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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 6 : she’s gonna eat me - Ron for lunch
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A/N: Here is another chapter of torn between two lovers, hope you enjoy. There's more Fred and George in this (we love writing them)
Oh and as a warning for people there's sexual innuendos in this story. Happy reading

Disclaimer: we only own Lucida

After they managed to avoid Sirius for the afternoon Ron and Lucida had hidden away in Ron's bedroom.


Ron could smell her perfume as he buried his smiling face into her hair


“Something wrong?” Lucida asked, snuggling up to him


”nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong” Ron sighed


“Good” Lucida said pulling his arm tighter around her




“What is it?” she asked quickly moving away, Ron pulled her back.


“it’s nothing really I caught my shoulder on one of the cupboards when I was helping mum clear stuff out, we did do this last time we were here! But there was still more work to be done”


“Let me see” Lucida asked


“Nah it’s nothing really”, but Ron let her pull back his jumper to see the little red scar the bump had caused


“You’re bleeding!” she said


“Oh really? Never mind, I’ll go and get a plaster for it later or something”


Lucida shuffled on the bed and kissed Ron’s neck


“Let me kiss it better”


Ron grinned


“If you like”


Lucida wrapped her arm around Ron’s back and ran her fingers through his hair. She felt the hairs on the back of his neck tingle.


She smiled as she kissed his neck softly.


Suddenly she felt a strange urge to….


She shook her head quickly


“You ok” Ron mumbled


“Uh-huh! Lucida said


And she went back to kissing his neck. Then she felt the urge again, but stronger as she moved

her lips towards the graze on Ron’s shoulder and without realising



…she bit him



“AHHH!” Ron cried


“What the….!”


“Oh god Ron! I….” but Ron had already scrambled to his feet and looked at her in horror, then he fled from the room


“Hey what’s up Ron?” she heard Harry ask




“NO!” she shouted, dashing outside, only to see Ron cowering behind Harry.


“I wasn’t going to!” she said


“I swear!. It was…it”


“How can biting someone be an accident?” Harry asked, pulling Ron away from the wall.


“it was! I…” Lucida’s eyes swelled up with tears


“I knew you wouldn’t understand!”  And with that she stormed away to her bedroom.


“Ron what have you done now!” Hermione said coming across the hallway to see what was going on


“She was going to eat me!!” Ron said shaking a finger at Lucida’s bedroom door


“Well I’m sure she appreciated your sensitivity Mr Weasley!” Hermione said

Folding her arms and glaring at him.


Ron looked at Lucida’s bedroom door and cleared his throat


“Well I’d better….erm...better”


“Yeah you’d better!” Hermione said still with her arms defiantly folded. Ron looked at Harry, who just shrugged his shoulders.


Ron gulped and walked towards the door. He knocked


“Go away!”


He looked back at Hermione, who continued glaring at him...and Harry… just shrugged




“I said go away Ron!”


He looked back at Hermione. Who gave him the biggest glare he had ever seen


“Erm...well.  I’m coming in anyway!” and he opened the door.


Lucida was on the bed with her head under a pillow.


“..Look…I…it…I just…” Ron stammered, walking to the bed


“forget it Ron!” came the muffled reply


“I know you don’t like me!”


Ron sat down on the bed


“I do!” he said






He reached out and put his hand gently on her leg, he felt her stiffen


“I am sorry, I know I shouldn’t have overreacted like that, it’s just…”


“You said I was going to eat you!” Lucida said crossly sitting up


Ron blushed


“a slight …exaggeration” he mumbled


“huh!” Lucida said crossing her arms


Ron was reminded of Hermione for a second. He shook his head


“I am really sorry, I did overreact and I know that perhaps you couldn’t help it but I said that I’d be here for you and I will! I promise that, please forgive me”


Lucida refused to look at him


“Please?...” he asked again


No reply


Ron sighed and stood up


“I’m very sorry I’ve upset you, if you look at it from my point of view, then…well…” he ran his fingers through his hair


“If It ever happens again I will NOT be happy Ron,. You said you’d support me, through any problems like”


Ron looked at her


“I am sorry”


Lucida shrugged her shoulders


“You really hurt me Ron”


Ron looked sheepishly at the floor


“And you sounded like an idiot…” Ron looked up


“AND Vampires don’t ‘eat’ people; you should get your facts right first…”


Ron blushed and Lucida gave a small smile


Ron cleared his throat ”I erm…I’ll erm…” he made gestures to go to the door


“I’ll see you at tea” Lucida said, they exchanged a small smile and he left


“How did it go” Hermione asked still with her arms folded


Ron shrugged his shoulders


“I think I’m ok” he grinned.


Molly screamed up the stairs causing them to jump


"Dinners ready! Ronald get the twins down here!"


but before anyone else could make a move, a loud pop was heard downstairs followed by Molly's yell of fright, the twins laugh was heard as they ran in to the kitchen away from their mother's wrath. Ron sighed


"maybe i'm not"


                        *          *          *          *          *          *


“where are you going Ron?” Molly Weasley asked as she looked up to see that her son had got to his feet from the dinner table.


“er…I was just going to go see if Lucida was coming down”


“she will come down when she’s ready, stop pushing the poor girl”


Ron nodded and sat back down, he reached forward and grabbed for his knife and fork.


“sorry I’m late” he heard Lucida say sheepishly as she entered the room. Ron looked up and noticed that she was trying not to look at him.


“that’s ok dear” Molly said standing up “come sit down over here next to Sirius” she walked over to an empty chair next to Sirius and pulled it out for Lucida to sit down.


Lucida looked up and saw Ron looking at her, she blushed slightly and looked away.


