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The Unknown Brother of the Boy Who Lived` by hpballa7218
Chapter 1 : Forgotten Twin
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Chapter 1

Forgotten Twin
Draco Alexander Black Malfoy was sitting in the library at Malfoy Manor distracting himself from his parents screaming match. So far, he had been successful, but that was before Narcissa Malfoy burst through the library door.

She went directly to Draco and said, “Draco, you know that you’re the most special, handsome, and amazing son anyone could ever have, right?”

“Yes,” Draco said almost robotically for he had heard that question a million times over.

“Narcissa!” Lucius scolded. “Don’t tell the boy! It’ll only anger him!”

“He has the right to know!” Narcissa argued strongly as Draco looked between his mother and father confused.

“Since when were you concerned with someone’s rights?” Lucius inquired. “No matter. . . You will ruin everything that we had worked for.”

“I must tell him. He deserves to know,” Narcissa insisted.

If you must,” Lucius said indifferently.

“Draco, darling, I’ll have you know that you mean everything to me, but. . .” Narcissa said before breaking down into tears.

Draco rushed over to his mother before asking, “But, what?”

“You’re a Potter,” Lucius said quickly.

“I’m a what!” Draco said.

“You. Are. Lily. And. James. Potter’s. Son,” Lucius said.

“I’m sorry, darling,” Narcissa added.

“You’re forgiven, Mother,” Draco answered not having the heart to call her anything but Mother.

“Great. Now, that we know each other. I can dispose of you,” Lucius said.

“Don’t you dare kill our son, Lucius,” Narcissa warned venomously.

“He’s not our son, ‘Cissa,” Lucius said factually while pointing his wand directly at Draco.

“No,” Narcissa said giving Lucius the nastiest of looks. “He may not be our son by birth, but we raised him.”

Lucius sighed, mockingly thinking it over, before yelling, “Avada Kedevra!”

All Draco saw was a bright green light heading towards him before closing his eyes waiting for death to take him. He opened them thinking that he was dead, but, instead, he saw Narcissa’s dead body in front of him. “What the bloody hell did you do!” Draco yelled angrily, throwing all the years of learning how to control emotions out of the window.

“It looks like I killed her,” Lucius answered. “Shame. She sacrificed her pureblood life for your dirty half-blood one.”

“Yeah. Too bad,” Draco said before muttering the disarming spell. “For you.” Draco ran to his wing of the humongous manor. There, he frantically packed his essentials before fleeing. Once outside Malfoy Manor, Draco became insanely grateful for passing his Apparation Test weeks before, but the only problem was where to go. He couldn’t go to Snape’s house because he’s on the run, but he couldn’t go to any of his other friends houses’ because Lucius would surely find him there. Draco groaned because the only choice was to go to Hogwarts. Draco apparated reluctantly, and he landed in front of the all too-familiar pathway to the castle. Draco walked on absolved in his own thoughts, and, sooner than he would’ve liked, he arrived in front of Professor Dumbledore’s gargoyle. Draco sighed inwardly because he remembered that he didn’t know the password. He jumped as the gargoyle moved aside. Professor Dumbledore was looking at him.

“Draco Malfoy, to what do I owe this pleasure?” the professor asked.

“Can I talk to you, sir?” Draco asked timidly.

“Of course,” Dumbledore said walking up the stairs to his office.

“Thank you, Professor,” Draco said deciding right then and there that Professor Dumbledore wasn’t half bad.

“Alright, Mr. Malfoy,” Dumbledore said sitting in his chair. “Lemon drop?”

“No, thank you, sir,” Draco replied.

“A student has yet to take one,” the headmaster said with amusement sparkling in his eyes. “What do you need to talk to me about?”

“I know,” Draco started slowly, “that I’m not a Malfoy.”

“Oh, yes. I knew this day would come soon. I take it Lucius told you?” said Dumbledore.

“Well, no. . . You see, Moth-- I mean, Narcissa did against Lucius’s word,” Draco answered.

“Go on,” Dumbledore urged.

