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Flowers. by toonmili
Chapter 15 : The Minister Of Magic
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A/N: Thanks again Bron for the heads up on the errors in the last chapter.... and for reviewing.

CHAPTER: The Minister of Magic.

Tonks sat up in her bed and wiped the sweat from her brow. She had a nightmare. For the entire week she hadn’t been able to sleep, night after night she would be plagued by the same thing… bodies lying on the floor just like Lupin’s when he died… only this time there were no faces. But she didn’t need to see the faces to know who it was… It was Severus and Jane, she knew it. It was like someone was trying to tell her that they were hurt, that they needed her help… every night was the same thing. She wished there was a way to get to them but she had no idea where they were… Severus could have gone anywhere and Tabitha could have found them the same way she did before.

Tonks took a deep breath and tried to calm herself… hopefully it was just a dream. She slid back down on the bed. She laid in the dark with her eyes wide open. She was afraid to go back to sleep, she couldn’t deal with having that dream again. She couldn’t see them dead.


Tonks was scheduled to return to work after the New Year but it became impossible for her to sit at home all day and wonder what was happening with Severus and Jane. She had to keep herself busy; she had to carry on with life.

There were a lot of questions she had to answer. The lies had become so easy to her that she said as if it was the truth. She couldn’t tell anyone that she had found Severus, that he had a daughter and a wife who wanted to kill them both. She couldn’t talk to her friends in a hushed voice about the relationship they had, about the fact that they had fallen in love…. all that was impossible. As far as the rest of the world was concerned Severus Snape no longer existed.

She sat at her desk and changed the calendar to read the current date. She picked up a file that was already on her desk and began to browse through it. She could hear the rest of her team coming in slowly and taking their seats. No one seemed to willing to ask her what happened while she was on vacation… everyone knew there was a huge mess the minister had to clean up. Everyone avoided eye contact except Harry.

“Hey Tonks,” he said.

She nodded at him. She returned her attention to file… she could already see something was different. “What’s this?” she asked Harry, holding up the file.

Harry passed his hand through his hair and mumbled something about “new assignment.”

She couldn’t believe that. “This is our new assignment… missing persons.” She couldn’t believe it… she had been demoted.

Harry shrugged. “It’s only for a while…I mean he probably didn’t want to put you into anything too heavy yet.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah right, he thinks I’m incompetent.”

Harry shook his head but she could tell he was probably thinking the same thing. How could she explain to them what happened to the two muggles and leave Severus out of it and not make herself look like a total idiot. How could she corroborate what Robert told the nurse when he was in his hysterics and not sound like an idiot. They knew she knew she was dangerous… they couldn’t understand why she would leave him with her in the house. She just thanked god that he didn’t mention Arthur at that moment, that she was able to warn him before her boss spoke to him. As far as everyone was concerned she panicked… and ran from her job… But she couldn’t complain, she didn’t care how many people thought she was coward, as long as she gave Severus and Jane a chance, that was worth it.

“I knew he was angry,”

“When is Mr. Cera ever not angry?”

She shrugged. “I just wised I didn’t have to drag my entire team down with me.”

Harry shrugged. “Hey, Ginny is always complaining that we have too much dangerous work to do anyway… I’ll be glad for a break from the action.” He laughed. “You never know, we might actually find one of these people.”

She sighed and turned away. There was no one to find. The missing persons file was filled with persons who were believed to be missing. Family members of people who went missing since the war filed a missing persons report. It was quite sad because everyone knew they were dead. The other cases were of people who believed they spotted missing persons. When everything was checked out most of the time it would turn out to be a hoax. This was the job you got just before they sacked you. There was nothing to do here. She didn’t know if she was being punished or if she was actually going to be fired.

She began to flip though the file, trying to find someone who had a chance of being found, who wasn’t most likely killed by Voldemort. It was so difficult to find a way to tell a wife, son, a daughter, mother or a father this his son was most likely dead and they should give up… who could give up on something like that. But the truth was most of these people who were not found were most likely dead. Tonks sighed and turned to Harry. “Anything yet,” she said

Harry shook his head. “No… nothing. This bloke called Mannie Grey is convinced he saw Snape…”


Harry looked startled. “It’s total rubbish, it appeared in the prophet about three weeks ago… I mean… he said that Snape had a wife and a kid… a daughter. He’s a clown in Circus for crying out loud.” He said this with a laugh in his voice.

“A magician,” Tonks mumbled, remembering the time Jane ran away to see Mannie.

