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Nobody said anything about love by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 13 : Realizing the mistake
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The funeral made Draco feel that Hermione had died all over again. Harry and Ron held the ceremony in a muggle graveyard so that her muggle family could see her buried too.

After the speeches were said everyone made their way over to her grave to give their respects. Draco was one of the last, he wanted to have a quiet moment alone with the only thing close to her body.

As he sat their with the bunches of flowers that surrounded her grave, he reread the message written upon it.

Heroic friend,
Wonderful daughter,
Too brainy to match and too beautiful to know,
No one ever knew how powerful she could really be.

It was if a knut had dropped.
Hermione had said to him earlier in the year that they were too different and too similar to be together.

He wasn't heroic and he wasn't a wonderful son in his father's eyes but he was the brainiest boy in their year and everyone thought he was gorgeous, even though he always thought he was quite plain.

Hermione could have showed the world her true potential to the world if she had lived long enough, she had showed Draco his true self after all, he would have never been able to do what she could.

Without realizing, silent tears had fallen down Draco's pale cheek, making him wipe them away quickly.

Harry was watching Draco all the time while he sat there, and noticing that he was crying made Harry walk up to him and place a hand on his shoulder.

Draco acknowledged the gesture with a small nod but kept staring at Hermione's grave; half smiling, half crying. Harry stayed silent for a while but the question that was coursing through his body made him speak.

"I can guess that you and Hermione had something together, especially after the way you tried helping her," he paused and waited for Draco to say something but nothing came out of the young man's mouth.

"But to see you cry over her makes me confused and curious."

All of a sudden Draco turned around to face Harry, anger, tears and desperation mixed in his pale eyes.

"We were in love. I should have stayed away from her but I was too much in love with her to realise that. We were too different and too similar to be together, but our hearts said differently, I don't mind if you blame me for Hermione's death but I want you to know that we were in love and nothing to could stop it."

With that he walked away; his cloak billowing in the wind and his pale blond hair swirling around his head making him look ghostly.

Harry watched him walk away, barely noticing Ron come stand next to him.

"What was that about?"

Harry sighed heavily but continued to stare after Draco.

"He said that he and Hermione were in love."

Ron looked shocked and he found it hard to say the next few words as Harry's one sentence had knocked him off his feet.

"Nobody said anything about love!"

Harry just smiled.

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