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Albus Potter and the Secrets Within by Gryffin_Duck
Chapter 1 : On the Hogwarts Express
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Albus waved to his parents and little sister, Lily, until he could no longer see them.  "Well, we'd better go find a compartment," he said to his cousin, Rose, who was standing next to him.  Rose nodded her head and they started walking down the train corridor.  It was a bit hard to walk on a moving train and Albus kept stumbling.  The train rounded a corner and he fell into a rather mean looking older student.

    “Watch where you're going, midget,”  the boy said as Albus and Rose quickly ran away from him. 

    "Better find a compartment quick", Albus said.  He continued to walk along the corridor, looking into each compartment as he passed.  He spotted a lot of his other cousins, but didn't really want to interrupt whatever they were doing with their friends.  Albus also saw a few people who looked vaguely familiar, including the Jordan-Bell twins.  Scorpius Malfoy was sitting in one of the compartments with a few other boys, but Albus definitely did not want to sit with them.

    Albus peeked into the next compartment and saw that there was a rather pale boy sitting on one of the seats.  He seemed very small and his face was quite scarred.  There was also an older girl, who looked to be about Victoire's age, sitting next to the boy.  She looked vaguely familiar. Both of them had blue eyes and blond hair.  They looked friendly enough.  "How about this one?"  he said to Rose.

    Rose glanced into the compartment for a few seconds and replied,  "Yeah, looks good to me."  She opened the door and the two cousins walked in.

    “Can we sit here?"  Albus asked.

    “Sure,” the boy responded as he gestured to the seat opposite him.  “My name's Matt, Matt Eckerton.”

    "I'm his sister, Amy.  I'm a seventh year, Matt's just starting,"  the girl told him.
    “Hi, I'm Albus Potter,"  Albus said,  "And this is my cousin, Rose Weasley,"  he gestured to Rose.  "We're both first years."

    "Hi,"  Rose waved.  Rose sat down on the seat across from Amy and Albus sat down across from Matt.
    "That's where I know you two from!  I knew I'd seen you somewhere.  My best friend is your cousin, Victoire.  I think I've seen you at her house before,"  Amy explained.

    "Probably.  I think I've seen you, too,"  Rose responded.  Albus nodded his head in agreement.

    Matt's eyes opened wide as he stared at Albus.  “So, you're Harry Potter's son?  You know, you do look a whole lot like him.  You've got his eyes and everything.”

    “Yeah, I know,”  Albus said shortly, he often got sick of people telling him this.

    “I bet you two hear loads of stories of the battle.  My parents have told me some, but they don't know all the details, just the bits that are in books.  You see, we're from Australia.  We moved hear when I was about eight,”  Matt looked nervously at his sister.

    “Yeah, I know all about the battle.  My parents didn't tell me the full story until I turned eleven.  Same with Rose, our parents told us at the same time.  They didn't want to scare us, but thought we ought to know before we went to Hogwarts, since most people there will have heard all about it.  But my parents don't talk about it much.  Guess it brings back bad memories,”  Albus told Matt before changing the subject.  He really didn't enjoy people constantly asking him about his dad.  “So, how'd you get all those scars?”

    “I'm, um, er, very clumsy,”  Matt glanced at Amy and started to stare absentmindedly out the window.

    “Oh, that's ok.  A friend of my parents' was very clumsy, kind of a problem since she was an Auror.  But she was killed in the battle at Hogwarts.  Along with her husband.  My dad is their son, Teddy's, godfather, so we see a lot of him,”  Albus told Matt.

    Matt just continued staring out the window.  Albus didn't know what to say, he hoped he hadn't said anything to bother Matt.  “So, do you have any other siblings?”  Albus asked.

    Matt turned away from the window.  “Nope, just me and Amy.  I know you've got siblings.  I've read about you and them in books.  A brother James and a sister Lily, right?  And I think you've got a little brother, right, Rose?”

    Albus just looked at Matt.  It was a bit strange having other people know all about you.  He supposed this was what it was like for his father when he went to Hogwarts.  “Yup, James is a second year and Lily's just nine, so she's not here yet.”

    "Yeah, my brother, Hugo, is nine, too,"  Rose told him.  Rose's family was mentioned in numerous books as well, although not nearly as many as Albus's.

    At that moment, the compartment door opened and James walked in with two of their cousins, Ben and Cedric, and their friend Nathan.  “How's it going, little bro?”  James asked.  “Still worrying about being in Slytherin?”

