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36 Years Difference by Reggie
Chapter 9 : Bonding Time
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So this might have been the longest wait yet for a chapter... and for that I'm really sorry. First my family went on vacation, then my life got really busy, then the closure thing, plus throw in my birthday (maybe you could leave a review as a present...*wink*wink*). Pretty much I was left with no free time on my hands.

I also know that some of you were expecting answers in this chapter... no such luck. You might think I'm stalling... which could be the case, but I just wanted to build Lesley and Teddy's relationship a bit more (hence chapter title).

So without further ado, here is the ninth instalment of '36 Years Difference'.

-xo Reggie

Teddy scowled, knowing that this would never have happen back home. Not only was it common knowledge that they had werewolf in their blood, but the fact was accepted by all. Since everyone knew that their father had fought in both Wars and had been a close friend of Harry Potter, their heritage was accepted trouble-free.


Teddy didn’t think he had ever been as grateful for having the type of twin that he got along with rather than fought with to be different. He leaned into Lesley slightly as they rounded the last corner into the Entrance Hall. She squeezed his hand lightly but he noticed she was standing stiffly.


“What’s wrong?”

“Other than the fact that everyone is now scared of us? How about the fact that he’s a complete hypocrite?” Lesley snapped.


Teddy frowned, and quickly pulled her out the front doors instead of into the Great Hall.


The cool autumn air slapped his body, and he rubbed his arms quickly before turning to Lesley, exasperated, “What are you on about now? We don’t need you making things more complicated than they just got.”

Lesley also fidgeted from the chilly weather, but her expression didn’t vary, “Remus. He’s a hypocrite.”

Teddy opened his mouth to retort, but Lesley continued, “Harry said he was always afraid of how people would react if they found out he was a werewolf. He didn’t even tell James and Sirius until they forced it out of him. Now, they find out that we may have something to do with werewolves, and they all scatter.”

Teddy had the sinking suspicion that Lesley was right, but didn’t want to admit it quite yet. “Sirius said we’d talk later, they couldn’t have gone that far…” He said quietly.

“They just want to know what our story is. Then, once they know we don’t directly have lycanthropy, they’ll fake fright. Then we won’t get too close to Remus and discover his secret. And they won’t take any chances, because we’ll see the signs earlier than most people.”

Teddy furrowed his brow, thinking hard to find a loop hole. “Or they could realize that we’re smart, and we’ll figure out he’s a werewolf either way, so they decide to befriend us. Then, when we do find out, we might be close enough to him, and not spread the word.” He suggested hopefully.

“The key being, we ‘might’ be close enough to him. And I’m willing to bet that they won’t take that chance.” Lesley shot down quickly

Teddy groaned, “So what do we do?”

Lesley shook her head and squeezed her eyes closed. Teddy could tell she was trying not to portray any emotions by changing her appearance.

He leaned back against the castle, and rubbed his arms, once again realizing that it wasn’t the smartest idea to come outside with just their school robes on.

Lesley was staring off into space, or it appeared like that until Teddy turned in the same direction, and saw the Quiditch pitch.

He groaned; this whole ‘adventure’ was turning into a huge failure. “Come on Lesley, let’s go inside, no use standing here freezing, we may as well face everyone.”

Lesley’s gaze didn’t stray from the pitch. Teddy put an arm around her shoulders. “Les… we should go inside.” He said softly, leading her to the doors.

They walked quietly, neither wanting to discuss the disaster they had gotten themselves into. There was no one else in the Entrance Hall, most of the school eating, probably gossiping about the fresh scandal surrounding the new students.

Lesley stopped outside of the Great Hall; Teddy removed his arm from her shoulders, took a deep breath, and placed a hand on the door, ready to push it open.

Lesley stopped him though, “Hey, how about we handle this like we would have back home, like the Lup-cas Twins would have?” She quickly covered their name change for any intruding listeners, but not before getting her point across to Teddy.

