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Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising by witowsmp
Chapter 10 : Between the Darkness and the Light
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As usual, we don’t own Harry Potter, the excellent JK Rowling does. The only thing we do own is the plot, Heinzl and his followers.


Harry Potter and the Muggle-Born Uprising

Chapter Ten

Between the Darkness and the Light


Baby Annabeth Weasley was put in a small cot in Molly Weasley’s office at the headquarters of The Potter Press. The news of Heinzl’s activities, leaked news of Gryffindor’s memories, the news that students were getting out of trouble gained by using dangerous and unforgivable spells on fellow students using bribery and their pureblood status and finally the news of Lucius Malfoy’s shocking release from Azkaban had meant a lot of news, so Molly had to come into the office to supervise everything. Her co-editor, Anna Jesse, was good at her job but a bit too enthusiastic and Molly didn’t know how she would cope with being in charge of the paper full time during times like these.


“Have we got a good likeness of this Heinzl character yet?” asked Molly.


“Not yet. All we have is a picture from a vague description that the Malfoy kid gave the Aurors,” Anna Jesse replied.


As everyone was talking, Annabeth looked at a quill that was on Molly’s desk. It slowly lifted itself from the desk. It inked itself then it went to a nearby piece of parchment. Lines were drawn onto the parchment. The lines began to take shape. No one noticed a thing.




Meanwhile, Heinzl was making plans. Through his visits to various families, he had found out who were descendents of his followers. He decided that they had to die for their ancestors’ crimes, but first, he had to decide who was going to lead his cause.


After serious consideration, Heinzl decided to make Harry Potter and Hermione Granger the leaders of his group. They were the perfect people to lead the Muggle-born Uprising. Heinzl’s powers had increased thanks to the magical cores of the people he had killed but it was not enough.


He had detected some faint trace of magical power in that Dursley woman. He found that strange, since according to Harry’s memories, she was supposed to be a Muggle. He also remembered reading about Vernon Dursley’s sister Marge, who treated Harry worst than her dogs. She would have to pay for her crimes. But he decided that he would worry about it later.




That night, Harry and Hermione were on Prefect duties. Despite claims from Draco Malfoy that they were abusing their jobs, the two were proving to be popular. Unlike other prefects, they turned a blind eye to couples they caught kissing in broom closets but they did take points away from students caught on the Astronomy Tower going further than kissing. The couple listened to all complaints put before them, be it from a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, and dished out the detentions or deducted points accordingly. They were very fair in the punishments they dolled out, and had earned the students’ respect.


Their rounds that night took them to the Astronomy Tower, where they had to send off many students, who had gone up there for a late night snog, taking advantage of the nice weather.


Harry and Hermione waited for a few minutes to make sure no one else was there. Resisting the urge to have a snog, they made their way down the stairs to go down to the seventh floor. The air started to feel colder than it normally did that mid-September night. Then they saw a shimmer in the air in front of them, and within seconds, Heinzl appeared.


“Heinzl!” they both shouted.


“So, you know my name, Harry and Hermione. You have done your research well, my dear; I can see in your mind that you are into books and have vast amounts of knowledge stored away.” Hermione went red and then composed herself as she and Harry drew their wands.


“You don’t need those; I have no desire to harm you,” Heinzl said. The couple lowered them reluctantly.


“What do you want with us?” Harry asked. “I’m a half-blood and Hermione here is a Muggle-born.”


“It is for that reason I wish to speak to you. Follow me please.” Heinzl pressed a brick next to him and a door opened up. Both Harry and Hermione looked open mouthed – this wasn’t on the Marauder’s Map. They followed him into a passage which finished in a small room. There was a table which was hundreds of years old, as well as a couple of chairs. Heinzl motioned for the couple to sit down, which they did.


“Since my revival, I have learned a lot. I know of the injustice Muggle-borns have endured over the years since my entombment. You, Hermione, have suffered a lot since you began here at Hogwarts.”


The two looked on as Heinzl spoke, wanting to know where he was going on with this.