"i'm not really that hungry thank you Molly, i was just wondering if Ron wanted to play chess when he finished"


"Ron! finish with food?" Fred said loudly


His twin let out a short loud laugh, causing Ron to turn and glare at them.


"actually i am finished" Ron stated loudly, causing Harry to choke on his potato. Hermione patted him on the back as they all stared at Ron in disbelief.


"but Ron ... there's still some food left on your plate" Molly said sounding slightly worried


"see mum see! i told you girls were no good for him!"


"there's no rush Ron honestly" Lucida told him quickly before Ron could say anything to Fred


"yeah don't make any rash decisions" Fred exclaimed


Ron nodded before sitting back down on his chair to finish his dinner


"see i told you he couldn't give up food!"


*          *          *          *         


"so mum.... Ron's been gone for a while don't you think?"


"well chess takes quite a while to play Fred" Molly said flicking her wand in the direction of the dirty dishes


"he didn't even come down for dessert..." George pointed out


"a little suspicious i feel..." Fred nodded


"well...maybe i should go check on them, Lucida might be hungry by now"


the boys all started giggling, as George muttered "yeah right"


"i do hope Ron is behaving himself up there, you know how he gets when he loses at chess"

Molly declared passing Sirius who was sat at the head of the table, enjoying a glass of firewhiskey. All the others had left the table by now leaving the four Weasley's Harry, Hermione in the kitchen


"yeah, yeah" George said leaning back in his chair and stroking an imaginary beard as though deep in thought "i bet he's giving her a right mouthful!"


"although as it's Ron, it can't be much of a mouthful" Ginny said looking at the twins as she stiffled her laughter and ignored Hermione's indignant mutterings


Harry looked pointedly at the banana he was eating and put it down on the table, looking a little sick.


"was it not ripe enough?" Molly asked in concern for her adoptive son, still not aware of the innuendos taking place in the kitchen


"yeah Harry was it too hard for you?" Sirius said barely containing his laughter as the twins guffawed next to him, Fred had his head on the table and was banging his fist on it as he struggled to breathe from laughing.


by now Hermione had dragged Ginny from the room shaking her head at the boys immaturity


"enjoying yourself there Harry?" George asked in between giggling


"i'm going to go and check on them..." Molly said finally giving in and leaving the kitchen, the other occupants of the room all rose from their seats and rushed over to the open door


"wow this is just like being at school again" Sirius grinned


Harry turned to look at his godfather who meerly put a finger to his lips to quieten him, as they all leant forward slightly to hear better.


"here it comes..." Fred said almost bouncing up and down excitedly


"...that didn't look like you were playing chess!" came the roar of Mrs Weasley


the group of listeners fell about laughing. meanwhile upstairs Ron and Lucida shifted uncomfortably under Mrs Weasley’s gaze, they tried not to look at each other for fear of bursting out in laughter.


“well? Don’t you two have anything to say!”


Ron opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. Mrs Wealsey glared at them before she started to rant again


“…just wait until your father comes home! Now both of you go downstairs! And don’t you dare let me catch you at that again! I shall be keeping a very close eye on you both!”


Mrs Weasley turned on her heel and strode down the stairs and back over to the stove,passing everyone who quickly dashed back quickly to their seats all with bland faces as Molly flicked her wand to continue washing up, muttering to herself about ‘kids today’.


Both Ron and Lucida trudged into the kitchen where Harry, Sirius, Fred and George were currently sitting.


Sirius had his face hidden from view and Harry was sure he had his fist in his mouth to stop himself from laughing as George had done.


“hey if it isn’t the two love birds!” Fred called before wrapping his arms around himself and pretended to be kissing someone, making loud slobbering noises. Ron’s ears reddened. as Sirius couldn't contain himself anymore and burst out laughing


"get out of the kitchen if you're going to make that much of a racket! honestly Sirius i thought better of you!" Molly snapped




after the kerfuffle they had caused Ron and Lucida felt it best to avoid each other for the next two or three days and Lucida buised herself with getting ready for school.


"so" Hermione said passing Lucida one of her old Hogwarts books “are you excited about going to Hogwarts?”


Lucida shrugged “scared more then anything”


“how comes?” Hermione asked as she sat down on Lucida’s bed as Lucida packed her stuff.


“just a lot of new people who I don’t know and I have to get them to accept me for who I am”


“what makes you think that they won’t accept you?”


Lucida gave Hermione a look as if she were stupid


“I’m a vampire Hermione, not many people will take too kindly to that”


“well they don’t have a right to know”


“that’s not what they’ll think, what if I become dangerous, people should know what kind of people they are hanging around with”


“we didn’t judge you when we found out what you were”


Lucida let out a laugh “yeah right Hermione”


“ok… maybe we did a little”


“a little?” Lucida scoffed crouching in front of her new trunk and unwrapping her books to put inside it


“Ron over reacted!”


“well he didn’t over react” Hermione began


“he thought I was going to eat him”


“ok maybe he did overreact. But he doesn’t think that now does he?”


“no he doesn’t” Lucida blushed slightly as she thought of her time with Ron


“noone has to know” Hermione said and before Lucida could interrupt she continued “you’re not dangerous, you’ve been with us all this time and none of us have been in danger have we? You haven’t attacked us”


“except for Ron”


“well… that wasn’t really an attack”


“are you girls ready for dinner?” came Sirius’s voice as he knocked on the door before walking into the room.


"yeah, we'll be down in a minute" Hermione said smiling at Sirius, who nodded at them and left the room.


"i guess we won't know how people are going to react until we get there" Lucida told her friend before they both walked down to dinner.


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