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The Living Dead by auror_snape
Chapter 32 : Epilogue: Seven Years Later
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, or anyone else. I have not even copyrighted Heinrich Weisen, even though he is entirely the creation of myself and my editor.


Author's Note: Warning! Dolores Umbridge returns briefly in this final chapter. She has gotten over her intense fear of Ronald Weasley. Humor ahead, and Dumbledore finally gets his opportunity. This is the last chapter, the epilogue of this story. Thank you to all who read and reviewed this story. I really appreciated it.


Epilogue: Seven Years Later


“You're prefects now. Remember to follow the rules and protect the younger students,” Harry Potter told his four eldest children. James and Lily were Gryffindor fifth years, while Albus and Luna were in Ravenclaw. They were followed by the twins, Minerva and Remus, who were in fourth year. Finally, Orion Potter was eleven and in first year. Annabelle would be starting the next year, followed by Augustus and Charlotte the year after, and then Brian and Melissa Potter two years after them.


“We know, dad,” James, Lily, Albus and Luna chorused. Harry grinned, his fangs barely showing, and Hermione smiled sweetly. A little second year ran onto the train, her strawberry-blonde hair swinging out behind her, as she giggled. This was Molly Weasley, the eldest child of Ron and Luna Weasley.


“Oh, you're here, too,” Ron mumbled when saw his ex-wife and her new husband. Harry and Hermione had been officially married for seven years, and the two were beyond happy.


“Of course we're here! We need to see off our children. Look, we have four prefects to put on the train,” Harry said. The kids boarded the train, which steamed off.


* *


James, Lily, Albus, and Luna Potter were sitting in Defense Against the Dark Arts, preparing for the arrival of the new teacher. The last one had died suddenly at the end of last year, at the age of ninety-six. The new teacher walked in and James called to Luna, who had been very interested in their father's stories of his school life. “Hey, Luna! Isn't that Umbridge?”


“I think so, James,” Luna replied, her hazel eyes narrowed.


“You will address me as 'Professor Umbridge', class,” Dolores Umbridge said, her tone high and girlish.


“Yeah, that's her,” Albus said, his green eyes twinkling. The four prefects chorused, “Heil Hitler!” with their faces perfectly straight. Umbridge's face contorted.


“You four! What are your names?” she asked coolly.


“James Potter, Albus Potter, Lily Potter, and Luna Potter, at your service!” the four responded at once.


“Oh no...not again...” she mumbled. “Detention to all of you!”


* *


After class, James, the unofficial leader of their group, told his brothers and sisters, “Alright. We need to tell dad about this. Since he's the Minister of Magic, he can recall her.” The other five nodded. “We'll send him a letter tonight,” Minerva said.


“You'll send who a letter?” Dumbledore asked, his eyes shining down on Albus Potter.


“Our dad, of course,” Remus said, as though Dumbledore were being obtuse. As a Ravenclaw, he can pull that off admirably.


“Ah. I haven't seen your father in eighteen years,” Dumbledore said, looking back into the past and reminiscing. “I still need to apologize to him for the way I treated him.”


“Yeah, I think you should do that,” James agreed. The other five nodded.


* *


Harry Potter received the letter that night, and showed it to his wife. She scowled and said, “He seriously brought that bitch back to teach again?”


“I guess so. I'll take care of this. It shouldn't take long to scare the shit out of her,” Harry said. He poofed to Hogwarts and walked right in the gate, and then saw that the doors were barred.


Expecto Patronum!” Harry incanted, just like he had done way back in his sixth year. The glowing silver stag galloped out of his wand, shot straight up the side of the castle, and into Dumbledore's office window.


Dumbledore was sitting at his desk when the stag stopped and said in Harry's voice, “Barring the doors against me won't work. I'll give you ten minutes to open them yourself, or I will.” Dumbledore looked up, and then hurried down the stairs.


Harry stood there in all his glory, his black robes billowing in the twilight. His hair hadn't grown any, so he looked the same, except older, wiser, and more powerful.


“H-harry...?” Dumbledore asked, his voice trailing off. It was the first time he had seen him in nearly twenty years.