He shrugged his shoulders, “Why not, we’ve already made a bloody mess of things.”

Lesley laughed, almost genuinely, and the phoney smile was still evident upon her features as she pushed open the large doors.

The Great Hall silenced as they appeared in the doorway, even the teachers looked up. Dumbledore’s eyes were shinning with curiosity, while the Marauders, Frank, Alice and Lily, were the only students not watching the twins.

Teddy took this to mean that they weren’t invited to sit with them again, and headed to seats a bit closer. Lesley quickly realized where he was going, and walked down the other side of the table to meet him there. 

A few Hufflepuff students began to whisper as Teddy walked by and he noticed Lesley was having a similar affect on the Ravenclaws. He watched her yawn, almost convinced that she was actually bored. He smirked and continued walking, the same relaxed, slightly hunched way he always did.

A young boy, around Second to Third year, leaned towards his friend. “Don’t let him bite me.” He whispered jokingly into the other’s ear.

Teddy almost stopped, a smirk plastered across the little prat’s face. He continued though, noticing Lesley send him a slightly questioning look before turning around to take a seat. As she swung her leg across the bench, she picked up a sandwich, not waiting to sit down before starting to eat.

Teddy snorted, louder than he should have as a few First years beside them moved over, giving the twins too much room to be discreet about it.

Teddy picked up a sandwich and began to eat, ignoring the many stares as he settled himself across from Lesley.

“We should probably send a letter to Nan, telling her how our first day is going.” Lesley said as she finished her mouthful of food.

Teddy nodded, as he too finished his sandwich and poured himself a glass of pumpkin juice, “We’ll write it later, let her know how the whole day went, not just the morning.”

“Good idea, she might expect us to write her twice if we write it now.”

People began to turn away, realising the twins weren’t about to jump up and transform into blood thirsty creatures anytime soon. Teddy grinned bleakly, guessing that soon people would just ignore them completely, after the novelty had worn off but the fright was still there.

“I’m tired…” Lesley yawned again and took a sip of Teddy’s juice.

“Well, maybe you’ll sleep better tonight,” Some people perked their ears, ready to hear the scandalous reason as to why, “with last night being our first night and all, I expect you were nervous.”

Disappointed, almost everyone turned away, but only a few voices returned to normal volume, many continued whispering with their friends.

Lesley grinned slightly as she nodded, “Yeah, I expect your right.”

She continued the light conversation with her brother, but was still thinking about what would happen now with Quiditch. She didn’t know if James would take the risk of getting to know her by having her on the team, or if he would cut her regardless of her skill level.Plus there was the dilemma that Teddy didn’t want her to play, but she would get around that.

Teddy said something about always being right, but Lesley didn’t look up.

She could feel someone watching her, which wasn’t exactly abnormal at the moment, but she could tell that this person was different. Not wanting to scare them away, Lesley took another sip of her brother’s pumpkin juice and had it ripped out of her hand, before looking up, meeting the eyes of Lily Evans.

The redhead blushed slightly, but didn’t turn away. The girls continued to watch each other as people around them took no notice of their connection. Finally, still upset with them, Lesley raised a brow questioningly, giving off a somewhat irritated façade. Lily blushed, deeper this time and looked down at her plate.

Lesley sighed, suddenly truly tired and looked up at her brother. A slightly worried look quickly turned into one of understanding, as he stopped talking about something or other Nan did.

Teddy stood and the Great Hall silenced once again as, “Let’s go exploring.” He demanded.

Lesley faked excitement and quickly wiped her hands on a napkin before jumping up as well, “Right behind you.”

Lesley glanced toward the Marauders, making eye contact with Lily before spinning and leaving the Hall, grabbing a snack on her way. Teddy followed, closing the doors soundly behind them.

Immediately noise could be heard from the other side as Lesley leaned against the wall.

She narrowed her eyes slightly as she studied Teddy, “What would you do if I said I was going to go fly?”

