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Whisper by daqu
Chapter 41 : My Happy Ending
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“Bellatrix? What are you doing here?”

The words came as such a surprise that Bellatrix momentarily froze. She looked up at the speaker, hanging out his window, and said, “Are you spying on me?”

“Ironic question, coming from someone standing on my lawn.”

“Touché,” Bellatrix admitted. “Can I come up? I need to talk to you about something.”

“Something tells me that if I say no then you’ll do it anyway, so sure.”

Bellatrix Apparated up to his room and said, “I may be a lot of things, but rude is not one of them.”

“You’re right. You’re not rude. Just evil.”

Bellatrix smiled. “You have no idea how many people have trouble making that distinction.”

“Bellatrix, are you just here to talk about Andromeda?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry, Frank, but Meda is the only thing we have in common. I wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t what I wanted to talk about.”

“You’re right, but since we no longer have her in common, I’m still wondering why you’re here.”

“Because now we have another thing in common: a loss of Andromeda. I’m not speaking to her anymore.”

Frank exhaled slowly. “Lucky you.”

“What? Frank, don’t be such a bastard! I don’t care how much I hate my sister. You were really close to marrying her, so you’re not allowed to insult her in front of me.”

“I wasn’t saying that as an insult to her. I love Andromeda. A lot. I think that’s the problem.” Frank stood up from where he was sitting on his bed and started pacing back and forth. It drove Bellatrix crazy when people did that, but she wasn’t going to do anything about it. She was almost at a point where she was scared to do anything simply because she didn’t want to give away the real reason why she was here in the middle of the night.

“I fell in love with Andromeda the first time I laid eyes on her,” Frank continued. Bellatrix nodded, prodding him on. The longer he talked, the longer she could stall. “I could tell that she never loved me, though. We got along well enough, and she was always going on about how much she liked me, but her heart just wasn’t in it. Then when she told me that she was really in love with Ted and couldn’t marry me, my heart just broke. She stunned me to the point that I couldn’t think straight. So when she asked me if we could still keep in touch, I didn’t know that it would be so painful. But now even thinking about her with her Mudblood lover just makes me sick.”

“See? We have more in common than just our loss of Andromeda,” Bellatrix said with a small smile. Then her face turned serious again. “Frank, there’s something I have to tell you.” She knew why she was there, at Frank’s house. She just hadn’t realized that her fears might actually have been justified. She had just planned on doing this to make herself feel better.

“What is it?” Frank asked.

“I really think Andromeda is in love with Ted. Deeply in love. Like, Romeo & Juliet love. She would have to be, to keep a love like that going in secret for all this time. But I also know that she really liked you. Up until I figured out that she was in love with Ted, I really thought that you guys could’ve gotten married and been happy together. It took me awhile to get to that point, but I did. That’s why I have to do this. It’s possible that Andromeda could either realize that she’s making a big mistake in betraying her family to be with Ted, or it’s possible that she may eventually decide that she doesn’t love him. That it was just a crush. And you and I both know that if that ever happens, she’s going to run straight to you. She knows it, too. That’s why she was so careful about getting the insurance. But you know what, Frank? I don’t want that to happen. I want to do everything I can to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Because as awful as losing my little sister has been, the only thing worse would be having her back. I don’t want to have to look at her every day and think of what she almost did. I don’t want to know that she’s capable of doing something like that the instant I let my guard down. Do you understand where I’m going with this?”

“Yeah, I do. I agree, too.”

“Really? Because that makes this so much easier.”

“Yeah. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve thought about that, too. Like, if Andromeda did ever come to me and say she wanted me back, I would say yes because I love her too much. But would I ever be able to really trust her?”

“Exactly.” Bellatrix’s face broke into a grin.

“So…what are you going to do to prevent that from happening?” Frank asked hopefully.

“Oh, that’s easy. And completely foolproof. I’m going to kill you.”

And before Frank could fully process the words, he was dead. He just lied on the floor, the life completely gone from him. Bellatrix took a deep breath and stared at Frank’s body for a moment. Then she looked out the window and Apparated back to Rodolphus’s place. He immediately greeted her with a kiss.

“How did your mission go, my evil queen?” he asked her.

“Couldn’t have been better.”


It took less than twelve hours. Bellatrix was in the middle of polishing her wand when an owl flew in and handed Bellatrix a note. It wasn’t even in an envelope. It looked like someone had just torn the corner off a piece of parchment. Bellatrix turned the note over, and immediately recognized the handwriting as Andromeda’s. It was only two simple words, but they completely changed Bellatrix’s outlook on what had happened the night before, because they meant that she understood. They meant that Andromeda knew exactly what happened, and exactly why. Scribbled on that corner of the parchment were the last two words Bellatrix was expecting: Thank you


A/N-So yeah. That's it. This is the end of Whisper. It has been a long, (mostly) enjoyable experience for me to write this story and get my image of Bellatrix Black out there. Thank you so much to all of the reviewers, who solely kept the story going after about chapter 12. So that's that. 41 chapters...75K That's one hell of a journey. I feel a lot better now, though. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I (somewhat) encourage you to take a look at some of my other stories if you feel like it. This is actually the longest story I've ever written, so I'm really proud of myself for that. Please remember to review. This story has 98 reviews as of the time I'm writing this. If it doesn't eventually get to 100, I'm going to start pulling my hair out. So save a 16-year-old girl the pain of balding and drop me a line ;) Please?

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