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Paper Roses by Proud Hufflepuff
Chapter 1 : Hanging on a Warning
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Her heart thumped as she stood in front of one of the many restaurants in Diagon Alley. Many times, she was asked if she could be helped to find her way. Each time, Olivia responded 'no.' She was waiting for someone. Someone who hadn't noticed her in the seven years they'd gone to school together. Someone who hadn't noticed her until the previous week.

Sirius. He'd finally noticed that she existed. He'd finally seen that she was the one who gave him the answer to number twenty on a Potions exam in fourth year. She was the one who had helped him in Transfiguration when he couldn't get a spell right. Finally, he'd noticed that maybe she deserved a chance. Olivia McDonald deserved a chance in Sirius's little book of dates. Of course, she didn't know for sure that he had one of those, but she figured he did.

Her blue eyes flitted around the street as darkness began to engulf it. People were slowly filtering into their shops and turning out the lights inside them. She dared a glance at her watch. Her eyes widened when she saw that he was approximately three hours late. She could feel the pink flushing into her face in sheer embarrassment.

She should have known better than that. He was Sirius Black. He didn't look at girls like Olivia. He looked at the ones who were stupid and would sleep with him without thinking about it. He liked the ones who didn't care about anything but him and their looks. Never before had Olivia realized how naïve she was. She'd been half in love with him since she was sixteen years old and yet he never failed to forget she was the one who'd helped him when he didn't understand something in class.

Olivia's breathing quickened as she stalked down the street. She dug something out of her purse and read the address he'd written on her gum wrapper. He'd said he might like to get drinks there sometime, so she figured that perhaps he'd be there. If not, there was always his home address that he'd written on the reverse side of the wrapper. Her pace became faster as she approached the bars at the beginning of the alley. She pushed the door opened forcefully and her face contorted in mental anguish when she spotted him.

She hadn't expected any less at this point in time. He was chatting it up with a pretty blond who couldn't take her hands off him. His jet black hair was long, so Olivia figured something was wrong in his personal life. She pushed the thought away. She was not going to care anymore. He'd stood her up and she was simply not going to give a damn. She pushed her way through the party-goers until she was standing face to face with him.

“How could you?” she asked him, her voice dangerously low.

“Do what, darling?” he responded, his speech slightly slurred.

Olivia's jaw dropped. How could he forget? He was the one who'd gone out of his way to approach her. He was the one who'd asked her on a date in front of...She felt like her heart was being stabbed mercilessly. They'd dared him. They'd dared him to ask her out and he did so without following through with the part where he goes out with her.

“You stood me up,” Olivia informed him angrily. Her brow furrowed together in anger, confusion and frustration. What was wrong with him? How couldn't he remember her? She'd helped him pass so that he wasn't still in Hogwarts.

Almost reflexively, her hand met his cheek in a hard smack. He blinked his grey eyes at her and had a blank and stunned expression on her face. She held her hand by its wrist to her chest, surprised at herself. The blond pressed her lips to his other cheek before scurrying off. His hand flew to the cheek she'd smacked as though to nurse his wound. Something in her made him want to keep slapping him and do it until she could no longer muster the strength to. She managed to keep herself as calm as possible, calm enough not to resort to smacking him.

“It was a joke, love. You weren't supposed to show,” he said, slightly drunkenly. “Come with me.”

She raised her brow as he took her by the hand and practically dragged her through the bar. She found herself stumbling over her high heels as they walked into the cobble-stone street.

“I wore high heels for you and I curled my hair for you,” she informed him, tone still bitter and angry.

“Good,” he responded nonchalantly as he led her up a flight of stairs. Her heart began to beat a furiously fast pace. The moment he opened a door and shut it, she felt like screaming. But as she opened his mouth, she found his lips on hers. She kissed him with fury and passion as he guided her somewhere. She wasn't sure where he'd planned on taking her but got a good idea when he laid her flat on his bed and hovered over her.

“Good enough date?” Sirius asked her.

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Paper Roses: Hanging on a Warning


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