Teddy sighed, “I’d start an argument.”

“Right then, let’s go.” She headed off in the opposite direction of the Gryffindor common room, where Teddy knew her broom was stored.

He jogged a bit to catch up and quickly fell in step beside Lesley.

“I don’t think it’s healthy that you’re going to the kitchens so often… Twice in half a day… tsk, tsk Les. You’re going to start gaining a lot of weight if you keep this up. Then we won’t have to fight about Quiditch because you won’t be able to get your broom off the ground.” Teddy chided, recognising the route Lesley was taking.

She just rolled her eyes, “Well if I could have an ordinary meal in the Great Hall, I wouldn’t need to keep going to the kitchens.”

“We should make friends with the house-elves, and then at least someone from the past… or present… or where ever we are, will talk to us.” Teddy said sobering quickly.

“We’ve really messed this up.” Lesley said grimly.

“Mhm…” Teddy mumbled, agreeing.

They reached the kitchens and Lesley tickled the pear. Its giggle was strangely quieter than normal and Lesley frowned.

“I wonder if fruits can gossip…” Teddy questioned out loud.

Lesley just shrugged, “We better hope that house-elves don’t.”

They stepped forward into the kitchen. Right away, Lesley felt like something was missing.

“Where are all the house-elves?” Teddy whispered. He wasn’t sure why he had spoken so quietly, but it seemed appropriate.

Around the corner, two house-elves came forward. One was rather short, Lesley had seen her before, during the food fight, but the other was taller, older and stricter looking.

“Mistress Lucas is back and she has brought Master Lucas.” The larger one said, rather coldly.

The smaller one, Mattie, Lesley remembered, shook slightly, “W-would yous like a-anything?”

Lesley’s eyes narrowed, “Mattie, it’s me remember? I was here earlier with Alice and Lily, you made us some treats.”

The house-elf shrunk back, “Mattie doesn’t remember. Mattie doesn’t know Mistress Lucas. Mattie never talked to Mistress Lucas.”

Teddy sighed and Lesley straightened, “I’m not so hungry anymore, thank you anyways.”

She quickly turned and left, Teddy following.

“So… I guess they do gossip…” Teddy mumbled.

“Or someone came and warned them we were dangerous.” Lesley said crossly.

“They could have just heard it around the school somewhere. You know Kreacher; he always knew what was going on even before we did.” Teddy pointed out.

“Class should start up soon; we may as well go now…” Lesley said changing the subject abruptly.

“Uh, yeah, considering that there were ten minutes left of lunch before we left the Great Hall… and that was little less than ten minutes ago…” Teddy pointed out.

Lesley sighed; it seemed that nothing could go right today. “What do we have?” she asked tiredly.

“I think History of Magic… but it might be Potions…”

Lesley groaned again. “You should know what class we have.” She pointed out.

Teddy snorted, “And you shouldn’t?”

“I thought I’d have Lily all day.”

“And I wouldn’t have the Marauders?” Teddy retorted.

“Well, they could have ditched you. You can be quite dorky at times.” Lesley teased dully.

“They’re best friends with Remus. I’m supposed to take after him.”

“That just makes you a prat.” Lesley said bluntly. 

Teddy didn’t argue Lesley’s harsh accusation and the twins continued in silence. Lesley wondered what the girls were doing right then and concluded they were probably off somewhere with the Marauders. She grinned bleakly at the thought.

“At least we know something good has come of this.” She said, breaking the silence.

“Oh yeah?” Teddy questioned.

“Yeah, Lily and Alice are spending time with James and Frank. And Lily isn't ripping James’ head off.” Lesley said optimistically.

Teddy snorted, “You know, that at this very moment, Lily isn't upset with James?”

Lesley frowned, “Your raining on my parade.”

