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changes by rosamalfoy
Chapter 1 : What Will Happen Next?
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a/n: my story takes place about 4 years after they all graduated from Hogwarts. Hermione and Ron are
hitched, and Cho and Harry are also hitched. Both couples are living in Muggle London. Harry and Cho live
in a very nice flat and Ron and Herm came into money (don't ask me how they just did) and are living in
one of the nicer neighborhoods. i think that's all the info you'll need.....oh yeah, :: :: shows action...

~cho's pov~

::knock knock::

I walked over to my flat's door and opened it. "Herm! Oh my God it's been so long! What, 2 months? How
have you and Ron been?" i let her and we sat in the front room, talking.
"Really good..I was just in the area so I thought i'd stop by and say Harry in?"
"no...a few weeks ago he got an owl from the ministry and just up and left. said something about You
Know Who."
"ron did the same thing. oh well, i'm sure they'll be fine."
" look great. you really're glowing even...oh my god you're glowing....herm...."
she blushed and looked down. she said she was 3 months pregnant. i jumped up and hugged her. "do you
want some tea? i could get you some tea..."
she laughed. "tea would be great. do you need any help?"
" sit...i'll bring in your tea in a moment."
just then 2 owls flew in. one landed on the table next to hermione and the other landed on the counter
next to me. we took the lettters and the owls flew off. hermione opened hers first.
"oh, it's from ron! oh"
i turned pail and opened my letter

just yesterday there was a final attack against voldemort. harry insisted on going alone to fight him.
i tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't listed. after harry killed voldemort, one
of his minions was hiding near by and...cho i'm so sorry but harry was killed. i will be comming back to
london with his body in a few days.
Love, ron."

~hermione's pov~

cho turned as white as the walls behind her and sank to the floor. "no no no no....," she sobbed

a/n well, that's it for today. tell me if you liked it, tell me if you hated it. just tell me.any imput would be

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