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The Living Dead by auror_snape
Chapter 31 : One Last Hurrah
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine. I have never claimed ownership of him. JK Rowling, and by default, the Weasley family, claims ownership.


Author's Note: Chapter contains alcohol abuse and sexual content. Note: rape is non-consensual relations. This is consensual, though at first Harry believes it will be otherwise. If you are not seventeen or above, then DO NOT read this chapter. I will attempt to write it so that you can skip ahead to the next one without impacting your understanding of the story too much.


Chapter 31: One Last Hurrah


Come visit us anytime!” Ron Weasley had said as he and his new bride set off on their honeymoon.


Harry felt the love radiating between them, and it made him physically ill. He had lost her. Ron had won. Or so the redhead thought...


Four long months passed, and still Harry waited. He was watching for his opportunity to strike. Four months of watching Ron dote on his wife, and watching Hermione suffer fits of love for her husband, Harry was there to see the love potions wear off. Her body had finally built up immunity to the potions, and their marriage soured within days. Harry watched as Ron sought pleasure elsewhere. The young Hogwarts graduate and Ravenclaw alumnus, Luna Lovegood, had long held Ron's eye. Since the end of his fifth year, in fact. Harry knew the time had come.


He watched the Weasley's house, and saw that they kept their bedroom window open most nights. He had found his point of entry, and the invitation was standing. Now all that he needed was for someone to hear him take Hermione, because her husband would be too drunk to notice a hippogriff stampede. Yes, he had seen Ron visit the local bar and then pick up Luna for their nightly activities. Hermione never seemed to notice that he arrived home hours late. One day, the Weasleys had visitors in the form of Molly and Arthur. Harry grinned from the tree he was using across the street.


Night fell and Ron staggered up the steps to his front door. Hermione helped him in, muttering about his drunkenness, and Molly helped get him to bed. “He'll sober up in the morning,” the Weasley matriarch said. “He's drunk too much for a sobriety potion to do anything but make him sick.”


Harry watched as Ron was lowered onto his bed and then covered up. Hermione came across, opened the window to let the breeze in, and then went to bed herself. She hadn't seen Harry in the tree across the street, but he would make sure she'd feel him. He climbed down from the tree and turned into mist. In mist form he could enter the house through the window. Once he was inside, he went around to Hermione's side of the bed. A hand over her mouth prevented her from crying out, and then he kissed her, just like he had back in sixth year.


Her moans as his fangs grazed her tongue nearly made him lose control, and he climbed on top of her. “Hermione,” he whispered. “I need you. I need to have you, even if it's once. After this, I'll go, and you'll never see me again.” Her eyes widened at what he said he was going to do to her, and at what he'd do afterwards. She could feel him on top of her, below the sheet, and she was aroused. “Take me,” she moaned quietly. “I want you.”


He lowered himself fully, until they were united. Her eyes shot open, and she screamed in pleasure. Ron stirred but did not wake. Harry moved rhythmically, and Hermione started panting.


“Oh yes! Yes!” she called out. Harry murmured words of love into her ear as they simultaneously reached their peaks. “Maybe Ron would like to raise some little Potters,” Harry whispered, so that his voice wouldn't carry through the walls. He knew her screams had, and he could feel the reactions of Molly and Arthur in the room next door.


Harry climbed out of the bed, and Hermione looked him over appreciatively. Her eyes darkened and she licked her lips. “Where are you going so fast? I never said stop,” she said. Harry looked astonished, and within moments their moans were reverberating through the room once again. Harry left soon after, with Hermione's pleading still resounding in his head. She most definitely did not want him, her one true love, to kill himself.


* *


The next morning, Hermione was having some trouble walking. Molly winked at her knowingly, and then nodded at her son proudly. She had heard the moans the previous night, and had assumed that Ron was causing them. She never thought about Harry, since he hadn't been seen since March, and before that he had disappeared immediately after graduation a year before the wedding. He hadn't even shown up to be best man for her precious Ronnikins. Some friend he was, she thought.