The twins stopped as they came to a turn in the corridor. There were two classes that the twins might be expected in, two different ways to go, and two people. But there was no chance of splitting up, wherever they were going, they were going together.

“We could take a vote…” Teddy suggested half-heartedly.

Lesley raised an eyebrow questioningly, “Why would we do that?”

Teddy shrugged, “Supposedly, it’s what the boys always do… Marauders law they said.”

“That’s Dragon manure. Those boys wouldn’t be able to agree on the outcome.” Lesley said grinning. 

“That’s what I thought. Maybe it only applies to certain circumstances. Like when they remember to.” He suggested.

He tried to guess how long it would take to get to class and decided they were officially late. “Doesn’t matter now, hurry up and pick which way.”

“Well, I think Potions is with the Slytherin’s… and I have no clue who History of Magic is with… maybe the Hufflepuffs-”

“Because our last class with them worked out so well…” Teddy muttered darkly.


Lesley rolled her eyes and continued, “Let’s take the chance, anything’s better than a guaranty of the Slytherins.”

“History of Magic it is then.” Teddy agreed as he turned the corner.

“Do you think we should run, and look like we’ve been trying to find the class, or just go in calmly and listen to Binns rattle on?” Lesley asked hesitantly.

“I say we go in calmly, then not pay attention like we would have back home, just toned down a bit so that we don’t seem obnoxious.”

“Sure.” Lesley agreed.

“We can just point out that we had no one showing us around. That will make the Marauders at least a little jumpy.” said Teddy.

“I’m pretty sure they all have this class, at least Lily and Alice do. They said something about meeting up after they were separated.” Lesley commented in a way Teddy could tell she was trying to sound casual.

“That should be sufficiently awkward.” He said sarcastically.


The twins continued in silence, neither bothering to fill the space with useless words.

Finally they arrived at the History of Magic classroom.

“So the plan is, if it is our class we just say we got lost, and if it isn't we just say we are lost.” Teddy reminded Lesley.

“Sounds good!” she replied with fake enthusiasm.

Teddy groaned and pushed open the door.

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Seventh years alike, turned to see the interruption as Professor Binns rattled on, unaware of the disruption.

Frank, Sirius and James had frozen, spun in their seats, the position acquired previously from discussing something with Lily, Alice, Remus and Peter who sat behind them.

Teddy looked straight ahead, as Lesley surveyed the classroom. She made eye contact with Lily once more, but quickly broke it as Teddy coughed loudly, gaining the Professor’s attention.

“Oh, who are you?” Binns asked surprised at the interruption.

“I’m Teddy Lucas, this is my sister Lesley.”

“We got lost on our way to class, sorry we’re not quiet familiar with the school yet.” Lesley explained. She noticed Lily shift uneasily from the corner of her eye and Alice blush slightly.

“Oh, alright, very well. You may take your seats.” Binns said hastily before turning back to his notes and beginning to read once again.

Teddy lifted a brow as he looked around the room, there were no empty desks. The class still watched them, no one paying the slightest attention to what Binns was saying. Lesley rolled her eyes and conjured two desks in the middle of the class, before plopping herself down into one, her feet propped up in front of her.

Teddy followed suit, realising that Lesley had upgraded the desks slightly. Instead of sitting on hard wood, the chair seemed to cushion him, and the desk was just the right distance away.

Lesley pulled two apples out of her pocket and offered him one.

“Where’d you get these?” Teddy asked, taking one.

“From the Great Hall, before you forced me off exploring.” Lesley mumbled through a mouthful of apple.

“Oh yeah, because you put up such a struggle.” Teddy murmured sarcastically, taking a large bite out of the apple.

Lesley frowned at him, “It was internal.”

Teddy grinned. “You couldn’t keep something ‘internal’ if you wanted to. Every other thing I do you argue with.”

“I just need to make sure that you’ve thought through all of your decisions.” Lesley said calmly, looking around the room.

“Because you always think through everything you do, right?” Teddy said quietly, rolling his eyes.

