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A Love Story by Sunflower
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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You wanted to hear a love story? A love story where good conquers evil, where heroes are heroes and villains are villains. You want a love story with passion, lust, sex, love and happily ever after. 

You should stop reading now then.

My story does have passion, does have love. But the love and passion is dark and dangerous, it was a love never meant to be. The story has lust and sex, I don’t think there’ll ever be a story with him without sex, passion and lust but no happy ending, happy endings were never my strong point. It does have an ending though, all stories have, just not the happily ever after. 

He helped me find myself in one of the darkest times of my life, I was lost and he found me and I am thankful for that, among other things. 

Rumours were many about our affair or relationship if you can call it that. Some doubted there had ever been one, some hoped beyond hope that it just was something they had dreamt and a few lived for our story - but only a few. 

He was this stupid proud man, annoying, selfish and drove me to the brink of insanity. I guess I also helped him in a way; he had been weak and manipulated as the year started but at the end, even though of the choice he came to make, he had evolved, changed and become a person unrecognisable for the people who once knew him. But for me; for me he had become the one person I knew the best, even better than myself. 

And life never turns out the way we want, mine didn’t, ours didn’t. We had had a plan, a simple one; to stay together through it all and it turned out things weren’t that simple; we didn’t stay together, but I guess you already had that one figured out. 

I feel no resentment; I am happy, I am grateful for the life I have come to lead, I have a beautiful daughter, a wonderful boy and a husband who loves me more than anything, I really couldn’t ask for more.

He had never been the one to talk about our future, I had never expected as we began the so-called relationship that it would even become anything more than a fling. To think we neared the point of engagement scares me to death and I am left wondering what it was that went wrong. 

To think a Mudblood, a witch of my standard should come to associate a man of that calibre was absurd and most people resented our relationship. It was held a secret most of the time - we tried to keep it a secret but eventually it leaked out as these things tend to do. His friends and family would never accept me as his wife, we had always known that but at the beginning it hadn’t bothered us; our thing was just a thing; a way to live a little and just have some fun, marriage was definitely not in the plans but in the end it was what separated us. 

He chose her over me. I asked him to make a choice: to live a life with me, without his family without his friends but alas it would be one with me, maybe a poor life but we would have each other and make our own family. 
Or he could marry her; and get the life he always wanted, one in wealth, one surrounded by family and friends, one where he was treated like he deserved to, one where he lived the life others only dreamt of and was acknowledged for just living. 

The reasons for him to choose her over me I do not know. He barely knew her that much I do know however. Later I found out he had known he was to marry her since childhood. I guess he just came to accept it, I guess I had just been some sort of last minute fun, an easy prey. I always desperately try not to think this way, it’s no good, bitterness never helped anyone. 

But he chose her over me, they got married as they were supposed to and they had a baby, only one. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, I read it in the paper after he had been born. A healthy boy, named after Malfoy’s grandfather apparently. I was eight months pregnant at the time, I guess we moved on and tried to live our lives as we always had been meant to. 

Of course I followed his life from a distance through newspapers and gossip. His wife was beautiful, she really was; young, blonde, tall with legs that went on for miles. Her name; Asteria Greengrass, another pureblood which was why she had been chosen, I assume. 

For years I kept a silly hope that he one day would turn up on my doorstep, begging for a place in my life. He never did turn up and I eventually married Ron, the next best thing. 

Even on my wedding-day, I prayed, sobbed for him to suddenly be by my side, my knight in shining amour, rescuing me from a life I didn’t want and giving me the last bit of him, marrying me and loving me forever, choosing me over Greengrass.

The wedding had been wonderful, romantic and suffocating as I realised he wouldn’t turn up. I even waited a bit on giving my yes, in the dying hopes that he would somehow stop me from making the biggest mistake of my life. But the whole wedding had gone smoothly apart from the fact that I had spent most of the evening in one of the toilets on the second floor, apparently in a bad case of diarrhoea, but really just sobbing my eyes out. 

And all the magazines wrote about was how happy they were and I was dying a bit more every time I read something about them and then the rumours about Greengrass’ pregnancy were all over the front pages and I had never in my life felt so sick. Soon the rumours were confirmed and I spent my days retching until finally I went to the doctor myself, only to get the news that also I was pregnant.

Our children went to school together and I had believed it to be the last time we’d see him, as I watched my baby-girl board the Hogwarts Express after having had a rather painful encounter with the Malfoy family but apparently fate just wasn’t quite finished with the two of us.

A/N: A prologue to start the story off, just a little thing I started...

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