“Oh…you’re right… he pretends to be a fake wizard for a living… people like that are always trying to make money… I’m sure Skeeter paid him a good bit for that crap. I mean… I saw him die… how many timed do I have to say that… they found a body.” Harry shook his head and turned the page of the file.

“Harry,” Tonks whispered. “Can I see that file instead… this one is just filled with Sirius sightings.”

He nodded and handed over the file to her. Tonks took it with shaking hands and turned her chair to get herself in a tiny corner. She flipped the pages… There was a long article clipped from the prophet. It was filled with a conspiracy theory about Severus not really being dead. It read. “While his story does seem like a stretch of the imagination, it does however raise some unavoidable questions. Was it actually the snake bitten, unrecognizable body of Severus Snape pulled from the haunted shack or was it a hoax… intended to fool us all.” The rest of the article was concerned with another theory about Severus hiding away with an intention of becoming the new dark lord. Tonks held in her breath, hardly able to breath. “Crap,” she said quietly. All that time she was wondering how Tabitha found him and the answer was always in the Daily Prophet. He was sold out by Mannie. She knew it was most likely totally innocent on his part but she couldn’t believe that Jane running away would come back to hunt them that way. To everyone else who read that article it would be something silly, worthy of the quibbler but for her it was nightmare, for Tabitha it was probably a dram come through. Someone had given her the ultimate gift- exactly that she was looking for.

She wondered if anyone would ever connect what happened to her there to the story with Mannie, She hoped to god that everyone had got it out of their head by then… that it was no different than a Sirius Black sighting.



Someone was banging down her door. It was in the middle of the night, who could be banging down her door at that hour. She got up, slightly disoriented and made her way to the door with her wand in her hand. “Who’s there?” she asked.

“Me… Harry,” he said.

She sighed and opened the door. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?”

He walked in the door and began to pace up and down. “You have to come to the holding cell right now?”

“The holding cell, why?” she asked.

“We have a prisoner there and Mr.Cera needs you there?”

Something was wrong with Harry, he was acting very agitated. His face was white, his eyes where wild. “Are you okay,” she asked him.

He nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine, just go get ready…. Now…. He’s waiting.”

She rushed… she just got out of the dog house about two months ago for the incident, she didn’t want to piss Mr. Cera off again. She had no idea it would have taken that long to get back in his favor but he was apparently very angry… he contemplated firing her several times. She rushed to her room and washed up quickly. “Teddy… he’s in his bed still.”

“I’ll take him to my place, but you have to go now, it’s very important that you are there.”

She nodded and walked to the fireplace and took the floo to the ministry. She went down the basement where the offices were and passed down the narrow corridor to the holding cells. This was where they held people before they went to Azkaban. She went into the general area… everyone was there, it must have been someone very important they caught. She walked up to her boss. “Sir, Potter said you wanted me here.”

He seemed startled by her for a moment then looked at long and hard and for a moment she thought she saw some suspicion in his eyes. “Kingsley, she’s here,” he said.

Kingsley walked over to her and took her in a corner where there were alone. “Nymphadora… we are holding two people here…”

“Who,” she asked, feeling panicky now.

“Well we are really holding one… well it should have nothing to do with you, yet it does.”

“How,” she asked getting frustrated now.

He sighed. “It’s best I show you.”

He took her back to the crowd outside the holding cells and wormed his way through it. Everyone made way for the minister. He stopped at the door and opened it slightly. He sort of pushed her in, shielding the prisoner from the crowd and came in the room. “Do you see our problem Nymphadora… she is just a child.”

Tonks looked at her face, streaked with tears. She saw the recognition in her eyes. “No,” Tonks whispered. And her little face got still but she looked at her in an understanding manner. She knew that she wanted to run to her too. She knew she missed her just as much.

Kingsley walked over to the little blond girl with bone straight hair and grey eyes. “Would you believe me if I told you… this is the prisoner’s daughter and he requested that someone he knows… someone from the Order look after her… I asked him who… and who do you think he said.

“Me…” she whispered. “But whose child is she.” She only asked because she knew she was supposed to ask.

“Would you believe me if I said she is Severus Snape’s child.”

A/N: So he’s back… I had a bit of a block in this chapter. I have lots of things to explain, but I will eventually… just like I explained how Tabitha found them, and a little bit of how Snape is alive.

I know you guys are probably wondering why Snape is a prisoner… Well since part of Rita’s article was true, they are making sure that the whole thing isn’t true.

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