Arthur walked into the kitchen looking a little green. Molly immediately began trying to nurse him, but he shooed her off. “I'll be fine, Molly,” he said. He looked over at Ron and Hermione, and lowered his eyes. He shook his head in sadness as he left the room.


* *


“Dumbledore!” Heinrich Weisen called through the Floo that same day. Dumbledore looked at the sound of the voice.


“Yes?” he asked wearily. He had been searching for Harry Potter for a year and a half, but had heard nothing. None of his friends were talking to their old Headmaster, and the trail had long since grown cold.


“Just thought you'd like to know, I've heard from Harry,” Heinrich began. Dumbledore's eyes widened and he looked ready to start dancing.


“I don't know where he is, but he sent me an owl saying that he had thought it over and had decided to give it another chance. He promised he won't terminate himself,” Heinrich finished.


“Then I have time to find him,” Dumbledore said. He redoubled his search efforts after that, but still could find nothing.


* *


Ron and Hermione Weasley had been married for over a year when it happened. Ron had been so proud when she told him she was pregnant, and now the time had come for the birth of their first child. She had said she wanted to be surprised by the sex of the baby, and she was certainly surprised when the Healer at St. Mungo's announced to her and her husband the good news.


“Congratulations, Mrs. Weasley! They’re quadruplets! You have two sons and two daughters!” Hermione looked shell-shocked. “Wha...? How...?” she whispered as she gazed at her babies. “They're so beautiful...” she murmured. Ron was too proud that they had quads to notice that the two boys had black hair and green eyes, and the girls had brown hair and hazel eyes.


“What are we going to name them, Hermione?” Ron asked.


“I've always liked the name James,” she answered. “It was my father's name.” Ron nodded. He had never actually met her parents, as they had died in the war, so he didn't know that wasn't true. “How about for the first boy James Sirius Weasley, as I could see the Dog Star shining in our window the night we made them.”


“That's fine by me,” Ron said. “How about Albus Percival Weasley after Dumbledore? He was the one who married us on such short notice.” Hermione nodded, smiling. “He'll be so pleased,” she said.


“And Lily June, since I've always thought that sounded sweet,” Hermione continued. Ron smiled. “That is sweet, you're right,” he agreed.


“Maybe Luna Harriet after their godparents for the second girl,” Ron suggested. Hermione nodded, quickly tiring after the difficult labor.


“That's settled then,” Ron finished. “Sleep well, Hermione.” She nodded in her sleep, already a soft smile playing about her lips. Ron didn't know it, but she was dreaming about Harry again.


* *


Dumbledore had been sitting in his office at Hogwarts all day, rubbing his temples to try to soothe the headache that had been building all day, when the letter came. The snowy owl that delivered it seemed familiar, but he couldn't place it. He took the note and read,




Congratulate me, I have kids now. There are four of them, listed in the school register under the name Weasley. Cross out that name and replace it with Potter*. If you don't keep this secret, I know where you live.


H. P.


Dumbledore grinned as he grabbed a quill. Moments later, James, Albus, Lily, and Luna Weasley were all renamed Potter. He looked closer at the names, especially little Albus Potter, and smiled happily. Harry and Hermione named their younger son after him. And he was quite sure Harry had a hand in naming them, but was letting Ron think otherwise. Yes, his Harry was awfully brilliant, no doubt about that.


* *


Hermione and Ron took their kids home from the hospital a few days later, and Ron helped her settle in. As soon as she was settled in, Ron said, “Hermione, I have to go to a meeting. I'll be back as soon as I can.”


“Take your time, Ron. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble at work,” Hermione said calmly as she prepared to feed the children. She heard the door close and heard the slight pop of Ron's Apparition. Another pop sounded a moment later and she looked up, smiling beautifully.


“Harry, come meet your children,” she said. Harry Potter stood next to her, his strong hand resting on her shoulder as he gazed down at their children.