“Hermione, you were always a loner and hoped that when you began at Hogwarts after finding out about our world, you would make friends. I can imagine your joy when you first saw the Hogwarts Library.” Hermione went red.


“However, things did not go that way. You didn’t make many friends and plunged yourself into your work to make up for it. Then you made friends with Harry here and Ron Weasley and relaxed your attitude towards rule-breaking. Later on, you helped Harry recover a Philosopher’s Stone but in your second year, you got petrified by a Basilisk left by Salazar in his Chamber of Secrets.” Heinzl was silent after that sentence. Harry could tell he knew something about the chamber, but knew better than to ask him.


“Harry killed it and vanquished the memory of a recent Dark Lord from a Horcrux. Things must be bad if wizards are making those items – in my time, the Horcrux was banned by all civilized Wizarding countries.”


Harry replied to that. “Voldemort never subscribed to any form of morality. He tried to kill me as a baby on the basis of an incomplete prophecy.”


“I know. I have seen it in your mind. You two got closer and closer, and when Hermione told a Professor McGonagall that you received a broomstick for Christmas, thinking that a mass-murderer had sent it to you, you gave her the chance to explain her reasoning despite your other best friend turning evil over it. Because you realized that your friendship with Hermione was more important than any broomstick, that incident brought you together to become the couple I see before me now.”


The young couple went red.


“However, you two have been persecuted all your time here. Hermione, you have suffered many insults and injustices just because you are a Muggle-born. Certain purebloods feel that they should be the only ones to learn magic and hate you because you are better than them. Draco Malfoy, for instance, has used the term ‘Mudblood’ frequently. Your former Potions teacher, Severus Snape, despised you and frequently gave you low marks for your work simply because of what you are.


“Behaviour like that started when I was still alive, and when I was revived, I had hoped attitudes like it had been crushed. I was dismayed to learn that it wasn’t.


“Harry, you have suffered from your relatives because of what you are and what your parents are. Needless to say, they have suffered for their crimes.”


Harry looked shocked. “You didn’t…” he began.


“Yes, I killed them and I’d do it again!” Heinzl roared.


“So you killed those Purebloods?” Hermione asked.


“Yes, I did. They needed to suffer for their crimes. They were the main persecutors of Muggle-borns. Now we come to the point of this meeting. I need someone to lead my cause but I can’t do it myself. I have chosen the two of you to do this. We will vanquish the Purebloods from this world.”


“But not all Purebloods are bad,” Harry argued.


“All the Purebloods that persecute Muggle-borns must pay the price!” Heinzl yelled.


Hermione looked intently at Heinzl, processing every word he spoke. She knew he was right in the Pureblood’s treatment of Muggle-borns like herself.


“Hermione?” Harry asked. She raised her hand to silence him.


“We cannot join you, Heinzl. We would love to help you gain more rights for Muggle-borns but we cannot do so while you go around murdering Purebloods. We cannot gain rights for Muggle-borns while we stoop to the level of Voldemort and his followers and go about killing people. What needs to be done is for talks to take place and form a Muggle-born rights commission. We should be allowed to appeal directly to the Minister herself to plead for more rights. It cannot be done while you go about murdering people. Don’t you see that you’ve become what you hate?”


“So your answer is no.” Heinzl asked.


“The answer is no. We cannot lead your cause while you go about murdering the Pure-bloods. And murdering the Dursleys is not the way to get Harry’s support.”


“I agree with her, Heinzl, while I hated the Dursleys and wanted to do stuff to them for what they did to me, I never wanted them dead.”


“So be it,” Heinzl said. “Go now. You may regret your decision in due course. But let me tell you now, when the time comes to choose, pick the right side, for you will only get one chance.” Heinzl then vanished into thin air. Harry and Hermione looked shocked at this.




