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Fools Like Me by AuburnFair
Chapter 12 : Paris when it Sizzles
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“Rosie, Victoire will be here any minute, get yourself dressed and down here!” I sat up groggily, blinking and looking around. I had fallen asleep while watching a movie with Scorpius (a phenomenon he had never experienced) and yet somehow I was tucked snugly into my own bed. As I pulled back my duvet a small piece of parchment floated to the ground.

I didn’t want to wake you


I smiled girlishly as I got dressed, putting on my cutest dress robes to go shopping. The smell of cooking bacon overwhelmed me. “Mum, did you make breakfast?” I asked incredulously as I entered the kitchen.

“Oh Merlin no.” Mum said smiling. “Spencer did.” Scorpius was standing at the stove, spatula in hand flipping bacon , muggle style. A large stack of pancakes sat on a plate next to him. I had to contain a laugh…he was the biggest kiss up I had ever met in my life. All week he had been wooing my parents. If they were any more besotted with him they would probably adopt him.

“Well Hermione, I’m off to meet Harry at-Oh!” Dad stopped in his tracks, swiveling around. “Are those pancakes?” Scorpius nodded and offered him a plate. A look of sheer joy lit up Dad’s face as he dug into his pancakes with gusto. “Brilliant.” He muttered between bites. “Positively brilliant. I say Spencer, how did you learn to cook like this?”

“My family has a cook, and she taught me how to make a few things…mainly breakfast.” He winked at me as he handed me a plate of delicious looking food. A few bites proved that they were in fact the most divine buttery pancakes I had ever eaten. How was it possible for this boy to be so perfect?

All of a sudden there was a flash of green light from the living room as someone floo’d in.

“Is someone cooking?” came a familiar voice. A handsome young man entered the kitchen.

“Teddy!” I exclaimed. I had completely forgotten that he would be coming with Victoire. The two were just recently married, and sometimes I forgot that Victoire was no longer a Weasley, but a Lupin.

“Why Rose, did you make us breakfast?” Victoire asked as she too entered the kitchen, brushing the ashes from her robes.

“Why does everyone assume that it’s not me?” Mum asked in a slightly distressed voice.

“Mum, you can’t cook.” I said as kindly as possible. Dad snorted into his pancakes and Mum shot him a look.

“She does have a point dear.” He muttered, winking at me.

“Actually Victoire, Sc-Spencer here made us this lovely breakfast.” Victoire turned to Scorpius and raised her eyebrows. I mentally kicked myself. I completely forgotten that Victoire had been a seventh year when Scorpius and I were first years. Surely she would recognize him. But she just smiled warmly.

“Well, it smells great. Teddy and I have already eaten actually. Rose darling, you look lovely.” She bent down and air kissed me on both cheeks. “Come along then dear, we need all the time we can get.” I puzzled.

“Victoire, it’s eight o clock in the morning.” She winked at me.

“Trust me, come on.”

After we pulled Scorpius out of the kitchen (“no really Spencer dear, Ronald and I can get the dishes, its fine.”) the four of us gathered on the lawn.

“So, are we going to Diagon Ally?” I asked Victoire. She smiled.

“No.” she said elusively. “Take my arm, Spencer you can go with Teddy.”

The was a rushing squeezing sensation and everything went black. Once I finally regained my balance, I looked around. I did not recognize the street we stood on, nor the strange language that everyone around me was speaking.

“Where are we?” I wondered aloud. Victoire giggled like a schoolgirl.

“Why Paris of course! Where else would we get you a fabulous dress?” there was a pop as Teddy and Scorpius appeared next to us. Once everything was explained to Scorpius, he asked where we would be shopping.

“We are shopping in the muggle designer shops. You and Teddy will be going to the Wizard District to find you some dress robes.”

“You really don’t need to buy me something.” Scorpius answered, ever the gentleman.

“Oh don’t be ridiculous.” Victoire dismissed with a wave of her manicured hand. “Teddy and I want our dear Rosie’s date to look just as superb as she will.”

“I understand…I can purchase my own though, it really won’t be a problem.” Scorpius’ family had quite a bit of money to which he had complete access.

