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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 18 : Chapter 18
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A/N Hi I'm back after a long absence. I hope you like this next chapter.

James walked from the great hall laughing. 'The looks on their faces were priceless.' Ha thought. 'But just wait until my plan goes into action.' James made his way down into the dungeons where he found Crabbe and Goyle already at work. "Hello boys." James said jauntily. "Hello Master." They said in mono-tone.

James smirked to himself. Crabbe and Goyle were so easy to manipulate. ‘They fell under my imperious curse so easily, it is pathetic.’ James thought. “How is everything going?” “Fine master.” They said. James smiled. “How much longer until everything is finished?”

“Three days master.” They said, eyes blank. ‘I guess that didn’t change much, there was never really anything behind those eyes anyway.’ James laughed silently to himself.

“Hello James.” A voice came from behind him. James turned and smiled. “Hello Mr. Malfoy. How goes everything with you?”

Lucius smiled. “Everything is fine James. How goes our plan?” “Everything is going perfectly. Soon I’ll be ready to make my move, and when that happens everyone in the golden seven (A/n Golden seven is lame I know, but I didn’t know what else to do.) will have a broken heart, or maybe a broken neck.” James laughed evilly.

Lucius smiled. “That’s good. Just make sure that my son doesn’t die. If he did then the Dark Lord would have both our heads.”

James nodded. “I understand.”

Lucius nodded as well and began to walk out. But he stopped at the door and turned around. “A few more things. Remember, my son has to have his complete memory, potter has to stay alive, and the Dark Lord said he wanted the Weasley girl, Ginny. You can kill the rest, even Blaise if you wish. He is no good to the cause anymore.”

Once again James nodded. “Of course sir. I’ll make sure everything goes as planned.” Lucius smiled and walked out. James smirked, “Not.”

James turned back to Crabbe and Goyle. “Make sure everything goes as planed. I want everything to be ready in three days.” ‘Yes master.” James turned to leave but stopped and looked back. “Oh, and make sure that Hermione’s wedding dress is the right size and is perfectly laid out for her when I bring her down for our wedding.” And with that he left.

*The others*

Draco was softly stroking Hermione’s hair as she huddled farther into his chest. Draco glared at James’ retreating back desperately wanting to go after him and pound his face. The others felt the same way.

“Oh! That man! I just want to-to… Oh, I don’t know. Death is to good for him.” Ginny huffed.

Blaise smiled at her and swung an arm over her shoulder. “Don’t worry baby. We’ll get him, and we’ll make sure that he has a nice slow and painful death.” He smiled crookedly down at her and Ginny blushed, her face becoming the color of her hair.

Ron glared at Blaise for flirting with his baby sister.

Ginny Ron glowering and reluctantly shrugged out from underneath Blaise’s arm. ’His touch was so warm. I’ve never felt like that before. The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering around so much.’ She thought to herself. She walked over to Hermione and Draco and placed a hand on Hermione’s back comfortingly. “Everything is going to be all right Hermione. We’re all going to protect you.” (If anyone has seen Sweeny Todd, I just want you to know that I desperately wanted everyone to burst out and start singing “No ones going to harm you” the song that Toby sings. But I thought that would be a little awkward to other people and down right weird.)

Hermione turned a little in Draco’s arms so she could see Ginny’s reassuring smile. Hermione smiled back and wiped her eyes dry. She looked up at Draco to see his eyes full of worry. She smiled up at him and kissed his cheek. “I’m all right Draco.” She said softly.

Draco smiled down at her and looked around at everyone else. “Hey, I have an idea. Let’s go down to the kitchens, get a basket full of food and go for a pick-nick for dinner. The weather is great and I think everyone could use some time outside.”

The others smiled and thoroughly agreed.

As they walked towards the kitchens Ron started to whine. “God I’m hungry. It’ll take at least ten minutes to get to the kitchens. Why can’t we just call a house elf over? And why…” Ron kept whining as they walked and everyone rolled their eyes.

Draco sighed in frustration at Ron. “Dear God, somebody shut him up.” Ginny smiled “Gladly.” she said and slowed down until she was next to Ron. She slowly raised her hand and then slapped him upside the head.

Ron yelled in pain and rubbed his head where she hit him. “What the bloody hell was that for Ginny>”

Ginny sighed. “Ron, shut up.”

A/N I hope everyone liked this chapter. I’m sorry that it was kind of short, but I’m having a bit of a case of writers block right now. I’ll try and get another chapter up tomorrow too if the queue validates this chapter soon. Well, that’s all. I love all of you. Chao.

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Snape's lost child: Chapter 18


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