“Hello, little ones,” she cooed to the babies. “This is your real daddy. Ignore that infernal redhead who claims he helped make you.”


“Teaching them the fundamentals a little early, aren't you?” Harry asked Hermione, his emerald eyes shining with happiness. He finally had his family. All he had to do was officially marry his wife. He stayed with her all afternoon, until he heard the pop of Ron's return.


“Yo ho and a bottle of rum!” Ron sang loudly and off-key. He collapsed on the floor snoring and Hermione rolled her eyes. A Floo later, Molly was there to help her.


“Dear, you shouldn't be working so much! You just had children! Rest up, you'll need the energy to make more,” Molly said to Hermione.


“How about I wean these four onto the bottle first before I let Ron paw me some more,” Hermione suggested.


“If you wish, dear. But remember, I had Ginny a year after Ron was born,” Molly said, slightly disappointed.


“I'm sure we'll have more kids. I just don't want to get pregnant again so soon,” Hermione soothed the Weasley matriarch. Molly nodded.


* *


When Hermione felt she was ready to go through it all again, she told Harry to watch for a green scarf in an open window. It was now seven months since the quads had been born, and they were now weaned off of their mother's milk. Hermione found that a relief because her little damphirs had started teething. As she climbed into bed beside Ron, who was once again sleeping off a hefty dose of whiskey, she hung a green scarf in front of the window. Molly's going to be so pleased once I conceive again. She just won't be happy I'm not having her precious little Ronnie's kids. My kids are stronger than any Weasley, Hermione thought as she climbed into bed.


A mist floated into the window and Hermione smiled. She undressed and waited. Moments later, their moans were reverberating throughout the house, and Ron slept on. He had absolutely no idea that his “loving wife” was entertaining their best friend in their bed right next to him, and neither Harry nor Hermione cared about that, or him.


Two months later, Hermione was visiting the Burrow with her four kids. Ron was at work, or so he claimed, and Harry was actually at work. He had started Auror training soon after graduation and had been in training that first year Dumbledore was looking for him. Now, he was a full-fledged Auror and the Ministry's best. Not even Mad-Eye Moody could top him, and the aged Auror had gladly relinquished the top spot.


While Hermione was there, there was a knock on the door. She answered as Molly looked after the children.


“Excuse me, Mrs. Weasley, is this your son?” the Auror asked. Hermione would recognize his green eyes anywhere, as they were the stuff of her wildest fantasies.


“No sir,” she said, playing it to the hilt. “My sons are both babies.” The redheaded man being supported by the Auror started whining and crying like a baby, he was so drunk.


“I think this one might be, too. Is there anyone else in the house that has a son fitting this guy's description?” Harry asked, businesslike.


“Molly!” Hermione called. “An Auror just brought Ron home, and I think he needs his bottle!” Molly came into the living room, carrying the children, which Hermione took.


“Ronnie!” the redheaded matriarch exclaimed. “Stop this crying this instant!” Ron immediately stopped crying, though only because he had collapsed on the floor, snoring, again. Hermione and Molly rolled their eyes.


“Are these your kids, ma'am?” Harry asked. Molly hadn't figured out it was him yet, so he didn't tell her.


“Yes they are, aren't they adorable?” she replied, beaming.


“Yes, they are,” he agreed, hiding his pride in his children. He also knew that Hermione was pregnant again by his mental link with her, and he was delighted.


* *


Dumbledore received another note the next August. He glanced at it and barely concealed his excitement. He hadn't actually gone to see Harry yet, as he didn't know what he could say to him that would repair their broken relationship, but he was pleased to hear from him just the same.




You remember the muggle rhyme, right? ...five, six, pickup sticks...


Their names are Minerva Arianna and Remus William.


H. P.


He took the hint and grabbed his quill. A few minutes later, two new Weasleys were crossed out to be replaced by Potters.


