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Who Am I? by Usako99
Chapter 1 : Who am I?
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the charaters


Who am I... do you know? I don't.

I sit alone in the room trying to figure out this question, with my head hanging and fidgeting with the sleeve of my robe. I give a sardonic smile. I know who I'm supposed to be, who they want me to be, even who I'm perceived to be, but that still doesn't answer just who I am.

After lifting my head for a moment I allow it to fall back and it makes a loud thump as it connects with the wall behind me, but because of the numbness that has seeped though my bones and resounded in my soul... I.Feel.Nothing.

Sighing I close my eyes trying to clear my head, attempting to gather my thoughts.

I know what I have to do... or at least I think I do…

My shoulders slump in wariness as what feels like the weight of the world settles upon them.

People are depending on me, I have to do this... for my parents, there's nothing more that I want than for my father to be proud of me.

Will he ever be? *chuckle* I don't know.

Am I what he envisioned for a son... how about for a savior?

They say that they need me but, sometimes... sometimes I think that they expect for me to fail.

I hear people in the corridors outside of the room of requirement; everyone is rushing from lunch back to class, chatting happily… not a care in the world, or at least not one that affects them as directly as it affects me.

*sigh* I should go, I can't afford to miss class and my friends are expecting me but I can't seem to make myself move.

What's the use… is an education really important, I mean after I complete my task... *chuckle* if I complete my task.

Well that's just it isn't it? If...if... if I don't, then what… then, I die so what use is an education?

Everyone thinks that I have it easy just because of my name and because I have a lot of money, they just don't realize that I have it so, very, very hard...

I run my fingers though my hair, I guess there is one person I could confide in, but would she understand... I mean really understand?

No, probably not. So I'll keep it to myself, I'll go to class and I'll joke around with my friends at the table and in the common rooms, because that's what they want to see.

And no one will ever know my pain, because I'll keep it bottled up inside… you never know it may come in handy one day.

Hearing the corridors once again quiet I force myself to get up, walking slowly out of the room of requirements I head to class with one question lingering in my head.

Who am I... I don't know? Do you?

AN. So what do you think? I know it's short but I think it's good, how about you? Anyway who is it, Harry or Draco, let me know...

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