“Lucius tried to kill me, but Narcissa stepped in in the way of the curse. I disarmed him, packed, and, now, I’m here,” Draco said.

“Quite a story there, Draco,” Dumbledore answered.

“You’re telling me,” Draco said.

“Surely, you have questions for me?” the older man asked looking at Draco quizzically.

“Yes, sir. Why did this happen?” Draco asked.

“Ah, yes. I think, it would be plausible for me to start from the beginning,” the aging professor said getting a nod from Draco.

“Well, during your parents’ time at Hogwarts, they were constantly arguing. Your dad constantly made girls swoon. He and the rest of the Marauders -- Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew -- were well-known throughout the school. All the boys would kill to be one of the Marauders, except Peter, right chubby thing he was. Anyway, your dad, incessantly, asked Lily out, but she’d always say no. For about. . . four years, he asked Lily out only to be turned down.

“James was the man a lot of guys wanted to be, whereas Lily was the woman every girl wanted to be. Seventh year, Lily gave in, and James grew up. Head Boy and Girl. Hottest Couple, if I do say myself. So full of life. A couple years after the two graduated, James proposed. Lily, naturally, said yes. The two were married not long after.

“I was looking for a Divination teacher. Professor Trelawney and I met at the Hog’s Head where an infamous prophecy was made. I can quote Trelawney, ‘The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. . . Born to those who have thrice devied him, born as the seventh month dies. . . and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not. . . and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. . . The one with the power to the vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies. . .’ So, you know this means Harry?”

“Yes, sir, bur what does the prophecy have to do with me?” Draco asked.

“I was getting there. Then, not long after both the Longbottoms and Potters were found to be with child or in your parents’ case, children. Alice and Frank had a boy, Neville Frank, and not long afterwards, Lily and James had twin boys, Harry James and Evan James. I just so happened to be in a meeting with Professor Trelawney awhile after you turned one when she told me another prophecy: ‘The one born with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will have another. . . The two together will be strong enough to vanquish the Dark Lord alone, but apart neither can strive for long. . . Although separated for most of their young lives, a tragic deed will alter the Dark Lord’s scheme. The two brothers will join and are formed in one at this reunion. . . At this joyous reunion, each will feel for each other with secret abilities. . . The two will be strong enough to vanquish the Dark Lord alone. .’ Now, do you see, Draco? You and Harry have a special bond that can never be broken regardless of how far or long you have been apart.”

“I’m bonded with Harry? In what way?”

“In what way? I’m not sure, only time will tell seeing as this is the first time that a prophecy was… added to and changed,” Professor Dumbledore said.

“Does Harry know?” Draco said.

“Well, no, but that reminds me of something that I need to do. If you could wait outside my office for a minute Draco, I’ll only be a minute.”

“Okay, professor,” Draco said walking outside of the office.

The aging professor then put some Floo powder into his fireplace. “The Burrow,” he spoke. He stuck his head in the fire. He was greeted by the image of the one and only Harry Potter snogging Hermione.

“Good evening to you too, Harry, Hermione,” Dumbledore said drawing attention to himself.

“Oh,” Hermione said pushing Harry away, as they both blushed furiously.

“Would you be so kind as to tell Ron and Ginny to get down here?” Dumbledore inquired.

“Sure,” Hermione said leaving Harry alone with his favorite professor.

“Hello, Harry,” Dumbledore said.

“Hello, professor,” Harry said not looking him in the eye.

“I don’t think that Molly would appreciate you snogging in her kitchen, Harry,” Professor Dumbledore said with mirth shining his eyes.

“Hello, professor,” the two Weasleys said simultaneously.

“Yes, I would like you to come to Hogwarts early this year. I have some. . . news.”

“Professor, couldn’t you just tell us here, so that, we wouldn’t have to go to school early,” Ron whined earning him a slap across the back of his head from both Hermione and Ginny.

“I’m afraid this isn’t just any news. I trust that I’ll see you in about an hour,” Dumbledore said.

An hour later, Draco, with his hood up, and Dumbledore were waiting in the office. Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Ginny walked in uneasily.