* *


Over the next seven years, Harry and Hermione spent every moment they could together. Also during those seven years, Hermione discovered that Ron had been having an affair with Luna Lovegood. It was kind of easy to figure it out when she gave birth to a little girl with strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes that looked just like Ron's. Hermione didn't care, as she had her own love and her own kids. During those seven years, Harry and Hermione had four more kids together, which brought the current total up to ten.


James, the eldest at eight ran up to Harry when he arrived. “Real Daddy, real Daddy!” he screamed happily. Harry reached down to swing James up in his strong arms.


“Real Daddy, huh? What do you call Ron?” Harry asked, grinning.


“We call him Daddy, Daddy,” James said sweetly. His scream had, of course, brought the rest of the brood. Albus, Lily, and Luna all crowded around Harry, and he showered his eight-year-olds with affection. Minerva Potter, who had black hair and hazel eyes and looked remarkably like the elder James Potter, walked sedately into the room. At seven, she was very lady-like, and her parents called her their little lady. She was closely followed by her twin brother, Remus, who had brown hair and eyes, like their mother.


“Mummy, why aren't you and real Daddy married?” Minerva asked.


“Probably because Daddy wouldn't like it,” Remus offered sagely, his brown eyes twinkling like his namesake's were known to do. At that moment a little messy raven-haired boy of four walked in. He was rubbing sleep out of his emerald eyes and dragging a blanket behind him.


“Orion, I thought I put you down for your nap!” Hermione said kindly as she picked up the four-year-old.


“I wanted to see real Daddy,” the tired little boy mumbled. A chorus of “me too's” were heard and Hermione looked around at her three-year-old daughter, Annabelle. Her eyes softened as they fixed on the little auburn-haired beauty. Out of all their ten kids, only this one had any red in her hair. Annabelle's green eyes were bright and intelligent, and she had a very sweet nature. Remus Lupin had said she was most like Lily Evans Potter.


The two-year-old twins begged their real Daddy to pick them up, and he gladly obliged after he put the others down. He kissed them both on the forehead and said, “Alright, Augustus and Charlotte, let's get you back in bed.” They giggled as he kissed them, and squirmed, their dark brown hair covering his shoulders. They closed their hazel eyes in contentment as he laid them in their cribs.


Hermione's eyes shown with pride and happiness as she watched her husband in all but name put the little ones back in bed. As the door closed on the large nursery, Hermione put her hand on Harry's shoulder.


“Harry, love, I have news. I'm pregnant again,” she said. Harry was so happy, he took her to bed.


* *


Ron came back early that day, as Luna was feeling too ill to dally with him. She had been feeling ill for a while, and Ron suspected that she was pregnant again. After Molly, their eldest at five, they'd had Gideon and Fabian, who were three, and the baby was Virginia. He was proud to have so many kids. He had four with Luna and a whopping ten and a half with Hermione, as she had recently informed him that she had conceived again, bringing the total up to fourteen and a half (fifteen, counting the little one he was sure Luna was carrying). When he walked in the door, he heard moans emanating from the bedroom he shared with Hermione. He knew that sound: it was the sound of a woman getting some action. But his loving wife wouldn't do that, would she? His mother gave him a dose of Amortentia to give Hermione every two weeks, to keep her in line...


He stormed down the hall and burst into the bedroom. Hermione was lying on the bed, looking like she had recently stopped playing. “Hermione, I thought I heard...” he trailed off. He looked around the room suspiciously, but didn't notice the spider on the roof.


“If you were feeling all hot and bothered, you could have told me,” he leered at her. “I would have rushed home to relieve you.”


“Oh, really, Ron. There was no need to bother you at work,” Hermione said, brushing sweaty hair out of her eyes. The spider on the roof wanted to fall on Ron and choke him for the way he was looking at Hermione. She stood up, straightening her clothes, and said, “I wouldn't want to bother you at Luna's house. I know it must be hectic for you there, what with the four kids you already have, and the new one on the way.”