Heinzl spent the next two days visiting the descendents of his followers. He went to the Parkinson residence first. His mind probes revealed that Pansy’s mother was descended from his follower Rintan. The Nott family were descendents of Hordak, the Zabinis were related to Sarn, the Flints to Turoc, Goyles to Storr, Crabbes to Azrkan and the Malfoys to Varga. He didn’t find Vek’s, Zondal’s, Valon’s or Azaxyr ‘s descendents. He decided to search for them abroad as soon as his task in the UK was complete. He visited the families one by one, and killed all the adult members of the particular bloodline, declaring them guilty of betraying their heritage by pretending to be purebloods and also declaring their ancestors guilty of treason by throwing away their heritage in order to hide. After each death, he drained their magical cores. He was now becoming more a real person and was able to touch objects for large periods of time.


Also during this time, Annabeth started screaming for no reason at various times. Molly Weasley was unable to calm her down during each confrontation. Then, one night, Annabeth released a giant magical wave which shattered every piece of glass in the Burrow.




Dumbledore asked Sirius and Remus to join him in his office a few days later.


“I must ask you not to tell Harry this, due to his feelings towards them, but the Dursleys were found murdered in their home three days ago.”


To say Sirius and Remus were sad about the news would be a lie. Sirius showed joy at the news.


“The bad news is that Marge Dursley has gotten it into her head that Harry was behind the murders and has convinced the Muggle authorities to issue an arrest warrant for him. The Aurors have checked the scene and have found traces of a magical signature in the area, although they were killed using a bladed weapon.”


“What rubbish. No matter what Harry thought of them, he would never murder them! Besides, he’s had no chance to,” Sirius argued.


“Padfoot, remember he blew Marge Dursley up before third year,” Remus replied.


“But it was an emotional response to her slanderous comments about James and Lily.”


“ENOUGH!” Dumbledore shouted, “The Ministry didn’t press charges because we can’t be in complete control of their emotions.”


Both Sirius and Remus quickly shut up. They looked at Dumbledore.


“Minister Bones and Auror Kinsley Shacklebolt are doing their best to clear up this situation, especially since autopsies reveal that they died at 11:15 AM on September 1st. Harry has a watertight alibi. However, if this is not cleared up by the Christmas Holidays, during which I presume he will be either going home to Potter Manor or be staying with Miss Granger, he has to be careful. According to Auror Shacklebolt, who interviewed her, if charges are not filed, then Marge Dursley plans to petition for custody of Harry.”


Remus and Sirius were shocked at the news.




Dean Thomas and Lavender Brown were walking towards Gryffindor Tower, hoping to get there before curfew began. There were rumours that Slytherins were attacking Muggle-borns and they wanted to get out of the way. Dean was thrilled since Lavender had agreed to go with him on the next Hogsmeade visit.


They made it to the sixth floor but Draco Malfoy and his gang of Slytherins were waiting for them.


“Well, well, well,” Draco began, “Filthy Muggle-borns. The Wizarding world needs to be purged of scum like you and now is a good time to start.”


Both Dean and Lavender ignored him. They were used to his comments. They went to go in another direction but there was another Slytherin on guard.


“You can’t do anything about us, Malfoy,” Dean said. “Muggle-borns have as much rights as pure-bloods.”


“You’re wrong there, Thomas. Muggle-borns don’t have many rights at all and now that my father is out of prison, he’ll be making sure filth like you are exterminated as soon as possible.”


“The Ministry won’t support mass murder just because of your father,” Dean said.


“Who said anything about the Ministry?” asked Draco, as he and Pansy got second wands out of their pockets. “If it comes back to us, then we’ll say we were put under the Imperius Curse.”


Shocked, Dean and Lavender got their wands out.


“Thank you. Now we can also say we were provoked.” The rest of the Slytherins left the area. Draco and Pansy advanced on the Gryffindor duo.


“Avada Kedavra!” the Slytherins said. Green light, representing the killing curse hit the Gryffindors and they flew towards a wall. Draco and Pansy decided to make themselves scarce before anyone caught them at the scene.




Heinzl woke up feeling what had happened and roared loudly.




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