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The First Kiss Series: Arthur Weasley and Molly Prewett by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246
Chapter 1 : Christmas Wish
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            It was a cold, rainy night, and Molly Prewett had had enough homework. It was nearing ten, and she was one of the few left in the nearly empty great hall working on her essay. In light of the upcoming Christmas holiday, they were forced to write a Christmas-related essay. She was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go to bed.

            Glancing around at the four house tables, she saw that there were eight of them in the great hall. Three Gryffindors, two Ravenclaws, two Hufflepuffs and one Slytherin. As she continued watching, the Slytherin stood and strutted from the hall. Molly rolled her eyes and glanced up the Gryffindor table, feeling rather lonely.

As her eyes fell upon Arthur Weasley, she figured it wasn’t all bad. He was seven seats away from her, working diligently on his own essay for the same class. Molly knew her brothers would give her hell for even thinking of talking to him, but that wasn’t what Molly wanted anyway. She wanted to kiss him.

            Molly had fancied Arthur for at least a year now, but she was too shy to do anything about it. Apparently, he hardly noticed her. Molly drummed her fingers on the table, trying to scheme. She could go talk to him, but what would she say? She knew that he loved anything Muggle-related, but the problem with that was that she barely knew anything to do with Muggles. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them – she just found the magical world more exciting.

Focus, Molly. She straightened her back and tried to clear her mind of anything that didn’t have to do with Arthur Weasley. Unfortunately, all she could think of was that she only had about 70 words written down in the essay. Glancing back at her essay once more, she finally got the inspiration that she had been seeking – he was writing the same essay as her, after all.

            She grabbed her essay pages and stood up, taking a few shaky breaths. Two other students had left now, and Molly found that her nerves decreased slightly. Taking courage in hand, she walked down a few chairs and stopped beside him. “Err…Arthur?”

            Arthur glanced up from his essay and smiled at her. She felt her knees start to go weak. “What can I do you for?”

            Molly felt her breath hitch in her throat as her knees gave out. Had it not been for Arthur reacting quickly and steadying her, she would have fallen. He gently tugged her down onto the bench beside him, “A bit wobbly?”

            Only wobbly around you, Molly itched to say. Instead she smiled and said, “A bit. How far are you on the Muggle Studies essay?”

            “Nearly finished. I just have to explain how the Muggles decorate their Christmas tree – honestly, it’s rather fascinating. And they do it all by hand! They don’t have any fancy spells to do it for them like we do. Did you know that they hang ornymytes, err – that’s the not the right word. Here it is: ornaments – they hang….” Molly let her mind wander from what he was saying, and began to daydream about him instead. She loved his fiery red hair, which was visible from across an entire Quidditch field. Her thoughts steadily progressed, until she thought of what that was foremost in her mind; how would it feel to kiss him?

            Without really thinking about what she was doing, Molly leaned over and pressed her lips against his quickly. At first, neither of them moved; Molly wasn’t sure who was more surprised at her random action. After a moment, but moving no further apart, Molly felt that she should say something. She could feel the heat on her face, but as soon as she calmed down from the shock of what she’d just done, she realized that he was blushing just as furiously. Looking at her, he said, “Well, that’s what you do under the mistletoe, not the garland on the tree.”

            Molly gave a nervous laugh and averted her eyes, “Yes, I’m aware. I’ve just wanted to kiss you for a long time.”

            “I’ve wanted to kiss you, too,” Arthur admitted sheepishly, pulling out his wand. There was a brief period of time where Molly worried that he was going to hex her. Instead, he conjured mistletoe above their heads. “Shall we try again, Molly who wobbles?”

            Molly was laughing as she leaned over to kiss him again.

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