“Please, sit,” Dumbledore said conjuring three more chairs into the office.

“Okay, Professor, we’re here,” Harry said.

Professor Dumbledore slowly eased into the story, but left out the one detail that Draco was a boy.

“So, Harry’s not an only child. He’s a twin. Surely, it goes to Hogwarts, right? It has to be half-blood. Not a Slytherin because of who the Potters are,” Ron said.

“First off, I would appreciate the gesture if you don’t refer to me as ‘it.’ Second, you’re right. Third, I am a Slytherin. So, bullocks for you,” Draco said pulling his hood back.

Malfoy!” the four teenagers yelled.

“I am not a Malfoy,” he said smugly.

“But you are Draco Malfoy,” Ron said stupidly.

“Just because I was raised as a Malfoy, doesn’t automatically mean that I am a Malfoy,” Draco said.

“But you’re the spitting image of Lucius,” Ginny said defiantly.

Draco forgot to ask the reason why that was, so he just looked to his headmaster for an explanation.

“Lucius put an identity charm on you as a baby. I think that it was taken off when Lucius told you. I don’t see why. You were adorable as a child. Light brown hair. Blue eyes like James. Face like Lily’s. The charm should wear off soon,” Dumbledore said.

Harry imagined the boy, and it was exactly like the boy in his dreams about the fate of their parents. . .

“Evan,” Lily cooed at her son.

“Mama,” an eleven month Draco replied grabbing a fistful of his mother’s hair.

“Lily, quit treating him like a girl. He’s going to be made fun of at Hogwarts if this keeps going on,” James teased walking into the room after Harry.

“You’re one to talk. Harry’s going to be the spitting image of you. . .” Lily said eyeing her husband. “Egotistical troublemaker.”

“Don’t forget stunningly handsome, bloody good at Quidditch, smart,” James said making Lily laugh.

“I don’t know,” she teased giving James his son.

Evan immediately started crying. “C’mon, Evan. I’m going to teach you how to be a boy,” James said taking Evan into the kitchen. James walked to the sink and filled a bottle with water for Evan. He dropped the bottle as he saw a black cloaked figure walking to the house. “Lily! He found us! Take Harry! I’ll hold him off!” James bellowed. He hid Evan underneath the sink and told him to be quiet.

“James, James, James, what a pleasure,” the red eyes said from beneath the cloak.

“Go back to where you came from. . . That’s right you can’t. . . Not that they’d want you anyway,” James said.

“James Potter. Always good for a laugh. You would’ve made a great Death Eater. I can forgive you if you give me the boys,” Voldemort said.

“Never. I’ll never betray my family to you!” James said as they began to duel.

“Avada Kedevra!” Voldemort shouted as James crumpled to the ground.

He blasted open the door to the nursery. Lily begged and pleaded with Voldemort to take her not her darling baby boys, but it was proved to be futile. Voldemort killed Lily with the flick of his wand, and then turned to Harry. He was out to kill one of the twins, but failed as his spell backfired. The house exploded leaving Voldemort body-less.

“Harry? Harry?” Hermione said shaking him slightly to reach him.

“Hmm?” Harry said following her out of the room.

“Harry, mate, are you alright?” Ron said following closely behind.

“Yeah. I just realized that I know who that kid was in my dreams was. . . It was Malfoy,” Harry said.

“I know, that you have never liked me before, but it would be nice to not argue as much anymore,” Draco said not wanting to start anything with Harry knowing that they’re blood.

“Excuse me? You’re the one who made our lives hell!” Harry said.

“If only you knew,” Draco said making his way to the Heads’ quarters.

“I’m sorry, Harry,” Hermione said kissing Harry’s cheek. “I gotta’ follow him to our common room.”

“You have to share a common room with. . . That git!” Harry said blowing up at the fact that his brother gets to spend more time with his girlfriend than he did.

“You could come with me, if you like,” Hermione whispered in his ear before nibbling it.

“I would like. See you, Ron, Ginny,” Harry said.

“Bye,” they called.

“I do not want to know what they’re going to do in there. She’s like my other sister,” Ron said shuddering.

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