    “James, shut up!”  Albus responded, blushing a little.

    “Oh, I see you've met someone, what's your name?”  James asked Matt.
    “Matt Eckerton.”

    "Hi,"  the boys responded.

    "Oh, and hi Amy,"  Ben added.

    "Hi, Ben. How are you?"  Amy asked.

    "I'm good.  So this is your brother?,"  Ben said.  Ben was Victoire's brother, so he had seen Amy loads of times.

    "Yeah, Matt's just starting his first year,"  Amy told him.

    "Good luck with the sorting, then, Matt,"  Ben grinned at Matt.
    “Ah, well, we best be off, the trolley's on it's way to our compartment, wouldn't want to miss that!”  James said as he walked out of the compartment with his friends.

    Matt stared at Albus.  “You think you're going to be in Slytherin?”

    “No,” Albus said, turning more crimson. 

    "So, what house do you want to be in?"

    "Gryffindor, just like my parents,"  Albus told him,  "And James and all my cousins are in Gryffindor, too.  So were most of my aunts and uncles."

    "I hope you get in, then,"  Matt said,  "I'm hoping for Gryffindor, too.  Amy's in Gryffindor."

    "Hope you're there, too."

    "I'm also hoping for Gryffindor,"  Rose announced,  "Although Ravenclaw looks nice, too."

    "Ravenclaw wouldn't be so bad,"  Matt agreed,  "That's where all the smart kids go, right?"

    "In essence, yeah,"  Amy told him.

    The compartment door opened again.  Another boy walked in, along with a scared looking girl.  The boy was dark skinned, very tall, with brown hair and dark eyes.  The girl was quite a bit shorter than the boy, with long, wavy, honey colored hair and light brown eyes.

    “Can we sit in here?”  the boy asked.  “A bunch of Slytherins kicked us out of our compartment.”

    “Sure,”  Albus and Matt responded.

    “Good.  I'm John Brickston and this is Amanda Tagger.  We're both first years,”  the boy told Albus, Rose, Matt, and Amy.

    “Hi.  I'm Albus Potter, this is my cousin Rose Weasley, and that's Matt Eckerton, we're also first years,”  Albus responded,  "And she's Amy, Matt's sister."  Albus pointed to Amy, who waved.

    “Wow!”  John exclaimed.  “My dad said you'd be starting this year, Albus.”  Amanda still hadn't said anything.

    Albus just smiled a little and his cheeks turned redder yet.

    "Well, I think I'll go find Victoire,"  Amy grabbed her bag and got up,  "You going to be ok, Matt?"

    "Yes, I'll be fine,"  Matt told her.

    "You sure?"

    "Yeah, you can go.  See you later,"  Matt waved as his sister left the

    "And you're Rose Weasley?"  John asked.  Rose nodded.  "I've heard of you, too,"  John continued.  "Your family owns Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, right?"

    "Well, it's really my Uncle George who owns it.  He's Albus's uncle, too.  But my dad works there a lot.  My Uncle George opened it with my Uncle Fred after they left school.  They're twins.  But Uncle Fred died in the Battle at Hogwarts, so after that my dad helped Uncle George with it,"  Rose explained.

    John grinned,  "I love that place.  So does my dad.  He's always buying me stuff from there.  Mum's not always happy about it since I'm always using the stuff to pull pranks on my little sisters."

    Albus, Rose, and Matt laughed.  "I've done that quite a bit, too,"  Albus commented.  "But now that Lily's a bit older it's harder to pull pranks on her."

    “Anything from the trolley?”  A witch had appeared in the doorway with a trolley laden with delicious sweets.

    “Definitely!”  John shouted, as he jumped up from his seat and ran out into the corridor.  Albus smiled.  John reminded him of James.  Albus, Rose, Matt, and Amanda followed John.  All five returned with their arms full of food.

    “So, what is all this stuff?”  Amanda spoke for the first time since entering the compartment.

    “Well, you have your cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs, and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans,”  John explained, as he pointed to the various items.  “Just be careful with the beans.”

    “Why?”  Amanda asked as she tried a greenish colored bean.  “Ugh!”  she exclaimed.  “Bogey!”  Amanda spat out the bean and it landed on John.  Albus, Rose, and Matt broke out in fits of laughter.

    “They mean every flavor!”  Matt shouted.  “So, you must be Muggle-born?”

