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A New Life by harrylover07
Chapter 1 : After The Great Battle
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It was right after he defeated Voldemort, everyone was in the Great Hall helping each other, relieved that the war was finally over.

Harry was relieved but he had many thoughts and emotions running through his mind. So he quickly made his way out the Great Hall to the Astronomy Tower. It was a cool night with a light breeze as he stood out on the Astronomy Tower balcony.  The realization of all the lives that were lost hit him and he fought hard to not break down.


As he finally pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind, he thought about Ginny.  He thought of her many times throughout the search for horcruxes.  Now as he thought of her he was troubled.  The more he thought about her the more he felt he could not be with her.  He loves her yes, but not like he did.  It was puppy love, the only thing he really had was lust.  Which was normal for every boy his age.  What he really wanted to feel, to experience, was love. Something like what his parents had or what Snape felt for his mother.


What he has not realized was that he has felt that for a long time now, for another brilliant witch.  He is blind for who his heart really wants.


“Harry?” He heard the voice of Hermione behind him that pulled him from his thoughts.

“Yes” he said, turning around to look at her.


As she stepped closer to him into the moonlight she saw that he looked troubled.” I saw you slip out of the Great Hall, so I got away from everyone to follow you.  Are you okay Harry?”


“Yes, I’m fine. I just needed some air.” He lied as he looked away at the night sky.


“You know Harry, she said. “I have known you for 7 years now; I think I know by now when you’re lying. Now what is it Harry? You know you can talk to me.” She said as she rubbed his arm.


He did not like to feel vulnerable around people since everyone considered him strong, but he was slowly breaking down in front of her.


“It’s just the number of people that died for this, it’s slowly killing me.” He cried as he began to sink down to the ground crying.


At the sight of this, Hermione held onto him on the ground next to him to let him cry on her shoulder.


“Oh Harry. None of this is your fault, they would fight regardless.  It’s our world that was in battle, they died fighting for the whole wizarding world and muggle world.” She said softly while holding him in a tight embrace.  She began to slowly rub his back to calm him down from sobbing.


“But you, the Weasleys, everyone didn’t have to fight with me. I would’ve fought him alone.” He cried while sobbing into her shoulder.


“What makes you think we would have left you to fight alone?  They love you, I love you.  We never would’ve let you fight alone even if you threatened to hex us all.  We would’ve fought by your side anyway.” She said to him while standing him up.


“But if any of you were hurt or killed....


“We would die for you.  So it doesn’t matter Harry.” She said softly while whipping his tears.


He couldn’t say anything to that statement; he realized just how right she was.

Then she did something that caught him off guard, and gave him a sweet, soft kiss on the lips and smiled while a small blush came onto her cheeks.  “Now, will you please come down to the Great Hall?  I’m sure everyone is worried about where you went.


All he did was nod and went to follow her thinking about the feeling that radiated though his entire body when she kissed him.


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A New Life: After The Great Battle


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