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His Angel by tehshalena
Chapter 1 : His Angel
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Across the room she was smiling from her heart, shining with the happiness she felt to be by his side. Her eyes sparkled with love for him, for the love that was blossoming and the happy ending she had been waiting for. She was the happiest woman on earth, and her glow reflected that.

Her long brown hair fell down her back in effortless curls, the chocolate tone enhancing the rosiness of her cheeks, she was beautiful. She was standing beside him; her beautiful honey brown eyes were on him, trying to convince herself that she actually had him. She was happy, and that was all that matters, but still my heart was bleeding, breaking under the blinding light of her smile.

I wanted nothing else than to take her in my arms and caress her hair and to kiss her cherry red lips. Everything about her drew me to her, but I had to resist, I had to, she is happy now and I can’t ruin that for her, it would break me even more not to see her smile.

I sighed I should be happy for her, happy to see that she could spend the rest of her life filled with happiness, love and a family, everything that she ever wanted. She would have a husband that wasn’t a target to those dark wizards refusing forget their vows to the deceased Dark Lord, still threatening the peace of the world. She was with a man whose only priority was to make her happy, my task was not finished.

As I watch her at the other side of the room, holding onto him I can’t help but sigh, sigh for knowing that she was never mine. Her heart never pointed towards me and there was never a chance of it because she was his, right from the very beginning, right at the moment she teased him for trying to put a spell on scabbers. She was his the moment their eyes met on the train when she opened the carriage door to help Neville find his toad Trevor.

I remember that day very clearly, it was the day I knew that I would love her but also the day that I knew that I had lost her. I had lost her to my best friend. I tried to let the memory fade into the distance, forgetting my love for her and replacing it as a childhood crush, but it didn’t, I couldn’t forget it and it stayed with me haunting my nightmares.

She was always there; she became my best friend and was there for me every time I needed her. I was there when she needed someone, when she needed him, I was there. I hoped that her love for him would fade after no reaction after so long, and after he chose Lavender over her, I thought that I had my chance, but I didn’t, her love for him was strong just as mine was for her, the only difference was that she got her happy ending.

I was always jealous of him, he had everything I ever dreamed of. He had a big family, a family who loved him for who he was, he was born into world knowing of magic, the wonders of it all. He wasn’t bombarded with stares and shock every time someone looked at his forehead, he could walk down the street and have the freedom of no one watching his every move.

And today I was more jealous and heartbroken than ever, today my false hope that I could still win her heart was lost. Today was their engagement party.

The irony of the atmosphere was piercing, the happy crowd congratulating the couple, wishing them the best in their future together. I had yet to do so, I wanted to, I wanted to tell her that I was happy to see her find her true love, to see her happy and wish her a great future with him. I wanted to say that I was glad that she found him, that I was glad to see her find happiness in my best friend but I wasn’t. I wanted her to find happiness in me, but I couldn’t say that. She had chosen him and I have to respect her choice but no matter how much I tell myself that I can’t bring myself to believe it.

People say that if you truly love someone then you should set them free so that they could find happiness, that you will be happy when you see your love happy. Well that’s what I did, I set her free, I gave up on my chance to chase her so that she could fall so helplessly in love with him, so that he could love her back, I should be happy seeing her happy, but I wasn’t because I wasn’t the one that is making her smile from her heart, just like she was today.

I sighed again, this time for the long road of misery stretching in front of me.  The pain that I will carry to my grave knowing that the woman I love was with another, and not just any other but my best friend. They will stay in my life and I will have to witness their love blossoming before my eyes, I will see their family grow, their happiness was my misery and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Love was only a blessing when you could find one that loved you back, for then you could experience the magical emotion that it is, but a curse when you have to watch your loved one smile in the arms of another.

But at least she got her happy ending, at least she could be happy. Haven’t I been saying this over and over again? She was happy and I should be happy, I should be happy that she could spend the rest of her life in bliss. I should be thankful that she found love in someone that I trusted. Seeing her smile was the force that kept me going on, keeping me alive to walk the road of this world. And if seeing her smile came at this price then so be it.

I got up from my seat and braved my way across the floor to them trying so hard to keep a sincere smile on my face. I was happy, in a twisted and heartbroken way, I happy that she was in a pair of safe arms even if they weren’t mine; after all she was his Angel.

“Congratulations Hermione” I said into her hair as I pulled her into an embrace, a friend hug, and the closest I’ll ever get to her heart.

“Thank you, Harry” she gave me a heart melting smile and for that moment I forgot the pain in my heart and was truly happy for her.

“Congrats mate” I said to Ron pulling him into a man hug as I fought back my tears.


 disclaimer: i dont own harry potter, because if i did i would be rich, and ron/hermione wont be canon, dramione would :D 

a/n: hope you like

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