Lesley grinned, “Don’t insult me, of course not.”

“You do know you shouldn’t be proud of that, right?” Teddy asked, faux-concerned.

“What’s wrong with being able to think on your feet?” She asked quietly, perplexed.

“The fact that what you say is only ever fifty percent true.” Teddy answered sarcastically.

“Fifty percent! Please Teddy, at least eighty-five!” Lesley whispered shrilly.

“What’s Binns talking about?” Teddy asked quietly, smirking.

“Witch Trials of 1645 in Essex.” Lesley answered automatically.

“Try Scottish Witch Hunt of 1661-1662.” He replied smugly.


Lesley looked puzzled. “How’d you know that?” She asked.

Teddy pointed lazily to the board. Scrawled across the top, was ‘Scottish Witch Hunt of 1661-1662.

Lesley turned back and rolled her eyes, “The point is, is that I came up with an adequate answer, not even knowing the truth, which proves that I can think on my feet.”

“I never doubted you could think on your feet, just the truthfulness of doing so.” Teddy said, lowering his voice as he noticed the Ravenclaw in front of them turn slightly and scowl.

Lesley must have noticed as well because she snorted. Loudly.

This time the Ravenclaw turned around completely and glared daggers at her.

Lesley scowled right back and Teddy rolled his eyes. He put a hand on Lesley’s shoulder and smiled charmingly at the Ravenclaw.

The Ravenclaw seemed stuck between surprise and anger, so she settled for one last glare in Lesley’s direction and a blush in Teddy’s.

He grinned, knowing he had successfully avoided an argument using only his charisma, something Lesley was sure to have noticed.

He turned and smirked at his twin who narrowed her eyes and frowned.

“Ever the charmer…” Lesley muttered sardonically. She turned quickly though, and before Teddy knew what was happening, she had reached out and snatched something from the air behind his head.

Teddy turned quickly, catching the eye of James Potter, before he turned back to his sister. Lesley was skimming over a small piece of paper and quickly scribbled something down. Teddy leaned over to read it,

Meet us in the seventh floor corridor tomorrow night after dinner.

Then, in Lesley’s messy writing was the sarcastic response,

Wow, I know exactly where you mean.

Teddy grabbed it and added that they would be there, before handing it back to Lesley. She hastily scrunched the note into a ball and fired it in the general direction of the Marauders. Teddy noticed that it bounced off of Lily’s head before landing neatly on Sirius’s desk.

There was a smug look on Lesley’s face as Teddy turned back around, which he ignored, as he took another bite out of his apple.

They continued sitting in silence and eating their apples, as they speculated about what would happen the next night.

Finally Lesley realized that she hadn't heard a word of what Binns had said all class. She hastily scribbled a few things that she already knew about the Scottish Witch Hunts onto her parchment, so that she would be able to take something from the class.

Teddy noticed and rolled his eyes, knowing that Lesley would never see the parchment again once it found its way into her bag.

He slumped in his seat and surveyed the room. Many students were doing the same as him, some with their eyes closed, while others chatted quietly with their friends. Only one or two students were actually listening to Professor Binns, although it seemed like Lily was trying to, while also listening to her friends.

Sirius and Frank were still turned around in their chairs, but James had turned back to the front. He was staring out the same window that Lesley had been where Teddy noticed the Quiditch pitch was.

Suddenly, James seemed to snap out of his reverie and spun in his seat. He grabbed Remus’ sheet of parchment and faced the front again, brows furrowed. Remus’ tapped him on the shoulder and sarcastically asked if he could have it back, but James brushed him off. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small scrape of paper.

Sirius turned and asked what it was but James just shook his head.

“Fine then, don’t share your cryptic little writing analysis.” Sirius said sarcastically before spinning back to face Remus.

Teddy took another bite of his apple, finishing it off, while trying to look offhand as he strained to hear what they where saying.