“Look, if you don’t let us buy it for you, you go back to England.” Teddy interjected with false sternness. “Besides, we have to leave the ladies; otherwise they can’t talk about us.”

I laughed. “Oh Teddy, we would talk about you whether you were here or not.” Teddy smirked and Scorpius shot me a look as if to ask if I were ok with him leaving. “Go with him.” I mouthed. He nodded.

“Alright then, it seems I have no choice.” He finally conceded. Teddy clapped him on the back.

“That’s the spirit.” He said cheerily. “We’ll see you girls in a few hours.”

“Oh we’ll need more than that…we’ll meet you for dinner. Call me on my mirror.” She waved her small silver two-way mirror, the wizarding equivalent of what my mother called a cell phone. “Now,” she said turning to me. “Let’s get to shopping, shall we?”

Victoire was by far the best shopping partner I had ever had. Having spent all of her summers in France with her grandparents, she knew all the great stores. “Don’t be fooled by name brands,” she told me with a finger wag. “Sometimes it’s the unknowns who are just starting out that have the best garments for the best prices.” We bypassed the wizard district, which carried all the big name designers that I knew. “You know, they have lovely robes, but no one makes a dress like a French muggle.” She said confidently.

Finally we ducked into a small shop called “enjoué.” It was a cute little shop with beautiful clothes hanging on the walls. Spheres of light were hanging from the ceiling.

“Bonjour.” Called a small black haired woman from the back of the store, who was in fact Madame Enjoué. She started talking to Victoire who answered in rapid and fluent French. As they discussed the occasion of which I was shopping for, I perused the store, wondering how Scorpius was holding up with Teddy. Teddy was a very mischievous person. I was sure Scorpius was fine…but after almost week of having him constantly at my side it felt strange to be without him.

“Rosie dear,” Victoire called from the other end of the store. “come try these on.” She was standing by a fitting room which was draped with several gorgeous gowns. I shut myself inside the room and tried on the first dress. It was a green one with a fitted top and a high waist that gave way to a full petaled skirt.

I went out to show Madam Enjoue and Victoire. As I spun around I heard Madame speaking to me, but I had no idea what she was saying.

“She says it is too big. My dear Rose, you really are quite slender.” Victoire complimented. The next dress I tried on was the perfect color, but not the right cut. “You need something less frivolous. Keep it simple and elegant.” She told me wisely. The last dress was the most beautiful thing I had laid eyes on. It was floor length with a sweet heart neckline and a gathered skirt. When I showed Victoire, she gasped with delight. “It’s perfect!” she exclaimed. Madame said something in a disapproving voice. “She says it’s the wrong color.” Victoire explained. It was true, the dress was a pale pink, it didn’t have enough color for my porcelain skin. “But, we can fix that.” She said smiling. Thank Merlin for magic.

“It’s terribly expensive though.” I said, eyeing the price tag. Victoire laughed her tinkling laugh.

“My dear, we are Weasley’s…money is not an issue. Besides,” she said as she opened her checkbook, “I just received my paycheck.” Victoire was deputy French Ambassador for the ministry of magic.

After purchasing the dress with her credit card (“it draws money straight from my Gringotts account.) Victoire and I settled down at a small roadside café for lunch.

“So my dear,” Victoire began between spoonfuls of her bulliobaisse, “When are you going to tell me why you have been traipsing about Hogwarts with young mister Malfoy?” I almost choked on my foi gras.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I stammered, dabbing my lips with a napkin. She cocked an eyebrow and I knew it was no use. “How did you know?”

“Rose darling, I wasn’t born yesterday.” She said, taking a sip of her wine. “I recognized the boy. And Albus told me when we were at the Potter’s yesterday.” I fumed inwardly. Albus would pay for this later.

“I don’t understand then, if you knew who Scorpius was, then why didn’t you tell my parents?” I asked.

“I’m not out to get you Rose, I think Scorpius Malfoy is a fine young man, and I know that if you are dating him then he passed all of your high expectations. I just wanted to make sure that you know how risky this is…neither your parents nor his parents would be happy if they found out about this.”

