled about the cupcakes not coming out delicious enough, and carefully measured the remaining ingredients.

Meanwhile, Remus had set the oven to the correct temperature and Peter had set to washing the measuring cups and such. Sirius and I, however, were not being helpful, but had gotten into the chocolate frosting and we were eating it out of its container.

"Oh! Gross! You guys are double dipping!" James accused as me and Sirius each dipped out spoons back into the tub of frosting numerous time.

"You’re just jealous cause you’re standing there and measuring stuff and being a square instead of eating the yummy frosting with us!" I yelled defensively.

"Maybe. . ." said James and stuck his tongue out at us before beginning to spoon the batter into the mold. "You have frosting in your hair," he added without looking up. I looked down and saw that I did indeed have frosting in my hair. I tried to suck the frosting out of my hair, and James just shook his head in astonishment at my abnormality.

Thirty minutes later we went to take the lovely smelling cupcakes out of the oven. There were all burnt, and James wept over the destruction of his perfect cupcakes, blaming it on me.

"I wasn’t even the one in charge of taking them out in time!" I defended myself.

James, still mock-sobbing, cried, "It’s your presence! The cupcakes know you’re here! They burned themselves just because they knew that if they didn’t your reputation for burning everything would be tarnished!"

"A reputation I hold with much pride, thank you very much," I reminded him.

And that was us. The Marauders and me. Less than five hours ago there had been an explosion a mere few hundred feet away from where we were, probably caused by a wizard, one of our own kind.

Yet we stood around in my kitchen, attempting to resurrect a dead cupcake and watching Muggle movies. I liked to believe that were special in a way that others just couldn’t be. We were carefree and immature and we liked it that way. And if there was an evil wizard on the rise well, we’d just have to go kung foo his weak, annoying arse, wouldn’t we?

A/N2: Just a little note for those who noticed (or those who didn’t) this story begins in the summer of 1976. After a little research I discovered that VHS was not made available to the public until late 1976. For the purpose of the story, I made it available a little earlier. Not that it really matters...

And everyone should already know that the Godfather isn’t mine.

A/N3: Just wanted to thank any and all readers and reviewers out there. The feedback I've been getting makes me happy that I've come back to fanfiction. So thanks! And I also wanted to apologize for the big gap between chapters; there was a little hold up and confusion in the queue, but, there it was, and hope you liked it.

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