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Heart of the Phoenix by snape_is_good
Chapter 16 : Through the Eyes of a Potions Master
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Severus Snape attempted to roll himself off the velvet couch. A sweet, innocent song rang throughout the grounds, giving him more determination. Only able to wiggle slightly, the professor became extremely frustrated. Normally breaking immobilizing curses was effortless for him, but this jinx was very powerful. ‘But how?’ the man wondered. Several questions zoomed through his mind as the song continued sending bright rays of hope. A luminous light was seen through the window, soaring through the placid night sky.

How was the girl able to heal his wound? How on earth did she manage to ignite on fire and ascend to the gleaming stars? And why did she suddenly become a redhead? And why did her vivid green eyes look so familiar? What was going on?

The man pushed against the magical bindings with all his might, managing to shake a bit harder. The gentle music unexpectedly died. Snape, having pushed so powerfully, slid off the couch and his long, crooked nose collided with the wooden floor. After rubbing his throbbing muzzle, Severus stole a glimpse out the window.

The evening atmosphere lost the radiant touch of flames as it became a mystifying black once again. Startled, the Potions Master acknowledged a dark figure with shocking red hair falling… falling towards the unforgiving grounds. Her clothes were billowing in the wind as she plummeted closer and closer to the damp grass.

With swiftness the man stood up, snatched the girl’s forgotten wand, and darted outside. Eyeing his target with utter concentration, Snape lifted the magical object and waved it side to side. The descending body floated motionless about five feet from the ground. Ignoring every other living being present, Severus ran towards Kaily and lightly grabbed her dangling figure. He then glanced through the Great Hall’s windows and saw Potter and Voldemort preparing for the ultimate battle. Kaily gave a soft sigh. Focusing his attention on the well-being of the teenager, the Potions Master scampered past the gates of Hogwarts and apparated.


The two were then at a musty gray house, a place Severus called home… or at least a suitable dwelling place away from his true home.

Panting from the dashing and anxiety, the professor lay the young girl on his washed-out sofa amongst scarlet-colored pillows. Not really knowing what to do, and unsure of the moment when Kaily would wake up, Severus went to his grimy kitchen to grab a snack. He was about to open the refrigerator when something caught his attention. A wrinkled and worn picture of Lily laughing was magically pasted to the fridge. Clutching the picture in such a way that it might turn to dust; he cautiously walked towards the resting girl. Snape squatted next to the couch and looked at the picture, and then at Kaily.

The resemblance was undeniable. Their hair had the exact same shade of cherry red, but the girl’s hair was curlier and Lily’s was wavier. Kaily’s eyes, though, were like Harry’s… and more importantly like Lily’s. Astonished, the man lowered the photograph and stared in awe at the teenager. She couldn’t actually be Lily, could she? That would be impossible; after all, Lily was dead. Snape faced the cold hard truth nearly seventeen years prior; his love would not come back. But what if…

With trembling fingers, Severus brushed Kaily’s soft hair behind her ears and took a closer look at her elegant face. That was Lily’s face, why hadn’t he seen it before?

A knock at the door aroused him from the wondering. This noise confused the Potions Master. If Voldemort won, Death Eaters would be after him. They obviously wouldn’t knock politely at the door. And if Potter won, what if he never viewed the memories? What if he still thought Snape was for the Dark Lord? The Order wouldn’t have knocked at the door either!

Three more knocks sounded. Unsure at how to act, Severus took the girl’s wand from his pocket and made the picture of Lily invisible. Placing the unseen object on the coffee table, he started slowly towards the door. The plan was to be… complete improvisation.

Reaching the entryway, the professor flung it open and flashed the wand out. Kingsley Shacklebolt stood calmly outside.

A sly half-smile formed on the Potion Master’s thin mouth. “So,” he started, licking his lips, “I see the order-”

“That’s enough, Severus.” Kingsley cut him off. “You can stop pretending now. Mr. Potter told us everything.”

Snape didn’t even lower his wand a fraction. “Oh, did he?” This professor had learned early on in his life that no one could ever be trusted. He wanted to know exactly what Shacklebolt was going for.

“I saw you saving the young girl.”

The Potion Master’s stomach flipped over, but he didn’t show any signs of trouble. A gentle zephyr caressed the adults as they remained motionless. “Oh, did you? Are you sure I was saving her or holding her hostage? Perhaps the Dark Lord wants this child.”

Ignoring the comment, Kingsley went on. “You liked the young Miss Evans, did you not? And you were devastated when the Dark Lord killed her and went to work for Dumbledore. We know your story; Mr. Potter saw your memories. Everyone agrees that you are a hero and we will give to you a Merlin’s first class award. All the staff at Hogwarts has also agreed that you should continue the position of headmaster at the school.” He paused and waited for Severus to react. As the man remained silent, Kingsley went on. “Voldemort is dead. The Death Eaters aren’t a large threat. You can lower your weapon now, Professor.”

Sensing the truth in Shaklebolt’s voice and eyes, Snape let his weapon hand drop to his side.

“May I come in?” The two men unblinkingly stared into each other’s pupils. Wordlessly the professor moved aside.

Shacklebolt entered and looked at Kaily’s resting figure. “We have already arranged a room for her at Saint Mungos. Poor child… Remus Lupin told us everything. She’s going to receive quite a large shock when she wakes up… if she wakes up. Remus is waiting at the hospital. As soon this young girl can communicate with us, he’ll tell Kaily everything.” After releasing a sigh, Kingsley looked back over at Snape. “Will you assist me in taking her to Saint Mungos?” Severus nodded and gave a worried glance towards the girl. The men then picked up the girl and span around, apparating to the hospital… where hopefully Kaily could recover.

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