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HarryPotter & The Power Of The Four by GoldenPotter
Chapter 4 : Back To Safety
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Chapter 4
Back To Safety

Oh My God ..
Here’s the next chapter. And I assure you next chapter’s on its way as well.
I don’t believe I could write something so long. I’ve so many plans…
I’ll try my best to post a chapter a day. Hope I don’t grow ‘boring’ in mid-chapters.
I love you guys..

This chapter’s bit longer than the earlier chapters. Anyway, enjoy!

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Nothing is my own.

It had been hours since Hedwig had left. The afternoon sun was now overhead and the band of light coming through the window had receded. Harry sat waiting for some indication that the owl had reached its destination. He had tried his best to stop thinking about the consequences of Voldemort knowing the Prophecy. It clearly meant they had lost the upper hand in the war.


Harry stood up so quickly he heard his back creak. He heard aunt Petunia scream downstairs and ran towards the locked closet door. Harry could easily associate the sound with someone apperating. He tried to force open the lock but failed. He heard hurried footsteps at the stairs and ran to the opposite corner. He was an easy target without his wand if it were a death eater.

The bedroom door burst open with a flash of the ‘alohamora’ charm. Harry ducked involuntarily in case a spell was cast at him.

“Don’t worry Harry, I wont hex you.”
Harry felt relief flush over him. The last thing he had expected was to see Remus Lupin standing at the open door.

“I’m sorry I had to Jinx your Aunt downstairs. She will wake up in about half hour. We have got to get out of here immediately.” Lupin continued.
“Pleased to meet you too, Lupin.” A pleasant smile spread across Harry’s face.
“C’mon” Lupin urged pulling out a piece of a broken soup bowl.
“You’ll have to unlock it for me” Harry pointed at the locked closet door.

It was quite some time before Harry had managed all his belongings into his trunk and had his wand by his side. He faced Lupin’s worried form with a gesture of completion.

“You gave us all some real fright Harry! Dumbledore though took the news quit coolly. Ah well! But he is Dumbledore. I might never understand him. We better hurry up. On the count of three then.” Lupin said holding out the piece of soup bowl with his gloved hand.


Harry touched the portkey and felt the all too familiar pull somewhere behind his naval. After moments of harsh journey, he hit solid ground at 12, Grimmauled place.

“Welcome back Harry” Dumbledore held out a hand to Harry which he thankfully took. Harry stood up and dusted off his dirty clothes. He didn’t have quite an appropriate appearance to be in front of his headmaster, He thought guiltily as Dumbledore’s eyes scanned him from behind the half moon spectacles.

“You seem to be much more than we thought!” Dumbledore said proudly from under his long hooked nose. Harry could understand neither head nor tail of the sentence but he didn’t bother to try solving riddles.

“He knows about the prophecy.” He managed.

“We are aware of it” Dumbledore said grimly “and only as a precaution have you been removed from Private Drive. One of our spies announced the same news in the meeting just before Mr. Ron Weasly and Miss Granger began banging on the door to disclose the news.

“So Voldemort’s succeeded” Harry Moaned “I should have closed my mind to foreign influence by now. Its all my fault.”

“Actually Harry, I don’t think so. Now, I feel that Voldemort’s knowledge of the prophecy will not do us much harm. You see, Voldemort has already committed the mistake of marking you as his equal” Dumbledore’s eyes lingered towards Harry’ well known lightning bolt scar “and he is still too ignorant to believe in your powers. We shouldn’t brood over a humming bird when the phoenix is still alive! I hope you will concentrate on more pressing matters at present and stop worrying about Voldemort for a while. I feel you have friends dying to meet you upstairs?”

“What kind of a letter was that? I thought there was an attack or something. You scared the wits out of me.” Hermionee dragged Harry into the room without looking at him as he opened the door of his and Ron’s last year’s bedroom. No matter how hard she tried, Hermionee couldn’t hide her tearstained face from Harry.

“In one piece, mate?” Ron said as he stood up from the couch he had buried himself into.

“You both look as if I was dead” Harry said a smile spreading across his face. This was how he wanted his vacations to be – with his friends and away from the constant taunts of his cousin.

“Well, the situation was like that you know. As soon as we told the news, Lupin was sent too fetch you and Snape left hastily too.” Ron commented.
Hermionee tried to wipe the tears off her face secretly before she spoke “We thought something big had happened. The way everyone was acting”


The Weasly twins apperated right in the middle of the trio grinning from ear to ear. They wore the best coats Harry had ever seen and certainly seemed to show off the success they had had at business.

“I must say your finance is productive,” Fred said seeing Harry’s lingering eyes “Few more years and we might as well be able to pay back you debt.”

“You don’t need to” Harry said pretending to be hurt “I never considered it a debt.”

“Neither do we” Gorge said understandingly “Anyway, you see we are the new official ‘Order of the Phoenix reporters’ for these two here. Though we still aren’t allowed in most of the important meetings, we do convince the others to take us in sometimes”

“Like today” added Fred “I think you already know half of it as Harry is already here. What I don’t understand is the guard duty they were talking about. Wasn’t the prophecy broken last year?”

“They indeed were talking about guarding something at the department of mysteries.” George continued “AND I’ve been dieing to hear about the prophecy the fuss was all about”

Every eye in the room seemed to concentrate on Harry and every mind seemed to have come out of a trance. Harry sighed. Seeing the enquiring faces all around him, he decided to give up. He recited the whole prophecy with occasional Oohs! And aahs! from the crowd. By the end, Ron had a terrified expression on his face. Hermionee Seemed shocked and her eyes had become defocused. But Fred and George had triumphant smiles on their faces.

“It means we’re going to lose you?” Ron stuttered.
“No you pessimistic little brother, it means Harry’s going to kill you-know-who.”

Harry sighed again “Either of it”

“I knew it” Ron exclaimed suddenly “I knew it would be Harry who would kill you-know-who. I mean, who else has escaped from right through his fingers so many times!” Harry frowned. He didn’t want any kind of complexion in their friendship just because of a stupid prophecy.

“Harry, do you think you have powers that you-know-who doesn’t have?” Fred piped up.

“I don’t know” Harry replied truthfully searching for some way to steer the discussion away from the prophecy. He asked cautiously “How’s Percy?”

A grin spread across Ron’s face “You should’ve seen him apologizing before dad. Mum cried out of happiness when he returned though. I made him feel sorry for the nonsense letter he wrote last year. And he sure isn’t going to repeat the mistake he has done, these two have made sure of it” Ron pointed towards the twins who were grinning in spite of themselves.

Percy peaked into the room momentarily before he came in and faced Harry shamefully “Hi Harry ! Sorry for the letter. I actully am.

“I don’t mind much. We didn’t take it seriously anyway” Harry said trying to make his face look as somber as possible “But I wouldn’t have minded if you could’ve at least given me a look in the Wizangamout. You were acting as if you don’t know me at all.”

Percy just stood there looking at the ground as if afraid it would rise and swallow him right through. Harry walked towards Percy and hugged him tight. He almost equaled him in height.

“Lets go to bed before mum comes and makes us to” Fred said and with a ‘krack’, him, George and Percy were gone. Hermionee didn’t even move as if she was oblivious to everything going around her. Ron gave her a push at the shoulders which brought her back to reality. She stood up, and walked out quietly without even a glance at Harry.

“What’s up with her?” Harry asked Ron as he sat down on his own bed.

“Since when has she been taking big news casually? It’s her, you know” Ron gave a wide yawn before he closed his eyes.

Harry followed suit. It had been a long day.

“er.. Harry?”

“What now Ron?” Harry said impatiently.

“Happy Birthday!”

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