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A Fluffy Spy-Thriller about Luna Lovegood and Flippant White, Fighter for Light by andharrywokeup
Chapter 1 : A Fluffy Spy-Thriller about Luna Lovegood and Flippant White, Fighter for Light
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A/N: I'm sorry, if you're gonna give me a stupid challenge, you're gonna get a stupid story! :P This one's for Gubby, who despite everything I say, I adore! ;) I hope you enjoy my pitiful attempt at the genre of fluffy thriller....

Thanks to war and peace @ SAYS for beta-ing. :)

A Fluffy Spy-Thriller about Luna Lovegood and Flippant White, Fighter for Light

After Sirius Black fell through the veil everyone left the Ministry of Magic. No one saw him come out, because they didn’t know that on random Thursdays throughout the year, the veil took a break from its regular job as the pathway to the afterlife and instead became another type of cloak. Instead of falling through to join his dead loved ones, Sirius Black had found himself enveloped in a pocket of invisibility and unable to reach his living loved ones. He knew that after finally freeing himself he would never be able to go back. His friends had suffered so much and they needed to concentrate on their fight; his sudden rejuvenation would only shock them. So the tales are true, on that fateful day Sirius Black did die, but it is forgotten that, out of the blue, a man called Flippant White suddenly appeared in the Wizarding world.

Five years later Luna Lovegood was out searching a London suburb for Sherlockites, which were walking magnifying glasses that tried to spy on people and report back to dark forces. If it wasn’t for Luna’s loathing of the dark arts and her subsequent battle against these creatures, it’s safe to say that this story would not be thrilling in the slightest. However, as there are now spies involved, we can all chew our nails, sit on the edges of our seats and wonder what’s going to happen next! As it happened, the next thing to occur in our extremely exciting story was that Luna spotted a row of Sherlockites scuttling through a gate and into an overrun garden. She looked at this mess and couldn’t help but think there was something oddly familiar about it.

As fast as she could she ducked behind a pillar that conveniently happened to be there, pulled out her wand to transform the colour of her clothes to black and reaching up to her forehead, she snapped a pair of dark googly sunglasses of her face. It didn’t matter that it was raining; she had to change for the thrilling spy operation.

‘Time to eliminate the Sherlockites,’ she said in a dazed voice as if everything around her was happening too fast for her.

She kicked down the gate and made for the garden. A shadow appeared at the window at the loud bang of the falling gate and Luna ducked down. Why had she been so stupid? If she had simply opened the gate she wouldn’t be breaking and entering…now she wasn’t just involved in a thriller, but a crime thriller! Oh well, I’d better make the most of it, she thought and with that, she did a series of roly polies across the front lawn.

Suddenly the front door of the house opened and a very handsome man stood gazing at her in confusion.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked, a puzzled expression crossing his face. If the girl hadn’t looked vaguely familiar, he might have been more terrified. But her blues eyes gazing nervously up at him were more than enough to calm the erratic nerves he had developed after his brush with death five years previously. He felt a flutter above his stomach, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

‘How can you see me?’ Luna asked, worriedly. ‘I’m wearing black. The Sherlockites can’t see black.’

‘It must have been your beautiful blonde hair that caught my attention then,’ laughed the man. ‘If we’re being technical, I’ve Black in me too so the Sherlockites won’t be able to come near. It’s safe for you to come in.’

Luna smiled broadly and accepted the hand the handsome man offered to her. She followed him into the house.

‘You look rather familiar,’ she mused, looking at him intently. ‘Do you mind telling me your name?’

The handsome man laughed, before striking a thrilling spy like pose and winking at her.

‘They call me White,’ he drawled, ‘Flippant White.’

‘You can’t be!’ gasped Luna. ‘Not the famous Flippant White, Fighter for Light? They kept talking about all your good deeds and thrilling adventures in the Prophet, you know, all the people you saved, but nobody knows who you are!’

Flippant White smiled huskily and taking her hand he kissed it delicately.

‘It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss?’

‘Lovegood,’ replied Luna taking a step closer, intrigued by the charming man. ‘Please call me Luna.’

‘Lovegood?’ Flippant repeated the named with interest. ‘Why your not related to old Xeno are you? The man who publishes ‘The Quibbler’? He wrote a piece about me several years ago…called me Stubby something.’

‘Boardman?’ asked Luna excitedly. ‘You’re wrong though, that article said nothing of Flippant White! Why, it said that Sirius Black was really Stubby Boardman, but – but I’m afraid Daddy got it wrong. Sirius Black was a real person after all. I saw him once.’

‘You did?’ asked Flippant eagerly.

‘Only once. It was probably about five years ago, when I was still a little girl. He was very handsome actually. In fact, he looked a bit like you. I’m sad to say he’s dead though, like Mummy. They were the first two people I saw die. I’ll never forget those two days.’

‘You were at the Battle of Mysteries?’

‘Yes. I was there, fighting with my friends.’ Luna looked imploringly into his eyes. ‘It was the first time I had ever had friends, you see. I suppose, in a way, the friends made the war years exciting. They are all still nice to me of course, but they’ve all gone their different ways now. It gets a little lonely sometimes.’

Flippant took Luna’s hand once again and squeezed it.

‘I understand what it’s like to be lonely,’ he murmured. ‘I was stuck in Azkaban for twelve years after being framed for a murder I didn’t commit and after I escaped, I was in hiding until the day I supposedly died five years ago. Since then I haven’t been able to find my friends again, you’re the closest link I have to my old life.’

He looked at her, enthralled by her beauty and slowly inched his face even closer to hers. Luna felt her heart flutter and she smiled up at him.

‘You’re him?’ she whispered, meeting his lips momentarily. ‘Sirius Black?’

He nodded, pulling her into his arms. She kissed him again, before looking once more into his eyes.

‘Let me take you home?’ she asked, gently.

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A Fluffy Spy-Thriller about Luna Lovegood and Flippant White, Fighter for Light: A Fluffy Spy-Thriller about Luna Lovegood and Flippant White, Fighter for Light


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