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All Hail The Heartbreaker by define_normal
Chapter 9 : She'll Tear You To Pieces
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"I'm freaking out here!" I yelled in utter outrage, my finger nails digging into the palms of my hands. Sky sat calmly on the bed, looking up at me from the bed. Once again it was just me and her, and once again one of us was left in utter confusion. And once again, it was me.

"I really think you need to calm down before something happens." She hinted, and flicked her blue hair from her eyes. This only seemed to set me off even more. "What? You don't think I can control myself? You don't trust me to keep my anger under control? What is it Sky? Huh? Am I not a trustworthy person?" If my anger level was at a 10 before, it definately jumped to about a 50 now, and I was pushing ultimate destruction at this point.

"Harmony, don't you dare!" I could feel the fear start to radiate off of her, her pulse begin to quicken. My eyes began to bleed black, teeth elongate, but thats when something new happened, not only did my thirst for blood grow greater than ever, and I could literally feel her heart beat as if it was if my own, I could hear her thoughts as if they were mine.

'Shit, I need to get her to calm down... No I need to get out of here, this feels different. Shes different now. This feels more... dangerous than usual.'

I felt something snap inside me, much like when I had talked with Angie early today. "Just leave Sky! Run away! You know, better yet, I'll leave!" With that said, I fled the room. I wasn't in the right state of mind, I wasn't safe. At this point in time, I was a danger to the students around me.

Ripping my way through the common room, stopping for no one, ignoring the blessed heart beats, the delicious scent of pure blood. With a great push I had managed to get myself to the outside world, and I was into the forest. With the rest of the dangerous creatures. I'm just where I belong, I told myself before taking a seat down on a rock.

What kept me from attacking everyone? Was it my anger towards myself? Or just self control?

Gazing up at the bright white orb high in the sky, my black eyes widened when I noticed something that I didn't before. Tonight was the full moon of the month.

And I wasn't the only potential danger to the students inside these walls.



Branches pulled at my clothing, roots tripped my feet, leaves cushioned my falls, the unknown made sounds of their own, as I made my own cries of pain as I ran around blindly searching for my 'prey'. I had to find them, I just had to. I fed off rats and other small animals to keep me from losing control, but that only ended up hurting me mentally.

Vampirism doesn't only kill you phsyically but mentally too. Its the most painful thing to happen to your body, something about 98% of humans die from in the first two hours. I've always questioned how my body made it through, but yet I'm thankful.

Even with this curse, I can still love, and be loved.


Being lost in my own world, I didn't noticed I had run out into a clearing, right by a whomping willow. Tripping over my own foot, I landed with loud cry of anguish as I collided with the earth. I could feel the anger pulsing through my pain, it felt as if it had grown as I had become closer and closer to this clearing, and now that I was here, it was almost about to take over.

But that wasn't going to happen, this wasn't going to win. Getting to my feet, I supressed my anger the best I could, and removed my fangs from the inside of my bottom lip. As I a hit the ground, I had bit down unconciously, now blood was dribbling down my chin wildly, adding even more to my outrageous appearence. I was covered head to toe in cuts, deep and some just mere scratches. I'm sure my eyes were the deepest of blacks, swimming in darkness. I closed my eyes, trying to think back to what happened with Sky, what was different this time.

This time, I had heard what she was thinking. I could feel her fear, and I could hear her heartbeat from six feet away. My eyes snapped open again, as I took a step closer to the whomping willow. I knew I was stepping on dangerous grounds, I needed a way to make it past this devious tree without injury. My midback length blonde hair was flying every which way due to the wind.

And thats when I felt it. The heartbeat of another, it was a small one, yet it was getting closer and closer.

The tree started to thrash and flail around, the branches banging against the ground. The small heartbeat grew, before it gt faint again. I concentrated hard, before I ran forward going after the small animal that ran towards the tree. Luckily enough for me, the tree had stopped mid-air, missing me by only an inch. I could smell the blood, but as quickly as it appeared, it was gone.

Thats when I heard it, three more heart beats, and they were all heading this way. And that smell was with it, that strong smell of the werewolf.



I stayed crouched down behind some bushed near the tree. I couldn't be so caught to early in the game. A small giggle escaped my lips, tonight you're my prey little wolfy. I stopped myself as I felt the heart beats grow, they were getting here quickly. I looked up at the sky, it was starting to get light, the moon was just about to disappear. Had it really taken me all night to get here?

A sharp howl pierced the nights air, and to anyone it would cause a shiver to run down their spine. For them to run away with their tail between there legs. This only excited me more, I could feel me blood thirst getting even more out of control. I licked my lips clean for the third time since I had took refuge to this spot.

I must not attack

I groaned at the smell, taking it in, as soon as I felt the beats gone, I came out from my hiding spot and drifted towards the tree, leaning in towards the hole that was now evadent in the morning light. Taking notice to the trail of blood, a small shudder of pleasure erupted through my body. I leaned down towards the large hole, listening to the cries of the wolf turn into the cries of a boy.

"Only 98% of humans make it through the transformations. Werewolves, vampires, anything that involves transformation of some sort."

This was the moment of truth, to discover who my fellow freak was, or to walk away. But I didn't get the chance to answer my own inner question, it was already decided for me.

"Damnit Remus, I told you to not pick fight with the other wolves, look what they did to your leg!"

Authors Note: Its A bit short, I realise that. But overall, I wanted to bring in more to the story, and reveal more. 
Thank you for all the reviews! 
. This is only a small game of cat and mouse, not a game of stalker and prey. But his blood smells so good. And thats when I felt it, the three beats past, and just like the one, they disappeared just as quickly as they disappeared. And the smell of blood was high in the air, it didn't take me long to realize that wolfy was injured.

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