Ron gaped at her, looking like fish. Hermione laughed; he had mastered that dopey look at Hogwarts. It was one of the few things he had actually learned there.


“Yes, Ron. I know all about that. I know how you cheated on Luna with me,” Hermione said. “And yes, you did cheat on her with me, as I was never yours from the beginning. You may have asked me out first, but even then I was never yours. It was always someone else.”


“Who?” he asked, too stunned to realize what she was saying.


“Harry, you might as well come out now,” Hermione called. He never stepped out of wherever he was hiding, as she expected him to do. “Harry James Potter, you didn't bug out did you?” Harry slipped off the roof, and stood behind Ron, his ring safely in his pocket.


“It seems you did bug out,” Hermione said. “I hate it when you do that.” Ron turned around, finally noticing that his hair was standing on end. It was like there was someone big and mean-looking behind him... He screeched like a girl as he saw the obvious vampire standing there, then he noticed the black hair, green eyes, and lightning-bolt-shaped scar.


“Harry! What did they do to you?!” Ron screamed, backing away in horror.


“Oh, you mean this? This is normal now,” Harry answered. “You remember third year, when Dumbledore started spreading that I had joined the undead, right? He was right. I just wasn't evil and out for his blood. Or anyone else's.”


“B-b-but, you stood in front of the window, in direct sunlight to prove you weren't!” Ron protested.


“Yeah, I did that. I wasn't hurt because I never lost my soul. Dumbledore ate those words, too,” Harry replied. “Now, I'm taking Hermione and the kids. If you 'let slip' that I'm a vampire, I'll have no choice but to kill you.” Harry waved his wand, and transported the ten kids to the Burrow. They arrived at the same time as Harry and Hermione, and surprised Molly.


“Hello, Molly. Hermione and Ron have had a fight and they're breaking up, so I've brought her and the kids here for a bit,” Harry lied through his teeth. The kids started running around and playing, and Molly welcomed then with open arms.


“We actually have another visitor at the moment. You may remember Heinrich Weisen. He taught at Hogwarts for your seventh year,” Molly said.


“Of course we remember him,” Harry said with a smile. He had replaced his ring, so he didn't scare Molly. They stepped into the kitchen to see Heinrich Weisen put down Annabelle quickly. He looked up and she scurried off, following her older brothers and sisters. There was a loud crash upstairs and Molly ran off to check on the children, just like any grandmother would.


“Lucky, aren't you, Harry,” Heinrich said. “They all take after you, I see.”


“And I'm sure the next two will, too,” Harry said. Heinrich looked shocked and muttered, “Well, I'll be! Twelve kids. Twelve little damphirs, all growing up to take Hogwarts by storm.”


“Just don't warn Dumbledore before the quads arrive. I want him to sweat,” Hermione said sweetly, though her tone also had an edge to it.


“He did treat Harry like crap,” Heinrich agreed. “My lips are sealed. No really, try an Alohomora on them.”


“I don't think that's necessary,” Harry said. “I know you can keep a secret.”


“Hermione, how are you and Ron going to deal with the children after this?” Molly asked when she returned.


“I'm going to keep my kids, of course,” Hermione replied, as though surprised the older woman would even need to ask.


“Will Ronnie get visitation?” Molly pursued the matter.


“Why would he need it? He has his own kids,” Hermione said firmly, her tone brooking no argument. Molly let it drop.


* * * *


EDITOR’S NOTE: The Harmony has finally begun in earnest. Yay!! Hooray! Woohoo!

… Ahem. Well, anyway, the excitement aside, what did you all think? And oh yes, I almost forgot:

*= just to clarify that Harry’s telling Dumbledore that those children should be sorted as Potters years down the road because Harry knew that he and Hermione would be married at the time of the children’s sorting and thus wouldn’t need to worry about hiding the children’s parentage. This confused me the first time I read it, and I just wanted to make sure no one else was confused. That’s kind of my job :) .


Thank you all for reading and please review.

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