“Yes,” Harry answered, moonlight glinting in his emerald eyes. Dumbledore stepped aside to let him pass, and then said, “Harry, for what it's worth, I'm sorry. I read your portfolio after you left, and I tried to find you.”


“I know,” Harry said simply. “I didn't want to be found yet. I was still watching the Weasleys until Hermione and I got together.”


“Why would Molly do that?” Dumbledore asked. Harry shrugged. “Maybe she wanted to make sure her precious son married the best girl she could find.”


“And now you're here to talk to Dolores Umbridge, right?” Dumbledore asked.


“Yes. I found out from my kids that you hired her again. What the hell were you thinking?” Harry burst out.


“Not much,” Dumbledore tried to lie. Harry just raised his eyebrow.


“Alright, I hired her so that she'd piss off your kids enough so that they would call you and I would get a chance to apologize to you,” Dumbledore admitted in a rush.


“You would go that far just to see me again, Albus? I'm touched,” Harry said. Dumbledore could detect little or no sarcasm. “Let's go see dear old Dolores, then,” Harry continued with a grin.


As they walked, Dumbledore asked, “Was it true?”


Harry glanced in his direction, the moonlight shining off his raven hair through the window. “Was what true?”


“What you said in your portfolio, that you looked up to me, even after I betrayed you time and again,” Dumbledore went on.


“Yes. I saw you as the kind grandfather I never had,” Harry admitted. “Now, however, I don't need a grandfather. All I need is for you to take care of my children while they're here.”


“I-i never knew,” Dumbledore stammered.


“Because you weren't supposed to know. I hid it all, because I had a plan. I would wait, and watch. I would get Hermione and together with her, start a family. By that time, I would have been out of your hair for a while, and then the kids would come here. My plan worked like a charm.”


“You knew this would happen, didn't you?” Dumbledore asked.


“Yes. I told you before that I was a Seer. I'm also an Empath, as you most likely already know,” Harry said. “Now, wait here, and I'll go in.” Harry took off his ring and entered the office. Umbridge had been working late when she heard the door click shut. She turned around and screamed, “A half-breed!”


“Yes, I'm what you call a 'half-breed', Dolores Jane Umbridge,” Harry said coldly. “But I'm also a father. I have seven kids here, and they've told me what a monster you are. Although, they didn't have to tell me. I already knew.”


“I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it,” she mumbled, her knees turning to water.


“You're fired,” Harry said sternly. Her eyes regained their life. “You can't do that!” she shrieked.


“I can recall you. I am the Minister of Magic, you know,” Harry said coldly. Dumbledore entered at that moment, as per his mental instructions.


“He is,” Dumbledore confirmed. “And you are fired.”


“No!” she shouted. Six columns of smoke with seven damphirs appeared, as Orion couldn't do it yet.


“Dad!” the kids shouted. They ran to their father's arms, and he hugged them.


“You're going to need a new teacher again, Albus. I do seem to go through them,” he said over the kids' heads.


“Who do you suggest, then?”


“I can ask Sirius in the morning. He'd be a good teacher, now that he's retired from the Aurors,” Harry offered.


“Tell him to come by whenever he has time,” Dumbledore said. He placed his hand on James' shoulder and smiled down at the boy.


“Have I ever told you, you look remarkably like your grandfather, but you have your grandmother's eyes,” he said to the fifteen-year-old boy.


“Harry, you are a very lucky man, and I'm proud to know you,” Dumbledore continued to the boy's father. He shook his hand before he left.


“Alright kids, remember, wait until he's asleep before you plant the dungbombs,” Harry said before he, too, left. He still had a loving wife and five kids to get home to.


And Hermione was more than delighted to see him. In fact, she was so delighted that Harry had to stop four times to replace the Silencing Charm. However, no matter how much they did it, they never stopped using the spell. They didn't want the total to go up to the unlucky number thirteen, which it never did.


All in all, Harry was a very happy vampire, with an entire host of half-vampire children. Marauders, eat your hearts out. Twelve trumps four, Harry thought that night as Hermione's hand brushed his old scar. It hadn't pained him in twenty-three years.


All was well, though Dumbledore would disagree when he woke up.


* * * *




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