James was still frowning; comparing the parchments as Teddy tapped his apple core silently, causing it to explode mutely in his hand. Teddy scattered the pieces on the floor, before looking back up at James.


This time, James had the papers laid down on the table as he looked at them.

Finally, he tapped Sirius on the shoulder and said something quietly in his ear.

“Wow James, I’m so proud of you.” Sirius said sarcastically, obviously not interested in what James had said. He rolled his eyes and turned back to Remus, who frowned after Sirius said something to him; probably repeating whatever James had said.

Teddy nearly turned back, realizing he had no way of figuring out what they were talking about, but almost simultaneously James and Remus began to move. They both carefully looked up in Teddy’s direction.

Teddy frowned at them, and they both paused before carefully turning back to their friends.

Teddy turned back to Lesley and poked her on the shoulder, ignoring that she was once again staring at the Quiditch pitch.

She mumbled something incoherent and faced him. “What is so important that you have to harshly stab at me?”

He ignored her antics and nodded to the Marauders behind them. “They’re talking about us.”

Lesley made a face, “No way.”

Immediately losing interest in Teddy, she fiddled with something in her desk before looking up at the window, her eyes glowing mischievously.

“What have you got there?” Teddy asked carefully.

Lesley pulled out an apple core, “Where’s yours?”

Teddy narrowed his eyes, “I obliterated it awhile ago, why?”

“Just wondering…” Lesley grinned, faux-innocent.

“I bet, now tell me the truth.” Teddy demanded.

“Well, I’m thinking that if I opened that window there, just a bit,” she gestured to one near the front of the classroom, “then I could easily toss this core out of it.”

Teddy smirked happy to have a distraction from the Marauders. “How about you levitate it, without getting caught and I’ll think about letting you try out for the Quiditch team.”

Lesley snorted. “Please, you disgrace me… getting caught! You’d think I was in First year.” she said mock offended.

“Go on then. I’ll tell you everyone who is watching.” Teddy encouraged.

Lesley grinned and placed the core on the table, before flicking her wand to open the window slightly.

A few people looked up but they quickly turned back to what ever they had previously been doing, save for the boy sitting directly beside the window, who closed it.

Lesley frowned and opened it once again. The boy quickly closed it; more people had looked up this time.

Lesley quickly flicked her wand, a different incantation this time, making the window stay open. When the boy tried to close it, he failed and asked a friend for help.

Ten minutes later, there were now around five boys, all trying to close the window. Teddy was in a silent fit of laughter as Lesley sat aggravated with her arms crossed.

Finally, she closed the window and all of the boys quietly returned to their desks. Lesley began flicking her wand all around the room, gluing the students to their chairs.

Teddy was having a hard time keeping his delight quiet as Lesley opened the window once again and people began to squirm in their seats.

There was no chance that the apple would be able to make it out unnoticed with this many people already paying attention to the window.

Lesley sat in her chair, bouncing on her feet, trying to come up with a way to levitate the apple though the window when she saw a girl near the front run a hand through her hair.

“Perfect…” she mumbled before grabbing her wand and quietly casting a spell in the girl’s direction.

She screamed as her hair began to grow at an unnatural pace, and turned a murky green.

Everyone turned, including Professor Binns, who was surprised at the second interruption that class.

Lesley eagerly began to levitate the apple towards the window, but the bell rang, causing the students to stand, obstructing her path.

Someone laughed to their friend as they snatched the apple, and took one last bite before lobbing it out the open window.

Lesley swore under her breath as Teddy laughed.

“Sorry, Les. Better luck next time.” He said teasingly.

“Bugger off.” She muttered darkly, heading for the door.

Teddy laughed at her retreating form, but stopped when she froze, standing in the open doorway.

He caught up with her, wondering why she had stopped. His eyes glazed over as he realized kids had already cleared a path for them down the centre of the hallway.

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36 Years Difference: Bonding Time


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