“I know.” I sighed, playing with the tablecloth absently. “It just doesn’t seem fair that we have to be punished for their prejudices. Besides…they love Scorpius, or at least they love Spencer.”

“I know love.” Victoire said sympathetically. “Sometimes life isn’t fair though. I know what will make you feel better though.” Her face visibly brightened.

“And what would that be?” I asked.

“Some accessories to go with that fabulous dress of yours…let’s go.”

We were still shopping at six thirty when Victoire’s mirror rang.

“Hello?” she answered, shielding it from view of all the muggles on the street. I couldn’t hear Teddy, for I was standing behind her. “Alright…well we’re about done…yes…yes…okay, meet us in the place that we talked about…yes, that’s the one…I love you too…goodbye.”

“What was that about?” I asked. She just smiled mysteriously.

“You’ll see.”

An hour later, the four of us were seated on a large blanket with a candlelit picnic spread in front of us on a lawn right across from the Eiffel tower. A band was playing lovely jazz music and there were couples dancing on a raised wooden platform in the center of the field. It was by far the nicest dinner I had ever eaten. After about an hour of conversation, Teddy pulled Victoire out to the dance floor and left Scorpius and I alone.

“Did you get your dress?” he asked.

“But of course.”

“May I see it?”

“No you may not, it’s going to be a surprise. Did you have fun with Teddy?” I asked. He smirked.

“He’s quite a character.” Was his only reply.



“Victoire and Teddy know who you are.” I said hesitantly. To my shock he looked less than surprise.

“I know, he informed me of such. Apparently your cousin told them.” He helped himself to another piece of cheesecake and offered me one, but I declined. “It’s alright Rose, they won’t tell. Actually,” he paused, “I was thinking we should just go ahead and tell your parents who I am.”

“That’s not a good idea Scorpius.” I said quickly. “You don’t know how much of a big deal this is.”

“Yes I do.” He laughed humorously. “But it’s not your parents that I am worried about.” Seeing my worried face, he turned serious. “Listen, if it worries you we won’t say anything…I promise.” He took my head in his hands and kissed me on the forehead. “Come on,” he said, standing up. “Let’s dance.”

The music was soft and low as we walked onto the stage. I started to put my arms around his neck, but he took my hand in his. “Put your hand on my shoulder.” He instructed as he put his other hand on my waist. Slowly but gracefully he began leading me around in a slow waltz. Victoire and Teddy smiled at us from across the floor. I laughed out loud.

“What?” he asked, slightly concerned.

“Nothing.” I replied. “It’s just that you never cease to amaze me.” He smiled as he spun me around and lowered me into a dip.

“You are worth amazing.”

Finally, once almost all the other couples had left, Teddy announced that it was time to leave.

“Gracious!” I said, looking at his watch. “It’s eleven!”

“Not in England.” Victoire reminded me. “Remember, France is an hour ahead.”

We apparated back to the edge of my street. It was deserted except for a lone dog walking around.

“This is where we leave you.” Victoire said. “Goodbye love.” She said, kissing me on the cheek. “Mr. Malfoy, you are truly enchanting…it was lovely meeting you.” And with that she and Teddy apparated into the night.

Hand in hand Scorpius and I began walking towards the house. The lights were on, which struck me as strange. My parents didn’t usually stay up past ten. I told Scorpius that they must have been waiting for us, but he didn’t seem so sure. When we reached the front porch, he stopped me.

“I had a wonderful time with you Rose.” He said in a slightly strained voice. “And I wanted to let you know that I love you.”

“Erm, okay…” I began, but he cut me off with the longest and most fantastic kiss I had ever had in my entire life. “Alright then.” I said breathlessly once he pulled away. “I love you too.”

We were still kissing when the door opened, revealing the worst possible person I could ever imagine seeing.

“Well son,” came the voice of Draco Malfoy, “It’s wonderful to see you again.” 

Hooray for cliffies! I appologize for the shortness and terrible editing of this chapter, I am writing it on a laptop in a hotel room, so...yeah. But I do hope you enjoyed it...please be sure to review.

and check out my meet the author page, because I want to "meet" you! 


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