    “Yes,”  Amanda answered.  “My mum is a teacher and my dad's a doctor.”

    “What's a doctor?”  John asked.
    “A muggle Healer,”  Matt explained.  “My mum's Muggle born, but she's a witch, and my dad's a wizard.  He works at the Ministry, in the Department for the Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures,”  Matt told everyone. "And my mum doesn't work, but she's thinking of getting a job now that I've started school."

    “Oh, my parents are a witch and wizard.  My family's mostly all magical, except for a few Muggle aunts and uncles and cousins.  My dad is a Healer and my mum stays at home with my younger sisters, I've got three of them.  They're nine, six, and five.  But before I was born she worked at the Ministry,”  John explained.  "How about your parents, Rose?"

    "Well, like I said before, my dad works at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, but he's also an Auror, which is a Dark Wizard catcher.  And my mum works at the Ministry.  She's the one who started all the House-Elf rights stuff."

    "Wow, your dad's an Auror, too?  That's bloody brilliant!"  John grinned.

    “What do your parents do, Albus?”  Amanda asked.

    Albus was a little shocked at this question, since the whole magical world knew about his parents, but of course Amanda didn't.  “Well, my dad's an Auror.  And my mum's a sportswriter for the Daily Prophet.”

    “Yeah, Albus's parents are famous!”  John shouted.  “Tell Amanda, won't you, Albus?”  Albus suspected John secretly wanted to hear all about the Potters directly from him, even though he'd probably read all about them in books.

    And so, Albus, with a little help from Rose, told the story about how Lord Voldemort had killed his grandparents and tried to kill his dad, but his dad survived.  He told them all about his parents' years at Hogwarts, about the Horcruxes, and how Lord Voldemort met his downfall.

    All three students stared at Albus and Rose with their mouths wide open.  Matt and John had obviously heard the whole story before, but never this accurate an account.  Amanda was practically in tears.

    "Blimey,"  John let out a low whistle, "Your dad's amazing."

    "Yeah,"  Matt agreed.

    Albus blushed,  "I guess, but I just think of him as my dad." 

    The group of five first years spent the rest of the journey discussing what they knew was true about Hogwarts and what their siblings and cousins had told them about the ancient school.  Everyone agreed that the Giant Squid did not eat a different first year each year while they crossed the lake on boats, despite what Albus and Rose's cousin, Fred, had said.

    “Well, you'd better change into your robes,”  Rose said an hour or so after the sky turned dark.  Rose had been wearing her robes since before she'd even gotten on the train.  The four other students changed into their robes quietly.

    Once the train arrived at Hogsmeade, the five students got off and looked around. 

    “Firs' years!  Firs' years, this way!”  a man shouted.

    Albus and Rose ran up to him.  “Hagrid!”  Albus shouted. 

    “'ello, Albus! 'Ello, Rose!”  Hagrid responded.  “Ready ter go?  Here's a boat for yeh.” Albus hurried into the boat, followed by John, and Matt, who were all gaping at Hagrid.  Rose and Amanda got into a nearby boat and were joined by the Jordan-Bell twins.  Another tall boy quickly joined Albus in his boat. 

    "You know him?"  John pointed at Hagrid with an amazed look on his face.

    "Yep, he's a family friend,"  Albus answered.

    "I've never seen someone so big,"  Matt commented.

    "Well, he's half-giant,"  Albus told him.

    "That's so cool!"  John grinned.

    The boats started moving magically across the lake once everyone was in them.  They sailed for what must have been at least a half hour before arriving at Hogwarts.  Once they got there, Hagrid lead them into the castle and up a flight of stairs.  The castle was incredible.  It was big and intimidating looking on the outside.  But once Albus stepped inside, it seemed warm and inviting, like he was home.

    The first years came to a stop in front of  strict looking woman.  “Good evening.  I'm Professor Patil, I teach transfiguration.   In a moment, you will be able to join your fellow students in the Great Hall for dinner, but beforehand, you will need to be sorted into your houses.  They are Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin,”  she said Slytherin with a note of disgust in her voice.  “While you're here, you will be able to earn points for your house for any achievements.  Likewise, any misbehavior will cause points to be taken away.  At the end of the year, the house with the most points earns the House Cup.  Now, follow me, please.”

A/N:  I hope you liked it!  Feel free to leave a review.  I'd like to thank my brother and sisters for reading this first and letting me know what they thought.

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